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Sunday Afternoon Falcon Watch and Catch-Up! – 5/31/15

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Sunday Afternoon – May 31, 2015

From high 80’s yesterday to 47 degrees and rain today.  Crazy weather changes!

1:30 to a little after 3:00 pm

When I first arrived on the Broad St Bridge, both Beauty and Dot.ca were on the top IBeam of the OCSR.  Beauty was on the south corner with her head ducked under her wing sleeping.  Dot.ca was on the west corner keeping guard.  Joyce tweeted that the three eyases were in the nest box, tucked into the corner.

At 2:30 pm, both Beauty and Dot.ca took off.  I found them 15 minutes later on the Wilder Bldg green strip, just a few feet apart from each other.

Beauty and Dot.ca on Wilder -5-31-15Beauty and Dot.ca on Wilder -5-31-15

They were still on the Wilder bldg when I ended my watch a little after 3:00 pm.  All peaceful and quiet.

Now for the catch-up.

Saturday Afternoon, May 30, 2015

I was joined by Lisa McK and Kathy O on the Broad St Bridge.  It was very warm and humid, temps in the high 80’s.  We only stayed a couple hours.  Both Beauty and Dot.ca remained close to the nest box keeping an eye on their eyases who were out and about all over the platform.  They were all very active.

Beauty and the Eyases -5-30-15Dot.ca on TSB on SE Wing Ledge -5-30-15

Other Winged Things 5-30-15Beauty on Main Cam and Eyases -5-30-15

Friday After Banding – May 29, 2015

After banding was complete, I joined Joyce, Susan C, Lynda and Willie in front of the Blue Cross Arena.  From there we had a great view of the Times Square Bldg and the nest box.  Beauty and Dot.ca were doing a lot of flying and patrolling the area. Here are some of the pictures I took.

After Banding - Beauty -5-29-15After Banding Beauty -5-29-15After Banding Beauty -5-29-15

After Banding Beauty & Dot.ca -5-29-15After Banding Dot.ca -5-29-15After Banding Beauty & Dot.ca -5-29-15

After Banding Beauty & Dot.ca -5-29-15After Banding Dot.ca -5-29-15After Banding Beauty -5-29-15

It was a wonderful 3 days of watching the Rochester Falcons.

Morning watch/Banding day 5-29-15

Friday, May 29th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a beautiful day for a banding and a return to our beloved falcons for me! Bright and sunny and a temperature of 80(F) 27(C)

I parked by the Blue Cross Arena and set up my chair. Joyce and Larry joined me followed by SusanC, Ken Martinez, Lynda and Tim and Pat. Beauty hung out near the nest box at first and Dot.Ca (DC) stayed over on OCSR. The Beautyful one joined her mate after feeding the kids a snack.


She then flew off out of view and a minute later DC took off at mock 1 speed toward the nest box telling me that the banding people were out and about to take the eyasses to put bands on their legs. Unfortunately DC kept to the sky and since he is so fast I didn’t get many pics of him.


Beauty took a breather on the ledge in front of the metal grid a few times then back to the business of trying to rid the nest box area of those bad, bad humans. She also landed on cam 4 and I believe DC landed on the corner of the deck as well-both doing their best to protect their babies that they couldn’t see.



DC flies like a rocket as you’ll see on my video he’s much faster than Beauty-he dive bombed on the bad humans more than Beauty. They saved their newly banded kids from the bad humans as they were all returned to the nest box safe and sound. They have 2 boys and a girl-Cadence is the female, band number 91/BA with blue tape. The males are named Bronx, band # 20/BA with red tape and Genesee band # 24/BA no tape. 3 very good reasons to smile on this banding day 2015! 🙂

Click on the links below to see todays videos



Saturday Morning & Afternoon Falcon Watch – 5/23/15

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Watchers: Lisa McK, Dana, Kathy O, Louise, Pat, Shaky, Larry O, Joyce and Carol P. and an ST Report by MAK

The day started out really cold.  It was in the mid-30’s (F) when I woke up this morning.  Frost was on the ground.  We had our Falcon Watch Meeting this morning at 10 am.  I was the first one to arrive at about 9:15 am and set up my falcon watch at the picnic tables on the side of the old Rochester Library.  From there I had a great view of the Rochester Falcon territory.

View from Library Picnic Tables -5-23-15

Beauty was at the nest box on top of Camera #1 and Dot.ca was on the south side of OCSR, top IBeam.

Beauty on Cam 1 -5-23-15DC on OCSR -5-23-15

1,000’s of Swifts filled the air, flying above the river and scooping up insects.  It’s pretty amazing to watch them hunt.

Swifts Filled the Sky -5-23-15

When everyone arrived, we went into the old Rochester Library for our meeting.  After the meeting, Lisa, Kathy O, Dana, Pat and I headed over to Mt Hope Cemetery where Lisa found a Red-tailed Hawk nest.  While there we visited the grave of Susan B Anthony.  One of the Rochester Falcon fledglings was named Susan B in honor of Susan B Anthony.

Robin at Mt Hope Cemetery -5-23-15Robin Points the Way to Susan B's Grave Site-5-23-15

Susan B Anthony Mt Hope Cemetery -5-23-15Susan B Anthony Mt Hope Cemetery -5-23-15

We then found the Red-tailed Hawk nest in which there were 3 eyases.  While we were there, one of the adults visited with lunch, then left.

Mt Hope Hawks -5-23-15Mt Hope Hawks -5-23-15

A Turkey Vulture flew low over the area and the Red-tailed Hawk chased it out of the area.  All the parents are keeping busy clearing out their territories of intruders.

Mt Hope Turkey Vulture -5-23-15Mt Hope Hawk -5-23-15

We took a lunch break and afterwards, I headed back downtown, to watch the falcons and their big metal cousins the Blue Angels.

I parked on the Broad St Bridge to wait for their arrival at 3:00 pm.  Beauty was on the south side of OCSR top IBeam and Dot.ca was at the nest box on the corner of the platform.  MAK reported seeing Seth at ST between 3:20 and 3:40 pm.

Dot.ca at the Nest Box -5-23-15Beauty on OCSR -5-23-15

Now for the Blue Angels!  From the Broad St Bridge, I was able to see them as they passed over the city and circled back towards the Rochester Airport.  Other people stopped on the bridge and got out of their cars to watch.  I love watching these big birds fly! They are incredible.  Here’s a little bit of what I saw.

Blue Angels from Broad St Bridge 5-23-15Blue Angels from Broad St Bridge 5-23-15Blue Angels from Broad St Bridge 5-23-15

During a short break, the most fantastic top gun flew over me and stooped on the pigeons over the river on the south side of the bridge.  Beauty was on the hunt!  Woosh!

Top Gun Beauty on the Hunt -5-23-15

Beauty circled higher and headed east.  After I lost sight of her, the Blue Angels returned for a few more passes.

Blue Angel Over the Moon -5-23-15Blue Angels from Broad St Bridge 5-23-15

(You know I had to get a moon shot!)  Hahaha!

After the Blue Angels left, I was joined by Joyce and we chatted for a little while.  Beauty flew thru heading north down the river and Dot.ca remained at the nest box.  He had remained there the whole time I was there.  I ended my watch at about 5:00 pm. All was peaceful and quiet.  Just how I like it. 🙂

It was a beautiful start to a long 3 day Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday Afternoon Falcon Watch Report – 5/19/15

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

2:45 – 6:00 pm

Overcast and breezy.  Temps started in the high 60’s and was down in the 50’s before the end of the watch.  A cold front pushed through Rochester, NY during my watch.

Watchers:  Carol P and Joyce

The first 1/2 hour of my watch was spent trying to find a falcon.  I could see that all three eyases were settled in the nest box.  Where were Beauty and Dot.ca?

Finally at about 3:15 pm, both Beauty and Dot.ca were at the nest box.  Both took off and Dot.ca went on patrol, while Beauty flew high on a hunt.  Dot.ca ended up at the nest box and then to the top of the main camera.

DC on Patrol -5-19-15DC on Patrol -5-19-151DC to the NB -5-19-15

DC to Main Cam -5-19-15DC to Main Cam-5-19-15

Beauty was flying high and in hunt mode.  But first, what I reported as a TV, was actually an Osprey passing through.  Beauty stooped on the Osprey and chased it south down the river.

Beauty on a Hunt -5-19-15Beauty Chases an Osprey Away -5-19-15

After chasing the Osprey out of the area, Beauty continued to hunt.  Dot.ca flew from the main camera to the top IBeam on OCSR.

DC to OCSR Top IBeam-5-19-15Beauty on the Hunt -5-19-15Beauty on the Hunt 5-19-15Beauty on the Hunt -5-19-15

While I was watching, Beauty went into a stoop heading towards the Frederick Douglas-Susan B. Anthony Bridge.  Pigeons exploded into the air from the buildings located there, but she did not catch one.  She continued her hunt and Dot.ca joined her.  Joyce joined me on the watch at about 4:10 pm.

While she was covering the south side of the Broad St Bridge, Dot.ca headed west.  At 4:25 pm, a falcon returned, clutching a pigeon and landing on the base of the Mercury statue.  Joyce and I believe that it was Dot.ca who caught the pigeon.  Feathers were flying and heading in our direction.  We were able to positively ID the prey as a pigeon after seeing the feathers.  Dot.ca finished prepping the prey and took it to the nest box, where Beauty waited.  We could see wings flapping and Dot.ca flew back out of the nest box.  On camera, we could see that Beauty was feeding the eyases.

DC with Pigeon on Base of Mercury -5-19-15DC with Pigeon on Base of Mercury -5-19-15DC to NB with Food -5-19-15

While Beauty was feeding the eyases, we lost track of where Dot.ca went.  It was Joyce who pointed up at two birds flying over the library at about 5:00 pm.  There were two falcons up there, one smaller than the other.  It was Dot.ca fighting with a 3rd falcon, a female.  They were very high and Dot.ca was not giving up trying to get this female out of his territory.  The female went talons up as Dot.ca dove on her.

Dot.ca Fights Intruding Female Falcon -5-19-15Dot.ca Fights Intruding Female Falcon -5-19-15Dot.ca Fights Intruding Female Falcon -5-19-15

Beauty took notice of what was happening and left the nest box.  She flew with wings beating fast over the river, gaining altitude quickly.  It was up to her to remove this intruder from her territory.  Joyce and I watched as Beauty chased the other female to the east where we lost sight of them.  Dot.ca returned to the top Ibeam of OCSR to guard the eyases.

At 5:19 pm, Beauty returned to the nest box, then up to the top of Camera 4.  Dot.ca remained on OCSR.

Beauty on Cam 4 at the Nest Box-5-19-15

Joyce and I remained on watch until just before 6:00 pm.  All was peaceful and quiet.  As I was leaving a final tweet, Dot.ca took off and went to the top arm of the Frontier Communication Tower.

I would like to thank all the folks that were viewing the cameras that helped to let us know what they were seeing.  Thanks Kathy O, Larry O and Donna!  I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

Saturday Downtown Falcon Watch – 5/16/15

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

10:15 am to 3:15 pn

Watchers: Carol P, Kathy O and Brian H.

Weather: Overcast, temps in the mid-70’s, no rain.

I was glad it was the weekend and happy to get downtown for a falcon watch.  When I arrived on the Broad St Bridge, I first spotted Beauty on Camera #1 aka Pan Cam.  My next stop was Aqueduct St, aka “the hole”.  From there I could see Dot.ca up on the top IBeam of OCSR at the west corner.

Beauty on Cam #1 - 5-16-15Beauty on Cam #1 - 1-5-16-15DC on OCSR -5-16-15

Dot.ca brought food to the nest box, but Beauty met him and took the offering away to cache it.  She returned to Cam #1 and Dot.ca (DC) remained on the corner of the nest box platform.

Beauty and Dot.ca at the Nest Box with Food -5-16-15Dot.ca on the Nest Box Platform -5-16-15Beauty and Dot.ca -5-16-15

Beauty took off and flew in front of Dot.ca.  She then flew over me, heading east.  Beauty returned and just flew over the area, eventually returning to the top of the Times Square Bldg (TSB), landing below the northeast wing.

Beauty Flies by Dot.ca -5-16-15Beauty Fly Over -5-16-15Beauty on TSB Under NE Wing -5-16-15

Beauty flew down to a lower southeast corner nook to retrieve cached food.  She took it up to the nest box platform where Dot.ca was waiting.  There was a little bit of a tug-o-war and Dot.ca took the food to the green strip on the Wilder bldg.

Beauty Retrieving Cached Food -5-16-15Beauty to Nest Box with Food -5-16-15DC with Food on Wilder Green Strip -5-16-15

Beauty has started to allow Dot.ca to feed the eyases and he takes this duty very seriously, plus he seems to really like feeding his young ones.  🙂  Beauty landed next to Dot.ca on the green strip and he took off heading west.  Beauty took off and flew back to the Times Square bldg, landing on top of the main camera.

DC Takes Off with Food When Beauty Lands Next to Him -5-16-15Beauty Flew to the Times Square Bldg -5-16-15

Beauty to Main Cam -5-16-15Beauty on Main Cam -5-16-15

Dot.ca returned to the Wilder bldg green strip, still clutching a very small piece of prey.  Beauty flew over to Camera #1.

Dot.ca Back on Wilder Bldg -5-16-15Beauty on Cam #1 -5-16-15

Everything was quiet for awhile.  I was actually thinking of ending my watch.  Then Dot.ca took off heading west, fast.  He didn’t vocalize before he left.  I watched him zip behind the buildings on the north side of the Times Square bldg.  He returned into view hot on the tail of a larger Peregrine Falcon that was heading back towards the Times Square bldg.

Dot.ca Chasing 3rd Falcon -5-16-15Dot.ca (left) and 3rd Falcon -5-16-15 <—– Be sure to click on these to see the full version.

When the 3rd falcon, who I believe was a female based on size, passed the Times Square bldg, Beauty took off from Camera #1 and the chase was on!  Beauty took over the chase, while Dot.ca backed off and flew back to the top of the TSB below the northeast wing.  He was in full protection mode of his young eyases.  When they passed over me, I could hear Beauty alarm kaking as she approached the 3rd falcon and it went talons up to fend off Beauty’s attack.  I saw Beauty chase the 3rd falcon towards the north east, where I lost sight of both of them.  I was unable to get a picture of all three falcons.

DC back to TSB -5-16-15Dot.ca on Guard Below the NE TSB Wing -5-16-15
I remained where I was for awhile, hoping that Beauty would return.  Dot.ca was looking towards the north east.  So, I decided to go up to the Broad St Bridge for a better look.  From there, I could see that Beauty was back at the nest box.  I was very happy to see that she was safely back and hoped that the 3rd falcon learned her lesson and continued on her way.  This territory was occupied.

Beauty back at the Nest Box From the BSB -5-16-15

I was joined by fellow watcher Kathy O on the Broad St Bridge.  While we were chatting and checking out the river, Beauty again took off and flew over.  She was up and down the river and all over, definitely in hunt mode.  She made a run at some pigeons on a lower building, but missed catching any of them.  Kathy and I enjoyed watching her gracefully fly overhead.

Beauty in Hunt Mode -5-16-15Beauty Overhead -5-16-15Beauty on the Hunt -5-16-15

While we were watching Beauty hunt, a bird flew down to the river below.  It was the Black-Crowned Night Heron!  It walked into the open area below the old RG&E bldg.  We didn’t see it again after that.

Black-Crowned Night Heron -5-16-15

Just then I looked up in time to see Beauty stoop down and successfully catch a pigeon just above the Broad St Bridge.  She carried it to the base of the Mercury statue and prepped it, feathers flying all around her.

Beauty Flying Overhead with a Pigeon -5-16-15Beauty to Base of Mercury with Pigeon -5-16-15Beauty with Pigeon on Base of Mercury -5-16-15

After she was finished, Beauty took off and carried the pigeon to the nest box to feed her 3 eyases.  Dot.ca watched from the OCSR.

Beauty to the Nest Box with the Pigeon -5-16-15Dot.ca on 3rd IBeam on OCSR -5-16-15

Brian H joined us just as two Cormorants flew over, heading north down the river.

Two Cormorants Heading North Down the River -5-16-15

After feeding the eyases, Beauty took the leftovers out to cache for a later meal.  She returned to the top of Camera #1.

All was quiet and peaceful for the next hour or so, so we called it a watch at 3:15 pm.  It was a beautiful day to watch our downtown pair.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Beauty flying over on her way back to the Times Square bldg after caching her leftovers.

Beauty Flying Overhead -5-16-15

Sunday Afternoon Falcon Watch – 5/10/15

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It’s been very warm and humid in Rochester, NY the last few days.  Temps in the 90’s!  So unusual for this time of year, when the regular temperature should be 65 degrees (F).  The good news is that it will be cooling down this week.

3 of the 4 eggs have now hatched.  Will #4 hatch?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Many of the Rochester falcon watchers have been going downtown to check on the falcons, but there hasn’t been much activity to report during this time.  One falcon is usually always in the nest box with the 3 eyases (and the egg) and the other is somewhere nearby.  Dot.ca is supplying most of the food, and sometimes Beauty does some hunting.  While the eyases are this young, Beauty is doing all the feeding.  When they get a little older, she will allow Dot.ca to also feed them.

I went downtown for a falcon watch this afternoon for a few hours.  Beauty was in the nest box the whole time and Dot.ca spent a lot of his time on the corner of the nest box platform guarding over his family.

Dot.ca at the Nest Box 5-10-15Dot.ca at the Nest Box 5-10-15Dot.ca at the Nest Box 5-10-15

From below, I could hear Beauty alarm kak from the nest box.  Both Dot.ca and I looked up.  I didn’t see anything, and Dot.ca did not react.  I’m not sure what she saw, but she was quiet after that and Dot.ca seemed settled.

I ended my downtown watch and headed over to Seneca Towers.  I like to watch from the other side of the river from the apartments.

I spotted a falcon flying over the river and over to the Seneca Tower apartments, where it landed on the northwest corner.  I was not able to positively ID this falcon, but based on size, I believe it was Seth.

Seth I believe at Seneca Towers -5-10-15

Last Saturday (May 2nd), Kathy O, Lisa McK, Dana and I went to Syracuse to check on Pigott and George.  When we first arrived, Pigott was on the building, very close to the nest box.

Pigott at Syracuse -5-2-15

We had to take a break, and when we returned, Pigott was gone.  We believe that she was probably in the nest box and at that time on eggs.  We remained on watch in Syracuse for a few hours.  Later in the afternoon, George flew in and landed on the Chase sign.  We stayed a little longer, but there was no more activity.  We are still waiting to hear if there has been a hatch in Syracuse.

Friday Afternoon Falcon Watch – May Day! – 5/1/15

Friday, May 1st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

2:45 to 3:45 pm

I only had about an hour to go downtown and watch the falcons.  It was a beautiful afternoon; sunny, blue skies and temps in the mid-60’s.  When I left work, Dot.ca had just taken over incubation duty in the nest box.  From Broad St (Falcon Watch Central), I found Beauty on the OCSR top Ibeam, south corner.

View of TSB from Falcon Watch Central -5-1-15Beauty on OCSR -5-1-15Beauty on OCSR -5-1-15

Beauty took off and headed for the nest box.

Beauty Takes Off From OCSR -5-1-15Beauty Takes Off From OCSR -5-1-15Beauty to the Nest Box -5-1-15

Beauty entered the nest box and Dot.ca flew out, landing on the west end of the top IBeam on OCSR.

DC to OCSR -5-1-15

While I was watching Dot.ca, I was being serenaded by a beautiful Purple Finch.  Love these little ones!

Singing Purple Finch -5-1-15

A line of Turkey Vultures flew by to the north, one passing behind Dot.ca who remained where he was.

DC on OCSR -5-1-15DC on OCSR -5-1-15Turkey Vulture Passes Behind DC -5-1-15

Dot.ca (DC) never made a move to go after the Turkey Vulture, but when a Crow came to close, it was a whole different story. DC took off and chased the Crow, caught up to it very quickly over the Blue Cross Arena (aka Rochester War Memorial) and SMACK!  That Crow never knew what hit it.  The Crow recovered from the hit and flew back towards the Times Square Bldg (TSB).  Dot.ca continued to chase and dive on it, until the Crow went down on the roof of the condos that are directly across the street from the TSB.  Dot.ca flew towards the nest box, turned and headed towards Mercury and turned again.  He was searching for the Crow.  When he didn’t find it, he headed back over to the top Ibeam on OCSR.  I assume that the Crow was in hiding.  Here are some of the pictures I got of Dot.ca and the Crow.

DC Hits the Crow Hard -5-1-15The Crow Tries to Escape -5-1-15

DC Flies Up to the Nest Box Searching for the Crow -5-1-15DC Flies Over Searching for the Crow -5-1-15

When I ended my watch at 3:45 pm, Dot.ca was back on guard duty on OCSR and Beauty was in the nest box incubating the eggs that will soon hatch.  All was peaceful and quiet.  Just how I like it!

Dot.ca on Guard on OCSR -5-1-15Dot.ca on Guard on OCSR -5-1-15

During my watch a UFO aka strangely shaped balloon floated over.  I just liked it.  lol

Strange Balloon 5-1-15Strange Balloon 5-1-15

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