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Happy New Year to all the Rochester Falcon Fans Around the World!

Monday, January 13th, 2014

2013 was a good year for the Rochester Falcons. Beauty and Dot.ca raised three beautiful eyases. All three fledged successfully. Baron, Rosetta and Voyager have started their life journeys. After they left Rochester, we received a report that Baron had been seen in the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge and not long ago, we reported that Rosetta was seen up in Canada. We will be sure to pass along any information we receive about them.

Pigott, the female at the BS location, is still being seen there.

Mariah & Kaver’s legacy continues. Rhea Mae (and Tiago), Quest (and Kendal), Linn (and Rueben) and Diamante (and Gleig) all had successful nest sites in 2013. We heard that Ihteram and Ananta were seen, but we have not heard how they did. Rhea Mae’s son Stormin, with his mate Haven, also raised young in 2013.

Sadly, we lost Ranger this year. She was Mariah and Cabot-Sirocco’s daughter from 2001. She and her long time mate Hunter had never raised any young. Fly Free Ranger.

Diamante’s daughter Billie (2013) has been seen just north of Rochester, near the lake. She was positively ID’d and has been seen hunting along the lake shore.

The Rochester Falcon Watchers have been reporting that Dot.ca, who normally migrates during the winter months, has remained here in Rochester. He has been frequently seen with both Beauty and Pigott.

Another adult Peregrine Falcon has been seen at nearby Kodak Park. Maybe a winter visitor? At this time, this bird has not been identified.

Very soon the 2014 nesting season will begin. All of us here at the Rochester Falconcam thank all of you for watching the falcons that nest on top of the Times Square building and hope you continue to watch.

A very Happy New Year to you and your families!

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