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Falcon Watch Tweet Reports – 12/26/10

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Compiled by Carol P.

B = Beauty; LP = Lady Pefa (temporary name for female Peregrine at Kodak Park); Pefa = Peregrine Falcon

MAK (7:40 am) – Good morning falcon fans around the world! B on Mercury.

Carol P –  I joined MAK  on the Broad St Bridge this morning  just as Beauty took off!

Joyce (7:49 am) – From watching live streaming video: I couldn’t make it downtown to join MAK, so I glued myself to the computer this morning.  Yay, I got to see her fly in.  As quickly as she flew in she was off again.

Carol P (7:50 am) – Where oh where has Beauty gone?

MAK (7:50 am) – B has flown 2 KO  SW rocket.

Carol P – MAK and I drove over to Kodak Office to watch Beauty on the Kodak tower.  She took off and flew over to the platform of the Frontier Communication Tower.  By the time we followed her there, she was gone again, this time back to the Kodak Tower.  We watched her from the City Hall parking lot, figuring she was on the move.  We were right.  She took off from the launch pad and flew around the Kodak Tower, landing and flying, landing and flying.  MAK and I noted the strange behavior.  Beauty finally flew away from the tower and headed towards us, passing overhead and continuing south towards downtown.  MAK had to leave, so I continued the watch by driving to the Broad St. Bridge.

Carol P (9:09 am) – B flying around Xerox. (From the Broad St. Bridge)

Carol P (9:10 am) – B on Xerox southside, 5th column.

Carol P – Dana and Lou joined me just before I had to leave.

Carol P (11:00 am) – At KP. Lady Pefa  just flew in and landed on the SW corner of the blue bldg.

Carol P (11:20 am) – At KP. LP stooped behind the blue bldg and I did not see her come back up. Hmmm, wonder if she caught lunch?

Carol P (11:30 am) – At KP. There she is! Lady Pefa is now on the center of the black strip of the blue bldg.

Joyce (4:20 pm) – Pefa on Brighton bldg. Flying from SW to SE corner. Looks like male. Very distinctive moustache. Just flew, lost him.

Joyce (5:00 pm) – Found Brighton pefa in trees to the south. Had its left foot tucked so I didnt see if he had bands. Flew off circled bldg then lost on northside.

Joyce (9:00 pm) – Beauty is on the 5th column south side of Xerox.

Falcon Watch Tweets From 12/24 & 12/25/10

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Compiled by Carol P.

12/24/10 – Christmas Eve

B = Beauty; OCSR = Old Changing Scenes Restaurant or First Federal Bldg.

MAK (7:40 am) – Happy Christmas Eve from downtown Rochester! B has arrived on Mercury’s money bag hand.

MAK (8:00 am) – B has just stooped on pigeons over the river. Missed it!

Carol P (10:10 am) – Looks like Beauty on OCSR with her back to me. South side, top Ibeam. Light snow falling on this Christmas Eve.

Carol P (10:30 am) – B just stooped low over the river eechupping. She then flew over me and landed on Mercury.  Now she just flew east!

Carol P (11:20 am) – Found B on the Kodak tower. On launchpad level, SE corner.


MAK (8:20 am) – MERRY CHRISTMAS from downtown Rochester! B is making us wait this morning.

MAK (8:30 am) – Larry and Cleo just stopped by for a brief watch.  B must have lots of gifts 2 open! lol Still no sign of her.

MAK (9:00 am) – I have found B on Kodak Office.  SW rocket.

Dana (9:30 am) – B took off from Kodak Office (KO) screaming with food in talons and went to the Frontier Communication Tower.  Didnt see what she was screaming at.  She stashed the food on the platform and is sitting on the south side rail.

Dana (9:50 am) – B is now back on KO.  Merry Christmas to all!

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