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The Journal of Rfalconcam

1 – Welcome to Imprints!

Imprints is the official journal of the Rochester Falconcam. Check in every few days to read the latest news about the falcons’ activity in the nest box or around town. You’ll also find information about Peregrines’ behavior and life-cycle, to make it easier to understand how they relate to each other and their environment.

Imprints is here to help you understand and appreciate the fascinating world of the Peregrine falcon, so be an active reader! Use the Comments link at the end of any journal entry if you have a question or comment about the falcons. We’re happy to entertain queries about the Rochester Falconcam website too, but one thing we can’t help with is technical support. After all, we’re bird people, not computer nerds (OK, maybe a few of us are members of the taped spectacles and pocket protector set– but we’re much too busy watching the falcons to offer advice with web browsers, Internet connections and other problems) so please keep the questions focused on our favorite subject, the Peregrine falcons.

We hope you’ll find Imprints to be both informative and fun. There’s quite a bit of information about Peregrines in the Falcon Information pages on the website to get you started. If it seems overwhelming or impossibly complex, don’t worry; Imprints will help to put it all into context by relating it to what you see in the images provided by the Rochester Falconcam’s five cameras. And if there’s something you don’t understand even after we’ve dazzled you with our brilliance, feel free to ask!


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