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3 – Policy on Posting Comments to our Blogs

We want the Rochester Falconcam and Imprints to be fun and informative for people of all ages, so we’ve developed a policy on posting comments to Imprints. Please read the policy below before you post comments to our journal.

  • Any comment you post to Imprints may be held for approval by a Moderator, so if you don’t see your comment appear right away, don’t worry. We’ll review it as soon as we can.
  • The Moderators reserve the right to edit or reject part or all of your comment for any reason without notice
  • Please keep your comments focused on the topic of the Imprints article. You may also feel free to post comments and questions about falcons or the Rochester Falconcam
  • The Rochester Falconcam is a family-friendly website. Personal attacks or “flaming” will not be tolerated, so please don’t post those kinds of comments here.
  • Please refrain from posting links to other websites in your comment unless the website is relevant to the subject of the Imprints article
  • Questions you post in the comments may be answered by a reply comment, included in a future Imprints article, or by individual email. We may not answer every question, but we’ll try to get to the most interesting ones
  • If you have multiple questions or comments try to combine them into a single comment. Posting multiple comments or “spamming” may result in comments being rejected.
  • Avoid typing your comment in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. On the Internet this is considered to be shouting, and a sign of rudeness.
  • Our policy on posting comments may be changed at any time

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