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A Wednesday Evening Watch - 12/26/12 - Falcons Seen Today: Beauty, Pigott & BST

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon (Flake) Watcher Carol P.

On this day after Christmas, Rochester and the rest of Western New York is under a Winter Storm Warning.  Heavy snow and high winds are expected to hit the area overnight and tomorrow.  They are reporting that we may get over a foot of snow by tomorrow afternoon.  Of course this kind of weather is not unexpected.  It is Rochester and it is winter after all.  We Rochesterians are sturdy folk when it comes to winter weather.  The Rochester Falcon Watchers aka Falcon Flakes love this weather!  lol :-)

That being said, I wanted to make sure I got downtown to check on Miss Beauty.  She had been seen earlier and so had Pigott and BST.  So due to the limited daylight, I decided to find Beauty tonight.

Tweets from me and other Rochester Falcon Watchers that do not report:

2:30 pm - Lisa McK - “At BS, both falcons on south side, perched on upper windows only 3 windows separating them.”

3:29 pm - Brian H - “Brrr Dude wandered around downtown.  I think I had B on Alliance Bldg.  It’s getting windy & chilly outside.  Enjoy the snow!”

4:30 pm - Carol P - “DT. I have searched the DT area for about a half hr and had no luck finding her. Brian saw her on the Alliance bldg just before I arrived.”

4:50 pm - Shaky on RfalconcamNow - Beauty is on Mercury’s money bag.” - as seen from Camera #1

5:00 pm - Carol P - “DT. I have been staring up into the OCSR elevator shaft and I cannot tell if she is there or not. Time to go.”

5:00 pm - Carol P - “DT. And there she is on Mercury as the snow starts to fall!”

5:01 pm - Carol P - “And up into the elevator shaft. Night Beauty!”


I arrived downtown a little before 4:00 pm.  After reading Brian’s text, I contacted him to find out exactly where the Alliance bldg was.  It’s on Main St on the corner of Stone.  My first stop was the Andrews St Bridge, nothing seen from there.  Then I went over to Main St and drove past the Alliance bldg.  Due to traffic, it was hard to get a good look, but after passing it a few times, I can be fairly certain Beauty was not up there.  Next stop the Broad St Bridge, after checking the east side.  Nothing on the Times Square Bldg, or the jail comm tower or the OCSR or the Mercury statue or the Frontier comm tower or the Hyatt.  I decided to go over to the OCSR area to check up inside the elevator shaft.  Nope, not there either.  Where could she be?

From my parking spot near the Raddison, I had a good view inside the elevator shaft.  I was bound and determined to see her before I left.  At the same time I was leaving my text that I was getting ready to leave  (I am a very slow texter, lol), Shaky was tweeting that Beauty had landed on Mercury’s money bag.  I looked back over my shoulder and saw that, yes, Beauty was there!  I took a couple pics and she took off and I had a great view of her swooping up into the OCSR elevator shaft, landing on the south ledge!  She had gone into her protected roost just as it started to snow.

Beauty on Mercury - 12/26/12Beauty in her nighttime roost, the OCSR elevator shaft, south ledge - 12/26/12*





I just looked outside and the snow is coming down fast and furious! Something tells me there’s going to be a lot of snow to dig out from tomorrow morning!  Be careful out there everyone.  Be safe!

I’ll leave you with a few pics I took while I was out Falcon Watching and another picture of a neighborhood house all decorated for Christmas.  :-)

The Liberty Pole, downtown Rochester - 12/26/12Looking north down the Genesee River, dark clouds over Lake Ontario - 12/26/12Now that's a lot of Christmas lights!  12/26/12

Morning watch 12-26-12

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a slow start as I looked for and waited in vain about an hour for Beauty. No show so I drove to Brighton(BS)  and waited some more. Falcon watching takes a lot of patience sometimes but eventually a falcon appeared and landed on a southeast window ledge after first landing on a southwest corner.

img_4404-pigott img_4409-hi-pigott img_4413-pigott

At the time I thought it was BST but after reviewing my pics on the computer I can say for sure that it was Pigott. She did some preening and head bobbing for half hour then she flew south only to return momentarily and land on a southwest corner.

img_4420-pigott img_4424-pigott img_4426-pigott

The deer that has been seen hanging around by the building for the last 3 or 4 days was not around anywhere. 10 minutes later Miss Pigott flew toward the front of the building  out of view.

img_4427-pigott img_4429-pigott-exits-out-the-rear

When she didn’t return I drove around and found her on a west side window ledge near where what’s known as “the nook ” is located. I left her and a little over an hour later upon returning to downtown I found Beauty on the southwest corner of the Hyatt Hotel.


The Beautyful one kept her back to me as she side stepped to her left  just off the corner. I had to run some errands before the big storm hit so I ended my watch at this point.  Hopefully I will be able to get out in the morning to check on our beloved falcons, until then keep smiling! :)

I have provided 2 links for videos from todays watch


Merry Christmas Beauty, Pigott & BST and all their Fans! - 12/25/12 - All 3 Rochester Falcons Seen Today!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

A Very Merry Christmas to all you Falcon Fans out there.  I only had a couple hours this afternoon to go out and find Beauty, Pigott & BST and find them I did, plus a few of their friends.

Today’s Tweets - Mine and those from the other Rochester Falcon Watchers that do not post their own reports:

10:50 am - Larry O - “since there is a vacuum in Falcon watching, Harold and I are going to start hitting the road and looking.”

11:30 am - Larry O - “1 Falcon and the southwest corner of the Hyatt building. Downtown.”

11:31 am - Larry O - “Harold has found his first Falcon.”

11:40 am - Carol P - “A new falcon watcher dog is born! You go Harold! : )”

11:41 am - Larry O - “leaving downtown. Headed to BS for Falcon watch via strong.”

12:50 pm - Larry O - “BS Falcon watch. 1 Falcon on Northeast Extension but gone already.”

1:00 pm - Larry O - “BS Falcon watch. Just had a falcon fly around from the east side to the south side, but I don’t see it now.”

1:01 pm - Larry O - “BS Falcon much. 1 Falcon on Southwest extension.”

1:10 pm - Larry O - “BS Falcon watch. Successful hunt. The Falcon left the Southwest extension and flew southeast.”

1:11 pm - Larry O - “BS Falcon watch. Then the Falcon changed direction and headed north over Cobbs Hill Park.”

1:11 pm - Larry O - “BS Falcon watch. The Falcon started it’s stoop and dove to just above the treeline.”

1:12 pm - Larry O - “BS Falcon watch. It caught something and flew back to the building. It is now cleaning the meal. I believe it was a pigeon.”

1:20 pm - Larry O - “BS Falcon watch. The second Falcon just arrived to the southwest extension also.”

1:40 pm - Larry O - “BS Falcon watch. Still have 2 Falcons. Hunter is just about finished cleaning the meal.”

2:30 pm - Carol P - “BS. Lots of watchers visiting. Been here for awhile watching P&BST. Larry O with Harold, Lisa Mck & Joyce & Steve were here!”

2:40 pm - Joyce - “A falcon fix on Xmas day. Can’t get better than that. Pigott and BST on the corners of the SW extension. Yea!”

2:50 pm - Carol P - “BS. BST went over to P and tried to get some of her meal. She mantled it and ee chupped just a bit. BST went back to his corner no food.”

2:51 pm - Carol P - “BS. P flew to a window on the south side. BST went to food and is now eating. Thats a 1st for me.”

3:00 pm - Carol P - “BS. Both P&BST settled on west end of the bldg. Time to go.”

3:20 pm - Carol P - “DT. A quick drive thru DT on the way home. Found Beauty preening on the SW corner of the Hyatt. All quiet. Merry Xmas B, P & BST!”


I arrived at the BS location first today because I wanted to meet Harold, Larry O’s new family member.  Larry had been reporting that he saw Pigott successfully hunt  and that she was enjoying her meal on the SW extension (SE corner).  BST was just across from her on the SW corner patiently watching her finish her meal.  Lisa McK arrived and we studied the feathers that had fallen to the ground from Pigott’s plucking.  The consensus was pigeon.  Harold is very timid right now and very sweet.  It will take awhile for him to warm up to us, but I have no doubt that he will.  At one point, he leaned against me.  I took that as a very good sign!  :-)

Larry and Lisa left me and soon after Joyce and Steve arrived.  She looked great, just getting out of the hospital with a broken leg.  Speedy recovery Joyce!  She got her falcon fix, seeing both Pigott and BST before she and Steve headed home.  Again I was alone.

Recently I had reported that I had yet to see BST eat or attempt to get food away from Pigott.  Well, that changed today.  Pigott finally finished her meal and just stood on the corner over the remainder.  BST flew over to her, a couple feet to her left.  She watched his every move.  BST flew across the roof line to just behind her.  I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was just behind her because she faced in that direction, spread her wings and mantled her food.  There were a few soft ee-chups, and finally BST took off and went back to his corner with no food.  Pigott stood straight up again and turned toward BST.   They looked at each other.  There was no vocalization, but it was like Pigott gave in and took off, without the prey, and landed on a nearby windowsill.  As soon as she took off, BST flew to her corner and started eating what was left.  Well, that was a first for me with these two.

BST left & Pigott right with her meal - 12/25/12BST flew over to Pigott hoping she would share her meal - 12/25/12*





BST joins Pigott on the corner and she mantles food - 12/25/12BST finally gets the ok to finish Pigott's meal - 12/25/12*





Pigott at BS 12/25/12*





There probably wasn’t much left, because it didn’t take BST long to finish.  Both Pigott and BST ended up on the west end of the building.  At 3:00 pm, I left the BS location and headed downtown.  I hoped to find Beauty before I headed home for the day.  and yes the deer was there in the same spot, lying down, definitely in a protected spot from the wind.  She is very attentive to everything around her.  Is she pregnant like Brian and I think might be possible?  Time will tell.  Guess we’ve kind of adopted her and will keep an eye on her. ;-)

Deer at BS location - 12/25/12*





At 3:20 pm, from the Broad St Bridge, I found Beauty up on the Hyatt on the SW corner, the same place Larry had seen her earlier.

Beauty on Hyatt 12/25/12*





I was very happy to find all three Rochester Falcons this afternoon, making it a very good day!  After finding Beauty I had to head home.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from today.  If you would like to see a larger version of that picture, just click on it.  Thanks!

Welcome Harold!  12/25/12Lisa, Larry & Harold checking out the feathers from Pigott's prey, pigeon. 12/25/12*





Joyce & Steve Stop by for a quick falcon fix on way home - 12/25/12Another neighbor all decked out for Christmas - 12/25/12

Christmas morning watch 12-25-12

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy to have you join me on my watch this morning as a pretty couple inches of fresh snow fell overnite assuring us a white Christmas.  I arrived on the Broad St. Bridge(BSB) about 5 minutes before Beauty showed up on the outstretched money bag hand of Mercury. At 7:25am she flew in from the north landed long enough to shake herself and then she was off again flying east.


I went for a drive to the east side to look for her and as I came back to the BSB I spotted her flying downriver with prey in her talons past Mercury and disappearing behind the Thomson Reuters building. I then looked for her on that side of the city but I never did find where she went with her Christmas breakfast so I set out for the Brighton Site(BS). As I rounded the back of the building to the east side I spotted BST first on a southwest corner and as I stopped the car he flew to a south side window ledge.

img_4363-bst img_4365-bst img_4367-bst

I shared space with him for half hour as he preened and looked around here and there. I also saw my deer friend in the same spot as yesterday only she was standing today. I’m no expert but I’d say she is pregnant judging by the plump tummy she has.


I was in the neighborhood of Strong Memorial Hospital so I went there to give a Christmas visit to Joyce. She was doing pretty good and had convinced them that she could go home today. :) After I left I returned to BS for a quick drive thru and I found Miss Pigott at home perched on a southwest corner.

img_4379-pigott img_4381-showing-some-leg img_4380-pigott

I didn’t stay long for I had to get  home but as I drove down Exchange St. approaching Broad St. I noticed a bump on the top ibeam southwest side of OCSR. Yay, it was Beauty so of course I drove down to the hole(AqueductSt.) to take pics and video before ending my watch for the second time. lol

img_4384-beauty img_4387-beauty img_4388-hi-beautyful

So there you have it folks-all 3 current resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons seen giving this watcher the best gift I could wish for. Do ya think I left for home smiling!? You betcha! :)

Links for video of  Beauty,BST and Pigott are provided below-just click em and watch


A Christmas Eve Afternoon Falcon Watch - 12/24/12 - Falcons Seen Today; Beauty, Pigott & BST

Monday, December 24th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

My Tweets From Today:

12:50 pm - Carol P - ” DT. Been all over DT. No luck finding Beauty.”

1:30 pm - Carol P - “BS. No falcons seen at the BS location.”

1:40 pm - Carol P - “BS. Of course as I get ready to leave what should appear? Well it wasnt Santa. Pigott I believe at SW corner.”

1:41 pm - Carol P - “BS. Just found BST on the same side of bldg as P but on a south facing window above where the deer is lying.”

2:30 pm - Carol P - “DT. One more look around DT before heading home. No falcons found. Time to go!”

At 3:49 pm Shaky posted a picture on the forum of Beauty on the Mercury statue.  So she made her normal afternoon visit after I left.


My thoughts and prayers to to the family & friends of the two fire fighters who lost their lives today.  A speedy recovery to all that were injured.  I have many family members and friends that live in Webster very close to where this tragedy happened.  As soon as I heard the news early this morning, I tweeted it out and called those that may have been in harms way.   Warning friends not to go anywhere near this area.  I will never understand why something like this happens.  I don’t think I ever want to.  God Bless the victims and their families.  :-(

I had to work this morning, so I didn’t get downtown to look for Beauty until 12:30 pm.  I checked all over the downtown area, but had no luck finding her.  I even checked the Alliance Bldg where Brian H had seen her yesterday.

Next stop, the BS location.  I circled the building slowly a couple times, but could not find any falcons there either.  Just as I was leaving to head home to get ready for Christmas Eve, I happened to look back and spotted a falcon sitting on the NW corner of the building (1:40 pm).  Back I went and saw that it was Pigott.  I parked where I could get a couple pictures of her and checked out the building near her.  It didn’t take me long to spot a familiar, and very handsome Tiercel on a windowsill close to Pigott.  He was right above where a deer was lying down near the building.  This is the 2nd day I’ve seen her close to the building like this.  I was texting with Brian about it and we wondered if she might be pregnant.  Maybe why she is hunkered down?  I really have no idea if this is possible or not, just thinking out loud.  Maybe someone reading this knows more about deer behavior at this time of the year and can enlighten us.  I just hope she is ok and that this is normal.

I had to be home by 3:00 pm, so I made a quick trip through downtown and again had no luck finding Beauty.  I was glad to read the forum tonight and saw that Shaky had posted a picture of Beauty on the Mercury statue at 3:49 pm from Camera #1, after I left.

So, all three Rochester Falcons were seen this afternoon.  I’ll leave you with a few pics of Pigott and BST from my afternoon Watch.  Remember to click on any pictures you would like to see in a larger version.  Enjoy your Christmas Eve with family and friends.

Pigott at BS - 12/24/12BST at BS - 12/24/12*





Pigott at BS - 12/24/12BST at BS - 12/24/12

Mourning watch 12-24-12

Monday, December 24th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

No it’s not a misprint- I spelled it mourning because before I left the house this morning for my watch I heard of shootings of 4 firemen as they showed up to put out a fire in Webster. I dedicate this report to the victims and families of all involved.

As I drove thru the intersection at Broad and Exchange streets I spotted Beauty up on the money bag of Mercury. As I got up on the Broad St. Bridge (BSB)and made my u-turn she was gone.  As I drove around the east side looking for her I found that there were many crows in the trees of Washington Square Park. So much for the scare tactics of the city to move them out of there. Then as I drove down Broad St. near the South Ave. garage I saw crows in the trees of Cornerstone Park where I never saw them  in the past roosting there. 30 minutes after arriving on the BSB Beauty landed on the south corner top ibeam of the OCSR building.


LarryO came by with his new rescue dog Harold and we were introduced. He’s very skittish with tail tucked waaay up underneath him but he did allow me to pet him on my second attempt. Good Luck Larry I’m sure you will have him socialized and happy as quick as possible.

img_4329-harold-and-larry img_4330-harold Click pic for full version

Beauty took off after only 10 minutes and I never saw her again. I drove to Brighton and  never had a falcon show up in 3 hours. Larry was there running Harold on a long leash when I got there. I did see my deer friend again on the opposite side of the building as yesterday.


I ended my watch around 11:30am. Keep smiling everyone even if you don’t want to! :)

The link for 1 video of Beauty on OCSR today is below


A Sunday Afternoon Falcon Watch - 12/23/12 - Falcons Seen Today: Beauty, Pigott & BST

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Today was much more pleasant than yesterday, with lots of sunshine.  Still really cold, but the sun was very enjoyable.

Here are my tweets from today, plus the tweets of the other Falcon Watchers that do not post their own reports:

11:40 am - Carol P - “At KP. Tag I’m it! No falcons seen here. Cold with snow on the ground with the sun playing peek a boo thru the clouds.”

12:10 pm - Carol P - “DT. I was on Court St checking out the FCT when a falcon in from the west heading towards the TSB. Looking now.”

12:20 pm - Carol P - “DT. Found Beauty on OCSR top Ibeam NE side.”

1:10 pm - Carol P - “BS. Have driven around the bldg twice now and have found no falcons. All quiet.”

1:20 pm - Carol P - “BS. A Coop just flew thru no challenge from Pefas. Would love to know where they go when they arent here. I’ve looked but cant find them.”

2:10 pm - Carol P - “BS. Lisa Mck and BST here now.”

2:30 pm - Carol P - “BS. Both here now. Lots of ee chupping!”

2:37 pm - Brian H - “DT. Have a pefa on the NW corner of chase lincoln bldg. B? I havent seen a bird up there in a long time.”

2:40 pm - Carol P - “BS. Lisa & I think this is BST at East end. Now we cant find Pigott.”

2:48 pm - Brian H - “DT. No other pefas seen.  Bird did a hunt stoop, now on brick bldg on main st across from old Niesners bldg.”

3:11 pm - Brian H - “DT. Brian reported 2:57 pm: Bird is on Alliance bldg. 183 E main st at the corner of Stone st. Its on the scalloped decoration on top of bldg.”

3:20 pm - Carol P - “BS. BST flew to a window on the SW ext and now has prey. May have been cached.”

3:21 pm - Carol P - “BS. Pigott back. BST still eating.”

3:40 pm - Joyce - “DT. Checked everywhere…can’t find B. Brian and I heading to ASB.”

4:00 pm - Carol P - “BS. Come to find out it was P eating not BST. Both at east end now.”

4:30 pm - Carol P - “DT. Beauty is tucked into her nighttime roost. OCSR elevator shaft south ledge. Night Beauty! All 3 seen today makes it a good day!”


Lots of tweets today! They really tell the tale of what was seen this afternoon.

My first check was KP, but I had no luck finding any falcons there.

I arrived downtown at about noon.  While I was on Court St checking out the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT), I saw a falcon fly in from the west.  Following the best I could, I eventually found Beauty on the top IBeam of the OCSR on the NE side.

Beauty on top IBeam of OCSR - 12/23/12*





Beauty seemed pretty settled, preening and looking about her territory.  Time for me to go check on Pigott & BST.

I arrived at the BS location at about 1:00 pm, but it wasn’t until 2:00 pm that Lisa McK joined me and BST flew in.  We found him on the NE corner of the building.  He flew off to the east and a falcon came back towards the building.  It was Pigott and she landed in the same spot BST had just vacated.

At 2:30 pm, Pigott started to hunker down and ee-chupped away.  This was her reaction to BST coming back in from the east.  She watched his flight in  and over her vocalizing the whole time.  After he passed overhead she followed.  To me it seemed to be a greeting.  They really do seem to be bonding or at the very least are accepting each others company, but no mating has been witnessed yet.  Will definitely be interesting.

Eventually Pigott returned to the SE corner.  She then flew to the top window on the east side of the NW extension at 3:20 pm.  She kept looking down at something, but I couldn’t see what had her attention.  Finally she jumped down to the window below her and I saw a chunk of snow fall off.  When I checked through my binoculars, I could see she had prey, but I couldn’t be sure if she had just caught the pigeon or if it was cached prey.  Had to be cached prey.  Can’t believe that a pigeon would just sit there below her.  She dragged the prey to the other side of the windowsill and ate her fill.  While she was eating, BST had returned to the NE end of the building.  From there, he would not have been able to see her.

Pigott with prey at BS - 12/23/12Pigott with prey at BS - 12/23/12BST on NE Corner at BS - 12/23/12*





At 4:00 pm, Pigott finished her meal and flew over to the east end of the building landing on the SE corner just across from BST.  I have never personally seen BST eat anything while at the BS location.  Never seen him beg for food from her like I’ve seen other Tiercels do over the years.  Very interesting.

BST on NE Corner - 12/23/12BST & Pigott at east end - 12/23/12Pigott on SE Corner - 12/23/12






In these pictures, you can really see the size difference between them.  That’s where I left them to go search for Beauty one more time before heading home.

At 4:30 pm, I found Beauty tucked up inside the OCSR elevator shaft on the south ledge. Night Beauty!

Beauty in OCSR Elevator Shaft - 12/23/12*





So, it was another good day with all three Rochester Falcons seen!  Love that!  :-)

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures taken during my Watch today and remember to click on any picture you would like to see in a larger version.  Thanks!

City Skyline from just south of KP - 12/23/12Peek-a-boo Mockingbird in a thicket near BS location - 12/23/12

Morning watch 12-23-12

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

It was a much calmer morning weather wise today when I left the house for downtown. I parked on the north side of the Broad St. Bridge and waited about 10 minutes when Beauty came flying in and landed on the outstretched  money bag hand of Mercury.


She was looking for breakfast turning her head to and fro very quickly to get a bead on prey. She made 3 different attempts at bringing up a pellet before being successful. It was a good size as I saw it pop out and drop. This made room for a meal and made her that much lighter for catching a meal. The wind would blow the feathers on her head forward at times making her look silly like she had gel in them to keep them spiked up. She did a little preening and rousted (term for when they shake their body)but was mainly in hunt mode.

img_4316-hi-beauty img_4306-wind-blown-beauty img_4320-beauty

The pigeons that roost at night under the Broad St. Bridge started making their way up into her view and Beauty was very intent on watching that activity. I thought she would take off after one of them but instead she spread her big Beautyful wings and flew after a gull. She attempted to smack it a few times over the river between the Court St. Bridge and Broad St. Bridge-this reminded me of the time I saw her carrying a gull downriver in her talons losing altitude the whole way before settling with it somewhere behind the OCSR building. She followed it over my head as it darted and dove to escape her and eventually she broke off  the chase and disappeared behind the Radisson Hotel. It was that gulls lucky day for she didn’t seem too serious about catching it as she was just wanting to give it a hard time. I checked around for her with no luck and went to the Brighton Site to look for Pigott and BSB. As I passed the northwest part of the building I spotted a deer laying down right below where the scrape that Pigott and Dot.Ca had chosen.

img_4322-deer-at-bs Always click the pics for a full version

I was unsuccessful in finding a falcon at the site after sitting and watching for quite a while. I left for a little over an hour to visit with fellow falcon watcher and friend Jeanne and her dogs. She is going away for  a week during the holidays and I have been familiarizing them with me as I will be dog sitting while their mom is gone. When I returned to the Brighton site the deer was still there only it was standing this time and keeping an eye on me.


I waited a bit to see if any falcons would show themselves which they didn’t so I returned to downtown. I searched around for Beauty but she didn’t want to come out and play with me either.  I had started my day with the Beautyful one and got to see a deer up close and personal which most people can’t say so I had good reason to smile! :)

Click on the links below if you wish to hang out with Beauty as she perches on Mercury



A Saturday Afternoon Falcon Watch - 12/22/12 - Falcons Seen Today: Pigott & BST; and Beauty Earlier

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It started snowing and blowing last night.  Today I woke up to a few inches of snow on the ground and the winds were whipping it around, cutting visibility down quite a bit.

Bring on that White Christmas!  :-)

I had to do a late afternoon watch today.

Here are the tweets from myself and others that do not post reports:

3:10 pm - Carol P - “DT. Beauty is no where to be found. I have been all over downtown. Very cold and windy but no snow at this time. But there is snow here!”

3:40 pm - Carol P - “BS. Both P&BST here at BS. At SE end.”

7:10 pm - Joyce - “BS - Bldg seems so lit up with snow on ground and clouds above. 2 falcons on windows 1 and 3 floors down NE roosting spot.”

7:20 pm - Joyce - “BS - Pefa on top floor window moved. Drove around looking in favorite spots. Found falcon close to SE corner of east extension 3 floors down.  Yay a successful  nighttime falcon watch, except I can’t tell who’s who.”


Today I arrived downtown at about 3:00 pm.  I drove all over the downtown area looking for Beauty but was unable to find her.  She was not in the OCSR elevator shaft either.  We know she has her spots where we can’t find her.  MAK reported seeing a falcon hunting this morning, which was more than likely Beauty.  Having no luck finding her, I headed over to the BS location.

Both Pigott and BS were on the SE end of the building very close to each other.  BS was on a windowsill below Pigott and she was on the corner of the building.  It wasn’t snowing, but the winds were really whipping and while Pigott was preening, she almost got knocked off the building more than once.

BST at BS 12/22/12Pigott at BS - 12/22/12*





BST at BS 12/22/12Pigott struggling with the wind - 12/22/12*





I had to be somewhere at 4:00 pm, so I didn’t have long to stay and watch them.  I do love to watch a bird preen.  lol

Wish I had seen Beauty, but seeing both Pigott and BST together made it a very good day!

I’ll leave you with this picture of when the snows and winds started last evening.  Remember to click on any picture you would like to see in a larger version.  Thanks!!!

The snow started to come down last night and the winds roared! 12/21/12

Morning watch 12-22-12

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The worst of the winter storm today is the wind-I’d say less than 4 or 5 inches of snow but the wind blew drifts knee deep in my driveway. No problem getting out and about to look for falcons. It was a tough go finding Beauty this morning but I did see a falcon chasing pigeons on the east side near Midtown and Xerox so I can only assume that it was her.  In the first hour of my watch I was hard pressed to find a bird of any kind but as I made my way over to the Brighton Site(BS) I had a crow fly overhead so I felt a bit more optimistic. When I drove in the BS road it was drifted pretty good but I got thru just fine and was able to find a falcon on the east extension perched on a south facing window ledge. It was snowing harder there than downtown and I couldn’t see well enough to ascertain which falcon it was.


I returned to downtown and searched about an hour with no luck so I went back to BS and it turned out to be a good call as I found both BST and Pigott. It wasn’t  snowing as hard as my first trip to BS and there was a guy plowing the road and parking lot.  BST was on the same window ledge as the falcon I saw earlier.

img_4282-bst1 img_4283-bst

Miss Pigott was on the north side of the east extension.

img_4293-pigott img_4297-pigott

I stayed briefly as I wanted to find Beauty before I ended my watch. Another hour of looking found no sign of her. As I sat on the Broad St. bridge facing the east I spotted pigeons flying around in that crazed state that says there’s something chasing them and sure enough a falcon was on their tail. I did drive over there to have a look but no pigeons or falcon were in sight. I do believe it was most likely the Beautyful one so I ended my watch and headed home. We didn’t get as much snow as they predicted but it’s a good start for the season and enough to make this snow lover smile! :)

Links for 2 snowy videos below-just click to get a flavor for what I was seeing on my watch


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