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Happy New Year! Welcome 2024!

Monday, January 1st, 2024

Happy New Year!!!

It was time for our 2024 Toast to the Falcons!

The watchers gathered at the entrance of the Blue Cross Arena on Broad St. We decided to meet at 9 am, which is a little earlier than we usually meet. It was bitter cold this morning. Only 28F.

At 9:30 am, we had some excitement!  The local pigeons were very agitated, flying this way and that. Dana called out that 2 falcons flew over us heading south. Soon after this, both Nova and Neander returned. They were tandem hunting. Nova came very close to catching a pigeon right in front of us, over the corner of Broad and State St. After missing the pigeon, they both zipped around the building in front of us. Nova landed on the SW corner of the Wilder Bldg and Neander on the Wilder Chimney. It was very nice of them to join us!

Ten Rochester Falcon Watchers were there to toast today. Shaky, Pat, Dana, Lou, Larry O, Linda K, Tim, Lynda, Joyce and Carol P.

Happy New Year everyone!
The Rochester Falcon Watchers Toasting to a Successful 2024 Falcon Season

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