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A Nice Visit with Billie at the Old Medley Center – 8/18/16

Monday, August 29th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Although we haven’t been reporting much lately, a few of the watchers have been keeping an eye on our Rochester Falcons.  Both Beauty and Dot.ca have been seen quite frequently hanging out on their favorite downtown spots, including the Frontier Communication Tower and the old Changing Scene’s Restaurant just to name a couple.  Our Rfalconcam cameras have caught them renewing their vows and bowing to each other in the Powers Bldg nest box.  This seems to be a favorite spot for them in the off season. None of our juvies have been spotted in quite awhile, so they are off on their life journey’s.  Farewell young falcons! We hope to see you again!

Back on 8/18, I spent a few hours watching Billie from Seneca Towers.  She is very special to me.  A granddaughter of Mariah and Kaver.  I truly love that their legacy continues…..

Here are a few pictures from our visit.  Please enjoy!




My Last Visit with a Juvie – Leo on 8/2/16

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

My last sighting of a juvie was on August 2nd.  It was Leo and he flew up to roof of City Place with Beauty, who gave him a small bird.

4-beauty-on-city-place-8-2-16<— Beauty on City Place After Giving Food to Leo.

Leo then flew over to the Widow’s Walk (WW) to enjoy his small meal and Beauty followed him.  There was a lot of vocalization between them.  She was on the northwest corner watching over him.

6-leo-on-ww-with-food-8-2-16<— Leo on Widow’s Walk with Food.

5-beauty-on-ww-watching-over-leo-8-2-16<— Beauty on Widow’s Walk Watching Over Leo as he Ate.

After he ate his fill, Leo took off with his leftovers, heading north.

2-leo-with-food-on-ww-8-2-16<— Leo Took Off with his Leftovers Heading North.

Leo landed on top of City Place.

3-leo-on-city-place-with-food-8-2-16<— Leo on City Place with His Leftovers.

A few moments later, Beauty joined him.  Leo very loudly let his mom know that he did not want to share.  He grabbed his small bird and headed west with it.

1-leo-and-beauty-on-city-place-bldg-8-2-16<— Leo was not happy when Beauty joined him on City Place.

After both Beauty and Leo left, I attempted to find him, but had no luck.  Later that morning, I did find a juvie within the framework of the Frontier Communication Tower, but was unable to get a positive ID.

This was the last time I saw a juvie downtown.  Beauty and  Dot.ca are seen most days and many of the watchers are still checking out the downtown area.  If any juvies are seen, we will be sure to post about it here.

Safe travels young falcons!

Quick afternoon watch at Seneca Towers 8-9-16

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Hi folks!

I’ve been home from Arkansas for 5 weeks now and have grown increasingly concerned that I hadn’t seen Billie or Seth since my return. The mid-western PEFA, Buckee had been seen at the Hawkeye plant (half mile from Seneca Towers) with an unbanded adult male so I’d been thinking perhaps they had taken over the territory as I also saw an unbanded male on the west side railing of ST. Today as I was making my lunch, I got a tweet that Joyce and Cheryl spotted a pair of Peregrines on the top window ledge north end of ST. I got excited as that is one of their favorite roosting spots, so I grabbed my camera and went down to meet the ladies on St. Paul Street on the route 104W overpass. We could clearly see black over green leg bands but the distance was too great to get a clear picture of the numbers. After comparing my pics from today and some old ones in the archives, I feel pretty confident that this was Billie and Seth. The first set of pics below are from past watch reports of mine and the second set is today’s pics.


Billie would be the bird on the right and Seth on the end of the ledge in the pics below. Pay close attention to the side of their faces (auricular patch,moustache) and their chest feathers


Hopefully at some point soon we will be able to get clear pics of their leg bands in order to positively identify them. Stay tuned!!! Made me smile to see falcons back on that window ledge! 🙂

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