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Falcon Watch Summary From 9/21 – 9/26/08

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Lots and lots of Watchers out this week:  Carol P, Jeanne, Lisa McK, Dana, Larry O, Kathy O, Jill C, Susan C, Kelly, Sue(Bess), Jim P and Dan S.  Thanks everyone!

Mariah and Kaver continue to be spotted together on all of the downtown buildings in Rochester, NY, including the Kodak Tower.  We also had a couple reports of a 3rd Falcon!  We’re not sure if this is an adult or possibly one of the juvies returning to the city.  If it is a juvie, Mariah and Kaver would probably chase him/her away.

So whether it’s a juvie or a migrating Falcon just passing through, the Watchers will keep watching.

Carol P.

Falcon Watch Summary From 9/13 – 9/20/08

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Watchers this week included:

Carol P, Larry O, Lisa McK, Jeanne, Jill C, Kathy O,  Joyce, Carla P, Dawn and Dan S.

Daily sightings of Mariah and Kaver are being reported by the Watchers in all the regular places, including a sighting by Lisa McK of either Mariah or Kaver on the playpen railing in front of where the nest box used to be on the Kodak Tower.  On Thursday, 9/17, we spotted Mariah and Kaver sitting side by side (no more than a couple of feet apart) on the lower building of Midtown Plaza.

We also had the first report of Pair-Bonding behavior by Larry O on Saturday, 9/20/08:

“Well, what I saw next was – to me – definite courting, pair-bonding.
Kaver put on a show for Mariah who was still on the Xerox sloping
cornice. Kaver would fly over the Xerox roof from east to west. This
put him out of sight of Mariah on the west-side of Xerox. From there
and when over Clinton, he began stoops with beautiful right-turns and
bank as he cleared the west face and became visible to Mariah above.
He would start a climb and execute another sharp, right-bank when he
cleared the north face, climbing back towards the roof.

Over and over he put on a show for Mariah. Seeking a better sight,
Curro and I moved, and during this, Mariah also took to the air for
talon tag with Kaver.

When Kaver disappeared behind B&L, we moved to the B&L plaza to find
him, but did not. We returned to HQ to find Mariah still on Xerox. One
more look at the OCS elevator shaft, but no sight of Kaver.

I’d say this is a good sign for 2009!”

This is very good news indeed!  Thanks Larry!

Carol P.

Falcon Watch Summary From 9/6 – 9/12/08

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Watch reports for this week were received from:  Carol P, Jeanne, Lisa McK, Kathy O, Joyce, Larry O, Dana, Jill, Dawn, Marcia L, Dan S & Shaky.  Thanks to all of you for sending me your reports.

It was business as usual for Mariah and Kaver this week.  They were seen on all their regular spots including the First Federal Building, Midtown Plaza, Xerox, Baush and Lomb, HSBC and Kaver even made a quick visit to the Kodak Tower and the High Falls Smoke Stack.

The most exciting report of the week came in from fellow Falcon Watcher Jill C. on 9/8/08 as follows:

“(2:20 pm) Just saw M & K flying over the HSBC building. They were playing a little tag and then one kept soaring higher and off to the East where I could no longer see them out my office window with my binocs.

Well, I take that back….I just saw (4PM) 3 falcons flying over/around HSBC and XEROX so I believe we had some territorial tag, not playing tag. One of the falcons was going after one of the others while the third was also flying nearby. One took off towards the East (out of downtown), the other towards the West (Kodak Tower direction) and the last is still sitting on top of the South side of the HSBC.”

So, it looks like we either had a migrant Peregrine Falcon passing through downtown Rochester, or possibly one of the juveniles returned and M&K escorted them out of the city.

No further reports of a 3rd Falcon were received after Jill’s report on the 9th.  All has been quiet.

Carol P.

Falcon Watch Summary from 8/31 – 9/5/08

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Watchers for this week included: Kathy O, Lisa McK, Joyce, Jeanne, Larry O, Dana, Lou and Carol P.

Lots of Watchers out and about on this beautiful week.  The weather was more summerlike than it’s been during August.

Mariah and Kaver did not disappoint their team of Watchers.  They were seen all over the city of Rochester, including their favorite spots, the First Federal Plaza and Midtown Plaza.  Other reported sightings on the Bausch and Lomb Bldg, the communication tower (south of the Kodak Tower) and only one sighting on the Kodak Tower itself (Kaver on the 19th floor – north side).

No juvie sightings reported.  It was great to hear that Quest has been seen again on Cape Cod and that there were more pictures.  Wonderful news!

Carol P.

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