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A Thanksgiving Visit with Beauty! 11/25/10

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve made an official Watch report.  In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Tweeted reports on the forum, here’s an update of what is happening here in Rochester, NY

Beauty remains on territory.  Watchers report seeing her daily in downtown Rochester.  In fact, Dana and I spent a couple hours with her this morning.  With ice pellets falling and a little time before I had to be home for a long awaited Thanksgiving meal, I headed downtown to see if I could find Beauty.  MAK had reported seeing her earlier this morning.

After checking all the usual spots, I received a tweet from Dana.  Beauty was on the SW corner of a building just north of the Hyatt.  This is an older building on the SE corner of the Main St/St. Paul intersection.  It’s a beautiful, old building with lions ringing the top ledge.  and there was Beauty in all her glory.  🙂

Dana and I settled in for a short Watch.  Around 11:30 am, Beauty took off and headed towards Mercury and the Times Square bldg.  By the time we drove over to the Broad St Bridge, Beauty had retrieved leftovers from the base of the Mercury statue and was eating under the NE wing on top of the Times Square bldg. 

Whatever she was eating, didn’t last long.  She soon took off, heading south over Cornhill.  It was time for me to leave, so I said my goodbyes to Dana.

As you’ve probably guessed, Archer has migrated to wherever he goes during the late Fall/Winter months.  We all hope he’ll return safely to help Beauty raise a new family in 2011.

The purple banded female Peregrine is also being seen a few times a week at the Kodak Park location.  I found her on the eastern smoke stack catwalk yesterday.  The male that had been with her for a short while left the area.  Looks like our females are on their own to hold their territories this Winter.  and yes, I am starting to believe that Rochester, NY will have a 2nd Peregrine pair next year!

The Rochester Watchers, or as we’re now called, the Falcon Flakes,  have gone into Winter Watch mode.  We’re all keeping our eyes to the sky.

Here’s a link to an album with a few pics of Beauty from this morning.



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