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A Successful 2012 Rochester Falcon Fledge Watch Has Drawn to a Close! – 8/27/12

Monday, August 27th, 2012

This year started with sadness & turmoil, but it had a very happy ending. His name is Orion!

Over the past few weeks, the Rochester Falcon Watchers have been very busy. They have been out on the streets surrounding the Times Square Bldg, where the Rochester Falcon nest box is located, from dawn to dusk and past. Early morning on Thursday, August 2nd, Orion spread his wings and flapped & flapped & flapped and he was off! It was a short flight across the front of the building to the ledge on the south side, but, it was a great accomplishment for this young Peregrine. His next flight thrilled the Watchers below. He again took off from the building heading south over the Gannett Bldg, turned back and flew past the front of the building heading north. He made another incredible turn and headed back to the Times Square Building, this time gaining altitude! Orion made a very solid landing on the ledge above the nest box. The Watchers were ecstatic to see him do so well on his first flights. Ever since that day, he has been unstoppable.

To date, he has been seen on most of the downtown buildings, including the Kodak Office Bldg that used to be home to Mariah and Kaver and their 43 young. The Frontier Communication Tower seems to be a favorite spot. The first time he made it there, he was following Beauty. He landed on the steel framework above her and just stood there for a moment. Then, he started to hop, flap and run his way around the different levels of the tower, claiming it as his very own jungle gym. The Watchers watched in amusement as he “played” above them.

Orion has done very well since his first flight. His parents Beauty & Dot.ca have been substitutes for the siblings he does not have. They have been witnessed flying together, stooping, talon tagging, chasing and it has been reported that Orion and Beauty have successfully performed food exchanges. This is a maneuver between two Peregrines, where one brings in food clutched in their talons and the 2nd Peregrine flies up to them, flips over and grabs the food. Orion has been seen flying up to meet Beauty above the Genesee River. Beauty was clutching prey in her talons and Orion flew up beneath her, flipped upside down and grabbed the food from her.

Even though the Fledge Watch has ended, the Falcon Watchers will continue to watch Orion, knowing that he will be learning much from his parents over the next month. Beauty and Dot.ca will continue to care for him, teaching him the skills he will need to survive when he goes out on his own. Our hope is that one day we will hear that Orion has been seen with a family of his own. We hope that for all our Rochester Falcons.

GVAS (Genesee Valley Audubon) and the Rochester Falconcam folks would like to thank ALL the volunteers that helped out with this year’s fledge watch. This includes not only those that live here in Rochester, but all of those from around the country that attended the 2012 Falcon Watch Weekend including the Buffalo Falcon Watch Team. Your help with the fledge watch was very much appreciated. THANK YOU!

Orion Visits NB 8/4/12

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