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Quest Feasting at Prince Edward Point

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010


The latest batch of locations from Quest’s transmitter leaves little doubt that she’s found a new dining spot. Some of the interday data points place her back at the Lennox power station but she has been consistently heading to the wildlife refuge at PEP for most of the month. It seems likely that the winter bird migrations which flow past the point are attracting her to what is sure to be a bountiful supply of prey. We’ve sent emails to the folks at the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory and asked them to keep their eyes peeled for their special visitor!

New Camera at Times Square

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Rochester Falconcam team members Kenn Martinez and Jim Pisello installed a new Main camera at the Times Square nest box. It has more resolution (14 megapixels maximum) and a greater zoom range than the old camera. A more stable camera mount and improved software are a couple of other features. You can read all about the work and a couple of special visitors at Jim’s Peregrinations blog.

We’re all looking forward to a season of great pictures from the new camera!

Quest Active Despite Cold

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Quest Map 30 Dec 09 - 08 Jan 10

The New Year’s cold snap hasn’t stopped Quest from bouncing around southern Ontario provice in Canada. We missed a couple of days’ worth of data just after the beginning of the year, but since then the information has returned to regular nightly updates. We’ve been fortunate to get quite a few readings that include data from the transmitter’s temperature sensor. These show that Quest is keeping pretty active and thus relatively warm despite bitter arctic temperatures and snow.

Locations over the past few days indicate that she may have found a perching spot just east of Route 13 near the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area. The Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory is close by, so it’s possible that Quest could be within view of some trained observers. The Point lies on one of the major Great Lakes bird migration routes, so it’s no surprise that Quest may have staked out a temporary hunting territory on the northern bluffs there.

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