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Morning watch 7-31-11

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

It took nearly a half hour before I found a falcon this morning. Not sure yet who it was on the northeast corner of the platform railing on the FCT but I suspect it was Archer.


Must have seen the other go to the nestbox for it flew off to the south in the direction of Times Square. I watched until I couldn’t see it behind buildings and then I tweeted it out. Donna reported they were both at the nestbox so I drove over to find Archer on the ladder of the Wilder building.

morning-watch-7-31-11-009-archer morning-watch-7-31-11-011-a-taking-off

He wasn’t there long before he was off  flying to the southeast toward the river. After looking around the Broad St. bridge area I drove over to the Court St. bridge and as I was east bound I spotted a falcon on a northeast corner of the Bausch and Lomb building and it had prey.


After a couple shots and not being able to determine who it was I continued on to find a closer vantage point and naturally while I did this it left. I returned to the Court St. bridge to look for it with no luck so I stopped for a few minutes to take some pics of the shore birds down in the river. They will be included in my album at the end of this report. 15 minutes  later as I was north bound on State St. I spotted a falcon on the east side of the FCT platform with prey.


I assumed this was the same falcon as was on B&L and upon closer inspection I could positively ID it as the Beautyful one!


She was really going at this unlucky bird sending  showers of feathers out into the air! Toward the end of her meal she brought it near the edge so I could have a look at it. I believe it was a white pigeon.

morning-watch-7-31-11-025-feathers-flying2 morning-watch-7-31-11-029-white-wing-of-prey1 morning-watch-7-31-11-032-floaters2

Beauty spent an hour enjoying her breakfast and then moved to the right from where she ate to cache the leftovers. She then started to make her way further away from it.

morning-watch-7-31-11-041-this-looks-like-a-good-spot morning-watch-7-31-11-042-prey-foot morning-watch-7-31-11-044-leaving-the-scene-of-the-crime

Beauty eventually ended up on the north side of the platform where after cleaning herself up a bit she got comfy cozy and settled in for a nap.

morning-watch-7-31-11-058-b morning-watch-7-31-11-054-cleaning-up-after-breakfast morning-watch-7-31-11-061-nap-time

This signalled to me that it was time to go! 🙂

Here’s the link for more pics from my watch. Enjoy!


Morning watch 7-30-11

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Yesterday I got skunked on my watch but today was a different story. After checking around the Times Square area when I first arrived downtown I found Beauty over on the east side of our fair city. She was near the southwest corner of the HSBC building and appeared to be finishing up a bite to eat.


As I tried to find a better vantage point I heard her vocalize and then she flew off heading in the general direction of  Times Square. I figured she saw Archer and so I drove directly over to the Broad St. bridge. Upon looking at the nestbox I didn’t see anyone so I went over to the Frontier Communications Tower. I got a text from Rfalconcamnow that Beauty was in the nestbox. So I drove back to the bridge. Sure enough the Beautyful one was perched on the front of the nestbox.  Then a text from Donna said that Archer had been there too! Both of them right under my nose again sneaking into the nestbox. They were in there as I drove by on my way through the first time! Sheesh!!! At this point I drove down to falcon central where I could see the Wilder building and there was Archer up on top of the ladder.


I had only enough time to snap off 1 pic and he was off chasing a crow toward the river flying out of view. I went back up to the bridge to see if Beauty was still at the nestbox which she was for about 10 minutes more before taking off flying to the north.

morning-watch-7-30-11-016-beauty morning-watch-7-30-11-017-b

Arriving back at the FCT I spotted Archer on the top arm of the west side and Beauty under the platform on the east side.

morning-watch-7-30-11-018-archer morning-watch-7-30-11-019-beauty

Archer went into a stoop right after I arrived and never returned so I figure he went to KP. I spent the next 2 hours with Beauty as she preened and watched all the bird activity below her.

morning-watch-7-30-11-053-the-beautyful-one morning-watch-7-30-11-054-let-me-seehmmmorning-watch-7-30-11-067-b

Eventually she worked her way farther in under the platform out of the sun which was starting to warm things up.

morning-watch-7-30-11-046-on-the-move morning-watch-7-30-11-072-b-moving-in morning-watch-7-30-11-075-b-on-the-inside-looking-out

It was time for this watcher to go get some breakfast and take her morning meds so I told Beauty goodbye and ended my watch. 🙂

For more pics check out my Kodak album at this link:


Toronto falcon watch 7-27-11

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Joyce and I went to Canada on a fledge watch back in June and she had an accident with her vehicle at the Sunlife nest site. They finally finished the repairs on it and she asked if I would go back to Toronto with her to pick it up and drive her other car home. I thought about it for a whole split second and said “yes” let’s go! lol So we drove up there yesterday going directly to Harlequin Enterprises headquarters to see Quest,Kendal and Harlie! We arrived just before 2:00pm and upon exited the car and taking a few steps in the parking lot I noticed a bump over yonder on the Thales building. I yelled to Joyce that we had Harlie right off the bing-bang and so the clicking of our cameras began!

falcon-watch7-27-11-1st-sight-of-harlie falcon-watch7-27-11-028-taken-from-harlequin-parking-lot

Shortly thereafter Bruce Massey showed up to join us on the watch and so did Quest. She landed on the Thales building on the opposite side of where Harlie was.perched.

falcon-watch7-27-11-019-1st-sight-of-quest falcon-watch7-27-11-027-harlie-and-quest-on-thales-building

Joyce went into the Harlequin building to visit with our good friends while Bruce and stayed outside to enjoy FALCONS! We eventually joined her as she was chatting with Donna Hayes and her secretary Patricia Cakes. After a few minutes of schmoozing with them they had to get back to work and so did we! We witnessed first hand what Mark Nash was saying about Quest being a nag with Quest for every time he got near she would start vocalizing and not stop ’til he was out of sight. And to make things worse for the poor guy Harlie has  learned well from her mom and does the same thing! No wonder he makes himself so scarce!  Anyway we saw some good flying by all 3 plus a food exchange between Quest and Harlie. Harlie likes to eat and beg for food ALOT! She has no doubt been spoiled as an only child.

falcon-watch7-27-11-045-harlie-taking-off-from-thales falcon-watch7-27-11-050-gonna-fly-like-the-wind-before-i-get-old falcon-watch7-27-11-099-harlie-squawking

The repair shop was open until 5:00pm and so at 4:oopm we decided we had better go before they closed and Joyce had to go even longer without it! We were told it would only take 15 minutes to get there…HA, the 401 freeway was jammed and it took an hour but we made it just in the nick of time.  Upon seeing her shiny new Toyota Rav4 Joycie gave it a kiss and a pat and turned to me with a big old smile. So she jumped in hers and I jumped in mine(also a Rav 4) and we headed back to Harlequin taking the side streets instead. Arriving a bit after 6:00pm we resumed our joyful watch. All 3 falcons came in close for some fine photos. Quest on the east end of the Harlequin building with Harlie on the west end eating. Joyce walked

up to the top level of the parking garage at the north end of the Harlequin parking lot while I stayed put having some worn out arthritic knees.

falcon-watch7-27-11-130-q falcon-watch7-27-11-113-h falcon-watch7-27-11-139-rfw-joycie

Quest flew off and by Harlie who followed right behind jabbering the whole time and landed on the roof of a 1 story building across the street. They were in on the roof where I couldn’t see them but Joyce had a birds eye view from the top of the ramp garage. She said they were drinking up there. They both flew out and Kendal showed up on the far west corner of the Harlequin building to finish up what Harlie had left behind.

falcon-watch7-27-11-126-h-cleaning-up-after-a-meal falcon-watch7-27-11-151-kendal-cleaning-up-harlies-scraps falcon-watch7-27-11-156-k

Our little falcon family flew off out of sight soon after that and with an hour of daylight left Joycie and I headed out to the Yellow Pages nest site to see what we could find there. Upon our arrival we spotted a falcon or two up top. We saw a little bit of flying around the top of the building with some vocalizing and a half speed stoop by a juvie to end the day. We got her vehicle home safe and sound and then she dropped me off at my house at 1:00am a very tired but satisfied falcon watcher. I am including he link for my photo album of the day. Despite overcast skies not making it the ideal conditions for picture taking I believe you will enjoy these pics. Thank you Joyce for yet another chance to have a fabulous international falcon watch!  🙂


Morning watch 7-28-11

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Today when I arrived at the intersection of  Broad and Exchange streets  I was met by road crews in the process of paving .

morning-watch7-28-11-003-paving-project morning-watch7-28-11-004-paving-broad-st

I didn’t know it at the time but Beauty and Archer were high above me in the nestbox doing their bowing and bonding thing. After looking up there and not seeing them I drove over to the east side as has been my routine for the past 1-2 weeks. Naturally I didn’t find Beauty on HSBC for she was sneakily hangin’ with Archer in the nestbox at the time. I made my way back and drove over to City Hall to find Archer on the top arm west side of the FCT.


After a few minutes I noticed he kept looking down and I thought he had spotted a meal to catch. He spotted something alright…it was the Beautyful one who had come to join him on her favorite perch under the platform.


It was overcast for the most part this morning while I was on watch duty but for a minute or so the sun shone on Beauty for my pic and then it was gone! While I was enthralled with her Archer took off from the top arm and I believe he may have gone down into the middle of the tower where I couldn’t see him. I had to leave so I didn’t have to time to search for him. It’s a good day when I can start it with both our resident Rochester Peregrine falcons!

Yesterday Joyce and I went to Toronto to pick up her car that was damaged in a wreck back in June at the Sunlife nest site. We went to Harlequin headquarters to check out our falcon family there. I will be writing a separate report for that  after I weed through all of my pics and get organized. In the meantime here is a pic of Harlie,Quest and the elusive Kendal. 🙂

falcon-watch7-27-11-121-harlie falcon-watch7-27-11-131-quest falcon-watch7-27-11-148-kendal

Morning watch 7-26-11

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Well I got a big surprise this morning as I approached the Broad St. bridge. They started ripping up and re-paving in front of falcon central yesterday. For the last week they had been paving Broad St. between Exchange St. and Plymouth Ave.

morning-watch-7-26-11-broad-st-bridge-repair Phillipone building and Aqueduct St. in background

It will surely put a crimp in my watches if they close the bridge down but I will deal with that when and if it happens. So I drove to the east side to look for the Beautyful one and I wasn’t disappointed. Still a bit dark out I found her on the southeast corner of the HSBC building. I figure she must fly over there when she wakes up from her spot on Xerox(5th column on the south side) where she sleeps at night to hunt for breakfast first thing in the early morning.


Soon there after she flew off, of course while I wasn’t looking so I hadn’t a clue as to which way she went. The search was now on. I drove around the city a couple times and finally spotted her on the roof of Xerox perched on the southwest corner.

morning-watch-7-26-11-004-beauty-on-top-of-her-territory Taken from the Broad St. bridge

I then drove over to Clinton Ave. to be closer to her high above  her world!

morning-watch-7-26-11-005-beauty morning-watch-7-26-11-006-beauty-on-top-of-her-world

Beauty quickly departed and that was the last I saw of her today. As I spent the rest of my watch looking for her I took a couple pics of our resident Great Blue Heron for your viewing pleasure before I departed myself.

morning-watch-7-26-11-007-gbh-hunting-for-breakfast morning-watch-7-26-11-gbh morning-watch-7-26-11-011-great-blue-heron

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

Morning watch 7-25-11

Monday, July 25th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Since there wasn’t much to my morning watch I am combining it with last nights’ watch with Joyce,Brian and Dan at KP.  Joyce picked me up and we went to Irondequoit Bay to look for a Peregrine that someone told Joyce they had seen there. We didn’t find it and there were no eagles around either but we did see some Turkey Vultures way over on the other side of the bay. We then took a ride to Webster to visit SusanC for her birthday and after that we rode over to KP. There is a groundhog burrow near lot 73 with a sizable hole where Joyce placed a sign she got from her workplace.


When we went up to lot 77 Dan was sitting there all by his lonesome in his lawn chair. Unity had just flown in and landed on the tall still.


Soon after spotting her a Kestrel flew by and landed on a light pole.


It took off before I could get any more pics of it and then Unity flew off heading west until we were blinded by the sun and lost sight of her. We left Dan there calling it a night and Joyce dropped me off home.

This morning parked on Clinton Ave. next to Washington Square Park I found Beauty on the northwest corner of the HSBC building and she was snacking on something.


I drove over to Broadway St. and parked across from the Columbus building and spent the next 45 minutes with the Beautyful one until she flew off heading west toward the river.

morning-watch-7-25-11-010-beauty morning-watch-7-25-11-012-beauty

I followed behind and didn’t see her at the nestbox on my way through. So with time running out before I had to leave I drove over to the FCT and found her on her favorite perch there on the east side under the platform.

morning-watch-7-25-11-013-beauty morning-watch-7-25-11-016-beautymorning-watch-7-25-11-017-b

I called it a watch and left  Beauty at this point so I could get the truck home on time. Remember to keep your eyes to the sky! 🙂

Morning watch 7-24-11

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

I’d like to dedicate this report to fellow Rochester falcon watcher Larry O’Heron. He has been battling POEMS Syndrome Myeloma and he was discharged from the hospital yesterday to battle this disease on his own at home after receiving treatments. I must say he has had a wonderful attitude and I’m sure it has helped him to turn the corner on the road to recovery. We all send our love Larry and please keep him in your prayers everyone!

On to my report now. We actually got some rain here in Rochester overnight for the first time in about a month and it was a very dark overcast morning. I found Beauty on the southwest corner of the HSBC building over on the east side of town.


She flew off in the direction of the Times Square building and so I in turn drove over to the Broad St. bridge. Sure enough the Beautyful one was up on the deck of the nestbox.


After a few moments I noticed a flurry of movement and then Beauty went in the nestbox.


I didn’t actually see him but I had a feeling Archer had shown up and they were in the nestbox bowing and strengthening their bond with each other. After checking the archives I see that I was in fact correct with my assumption. He didn’t stay long and I totally missed both of them leaving as I was watching a man in a SUV drive up behind me stop then drive past me down to falcon central by the stairs and park. Then he made a u-turn and came back up the bridge very slowly totally checking me out. I got a little uncomfortable at this point when he passed by and made yet another u-turn and pulled up behind me again! He pulled out around me going down to falcon central again, parked his vehicle and got out. He started walking in my direction and when he was almost to me I pulled out and left. You just never know what people are up to these days. Anyway,  I drove around looking for falcons and I soon spotted one on the FCT under the platform on the west side.

morning-watch-7-24-11-055-beauty morning-watch-7-24-11-056-b morning-watch-7-24-11-057-b

As I looked at it I believed it was Beauty because having a view of the right side I could see no white spot on the right wing. However when I zoomed the pic of it when it  flew off  I could see a white spot. I’ll let you be the judge!

morning-watch-7-24-11-059-b A running start

morning-watch-7-24-11-060-beauty-or-archer-hmm1 And we have liftoff!

Flying south and out of sight I left Fitzhugh St. near City Hall to try and catch up but to no avail. When I arrived at the Broad St. bridge the parking was filling up quickly because the Jehovahs Witness Convention was at the Blue Cross Arena for the 3rd weekend this month. After searching without finding any falcons I decided to head home. The heat wave has broken as the high temperature will be in the low 80’s today instead of the oppressive 90’s and high humidity we’ve had most of this past week. Have a great day everyone and keep your eyes to the sky! 🙂

Morning watch 7-23-11

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

It was 40 minutes into my watch before I found Archer on the top arm of the FCT.


He took off almost immediately to the north. I watched him go to the launchpad of the Kodak Office tower and then drove over there for a closer look.


He didn’t stay there for long before he was off flying to the east and out of sight. I drove over to the Broad St. bridge and as I was making my u-turn to face the nestbox I spotted a falcon who I now know was Beauty on the deck. I parked the truck and when I looked up she was gone. 10 minutes later I found Beauty under the platform on the FCT.

morning-watch-7-23-11-032-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-011-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-026-beauty

morning-watch-7-23-11-028-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-031-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-035-beauty

She seemed to make a bowing movement at first so I thought maybe Archer was in the middle of the tower hiding. She settled down and just perched and preened and so I decided Archer was not there. I spent nearly 2 hours with the Beautyful one before she decided to go to the middle of the tower under the platform presumably to get out of the sun.

morning-watch-7-23-11-033-beauty morning-watch-7-23-11-037-b-moving-in-out-of-sun

I figured she would be in there a while so I ended the watch and headed home for breakfast. Going to be another hot one today so keep cool any way you can! 🙂

Morning watch 7-22-11

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Well folks I don’t really have much to report. Yesterday morning I caught a glimpse of who I decided was Archer because I saw a white spot on the right wing. He was perched on the deck next to cam4. That was it then I had to get home.

This morning I spotted a falcon on the top arm of the FCT from the Broad St. bridge. I drove over to Plymouth Ave. for a closer look. The pics I took were of poor quality because it was still a bit dark out. I reported it to be Beauty but I now believe it was Archer judging by size. He flew off to the northeast. I sat there for a couple minutes and saw a falcon fly to the southeast side landing under the platform. I drove over to the City Hall parking lot for a good angle and set my camera up in my window mount. After examining my first pics I knew for sure this was Beauty.

morning-watch-7-22-11-022-beauty2 morning-watch-7-22-11-016-beauty1

As I watched her preen and scratch I noticed a security guard walking toward me. I haven’t been hassled in awhile by anybody. I smiled and yelled good morning as he approached the truck. He said morning and said he thought I was taking pictures of the building. Of course I said no I’m watching a falcon up on the Frontier Communications Tower. He laughed saying  they come back every year. I said actually the female stays here year round and with that he told me to have a good day and walked back to City Hall.

It was good to spend some time with the Beautyful one, 45 minutes in fact. She was busy cleaning herself up for the warm day ahead of her.

morning-watch-7-22-11-013-b morning-watch-7-22-11-035-beauty

Sorry the pics aren’t as clear as they could be for I was trying some different settings on my camera. I think I need lots more practice with that! lol I hated to leave this morning but was thankful for the time spent with our downtown Beauty! 🙂

Morning watch 7-20-11

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

It was still dark out when I arrived downtown this morning. The sun is waking up later and later now cutting into my already short watches. I will still come even if I only get to see our Rochester falcons for a few minutes which was the case today. After searching for 40 minutes I finally spotted the Beautyful one flying to the FCT as I was driving down State St. to check out Kodak Office. She landed on her favorite perch on the tower below the platform on the east side.

morning-watch-7-20-11-002-beauty morning-watch-7-20-11-004-beauty

She appeared to have a full crop and she kept leaning forward almost like she was trying to bring up a pellet without the normal hacking motion.

morning-watch-7-20-11-005-beauty morning-watch-7-20-11-006-beauty morning-watch-7-20-11-007-b

I decided she was bowing but where was Archer? Beauty walked sideways to the north side of the railing she was on and then flew over to the west side of the FCT under the platform. It became all too clear what her behavior was all about when I spotted Archer up inside the structure!

morning-watch-7-20-11-008-b morning-watch-7-20-11-009-beauty-and-archer

When they go in among the girders it’s very hard to find them. Thankfully Archer was not hiding behind anything and I had a clear view of him. Almost immediately Beauty went in to join him and then 1 of them flew out heading south in the general direction of the Times Square building. After looking and not seeing anyone in the FCT I drove over to the Broad St. bridge to check the nestbox. It looked to me like someone was up in the nestbox but I don’t know for sure because after I parked the truck and looked again it appeared empty. At this point it was time to end my watch and get the truck home. Have a great day, stay cool and keep your eyes to the sky! 🙂

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