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Morning watch 12-31-14

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a cool 18 (F) -8 (C) when I started out this morning and when I ended my watch the bank clock on State St. said  16, so it went down while I was out! One nice thing tho, the sun was shining!!

Click on the pics to see the full version

I got downtown a little late this morning but I found Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) right away from the Broad St. bridge. They were on the southeast side top ibeam of OCSR and the Beautyful one was nibbling on something.

img_0002-bdc1<Click it

Beauty>img_0005-beauty DC>img_0005-dc-watching-something

At about 8am DC spotted something and flew off to the east, returned and landed closer to Beauty. Suddenly, DC flew off after another falcon to the south over the river and disappearing behind Thomson Reuters. Beauty didn’t seem too concerned for she started eating again. It looked to be the same size as DC so I believe it was a tiercel (male falcon) probably passing thru as I never saw it again. DC returned, landed on the top ibeam south corner then flew off to the north this time. Beauty flew northeast soon after, returned to OCSR then left again. I went north and found DC on the Kodak Office (KO) launchpad southeast corner facing northeast.

img_0015-dc img_0017-dc

At 8:33am DC flew off to the west out of view and half a minute later 2 falcons came into view. They were vocal as they touched talons then circled KO and flew west touching talons 2 more times, then leaving my field of vision. I came to the conclusion that it was Beauty and DC since they didn’t seem to be acting aggressive when they came together. Perhaps it was their way of reassuring each other that the coast is clear now.

img_0021-dc-flies-off-launchpad img_0022-dc1

15 minutes later I found both Beauty and DC on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR. I left to get coffee and when I got back Beauty was gone, but she came back to land near DC, who was napping with his full crop.

img_0025-bdc img_0030-beauty1 img_0030-dc-snoozin img_0032-bdc1

Beauty did some preening while DC took a nap. It was obvious from their relaxed state that the other falcon was gone.

img_0037-beauty img_0038-beauty1 img_0041-dc2

Satisfied that the danger had passed, I ended the last watch of this year at 9:30am on a peaceful note with a smile! 🙂

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Morning watch 12-30-14

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was snowing great big flakes when I walked out of Seneca Towers this morning-as fast as I brushed the snow off my car it got covered again. The temperature held steady throughout my watch at 23 (F) -5 (C) and right around 9am it stopped snowing and the sun came out with some blue sky

Click on the pics to see the full version

When I arrived downtown I knew it was going to be tough to find Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) because of how hard the snow was coming down. I surely wasn’t going to find them on buildings from a distance and if anybody was up in the OCSR elevator shaft I couldn’t see them. So I took my time driving around and as the snow started letting up I checked the elevator shaft again from Bragdon Place by the Radisson Hotel. Nobody up there, but as I glanced over at the Kodak Office tower I could see a falcon on the southwest corner of the launchpad.


From there I couldn’t see a second one on the south side arch, so when I got over there I was pleasantly surprised to find both Beauty and DC. She was on her arch and he was above on the launchpad.


It was at this time the snow stopped and things started to brighten up-they both did a little preening and DC stretched some before flying off while I was tweeting, so I missed it.

img_0035-dc-stretching img_0039-dc1 img_0044-beauty-preening img_0046-beauty1

No worries tho because he returned at 9:37am to land on the southeast corner of the launchpad, then proceeded to walk over to the southwest corner as the Beautyful one watched from below. DC then took off and headed north before returning once again to the same corner he had just vacated.

img_0048-beauty-and-dc img_0055-hi-mak img_0060-beauty-watches-dc-walk-the-ledge img_0062-bdc

I thought they would stay this way soaking up the sun and so I signed off to end my watch at 9:46am but just as I was to pull away the busy one DC, flew off and came to rest on the southwest corner of the playpen.

img_0067-bdc-as-i-left-them img_0068-dc-looking-up-at-beauty

Now I officially ended my watch and drove off smiling after a snowy morning watch turned bright and sunny! 🙂

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Morning watch 12-29-14

Monday, December 29th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was 29 (F) -2 (C) with overcast skies and a few snow flakes in the air

Click on the pics to see the full version

I found Beauty on the Mercury money bag a soon as I got to the Times Square area downtown this morning. She was perched there looking quite Beautyful as she did some serious preening.

img_0006-beauty1 img_0007-beauty1 img_0009-beauty4

Beauty scratched and roused while she kept a look out for breakfast and Dot.ca who was hiding this morning.

img_0016-beauty-doing-a-jig img_0020-beauty-rousing img_0024-beauty

At 8:29am Beauty flew off to the southwest and didn’t return. I went and looked around for DC but never found him. I got a call from Larry saying he was 99.9% sure he saw a falcon at the Brighton site (BS) as he drove by on his way to work. He didn’t have time to stop so I headed over there directly.

img_0026-and-shes-off img_0027-on-her-way-to-brighton img_0029-beauty-coming-atcha

img_0030-hello-there-beautyful img_0031-beauty3 img_0032-meet-ya-at-bs-mak

Little did I know that Beauty had gone over to BS for when I got there it was her on one of the northeast corners.

img_0041-this-is-our-beautyful-girl img_0043-beauty1

I fully expected to drive around and find DC there as well but he wasn’t-I’ve suspected he and Beauty go to the BS when I can’t find them anywhere downtown. Remember, DC hung out there with Pigott and when Beauty first came to Rochester she was seen at BS so it was not a big surprise to me.

img_0045-beauty img_0046-beauty img_0047-beauty img_0048-beauty1

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay to see if DC showed up but I imagine he probably did at some point. So I ended my watch at around 9:30am.  It was an all Beauty watch this morning which makes me smile every time! 🙂

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Morning watch 12-28-14

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The temperature dropped a few degrees while I was on watch starting at 39 (F) 4 (C) with dark overcast conditions

Click on the pics to see the full version

Billie and 99 weren’t at Seneca Towers (ST) when I started my watch today-that’s because they were at the Kodak Hawkeye plant down St. Paul St. from ST. As I was on my way to downtown I spotted them on the railing near where the nest box is up there. I pulled into a parking lot across from them.


After a few minutes 99 flew off heading east then to the south end of Hawkeye then back to railing to land on the other side of Buffalo Billie.

img_0013-billie-and-99 img_0016-billie-and-99

99 flew off a couple minutes later followed by Billie heading north-probably going to Seneca Towers which is that direction.



I left for downtown and found Dot.ca (DC) right away on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR from the hole parking lot.


A minute later DC started chirping loudly as Beauty came flying in-he took off after her and went up to the north ledge of the elevator shaft-Beauty flew east out of view. I drove to the Radisson Hotel y Main St. to confirm who flew up in the elevator shaft.

img_0030-dc1 img_0036-dc-in-his-man-cave

Beauty came by and DC flew out after her heading east then they went over by the Wilder building where one of them stooped over by Times Square. DC ended up under the northeast wing of the Times Square building (TSB) and soon after Beauty appeared on the Mercury money bag (MMB). So it was back to the hole parking lot for me.

img_0044-dc1 img_0046-dc

img_0049-beauty1 img_0052-beauty img_0053-beauty

Right around 8:45am I heard a gun fire, then a minute or so later another one-luckily I had Beauty and DC in my sights and knew they weren’t being shot at, matter of fact they didn’t seem bothered by it at all. They flew off when I wasn’t paying attention. DC ended up on the top ibeam south corner of OCSR briefly, then he stooped to the south. Next I found him under the northeast wing of Times Square-I saw feathers flying and thought he had food but I was wrong for when I went up to the Broad St. bridge I saw Beauty at the back of the ledge with food.

img_0055-dc1 img_0065-dc img_0068-bdc

DC had made an attempt to take her food once before I got to the bridge and again after.

img_0070-beauty img_0071-im-lookinat-you img_0074-bdc

Finally on DC’s 3rd attempt to grab food (I have it on video) from Beauty, she flew off with it and he was right on her tail going up Broad St. and out of sight. About 10 minutes later I spotted Beauty on the northeast corner of Widows Walk eating. I drove to Fitzhugh St. for the best view of her.

img_0078-beauty-eating-on-widows-walk img_0083-beauty

DC came flying thru around 9:39am alarm calling as he passed above Beauty then he came back and landed above her on the railing.

img_0085-dc-lands-above-beauty img_0087-bdc

10 minutes later DC flew off and landed next to Beauty to try and snag that food, but she thwarted his attempt by turning her back to him. I had to come around to the parking lot by Times Square to see them. At about 10 am DC made his move (on video) to get his hot little talons on that food-he failed as Beauty flew off with it and him right behind her. They flew along the north face of TSB to the east with much vocalization and out of view.

img_0095-dc-moves-in img_0099-bdc

I drove over to the BSB and spotted DC on the green part of the base of Mercury briefly, then he flew off to join Beauty who was under the northeast wing of TSB.

img_0103-dc img_0104-dc-on-base-of-mercury

By the time I made the u-turn they were both gone so I ended my watch at around 10:15am. What a good time I had following Beauty and DC today and the fact that I saw Billie and 99 too put a great big smile on my face! 🙂

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Morning watch 12-27-14

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A dark, overcast morning with a temperature of 40 (F) 4 (C)-the sun came out after I ended my watch

Click on the pics to see the full version

I started my morning watch with Billie at Seneca Towers-she was on the northwest corner of the roof railing as I made my u-turn to park on Seth Green Drive.

billie-spots-99 img_0002-buffalo-billie

Buffalo Billie was looking around the territory intently, almost falling off the railing once as I think 99 buzzed by her on the north side. At 7:51am 99 arrived coming up from the south and landing on the west side railing as Billie spotted him and watched as he landed.

img_0007-billie img_0014-99-arrives-as-billie-watches

99 started feaking and picking at his talons with a full crop making it obvious he had just eaten. They took turns stretching and preening.

img_0017-billie-and-99 img_0018-99-has-a-full-crop<99

img_0023-billie-and-99 <Click it img_0025-billie

Suddenly, a small falcon appeared to buzz Billie and 99 a couple times before flying to the south end and come to rest on the tall antenna. The pics of it were so dark I couldn’t really say if it was a Kestrel or a Merlin.

img_0030-kestrel-or-merlin img_0031-kestrel-or-merlin

At this time I started getting tweets from Larry and Donna saying Beauty was on the Mercury money bag and Dot.ca (DC) was on one of the Times Square wing rings. While I was reading them Billie and 99 left the building so I headed for downtown-when I got there around 8:30am I found the Beautyful one on the Mercury money bag and Larry’s car on the Broad St. bridge, but no DC or Larry. I assumed Larry was off walking his dog Harold.

img_0035-beauty4 img_0038-beauty img_0039-beautyful

I pulled over on Broad St. by the Blue Cross Arena for the best view-the dark conditions were making for some pretty dark pics. Beauty did some stretching and preening atop Mercury and Larry appeared with Harold and came down to chat for a minute before taking off for home.

img_0043-beauty img_0045-got-an-itch-scratch-it img_0049-beauty

At 9:08am Beauty turned around and flew off Mercury crossing over the river to circle above it near OCSR and ended up under the northeast wing of Times Square.

img_0050-turning-around img_0051-and-shes-off img_0052-gone

I drove over to the parking lot by Times Square-the back lighting was horrible but it was the best view of Beauty.


I had to get going-I wish I had found DC but at least Larry saw him, so all 4 Rochester Peregrine Falcons were seen today. I ended my watch around 9:45am smiling! 🙂

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Friday Afternoon Falcon Watch – 12/26/14

Friday, December 26th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

12:30 – 2:40 pm

Bring on the sunshine!  Temps in the 40’s (F).  The sun and the fresh air felt so wonderful today.

I didn’t have to search very hard for a falcon today.  As I approached the Kodak Tower from the west, I could see a falcon on the northeast corner.  I drove around to the east side and found TWO falcons on the northeast corner of the playpen.  Dot.ca was on top of the netting and Beauty was below him at the base of the playpen.

Beauty and Dot.ca on Kodak Tower 12-26-14*





For the one and a half hours I watched, Beauty walked back and forth on the east side of the base of the playpen.  Dot.ca took off twice and flew around the tower.  He stooped twice and then returned to the tower.  The first time he landed on the antenna that sticks out from the northwest corner of the playpen.  The 2nd time he ended up on the east side arch ledge.  That was the only activity during my downtown watch by Beauty and Dot.ca.  Here are some pictures from my watch.  I was shooting directly into the sun which was behind the tower, so the lighting is not very good.

Beauty on the Kodak Tower 12-26-14Beauty and Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower 12-26-14Beauty and Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower 12-26-14*





Beauty and Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower 12-26-14Beauty and Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower 12-26-14Beauty and Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower 12-26-14*





Dot.ca Flying Around Kodak Tower 12-26-14Dot.ca on East Side Arch Ledge 12-26-14Beauty and Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower 12-26-14*





I left Beauty and Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower and checked Seneca Towers.  One falcon was on the northwest corner and I’m pretty sure that it was eating.  I was not able to ID this falcon.

Falcon on Seneca Towers 12-26-14Falcon on Seneca Towers 12-26-14*





I checked all sides of Seneca Towers and could not find a 2nd falcon.

I ended my watch with a stop at Russell Station where I found no falcons.

Morning watch 12-26-14

Friday, December 26th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Same weather as yesterday morning-overcast but not nearly as windy-temperature 43 (F) 6 (C)

My watch began at Seneca Towers with  99 who was on a pipe at the northwest corner of the roof.  He flew off to the south at 7:52am.

img_0004-992 img_0006-991 img_0007-991

I left for downtown when 99 didn’t come back. As I pulled over to look around on the Broad St. bridge I spotted a falcon on the top ibeam near the south corner of OCSR. I went down to Bank Place where it meets Aqueduct Street in the hole to identify it as Beauty.

img_0015-beauty3 img_0017-beauty1 img_0022-beautyful

She was mostly stretching  and looking around. After a while I decided to drive down to Graves St. by Aqueduct Park at Main St.-it puts me right below OCSR.

img_0025-beauty2 img_0028-stretch-it-out img_0031-beauty2

The Beautyful one pooped and preened and stretched and looked around some more. For not doing much, she sure was keeping busy at it, so much that it kept me entertained.

img_0032-a-parting-gift-for-mak img_0033-fantail img_0035-beauty3

Beauty just doing the morning routine while she waits for Dot.ca to show up. I left her to look for him but I had no luck-I ended my watch at 9am. Keep smiling! 🙂

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Christmas morning watch 12-25-14

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a windy but warm, overcast morning with a temperature of  43 (F) 6 (C)

Click on the pics to see the full version

I would have liked to see Billie and 99 this morning at Seneca Towers when I left home but it didn’t happen. I did however see Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) which was a great gift! I checked the elevator shaft first but didn’t see anyone up in there as I was parked at the Radisson hotel by Main St. I spotted a falcon with its back to me on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR. I thought it was DC but can’t say for sure.


I left for the hole to get a front look but he was gone when I got there, I heard vocalizing but couldn’t see anything. I thought both falcons must be around since they don’t really talk to themselves. So I took a ride to the east side and shot a couple pics- the first one is a window at St. Mary’s Church and the other is the Times Square lobby.

img_0007-st-marys-church img_0008-times-square-lobby

Just before 8am I saw Beauty on the top ibeam OCSR southeast side but she took off soon after without me seeing. I then made another trip around to look for the Beautyful one and DC and ended up taking more pics of St.Mary’s church.

img_0010-beauty1 img_0012-stmarys-church img_0013-st-marys

Once again I returned to find Beauty on OCSR in the same spot as before and once again I parked in the hole to watch her.

img_0017-beauty img_0022-hi-beautyful img_0025-beauty1

img_0029-beauty1 img_0031-beauty1

Beauty flew off over the river at 8:18am turned around by the Radisson Hotel and started heading back to OCSR. I heard DC start chirping at this time and I looked up to the top ibeam of OCSR  just in time to see Beauty land next to him.

img_0040-bdc img_0041-dc <DC>img_0042-dc

img_0043-dc1<DC>img_0044-dc img_0047-bdc1

DC was being active-stretching, scratching, preening while Beauty stayed perched with mostly her back to me and quite content to be next to her mate.

img_0048-dc img_0054-falcon-power img_0057-beauty

I had to be on my way so I left our downtown dynamic duo, ending my watch with a Christmas smile at 9am!

img_0059-happy-birthday-jesus<Click it> img_0060-the-true-meaning-of-christmas

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Morning watch 12-24-14

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a balmy 49 (F) 9 (C) with a slight breeze to start and light rain falling. Overcast throughout my watch but the rain stopped and the wind steadily increased

Click on the pics to see the full version

For the 4th day in a row I started my watch at Seneca Towers. As I got settled on Seth Green Drive, Billie was settled on the west side railing.


At 7;45am 99 flew in from the south and landed close to his girl-they did a quick bow then stay perched for the next hour.

img_0008-billie-and-99-bow-as-he-joins-her-on-railing img_0009-oh-my-billie-looks-huge

img_0011-991 <99   Billie> img_0021-billie

They seemed more interested in looking at each other than looking for breakfast. Each of them took turns stretching and turning around and back.

img_0019-billie-turning-around img_0020-99-raises-his-byf img_0022-fan-that-tail-billie

Buffalo Billie did most of the stretching as a squirrel came down a tree to check me out. Billie turned her head sideways to watch 99 poop-very funny!!!

img_0027-buffalo-billie-stretching-it-out squirrely img_0029-billie-watches-99-poop-lol

img_0034-cute-couple img_0036-billie-starts-to-wind-up-for-a-take-off

Billie spread her wings and flew south at 8:40am and about a minute later 99 dropped off the railing and into a stoop as fast as missile down the west face of Seneca Towers and out of sight.

img_0042-billie-spreads-her-wings-for-take-off <Billie> img_0048-there-goes-buffalo-billie

img_0050-99-takes-flight <99> img_0052-99-starting-to-go-into-a-stoop

I left for downtown when they didn’t come back.  In the 45 minutes I spent searching downtown for a PEFA I found some nice decorations on Alexander St.

img_0054-on-alexabder-st img_0055-alexander-st

img_0056-alexabder-st img_0057-alexander-st

At just about 9:30am as I was pulled over on the Andrews St. bridge, I noticed a falcon on the top ibeam north corner of OCSR. I drove down to State St. for a closer look but all I could see was its back.


This wouldn’t do-I had to see more to ID it so I crossed the river  to look from Bragdon Place by the Radisson Hotel where I was able to identify this falcon as Beauty.

img_0064-beauty-from-bragdon-st img_0066-beauty

She seemed like she was looking for DC to show up-I know I was, as she preened and kept an eye out on her territory.

img_0068-beauty2 img_0069-beauty

Beauty flew southeast at 9:55am and I followed in the same direction. Leading me to the Broad St. bridge where I saw the Beautyful one flying above Xerox. I went over to Court St. across from the Court St. garage to be closer. I shot a video of her flying until she left my sights.


Once I realized Beauty had left the area I made a u-turn and drove down to the Court St. bridge where I spotted Beauty and Dot.Ca (DC) circling the Times Square building (TSB). Beauty flew to the deck and DC landed under the northeast wing of TSB. I left for the hole and when I got parked on Basin St. I heard DC chirping but couldn’t see Beauty, so I didn’t know if she had gone to the nest box or left all together.

img_0080-dc img_0081-his-whiteness

I stayed with DC for about 10 more minutes before wrapping it up and calling it a watch at 10:25am.

img_0085-dc img_0087-dc1

I left downtown smiling after spending Christmas Eve morning with our 4 Rochester Peregrine Falcons! 🙂

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Morning watch 12-23-14

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

This morning was seasonal with a temperature of 36 (F) 2 (C) and cloudy conditions

Click on the pics to see the full version

I started my watch right out of the gate as I found Billie and 99 on the west side railing. The same as yesterday only further apart.

img_0001-billie-and-99 img_0004-991 img_0004-billie1

They stayed about 10 minutes when 99 flew off toward me then hung a left going southeast out of sight. Seconds later Billie turned around and took off to the north going into a stoop down toward the gorge. I left for downtown when they didn’t return. As I was making the rounds I took pics of a wreath at St. Mary’s Church and the tree and wreath in the Clinton Square lobby.

img_0006-st-marys-church img_0007-clinton-square img_0008-clinton-square

As I was pulled over on the Court St. bridge I spotted both Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) on Bausch & Lomb. DC was eating on a northwest corner and the Beautyful one was watching him from behind on another northwest corner with her back to me. I drove over to the east end of the Broad St. bridge (BSB) to watch them.

img_0011-bdc img_0013-dc1 img_0014-dc2 img_0016-beauty3

Around 8:10am DC finished eating and moved off the corner to do some cleaning up of his beak. Beauty flew over and took his place on the corner and began eating after he flew off to make the short flight across to the corner Beauty had just left.

img_0040-location-shot img_0022-beauty1 img_0024-dc santa

Beauty finished the small bit that was left for her in about 5 minutes then she did some feaking before flying over to bump DC from his corner. He flew to the corner Beauty had just eaten on, where he was originally with his back turned to me now.

img_0046-beauty-lands-as-dc-leaves img_0047-bdc img_0048-bdc

They stayed like this for the remainder of the time I stayed with them-resting and digesting their food as they stand perched on their corners. I moved to next to the Central Library on Broad St. to get a bit closer for the last minutes of my watch.

img_0055-beauty img_0059-beauty img_0060-beautyful

img_0061-dc img_0062

I left them to it and got on with my day, ending the watch at just about 9am. I saw all 4 Rochester Peregrine Falcons this morning sending me on my way with a smile! 🙂

Bonus pics of illie whom I saw on the west side railing of Seneca Towers this afternoon when I was out on the west side balcony of my 16th floor apartment.

img_0001-billie img_0003-billie img_0007-hello-billie

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