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Nova and Neander’s 4th Eyas Has Arrived!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024

At 7:51 pm our 4th and last eyas broke free to join its 3 siblings!

Eyas #4 Has Arrived
Starting to Hatch!

When Nova finally gave us a glimpse, we were able to see that something was happening with the 4th egg. On our Rfalconcam live stream watchers were delighted to watch the 4th eyas hatch under the watchful eyes of mom.

It wasn’t long before Nova moved the newly hatched eyas underneath her to join its three siblings.

This is the first time Nova and Neander have had all four eggs successfully hatch.

Tomorrow morning we should get a better look at our four eyases!

Our 3rd Eyas Has Arrived!

Sunday, April 28th, 2024
3rd Eyas Hatches

Nova and Neander’s 3rd eyas hatched at 8:10 pm this evening. You can just see the newly hatched eyas in the middle of its fluffy white siblings.

For those watching the hatch on our live stream, Nova was moving around quite a bit giving us glimpses of the 3rd eyas breaking out of its shell. So much fun to watch!

Breaking Out!

We even got a quick look at the pip in the 4th egg! Hoping for a 4th hatch soon!

Pip in the 4th Egg!

Two Hatches Overnight!

Sunday, April 28th, 2024
Nova and One of the Eyases!
After a quick break, Nova returns to her newly hatched eyases!
Neander was quick to leave!

Oh, my goodness! Such a surprise to wake up to the wonderful news that we had two hatches overnight! We don’t have the exact times, but Eyas #1 arrived at approximately 10:15 pm last night (4/27) and Eyas #2 arrived at approximately 3:30 am early this morning (4/28). Our hatch window was 4/27-4/29, so they’re right on schedule!

Welcome little ones!

Neander gets some time with the eyases!

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