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4 Eggs For Beauty and – 4/7/19

Sunday, April 7th, 2019

The 4th egg arrived early this morning sometime after 3 AM.


An Early 3rd Egg for Beauty and! – 4/4/19

Thursday, April 4th, 2019

A third egg arrived a little earlier than we expected Thursday afternoon at 3:31 pm. Beauty usually averages between 58-59 hours between eggs. It was only 56 hours between her 2nd and 3rd egg. Nothing is ever certain in the world of the Peregrine Falcon! :)


Beauty Laid Her 2nd Egg this morning at 7:40 am! 4/2/19

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

Right on schedule, Beauty laid her 2nd egg at 7:40 am!


You can also watch this Video of the 2nd Egg.

The First Egg of 2019 Has Arrived!

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

At 8:34 pm, Beauty laid her first egg of 2019 in the nest box on top of the Times Square Bldg in Rochester, NY!

Our new main camera did a wonderful job. There were many thrilled falcon fans watching the live streaming video.

Congrats to parents Beauty and and to all their many fans!

MainCamera_20190330-203400 1st Egg 2019

2018! Another Successful Year for the Rochester Falcons!

Friday, January 25th, 2019

2018 was a very successful year for our Rochester Falcons!


Beauty laid four eggs in April, but only three hatched in May. The fourth egg started to leak and was taken from the nest by While falcon fans around the world watched, three eyases thrived under the care of their parents. Mike, Letchworth and Sundara grew up into beautiful fledglings right before our eyes.

#1 Eyas #1 5-6-18 208 pm#1A MainCamera_20180505-190100#2 Checking out the New Arrivals

#3 DC Watching#4 All 3#6 All 3

They were banded by the DEC and given their names by falcon fans on May 29th. By mid-June, they had taken flight under the watchful eyes of Beauty, and the Rochester Falcon Watchers.

We here at the Rochester Falconcam want to thank our many falcon fans and volunteers. We would like to dedicate this past year to our lost friend Donna Cook. As Winter grips Rochester, NY, we impatiently wait for the reappearance of Beauty and inside the nest box on top of the Times Square Bldg. With our new main camera, we hope to share every moment of Beauty, and their young in 2019!

Here are some highlight pictures from 2018. Enjoy!






28-sundara-on-powers-7-29-18-2Sundara 7-29-18-2

The Rochester Falcon Watchers Toast to a Successful 2019!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

The Rochester Falcon Watchers gathered in front of the Times Square Bldg for the annual toast to the Rochester Falcons. Nine watchers gathered on the side of the Blue Cross Arena (aka Rochester War Memorial); Dan, Kathy O, Pat, Dana, Carol (lukka) from Buffalo, Joyce, Lisa McK, Dana and Carol P. The winds were gusting and it was very cold.

Just as we arrived, Beauty and flew in to witness the toast. They usually do! :)

This year’s toast was done by long time falcon watcher, Dan. We gave thanks to a successful 2018 and hoped for a happy and successful 2019. We also said a fond farewell to our good friend Donna.

Over the last few days, watchers have seen all of the Rochester Falcons. Beauty and downtown, Billie and her new beau at ST, two visitors at the BS location and Fission (from Canada) continues to hangout nearby. We’ve also seen other falcons migrating through the area.

We are very thankful for all of our falcon fans and family. May 2019 be a happy and healthy year for all of us!

#1 B&DC on OCSR 1-1-19
#2 2019 Watchers Toast 1-1-19
#4 2019 Watchers Toast 1-1-19
#5 2019 Watchers Toast 1-1-19

About Seth – Information from the DEC

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

As we previously reported, we received word that Seth had passed away, but we had no details from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Today June Summers, President of the Genesee Valley Audubon, received the following information from Jenny Landry at the DEC.

“Seth broke his wing several days before he was found. It was a compound fracture. He passed away several nights after surgery, reason not yet determined.”

Thank you Jenny.

On a happier note, Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P reported seeing two falcons at Seneca Towers this morning. We hope this means that Billie has found a new mate.

#1 Billie and Friend at ST 10-11-18
#2 Billie and Friend at ST 10-11-18
#3 Billie and Friend at ST 10-11-18

Fly Free Seth

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

At this very sad time, after losing our good friend Donna, we have to report that Seth passed away. At this time, we cannot report any details.

Rochester Falcon Watcher Pat reported seeing a 2nd falcon at Seneca Towers today. Hopefully Billie will find a new mate soon.

Another Successful Banding Day for Our Rochester Falcon Eyases! 5/29/18

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

All went well with the banding of our three Rochester Falcon eyases. Two girls and one boy!

Our friends from the NYSDEC (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) arrived at the Times Square Bldg and quickly set up to band our three young eyases.

#1 Banding Day 5-29-18#2 Banding Day 5-29-18#3 Banding Day 5-29-18

Soon, they were ready to climb the stairs to the door leading out to the nestbox. They quickly and safely retrieved the eyases and placed them into brightly colored pails.

#15 Banding Day All Done 5-29-18

In the banding room, each eyas was placed on the table and given two bands; the USFW band and the NYS band.

First was a female. Her name is Sundara! Chosen by long time Rochester Falcon Watcher Carrie Shone. Meaning: Sundara, meaning beautiful in Nepali, based on her mother’s name, Beauty. She was given the NYS band Black 90 over Green BA and blue tape was placed over her USFW band. This is something the DEC does for the local falcon watchers, making it easier to ID young fledglings.

#5 Banding Day Sundara 5-29-18
#7 Banding Day Sundara 5-29-18
#9 Banding Day Sundara 5-29-18

The second eyas banded, was also a female. Her name is Letchworth! Chosen by Jill Langdon’s Kindergarten Class at Helendale Road School in Irondequoit, NY. Letchworth, after Letchworth State Park (a wonderful nesting place for peregrine falcons and an absolutely spectacular State Park located only about an hour from Rochester, NY). It’s known as “The Grand Canyon of the East. She was given the NYS band Black 30 over Green BW and red tape was placed over her USFW band.

#4 Banding Day Letchworth 5-29-18
#10 Banding Day Letchworth 5-29-18
#11 Banding Day Letchworth 5-29-18

The third eyas was a male and his name is Mike! Mike was the male name chosen by the falcon fans on the Rochester Falcon Forum. Mike, for the late NYS DEC wildlife technician Mike Allen, who was so involved in birds of prey. Mike was submitted by Sue Spicer Allen of Rochester, NY. His NYS band number is Black 28 over Green BA. There was no tape placed over his silver USFW band.

#6 Banding Day Mike 5-29-18
#12 Banding Day Mike 5-29-18
#14 Banding Day Mike 5-29-18

It wasn’t long before the three eyases were returned to the nestbox under the watchful gaze of their parents, Beauty and

A few Rochester Falcon Watchers had watched the whole event from across the street from the beautiful Times Square Building. They mentioned that Beauty remained close to the nestbox the whole time, mostly from the main camera.

#16 Banding Day TSB 5-29-18
#17 Banding Day TSB 5-29-18

It was another successful banding day for our Rochester Falcons! Many thanks to our good friends at the DEC!

#13 Banding Day Mike 5-29-18

Today is Banding Day for Our Three Eyases! – 5/29/18

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Our friends from the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) will be coming to Rochester this morning to band Beauty and’s three eyases. Banding should happen at approximately 10 am. When they are banded, they will be given their chosen names!