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And Then There Were 4! Four Eggs for Beauty and Dot.ca! – 3/30/20

Monday, March 30th, 2020

This morning, at approximately 10:52 am, Beauty laid her 4th egg.

MainCamera_20200330-105200 - 4th Egg 1052 am 3-30-20

She has never laid more than four eggs in a season. If she does lay a fifth egg, it should happen on April 1st at approximately 8:00 pm (give or take).

In the meantime, they will probably start hard incubation now. It won’t be long before small, white fluffy eyases make an appearance!

Camera3_20200330-120500 4 Eggs Beauty 3-30-20Camera2_20200330-115900 4 Eggs 3-30-20

Please stay safe everyone!

While Rochester Slept…Beauty Laid Her 3rd Egg at 3:12 am! 3/28/20

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Very early this morning, at 3:12 am, Egg #3 arrived. We may have missed it, but our cameras are tireless. They caught the whole happy event. We even have a video snippet for your viewing pleasure!

Video of just after 3rd egg was laid (Click link below.)

Camera4_20200328-031200 3rd Egg 312 am 3-28-20Camera4_20200328-031500 3rd Egg 312 am 3-28-20MainCamera_20200328-031700 3rd Egg 312 am 3-28-20

A few hours later, Dot.ca came in to check on all three of his eggs!

MainCamera_20200328-064200 3rd Egg DC

If there is a 4th egg, it should arrive around noon-1 pm on Monday. Beauty and Dot.ca average 4 eggs each year.

We here at Rfalconcam hope that everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

Beauty and Dot.ca’s 2nd Egg Arrived this Afternoon! 3/25/20

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Woohoo! Egg #2! 🙂

It took approximately 57 hours for Beauty to lay her 2nd egg at 4:42 pm. It didn’t take long for Dot.ca to check it out. The 3rd egg will probably arrive early Saturday morning. Stay tuned!

MainCamera_20200325-164300 Egg 2 3-25 442 pm

MainCamera_20200325-164400 Egg 2 Beauty

MainCamera_20200325-171700 B&DC with Egg 2

Beauty and Dot.ca’s 1st Egg Arrives at 8:02 am! 3/23/20

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

I believe we all needed a bit of good news! On this cold, rainy morning here in Rochester, NY, Beauty laid her first egg of 2020. We here at Rfalconcam were eggstatic to see the arrival of this beautiful egg!

MainCamera_20200323-080200 1st Egg 802 am 3-23-20

Remembering the 2019 Rochester Falcon Season

Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Let’s take time to remember our 2019 Rochester Falcon Season as we patiently, or not so patiently, wait for our 2020 season to begin.

It was a year full of happiness and sadness.

Four beautiful eyases arrived and were banded on May 31st.

20160518-084900 All 4 in Box


All four grew strong under the watchful eyes of their parents Beauty and Dot.ca. Their faithful watchers witnessed all four successfully fledge.


Soon after fledging, on June 23rd, we lost our only female, Donna. She was found, deceased, on the road near Cornhill Landing. She was very close to home.


The three boys continued to thrive after the loss of their sister. For the next two months, the Rochester Falcon Watchers continued to keep an eye on them.

On August 4th, Jupiter was found injured on the ground near Kodak Office. He was taken to a local rehabber and vet. The X-rays showed that he had a broken coracoid bone in his shoulder and possible soft tissue damage on the other side. His prognosis was good. After a successful rehab, he was released on November 6th. Jupiter was seen once in Rochester after his release. He has not been seen since.

On August 24, we were notified that a third Rochester juvenile was found injured. Phoenix was found on the ground in Brockport. He was transported to the Cornell Wildlife Veterinary Clinic by the DEC and a rehabber. They did everything they could to save his life, but he did not survive his injuries. It was determined that he had hit a window on a building at a high rate of speed. He was probably hunting. It is so important that windows be marked so that the birds are able to see them.

Lakota was seen a few times downtown with Beauty, looking for food. There have been no sightings since then. We all hope that he and Jupiter are doing well.

Now we wait. Both Beauty and Dot.ca have been seen frequently in the new nest box on the Times Square Bldg. They are both very busy working on digging scrapes that will hold their eggs.

Camera2_20200305-114700 B&DCMainCamera_20200303-101500 B&DCCamera4_20200302-115200 B&DC

Camera4_20200223-100100 BeautyCamera4_20200219-173200 DCCamera2_20200306-094800 Beauty

As I’m typing this report, I have received word that a Rochester Falcon Watcher has just witnessed Beauty and Dot.ca copulating on the base of the Mercury statue! Let the 2020 season begin!!!

Jupiter’s Flight to Freedom! – 11/6/19

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Jupiter’s time in rehab has ended successfully! He was released about 15 miles west of Rochester yesterday afternoon. His release was witnessed by a few of the Rochester Falcon Watchers. It was a cold day, but the sun was shining and the sky was a bright blue. A perfect day!

The door to the carrier was opened, and it took about 2 minutes for Jupiter to realize he was free. He launched himself from the carrier, heading towards the tree line. Strong, steady wing beats took him higher and higher. When he reached the trees, we thought he might land on one of them, but not our Jupiter. He did a U-turn and headed back towards us. Jupiter flew directly overhead, giving us a good look at how well he was flying. At one point, he lowered both his talons, before tucking them in and continuing on.

He was heading northwest when we lost sight of him. So in the general direction of Rochester/Braddock Bay. But of course there is no way to know for sure where he ended up.

We all wished him safe travels as he begins the next step of his life!

We are very thankful to the rehabber and vets that took such good care of him. For now, we won’t say who, until we receive permission to do so.

Here are some pictures taken by some of the watchers that were there to witness Jupiter’s freedom flight.

Carol Phillips Jupiter Release #2Dana Mulhern Jupiter Release #1Dana Mulhern Jupiter Release #2

Dana Mulhern Jupiter Release #3Dana Mulhern Jupiter Release #4Dana Mulhern Jupiter Release #5

Joyce Miller Jupiter Release #1Joyce Miller Jupiter Release #2Joyce Miller Jupiter Release #3

Joyce Miller Jupiter Release #4Joyce Miller Jupiter Release #5Joyce Miller Jupiter Release #6

Joyce Miller Jupiter Release #7Joyce Miller Jupiter Release #8Joyce Miller Jupiter Release #9

Pat Carey Jupiter Release #1Kathy Olney Jupiter Release #1

Photo credits to: Pat Carey, Joyce Miller, Dana Mulhern, Kathy Olney and Carol Phillips

More Sad News…Phoenix Found Injured in Brockport

Friday, October 4th, 2019

It is with much sadness that we have to report the loss of another young Rochester falcon, Phoenix.

Fly Free Phoenix

On August 24th, Phoenix was found injured in the Town of Brockport, 20 miles west of Rochester. He was taken to a rehabilitator not too far way. The severity of Phoenix’s injuries were determined. He had a severe spinal injury. The rehabilitator, with help from a Department of Environmental Conservation Officer, was able to transport Phoenix to the Cornell Wildlife Veterinary Clinic. Unfortunately, despite the effort to help Phoenix, we just learned that Phoenix did not survive his injuries.

June Summers
Genesee Valley Audubon Society

Jupiter Found Injured, Now in Rehab

Monday, August 12th, 2019

Jupiter was found walking the streets of downtown Rochester, Sunday evening, August 4th. Fortunately, someone who knew that he was a Peregrine Falcon called our falcon watchers, who picked him up and took him to a local rehab center.

He was x-rayed by a veterinarian who found that Jupiter had a broken coracoid bone in his shoulder. The other shoulder might have a soft tissue injury that also needs rest.

Jupiter will be at the rehab center for three to four weeks while he rests and recovers.

June Summers
Genesee Valley Audubon Society

Jupiter at Rehab Dana

These pictures of Jupiter were taken before he was injured.

Jupiter on City Hall CarolJupiter on City Hall Dana

We Mourn the Loss of Donna – 6/26/19

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

Since Sunday, June 23, 2019, the falcon watchers have put a lot of time and effort into locating Donna, the eyas from the Time Square Building scrape that was banded this year as 31/BW. Unfortunately, we found out this afternoon from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) that Donna’s body was found in the road near Corn Hill Landing Sunday afternoon. The person who found her eventually called the DEC on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 25th. Her body is being sent to Albany for a necropsy.

Many thanks to the falcon watchers for their efforts to find Donna. Now is the time to remember that there are three other young falcons to keep our eyes on. That is what they will be doing.

June Summers
Genesee Valley Audubon Society

2019 Banding Day for the Rochester Falcons! (May 31, 2019)

Saturday, June 1st, 2019

#18 Banding Day Donna Banding 5-31-19

It seems like banding day comes so quickly every year. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we banded the class of 2018, Sundara, Letchworth and Mike!

Our friends from the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) came again this year to band Beauty and Dot.ca’s four eyases. The eyases were safely and quickly extracted from the nest box, while Beauty and Dot.ca flew overhead. A sign was left inside the empty nest box letting everyone know they would be back soon.

*To see full version, please click on the picture!*

#24 Banding Day 5-31-19

Rich Calabrese, the owner of the Times Square Bldg, which is the home of the Rochester Falcons, provided a room where the eyases were banded.

Four buckets were lined up, each containing a young falcon.

#2 Banding Day Bucket Eyases 5-31-19

The table was set up with all the tools that would be used during the banding process.

#7 Banding Day Bands Tools 5-31-19

It was time to check them out and band them. The diameter of their leg would determine if they were male or female.

1) Lakota (male). Named by long time Rochester Falcon Watcher Carla Provenzano from Rochester, NY. Banded 29 Black/BA Green.

Lakota, after the Lakota Sioux. The Great Sioux Nation is made up of 30 separate tribes (or bands) in the USA and Canada. These tribes are divided into three divisions: The Lakota Sioux, Dakota Sioux, and Nakota Sioux, the Lakota being the largest of the three.
Their names are derived from the dialects of the Sioux language they speak, and therefore their division name and language are one and the same. In all three divisions and dialects, the meaning of the name is “ALLY”, commonly translated as “FRIEND”.
The Lakota were fierce warriors and hunters of the Great Plains, yet most important to their culture was family, especially their offspring (Wakanyeja/Sacred Gift). They are a gift from the creator who hold in their hands the future of the Lakota. How like our Peregrines.

The first eyas banded was a male. Lakota was very quiet and observant of his surroundings. Not one kak from Lakota!

#3 Banding Day Bucket Lakota 5-31-19#8 Banding Day Lakota Banding 5-31-19#9 Banding Day Lakota 29-BA 5-31-19

2) Phoenix (male). Name selected by our faithful watchers on the Internet! Submitted by Michael Ortiz of Rochester, NY; Jackie Poplawski of Webster, NY; and Mayra Sanchez of Rochester, NY . Banded 30 Black/BA Green.

Phoenix, according to Greek mythology a phoenix is a bird that regenerates rising from the ashes to be born again. This symbolizes the amazing recovery of the Peregrine Falcon population and the recent revitalization of Downtown Rochester, which is now becoming an amazing place to even just spend time.

Phoenix was the youngest eyas and he was VERY vocal! He was watching everyone and everything around him!

#4 Banding Day Bucket Phoenix 5-31-19#11 Banding Day Phoenix Banding 5-31-19#13 Banding Day Phoenix 30-BA-Blue 5-31-19

3) Jupiter (male). Named by Lynda and Tim Gersey of Romulus, NY, who are also long time watchers. Tim also built and installed the ramp that goes down into the well from the nest box. Many of our eyases have used it over the years. Banded 31 Black/BA Green.

Named for the god of sky and thunder. Jupiter is known as the king of gods in Roman mythology.

Jupiter was very alert and bright eyed. He was vocal, but not as loud as Phoenix.

#5 Banding Day Bucket Jupiter 5-31-19#15 Banding Day Jupiter Banding 5-31-19#16 Banding Day Jupiter 31-BA-Yellow 5-31-19

June Summers, President of the Genesee Valley Audubon, was able to help out with banding Jupiter!

#14 Banding Day Jupiter June Helps Band 5-31-19

4) Donna (female). Named by the Rfalconcam Executive Committee. In memory of our good friend Donna Cook, who was a valued member of our Rfalconcam community and had followed the Rochester Falcons for many years.

We were so happy when it was determined that our fourth eyas was a female! She was very feisty. Our friend Donna will be watching over her.

#6 Banding Day Bucket Donna 5-31-19#17 Banding Day Donna Banding 5-31-19#19 Banding Day Donna Banding 5-31-19#20 Banding Day Donna 31-BW-Red 5-31-19

All four eyases were healthy and all had full crops. Beauty and Dot.ca are very good parents!

As soon as they were all banded, they were quickly returned to the nest box. They settled down under the watchful eye of both their parents.

#22 All Eyases Home 5-31-19

We want to thank all of those that made this a successful 2019 Banding Day, including Jenny Landry and all the folks from the DEC, Rich Calabrese, The Rfalconcam Executive Committee (June Summers, Shaky and Carol Phillips), Eileen Karle (who is our on-line person during banding. She and Donna used to tag team.) the namers of this year’s eyases, and all the falcon fans who watch on-line.

Plus a very special thanks to our Rochester Falcon Watchers! Soon we’ll be gathered again to watch over the young fledglings as they take their first flights. If you’re able to help out with the fledge watch, please let us know. We could sure use your help!

#21 Banding Day Watchers 5-31-19

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