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5 – Banding Day 2007!

Removing an eyas
Welcome to Banding Day 2007! We’re glad to have you here with us today.

You can watch pictures of the banding on the Rochester Falconcam’s Multiview page. Two of the cameras will display images of the actual banding. We’ll leave the other two trained on the nest box so you can see what Mariah and Kaver are up to while their chicks are receiving their identification bands and names.

We’ll be posting updates to this page as the activity progresses. You can get the latest information by clicking the Refresh or Reload button on your browser software (the command may also be found under the View menu on most browsers). Banding day is usually the most popular day on the website, so please be patient if the camera images are slow to load or the page doesn’t refresh right away.

Also, be sure to check back later today when we’ll recap all the fun in an Imprints article.

Now on to the banding!

This year we’re pleased to welcome back Barbara Loucks and Mike Allen from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Barb and Mike have been with us since the first days of the Kodak Birdcam program. Their support and enthusiasm have been invaluable to us, and a major factor in the success of the Rochester Falconcam program. Also attending today’s banding are some of the people who have made the Rochester Falconcam a reality. Dennis Money is the man who began the Rochester Peregrine Falcon Project. Grace Tillinghast, recently retired from Kodak’s Community Relations Department, turned the wheels of power at Kodak to get the nest box installed on the tower in 1995, and she’s been a strong supporter of the project ever since. Brad Carney, Tom Hoehn and Kenn Martinez helped to create the Kodak Birdcam in 1998. Lisa McKeown of the Genesee Valley Audubon Society helped get the Rochester Falconcam program off the ground. She’s also been an avid falcon watcher, and a member of the annual Fledge Watch since 1999. Rounding out the group was Jim Pisello, a Kodak employee, long time contributor to Kodak Birdcam and a member of the Rochester Falconcam Executive Committee. We invited some members of the local media to report on all the activity too.

We also have some special guests who are joining us in the Kodak Lobby on State Street. There, a live video feed from the cameras allows them to watch the banding activity as it happens! We have school children from Jeff Mazzotta’s Sixth Grade class from City School #5 and Michelle Korn’s Second Grade class from the nearby Town of Greece, NY. Also watching in the lobby are some long-time falcon watchers and members of the annual Fledge Watch. Hosting our lobby guests are our emcees, June Summers, president of the Genesee Valley Audubon Society, and falcon watcher Carol Phillips, who helps to moderate an online discussion group dedicated to the Rochester Falcons on Yahoo.

Banding an eyas
And now for our first eyas…

Eyas #1 is a female. Her name is Ananta – Named by the students of Jeff Mazzotta’s Sixth Grade Class at Rochester City School #5. Ananta is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘infinite’ and ‘endless’. It is one of the many names of Vishnu, the supreme being in the Hindu faith. The students liked the sound of the name, and they hope that programs like the Rochester Falconcam will be “endlessly successful”.

Band Info: Black 90 over Green V
Tape Color: Silver

Our second eyas is also a female. Her name is Linn – Named by the Rochester Falconcam team as well as many fans of Mariah and Kaver in honor of Linn Pierson, naturalist for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Linn passed away earlier this spring after a battle with lung cancer. She was a tireless advocate for Peregrine falcons and aided in their re-establishment through her work. Her beautifully written “Nestbox News” articles on the New Jersey DEP website served as a model for the Rochester Falconcam Imprints journal. Linn’s expertise was matched only by her eloquence and love of the falcons to which she dedicated her life. We’re proud to honor her accomplishments and we hope that her falcon namesake will carry her legacy into the future.

Band Info: Black 91 over Green V
Tape Color: Red

The third eyas is another female. Her name is Sacajawea – Named by Lucy Alonzo of Rochester, NY, in honor of the Shoshone woman who accompanied early American explorers Lewis and Clark on their historic trek through what would become the western portion of the United States. Sacajawea acted as a guide and interpreter, and she played an invaluable role in the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Her Shoshone name means “Bird Woman”. According to Lucy, This would be an appropriate name because falcons like Mariah are excellent mothers, and are strong and able to withstand harsh wilderness conditions, as Sacajawea surely did.

Band Info: Black 93 over Green V
Tape Color: Yellow

Our fourth eyas makes a clean sweep– all females!

Her name is Grace – Named by Colette Morabito of East Rochester, NY. Graces were sister goddesses in Greek mythology who had control over pleasure, charm, elegance and beauty in human life and in nature. The charm, elegance and beauty of the falcons is certainly reflected in such a name.

Band Info: Black 92 over Green V
Tape Color: Blue

We’re glad you were able to join us for the 2007 Peregrine Falcon Banding Day in Rochester! The work of many unsung people goes into making this event a success year in and year out, and we’d like to take a moment to recognize some of them. Our sincere appreciation goes to the Eastman Kodak Company for providing a home for Mariah and Kaver, and for hosting the Rochester Falconcam. Kodak’s security department and the 19th floor staff are always willing to accomodate us when we need to get into the tower to work on the cameras or to band the eyases. Special thanks go to Pam Young, Kodak’s lobby receptionist and ambassador-at-large for the Falconcam. Mike Champlin has donated his time (and at least one shirt!) over the years to get roving video footage of the banding. His technical and photographic expertise are invaluable. Our thanks to Tom Hoehn and the good people at Kodak.com who laid the technical groundwork for the phenomenon that has become the Rochester Falconcam. We also wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mike Allen, Barbara Loucks, and all the folks at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Their stewardship of Rochester’s Peregrines benefits us all. Finally, to all the fans of the Falconcam, and especially the many dedicated souls who give generously of their time to watch these falcons throughout the year, thanks. Their diligence helps to ensure the success of Mariah’s offspring as they learn their vital flying and hunting skills. Thank you for joining us, and happy falcon watching!

You can read a recap of today’s excitement at the Imprints Journal!

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