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Tuesday, April 4th, 2023

Early this morning, while most of us were sound asleep, Nova was busy laying her 4th egg! At approximately 3:36 am, Rochester Falcons Nova and Neander’s 4th egg arrived. Will there be a 5th? Probably not, since it looks like hard incubation has started. Stay tuned!

Nova Lays Her 4th Egg at 3:36 am
Neander Gets His First Look and So Do We!

And Then There Were Three! Nova Laid Her 3rd Egg This Afternoon!

Saturday, April 1st, 2023

While the Rochester area was under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Nova was busy laying her 3rd egg. Thankfully, the Tstorm stayed south of us, and the egg arrived safely in the Times Square Bldg nest box at approximately 4:12 pm.

The hours between Nova’s eggs has definitely changed this year. So, there’s no way to know when and if she might lay a 4th egg. We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on the situation.

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