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Shop at The Scrape!

Monday, October 15th, 2007

The Scrape Screenshot

Our crack marketing team has been hard at work for the past few months, and today we’re proud to announce the opening of The Scrape, Rochester Falconcam’s store in cyberspace! Named after a peregrine’s nest, The Scrape is your one stop shop for high quality clothing and other merchandise featuring our favorite falcons, Mariah and Kaver.

Your purchases will help fund the ongoing operations of the Rochester Falconcam, and you’ll be able to share your love for Mariah and Kaver with friends and family. We’re adding new items to the store all the time so be sure to check back often for all your gift-giving and holiday shopping needs!

To visit The Scrape, just click the image above, or click the Scrape link on the Rochester Falconcam screen!


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