Beauty Laid Her 2nd Egg this morning at 11:14 am! 3/29/18

March 29th, 2018

Right on schedule, Beauty laid her 2nd egg at 11:14 am! had offered her breakfast this morning, which she declined. :)

2nd Egg 3-29 1114 am MainCamera_20180329-111400

Rochester Falcons Beauty &’s First Egg Has Arrived! 3/27/18

March 27th, 2018

If you fell asleep last night before midnight, you missed the arrival of Beauty and’s first egg of 2018! We had our first view of the newly arrived egg at 12:02 am. Of course we’re all very egg-cited to see it this morning. It’s a sure sign of Spring!!!

First Egg 3-27 1202 am Camera2_20180327-000200
First Egg Camera3_20180327-061000

We had a nice look at the egg when the sun came up.

First Egg 3-27 MainCamera_20180327-070000 brought a food gift to Beauty. While she left to eat her breakfast, watched over the egg.

First Egg 3-27-18 MainCamera_20180327-071000

It didn’t take long for Beauty to return. Both Beauty and will take turns guarding the eggs.

First Egg 3-27-18 MainCamera_20180327-073900
First Egg 3-27-18 MainCamera_20180327-074000

Congratulations to Beauty,, the Rochester Falcon Watchers and Fans!

Earth Hour

March 24th, 2018


Please join us tonight in the observance of Earth Hour.

Rfalconcam will turn off the cameras at the nest boxes located on the Times Square and Powers buildings* for one hour starting at 8:30 PM EDT. During that time, we ask that you turn off your lights, computers, and non-essential electrical appliances.

For more information, visit

* The cameras will remain on if Beauty is about to lay an egg.

Ring in the New Year with Rfalconcam

December 29th, 2017


Join us December 31st at 10 PM ET on streaming video Channels 1 and 2 to watch the fireworks over downtown Rochester from a bird’s eye view!

We’ll be meeting again later at the Forum Chat & Ustream Social Stream to ring in the New Year together!

And let’s not forget the Watcher’s Toast New Year’s Day at 11 AM, which will be covered live on Rfalconcam streaming video Channel 3!

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

ROC The Day: Another Huge Success!

November 29th, 2017

Thanks once again to the generosity of our dedicated falcon supporters, we raised over $2,300 yesterday, including a $1,000 bonus for the outstanding teamwork demonstrated by those who stayed up late to make their pledges at just the right time. Well done, folks!

ROC the Day officials will send us a financial statement and donor list sometime in the next few weeks, at which point we will know who to thank individually. Until then, thank you to everyone who donated. Your contributions will be used to fund Rfalconcam operations and improvements throughout 2018.

ROC the Day Starts Tonight at Midnight

November 27th, 2017

Just a reminder to join us tonight at midnight as we ROC Rfalconcam!

And, yes, we have a plan to win the $500 and $1,000 bonuses. You can read all about it at

The link to donate should be (no confirmation yet).


The Rfalconcam 2018 Calendar! Available just in time for the Holidays!

November 24th, 2017

Hello Rochester Falcon Fans!  We hope you had a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

We would like to apologize for not offering a 2018 Rfalconcam Main Camera Photo Calendar this year.  This is due to the loss of our main camera right before the season started.

But, due to popular demand, we are offering the Classic Shakymon Calendar for 2018!


Just click here for your 2018 Shakymon Calendar!

ROC the Day in 1 Week!

November 20th, 2017

ROC the Day is November 28!

Are you as ready to ROC as we are? Join us on Tuesday, November 28 starting at midnight to ROC the Day for Rfalconcam.

Get the latest news on ROC the Day activities at our Forum.

Let’s ROC the Day together!


Aria (2016) Has Been Spotted in Etobicoke, Ontario, CA!

October 25th, 2017

We’ve received some bittersweet news from our friends at the Canadian Peregrine Foundation. Sweet because Aria, one of our young falcons from 2016, has been spotted in Etobicoke, Ontario, CA at an established nest site with a male named Lucky. Bitter because O’Connor, the female at this nest site for the past five years, has not been seen in quite awhile. Many of us have followed O’Connor for a very long time and have come to love her. We all hope that she is ok and that we will see her again in the future.

Here is the post on the Canadian Peregrine Foundation’s Facebook page:

“It is with sadness that we must report a change in the resident female at the Etobicoke nest site today. O’Connor is no longer present. A few weeks ago now, a cam watcher noticed that the female on camera at Islington and Bloor that did not look like O’Connor and had what appeared to be a silver USFW band rather than the anodized purple that OC bears. We did not want to post any news regarding this until the situation could be confirmed by one of our great volunteers and Lucie took up the task along with Kathy to ferret out the truth of the matter. Kathy continued to monitor the oddities in the pairs relationship and Lucie came down with camera and scope in hand. We can now confirm that the resident female currently on site is Aria, banded black / green 85/BA from Rochester, New York, daughter of Beauty and Dot.Ca. While we welcome Aria to Canada, we also are thinking about our fabulous O’Connor. It is important to note that this is not the first time O’Connor has abandoned a site as a result of pressure. Lately there has been workers on the rooftops of all three Etobicoke towers as well as this young female on the fringes. This is a carbon copy of what happened in 2011 at the William Osler site that O’Connor used to call home. She left Osler as a result of the exact same pressures and headed south to ESL where she took over the site from Angel, the long standing unbanded female there. We may see O’Connor return to ESL in the spring or even re-emerge at another site in Ontario or beyond, her lack of presence not in any way confirmation of her demise. We hope to see her again some day. Thank you to all who alerted, monitored and participated in this recent discovery. I apologize for not publishing sooner but we will never post something of this magnitude without confirmation from the ground first as this is a serious change. Once again, thanks to all for your help in this.”

Aria is the daughter of Beauty and! She hatched on top of the Times Square Bldg in 2016, along with siblings Matilda, Lilac and Leo. They were all banded on 5/24/16. Here’s Aria on her banding day.

Banding-Day-2016-Welcome-Aria 85BA-5-24-16

Aria, which means wind and, in some meanings, bird, was named by Rochester Falcon Watcher Jeanne Yamonaco. She was banded with a Black 85 Over Green BA NYS band and blue tape over her silver USFW band.

Kathy Majich, an Etobicoke Falcon Watcher, sent us a couple pictures of Aria taken by photographer Roger Leekam. She is a beautiful sub-adult! Thanks for sharing these stunning pictures Roger and Kathy!

#1 Aria Roger Leekam Oct 2017
#2 Aria Roger Leekam Oct 2017

Kathy has also shared some observations of Aria’s behavior since she’s arrived in Etobicoke:

“It’s such a learning experience having a one year old on site – well 17 month old! I’ve watched 1 year olds raise kids on cam but never had the pleasure of having one here in person to watch. She’s very much like a juvie in some ways, she chats a lot, announces it to the world when she’s caught! People keep asking me if she’s okay, is something wrong – why is she! She sits on the nest ledge sometimes and gazes up at Lucky adoringly and other times she flies around and entices him to go flying with her – very sweet. I don’t underestimate her though, whether or not she and O’Connor met – she’s here and she’s holding the territory. As you know there are many singles around that would love a home, so the fact that she’s holding her own so far is good! And she can hunt really well, pigeons, gulls, etc. She was well taught that’s for sure. And she flies like a daredevil ..which I admit makes me nervous. But she’s not careless that I’ve seen…just young and enjoying being a Peregrine. Talons crossed she settles in well and next year we have some B and DC grand-kids to watch!”

Also, did you know that this is where Aria’s dad, hatched! His parents Jack and Angel were the territorial pair at Etobicoke before O’Connor and Lucky arrived. We had this same thing happen here in Rochester when Archer arrived. Archer was the son of Freedom, who was the son of Mariah and Kaver. It’s a small Peregrine Falcon World!

Here is the link to the webcam at Etobicoke Sunlife. You just might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Aria and Lucky!

I’ll end this Imprints by adding a picture of Aria at her new nest site. We all hope that O’Connor is safely off somewhere and that Aria, with her new mate Lucky, successfully raise young in 2018!

#3 Aria at Etobicoke Nest Site 10-23-17

Updates on Seabreeze and Seneca Tower Juvie! 8/24/17

August 24th, 2017

We are so happy to post this good news update about Seabreeze and the juvie rescued near Seneca Towers.

Jenny Landry, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), reports the following:

Seabreeze (Eyas that fell from the Times Square nest location, banded 25 Black Over BA Green, which lost nearly half of its retrices (tail feathers)

By mid July, his tail feathers had grown in over half way and he had become an excellent flyer. He was flying the length of the flight cage and making excellent turns. He was easily catching live prey and ready for release. He was released near Phoenix, New York.

The young fledgling falcon that was recovered near the Seneca Towers building:

This bird was a newly fledged male that appeared to tangle with a fence. It did not appear to have any broken bones; however, he did seem to have a lot of bruising and soreness. It appears that all he needed was some rest and then some practice flying. He is currently flying very well and being tested with live prey. He has been fitted with bands (27 Black over BA Green) so he will be released as soon as he is ready.

This is such wonderful news and we thank Jenny very much for the update.