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More Goodies Available from the Rfalconcam Merchandise Team! 10/27/19

Sunday, October 27th, 2019

Just in time for the holiday season! We’re now offering ornaments with our young falcons pics on them from 2017, 2018 and 2019! Just click on the links to our Zazzle page below to take a look!

2019 2018 2017 Ornaments Ad

2019 Lakota Ornament

2019 Phoenix Ornament

2019 Jupiter Ornament

2019 Donna Ornament

2018 Sundara Ornament

2018 Letchworth Ornament

2018 Mike Ornament

2017 Seabreeze Ornament

2017 Ontario Ornament

2017 Charlotte Ornament

2017 Rachel Ornament

You’ll notice that the 2017 ornaments are a little different. We had to use falcon watcher’s pictures and banding day pics, because our main camera was not working that year.

Also, we now have the following posters available for our current and past falcon couples! Hope you enjoy!

Beauty and Dot.ca at the Times Square Bldg! (13X19)

Beauty and Dotca Poster

2019 Beauty and Dot.ca at Times Square Poster

Beauty and Archer at the Times Square Bldg! (8X10)

Beauty and Archer Poster

2019 Beauty and Archer at the Times Square Bldg Poster

Last, but certainly not least, here’s a poster showing Mariah and Kaver at the Kodak Tower! (13X19)

Mariah and Kaver Poster

2019 Mariah and Kaver at the Kodak Tower Poster

We hope you enjoy these new Rfalconcam offerings! Enjoy for the holiday season and beyond!

A very special thank you to Dana Mulhern!

Our 2020 Rfalconcam Calendars are Now Available! 10/18/19

Friday, October 18th, 2019

The 2020 Rfalconcam Calendars are now available. This year’s calendar is full of all kinds of awesome pics of Beauty, Dot.ca, Donna, Phoenix, Jupiter and Lakota. 2019 was a memorable year for our Rochester Falcons. We had our share of sadness (with the loss of Donna and Phoenix) and happiness (knowing that Jupiter is thriving in rehab and seeing Lakota recently interacting with Beauty and Dot.ca).

2020 Rfalconcam Calendar Ad

Click here for 2020 Rfalconcam Calendar!

We are also offering the classic Shakymon Calendar for 2020.

Click here for 2020 Shakymon Calendar!

We hope that you enjoy both of our 2020 calendars!

More Sad News…Phoenix Found Injured in Brockport

Friday, October 4th, 2019

It is with much sadness that we have to report the loss of another young Rochester falcon, Phoenix.

Fly Free Phoenix

On August 24th, Phoenix was found injured in the Town of Brockport, 20 miles west of Rochester. He was taken to a rehabilitator not too far way. The severity of Phoenix’s injuries were determined. He had a severe spinal injury. The rehabilitator, with help from a Department of Environmental Conservation Officer, was able to transport Phoenix to the Cornell Wildlife Veterinary Clinic. Unfortunately, despite the effort to help Phoenix, we just learned that Phoenix did not survive his injuries.

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