rfalconcam - Imprints


The Journal of Rfalconcam

7 – Fans of the Falconcam

Kodak’s 1000 Words – Stories and Photographic tips from Kodak insiders

Barbara’s Falconcam Portal – Information about the Rochester Peregrines, video clips and links

Peregrinations – A photo-centric blog of the Rochester Falcons outside the nest box

Kfalconcam Group at Yahoo! – Year-round discussion of our favorite falcons

CMNH Rochester Falcons Forum – Devoted to discussing Mariah and Kaver

Shaky’s Falconcam Archive Viewer – View and share every picture taken by the Rochester Falconcam this year, plus humor and useful information

Dale Pesmen is a talented artist from the Chicago, IL area. See her drawings of the Rochester falcons and some related work here and here.

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