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Fledge Watch/Seneca Towers too! 6-28-17

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a mix of sun and clouds with a cold start of 52 (F) 11 (C)

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I’ll start with my brief encounter with the Seneca Towers brothers last night. I was doing therapy on my shoulder at my living room window when I heard a whining juvie. I grabbed my camera and went out on the west side balcony and found one of the boys on the west side railing.

img_0002-st-juvie img_0003-st-juvie

A couple minutes later his brother flew in and off they went flying and talon tagging over Seth Green Park. I gladly shared space with them for about 5 minutes and then they were gone.

img_0004-and-hes-off-to-fly-with-bro1 img_0006-flying-falcon-brothers

I arrived on the Court St. bridge (CSB) at 5am before Dan which is highly irregular. He showed up a minute later as we had both juvies flying over near the Powers building. When they were done they went to the column above the nest box. Dot.ca (DC) came in with a small package and dropped it off to a screaming Ontario who dove down to the deck to snag it from dad. DC went over to OCSR top I-beam south corner. B was over on the jail tower (JCT).

img_0002-001-ro img_0003-001-lilo-dives img_0005-001-o-on-deck

img_0009-001-dc img_0007-001-b

When he was done eating Lil O flew up to the nest box roof, then over to cam 4 and finally to the main cam. Beauty flew off and then both juvies were in the air flying around Times Square (TSB). Ontario ended up on the column above the nest box.

img_0011-o1 img_0015-o-lands-on-cam-4 img_0016-o-lands-on-main-cam

img_0018-ro<Click img_0027-rachel-flies-off-after-ontario

Larry and Zeke arrived at 6:30am and at that time DC delivered food to the northeast wing where Rachel and Ontario were at the time. Beauty came in and took the food over to the southwest corner of Wilder. Rachel followed her from the wing Ontario remained on wing ledge. DC had gone over to OCSR. Rachel took it from mom and hopped down on the Wilder roof to chow down.

img_0035-o-ready-to-fly-off img_0036-dc1 img_0037-dc-delivers img_0038-feathers-flying

img_0042-br img_0043-o img_0046-dc

Dan left at 7am and Larry wasn’t too far behind him.  A few minutes later Rachel finished her breakfast and flew off to Widows Walk (WW). Beauty joined Rachel briefly then went to the base of Mercury.

img_0053-rachel img_0059-juvie-and-b

img_0060-b img_0062-beautyful

There was a robin on WW with Rachel and he was very unhappy that she was there. Carol started her watch around this time from the Andrews St. and Carla joined me in the hole a few minutes later. Beauty switched to the other side of the base and Rachel took off and flew south.

img_0068-r-and-robin img_0072-r img_0073-b

Carla jumped in the car with me and we caught up with Rachel on the JCT. I drove to Troup St. for a closer view of her.


We watched the equally Beautyful Rachel until she flew off heading west then she made a u-turn and flew north out of sight.

img_0081-r-eady-to-go img_0082-and-shes-off

Carla and I went back to the hole where I spotted Rachel on the OCSR roof and Carla spotted the Beautyful one on the top I-beam south corner of OCSR.

img_0086-r img_0085-b

I had to get going-when I left DC was under the northeast wing and Beauty and Rachel were on WW.

img_0088-dc img_0089-dc img_0090-br<Click

I had to stop home before going to a therapy appointment so I quick checked Seneca Towers. I found Seth on the north end window ledge from the Northridge Church parking lot. He wasn’t there for long as he stooped down into the river gorge a couple minutes later and never returned.

img_0093-seth img_0095-seth-is-off

I ended my watch at 9:10am with a smile! 🙂

Click on the links below to see snippet videos from Seneca Towers last night and downtown this morning



Fledge Watch/Juvies flying like pros 6-27-17

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was overcast with some rain and a temperature of 57 (F) 14 (C)

I arrived downtown a little after 5am meeting Dan on the Court St. bridge (CSB). We had Beauty on cam 1 and the kids under the northeast wing.

img_0005-b img_0006-the-kids

Rachel and Ontario took off to the sky over the jail and had a blast talon tagging and chasing each other all over the downtown area. We could see a rainbow in the south where dark storm clouds were present. It stretched from behind Cornhill to Widows Walk and then the rain came. The juvies took a break on Widows Walk while Dan and I shivered under our umbrellas. I spotted a Great Blue Heron hunting in the river on the north side of the Broad St. bridge.

img_0010-rainbow img_0012-rainbow img_0013-the-kids img_0016-gbh

Dan had enough and left after 6am and I was happy to get in my car to get warmed up. I could see a juvie under the northeast wing when I left to go to the hole. When I got there a juvie was on the ledge above the well screaming at Beauty on cam 1. It flew down to land on cam 4 and the Beautyful one flew east out of view.

img_0022-juvie img_0024-juvie-and-mom

When I couldn’t find any PEFA’s I headed to the east side looking in all of Beauty’s favorite perching spots. I didn’t find her or any other falcons until I spotted a juvie on the light under the northeast wing of Times Square. Beauty was on the column above the nest box when I got back to the hole.

img_0026-juvie img_0031-b img_0035-juvie

About ten minutes later Beauty flew to the Mercury money bag and both juvies flew off to the back of Times Square. They flew south then Rachel landed on the jail tower and I lost sight of Ontario. I went over to Troup St. to get a closer look at her.

img_0037-b3 img_0041-r img_0044-rachel

Rachel flew off a couple minutes later and met up with Lil O flying over the river for a few minutes then once again I lost sight of Ontario as Rachel landed on the OCSR roof.

img_0049-juvies<Clickimg_0051-juvies img_0056-juvie img_0057-ocsr-roof1

At the time, Beauty was on Times Square under the northeast wing and out of nowhere Ontario flew in and knocked Rachel off OCSR. Both juvies flew over and bumped mom off her spot and kept going. Beauty went over to the Powers building northeast corner of the railing.

img_0058-r1 img_0059-b1

I went to the CSB and watched the kids sky dancing over Cornhill where they stirred up all the pigeons and sent them scattering in all directions. After playing for a few more minutes Ontario flew over to the Spectrum tower. I lost Rachel so I drove over to check out Lil O first parking on the east side of the tower. He was quite low on the tower with a robin scolding him for being there.


He moved to another beam so I drove over to the west side for a better view. A crow had a few things to say to him over there which he ignored. He was watching something down in the trees below and he eventually took off and went down towards the trees in a half stoop out of view and never came back.

img_0064-lil-o img_0065-off-he-goes

I never saw Dot.ca today but watcher Pat reported seeing him later on OCSR . I ended my watch at 8:45am. No PEFA’s were seen at Seneca Towers when I got home late morning. Our downtown Rochester Peregrine Falcon juvies are flying very well and putting a smile on my face daily! 🙂

Click on the links below to see today’s videos



Fledge Watch/Seneca Towers juvies 6-26-17

Monday, June 26th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Finally, I got more than a glimpse of the juvie brothers at Seneca Towers! Joyce saw them last night on the north side of the Veterans Memorial Bridge (VMB). I checked there this morning after my morning downtown watch but saw nothing. Tonight as I was crossing the bridge to come home I saw a falcon fly off the west side railing. When I got to my apartment I grabbed my camera and went straight out onto the west side balcony on my 16th floor. Seth was on the west side railing down near the southwest corner.

You must click on the pics to see the full version

img_0001-seth img_0004-seth

A minute later I heard a juvie whining and then it landed on the railing closer to me than his dad. This one had a lot to say as it didn’t stop whining much!

img_0006-juvie-1 img_0007-juvie-1 img_0009-seth-and-juvie

img_0012-j11 img_0013-j1 img_0014-j1

A few minutes later juvie 1’s brother came in and knocked Seth off the railing then landed further down closer to the other male. Juvie 2, who was lighter in color then flew over to juvie 1 and they took off flying out over the river gorge.

img_0017-brothers img_0019-juvie-2 img_0022-j2 img_0020-j2


These boys were racing all over the place, talon tagging and screaming at each other. What fun it was to watch them so close from my sky seat!

img_0025-juvies img_0029-st-brothers img_0030-st-juvies

img_0031-st-juvies img_0032-st-juvie

A storm was moving in from the south bringing with it strong winds and lightning. The brothers flew in and landed right next to each other on the west railing again.

img_0035-storm-over-downtown img_0036-storm-a-coming

img_0040-brothers img_0042-st-juvies img_0043-st-juvies

They flew off once more and Seth joined his boys this time. They were tearing it up flying around the building and out over the gorge. Seth flew low over the river then just above the tree tops practically touching them as he passed by and then they all flew northeast out of view. That was the end of the show and boy what a show it was for a good 45 minutes leaving this lucky gal smiling big time! 🙂

Click on the link below to see a snippet video of the ST juvies


Fledge Watch/Ontario looks ready to start hunting 6-26-17

Monday, June 26th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a chilly start with clouds and sun and a temperature of 56 (F) 13 (C) Rain clouds to the south produced a rainbow

Click on the pics to see the full version

As I arrived on the Court St. bridge at 5:10am Dan and I watched 3 falcons flying over behind Times Square (TSB). Dot.ca (DC) was on OCSR top I-beam south corner and Beauty on the Powers railing northeast corner. Rachel was on the lower arm of the jail tower. Ontario landed on the southwest column of TSB then off to the races he went, first knocking mom off then over to the jail tower trying to knock off sis.

img_0004-001-falcon img_0005-001-dc img_0007-001-o img_0010-001-r

Next, we had the 2 on Widows Walk (WW) and two at the Powers building. Their was an interesting rain cloud in the southern sky that caught our eye and it developed a rainbow. Very cool skies in Rochester the last few days.

img_0016-wild-sky img_0017-sky-to-the-se img_0018-weird-clouds

img_0019-rainbow-over-cornhill img_0020-rainbow img_0012-001-powers img_0013-dcr<Click

The Beautyful one and DC were at Powers briefly then Beauty was on the column above the nest box and Rachel was on Powers with dad.

img_0015-bdc img_0023-dad-and-juvie

Ontario suddenly appeared and flew around before landing on the south roof of Thomson Reuters. He quickly left there and crossed the river to the Rundell Library, first landing on a small ledge below the roof then down to the ledge below the lettering on the library. He was very aware of the chimney swifts flitting around over the river and stuff down in the river. I believe he is close to hunting on his own-we have witnessed him stooping several times in the last couple days.

img_0025-o img_0026-o img_0027-o

img_0029-lil-o img_0032-o img_0034-o img_0037-o

After Ontario flew off the library he met up with Rachel and they did quite a bit of flying and talon tagging over behind the jail and Blue Cross Arena. Beauty  Lil O ended up on the Wilder chimney and a bit later Rachel knocked mom off the column and took her place sending Beauty up to the northeast wing ledge. DC was over on OCSR . Larry and Zeke joined us around that time.

img_0035-b1 img_0039-o img_0044-his-whiteness

img_0045-r img_0046-b img_0052-zeke img_0053-zeke

DC flew down to the west corner from the south corner of OCSR top I-beam. Ontario knocked mom off TSB and flew over to Powers with her. Rachel took off and Lil O flew off to join her. She landed on Crossroads then Lil brother knocked her off.

img_0047-dc img_0054-rb img_0055-beautyful img_0057-r

img_0058-b2 img_0059-bo<Click

DC joined his young ones and flew above OCSR across the river around behind the Hyatt Hotel and out of view. Then the 3 of them were flying around and above Xerox and Legacy (B&L) tower. DC landed on the north side of Xerox while the kids played around the area. At one point a flock of pigeons were flying near Xerox and one of the falcons broke off and went after them disappearing behind the building. What fun it is to watch PEFA’s sky dance!

img_0060-flying-free img_0062-falcon-incoming<Click to see PEFA on the rightimg_0063-juvie-over-xerox

It was about 7:15am when Dan and Larry packed up and left. I decided to go check out Seneca Towers as Carol pulled up. I had no luck finding one single falcon on either side of the Veterans Memorial Bridge or on Seneca Towers but I found a moth/butterfly clinging to the wall next to the sidewalk on Bridgeview Dr. that goes below the bridge on the west side of the river. I took a pic of ST and Hawkeye from there as well and when I was walking back to my car at Maplewood Park I spotted a juvenile Robin.

img_0064-moth-or-butterfly img_0065-pretty img_0066-hmm

img_0067-st-from-west-side-of-river<Click>img_0068-he-and-driving-park-bridge-from-bridgeview-dr img_0069-juvie-robin

I ended my watch just before 8:30am with a smile on my face! 🙂

Click on the links below to see today’s videos



Watcher Weekend Fledge Watch 6-25-17

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was quite breezy and chilly at the start with mostly sunny skies and a temperature of 57 (F) 14 (C)

Click on the pics to view the full version

I started my watch at 5:05am with Dan on the Court St. Bridge (CSB). Rachel was by the main cam and Beauty was on the Mercury money bag (MMB). Soon after, Ei joined us and the kids did some flying around Times Square (TSB). One of them landed on Powers and one on Widows Walk (WW).

img_0003-r img_0007-o img_0008-b img_0010-r

Beauty, Rachel and Ontario did some flying in the TSB area with both juvies landing under the northeast wing. Rachel was by the right side of the head of Mercury then she moved to the top of the head. Beauty ended up on the Powers cam.

img_0013-b img_0015-r img_0019-b

The Beautyful one then flew up to check out Lil O under the wing. Carol (Lukka) joined us around this time. Beauty left TSB flew over to Powers then back to cam 1 on TSB. Both juvies ended up on the deck with Ontario leaving to go over to Widows Walk.

img_0020-bjuvie img_0024-b-incoming img_0027-bkids

img_0028-b img_0030-br<Clickimg_0025-juvie

Beauty chased after a pigeon and missed it near the Radisson Hotel then she showed up on the jail tower as the kids did some flying. Kathy joined us on the bridge and Carol arrived downtown around 7am. We had two falcons on the Powers building, a juvie under the southeast wing of TSB. After that we had an adult on the top arm of the jail tower and a juvie on the very lowest arm. It was a busy time!

img_0039-b img_0042-from-csr img_0043-2-on-powers

img_0046-juvie1 img_0049-top-arm img_0051-jail-tower<Click

There was some more flying as the two flew off the jail tower with Rachel and Ontario ending up on WW. They took off again then one returned to WW. Beauty showed up on OCSR top I-beam, west corner. Dan left around 7:45am so we went over to the hole and met Carol there.


After that the kids followed each other to the northeast wing ledge, Beauty was on OCSR and Dot.ca (DC) came in and landed on a wing ring. We had all 4 in sight momentarily. Rachel then flew out to the south side ledge of TSB across from the nest box.

img_0058-r img_0060-o img_0064-o img_0066-lil-o

Beauty paid a visit to Lil O and went to the back of the ledge before flying off. More watchers started filtering in from this point on. Joyce, Jeanne, Linda King, Carrie, Shaky, Pat, Brian, Carla, Lisa, Lynda and Tim and a new watcher Suzy joined Carol, Kathy, Ei, Carol Lukka and myself in the hole.

img_0068-bo<Click>img_0069-bo img_0070-b img_0071-dc

Activity slowed down with a little more flying before all the falcons hunkered down for some rest.

img_0074-juvies img_0077-bo img_0080-o

We all had some good conversation while waiting for some action. We got some around 1pm when a food transfer took place over Exchange Blvd. right in front of us and that was the end of it. I ended my watch after 2pm and a while later everyone else headed out. Minus the rain yesterday we had nice weather for Watchers Weekend 2017 and everyone had more than a few laughs. It was a smiling good time! 🙂

Clink on the link below to check out snippets from today’s watch


Watchers Weekend Fledge Watch 6-24-17

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was partly cloudy with a temperature of 66 (F) 19 (C)

Click on my pics to see the full version

I started my watch with Dan on the Court St. bridge (CSB) at 5am but had to go home to get my phone as I forgot it. Oy! I was back by about 5:23am and at that time Dan said he had seen all four falcons while I was gone. Ei joined us at 5:30am as Ontario was eating under the northeast wing of Times Square (TSB). Dot.ca (DC) and Beauty teamed up to go after a bird near the Powers building. We had Rachel on the jail tower, Ontario on TSB wing ledge, DC on a wing ring and Beauty over at Powers.

img_0008-juvie1 img_0009-b img_0012-r

At about 6am all four of them took off from their spots and converged to give us an aerial show to be remembered. When all was said and done one of them was on Widows Walk (WW) and a few minutes later DC brought in food and landed on OCSR top I-beam southeast side with the Beautyful one right on his tail. She tried to grab it from him then flew off. Ontario appeared on the base of Mercury.


Beauty and DC ended up over on the southeast corner of Powers-he was on the top railing and she was below him on the second railing. Around 6:30am I noticed a Great Blue Heron in the river on the north side of the Broad St. bridge hunting near a picnic table that was on a flat rock over there. Ontario went to the wing on TSB again and then not sure which adult had the food but one of them delivered it to Ontario under the wing. Rachel flew up there too.

img_0023-bdc img_0025-picnic-table-in-river img_0027-gbh img_0031-gbh

img_0033-we-deliver img_0034-or img_0036-o2 img_0037-r1

At 7am Ei, Dan and I headed over to the hole for the Watchers Weekend breakfast. Joyce, Carol, Kathy, Carol (Lukka) joined us and a few minutes later Lisa, Linda (Braveheart), Shaky and Jeanne came by. The next bunch that joined us were Lynne and Bob, Linda and Craig and Larry brought Zeke. A bit later Randy, Brian, Carla, Carrie, Pat and Kat Nagel came to round out all the watchers who participated in this years festivities. Carla brought a delicious Carrot Cake all nicely decorated.

img_0063-carrot-cake img_0044-watchers

The falcons did some flying for us on and off but after 10am or so it was quiet time. Rachel went to the Crossroads building, Ontario to the well wall and Beauty was on the Wilder green strip briefly until Lil O flew in and knocked her off. We did a toast to Charlotte, Genesee, Seabreeze, Cadence and the juvie that was found in the Seneca Towers parking lot and rescued then taken to the vet this past week.

img_0046-juvie img_0062-o img_0066-b img_0067-b1

The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent socializing amongst the watchers and dodging rain drops. Many laughs were shared and after eating pizza provided by GVAS (thank you) the rain drove us all out of the hole. Everyone left for the evening with smiles across our faces! 🙂

Click on the link below to check out my snippet video of the day


Fledge Watch/Double Whammy 6-23-17

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a muggy warm morning with calm conditions and a temperature of 75 (F) 24 (C)

Make sure to click on my pics to see the full version

Last night I saw 2 juvies at Seneca Towers-one was flying above the trees on the west side of the gorge and then it landed on the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge south side ledge tucked up on a part of the structure. The other juvie came out of nowhere and flew up to the roof above me on the west side balcony out of view. I have  included a super short video of the flyer before it went to the bridge.

img_0004-st-juvie img_0008-juvie

I arrived downtown for my morning fledge watch at 5:05am and spotted a juvie under the southeast wing of Times Square (TSB). Soon after, another juvie landed on the south railing of Widows Walk (WW). It was still very dark out.

img_0001-from-the-hole img_0005-juvie

I drove to the Court St. Bridge (CSB) after both juvies flew off. When I got there Dan said that Beauty was on OCSR and Dot.ca (DC) had flown out to the Spectrum Communications Tower (SCT). The distance and light conditions didn’t allow for pics at that time. A bit later both Rachel and Ontario flew out to the tower to join dear old dad while he hunted while Beauty was on the south side of Widows Walk (WW).

img_0009-001-spectrum-tower img_0010-001-spectrum-t img_0014-beauty1

img_0015-juvie img_0018-juvie1

After a while DC left the tower and flew to the Powers railing near the northeast corner where he got driven out by a Kestrel that kept buzzing him-it looked like he went into the nest box for some peace and quiet. I believe it was Ontario that followed him from the tower and went to the southwest wing ledge on TSB.

img_0019-dc img_0020-ontario

After Beauty met him at the Powers nest box he flew to OCSR west corner top I-beam. Around 6:45am DC flew over to the jail tower and joined the Beautyful one. Larry and Zeke joined our watch. Rachel finally left the Spectrum tower and ended up on TSB on the ledge above the nest box.

img_0031-dc img_0032-beauty img_0033-rachel1

img_0035-dc img_0036-jail-tower-from-fitzhugh-and-broad<Clickimg_0038-b

In the next 10 minutes we witnessed Beauty scream over to the Cornhill area and snag a pigeon. There were 3 pigeons and one maneuvered right into her as she stopped it dead in its tracks. She flew north with it leaving our field of vision. I started looking at some pigeons that were flying over by the South Ave. parking garage. Just as I told Larry and Dan to look DC came in out of nowhere and grabbed one of those pigeons over the Broad St. bridge right in front of us and took it out of view as well. We then spotted Beauty caching her package on a southeast corner ledge on TSB then over to cam 1 then off quickly to OCSR. WOWEE WOW WOW what action packed fun for us! No pics as it all happened so fast. Meanwhile Rachel remained on the column.

img_0041-rachel img_0043-b img_0045-br

Dan and Larry were satisfied after seeing the adults hunt and ended their watch as dark clouds moved in. You can see the dark sky behind Rachel in the next pic. She flew off and circled the TSB tried to land under the southeast wing and came up short then flew north out of view.


After searching I was only able to locate Beauty and DC on the jail tower.  Beauty took off and returned.

img_0051-b img_0059-b img_0060-dc2

Got a text from Carol at 8am that there was a report of a bird down and unable to fly over near Seneca Towers at East Ridge Road and St. Paul St. last night around 9pm. We agreed to check it out and so I ended my watch and we met over there. We didn’t know what kind of bird but we thought it could have been one of Billie and Seth’s juvies. We spent an hour and a half looking and didn’t find anything anywhere around the bridge or Seneca Towers area so we went our separate ways. What a morning watch I had today that had me doing a lot of smiling! 🙂

Click on the links below to view my videos. The first one is a short snippet of the juvie flying in the gorge last night across from my apartment



Fledge Watch/Ontario and buzzing Robins 6-22-17

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a partly cloudy chilly morning with a temperature of 56 (F)  13 (C)

Click on the pics to see the full version

I started my watch at 5am on the Andrews St. Bridge (ASB), from there I thought I saw the form of a falcon on the east side roof of the Wilder building but in the darkness it turned out to be part of the building. I drove over to the Court St. Bridge (CSB) to join Dan and from there I could see Beauty on the column above the nest box and the kids were under the northeast wing of Times Square (TSB).

img_0001-b img_0003-or img_0009-ro

Both juvies flew off around 5:30am with Rachel going to the ledge above the nest box area between the columns, Ontario flying over to the jail tower on the lower south side and Beauty went to cam 1. Rachel moved over by the light.

img_0016-b1 img_0017-r img_0018-o img_0020-r

15 minutes later Beauty and Rachel flew to the base of Mercury with Rachel screaming at her mom most likely wanting breakfast. They didn’t stay long as the Beautyful one went over to the Powers building, landing on the cam and Rachel flew to the northwest corner of the Widows Walk railing. Ontario was being harassed and keeping him busy by a couple Robins over at the jail tower. They probably had a nest nearby.

img_0022-o-says-feed-me-mom img_0027-silly-lil-o img_0029-b-off

img_0035-b img_0036-o1 img_0037-r

A few minute later Dot.Ca (DC) flew to the northeast wing with Beauty in hot pursuit. She took over the food he brought and he flew over to Powers. She plucked feathers and ate some before Rachel found her out and took the food from mom.

img_0039-bdc img_0040-b img_0041-dc img_0044-b-eating

img_0051-r-closing-in-on-mom img_0052-r-in-good-form img_0053-rb img_0055-r-eating

DC flew to the Powers cam, Beauty flew behind TSB to the northwest corner of Widows Walk, Rachel ate breakfast and Lil O continued to be buzzed by the robin.

img_0056-dc img_0058-b1 img_0066-r-eating

img_0067-b img_0073-lil-o

Dan left, Larry and Carol began their fledge watch and I drove over to Troup St. for a better view of Ontario. I think he was amused by the robin not knowing that he was considered an enemy. My snippet video shows many attempts to scare the big bad falcon juvie off the tower.

img_0077-o img_0080-o-and-his-friend<Click>img_0083-2-attackers

img_0090-o-on-the-move img_0092-ontario img_0102-big-boy-wings img_0106-o

I shared space with Lil O for half hour or so and then he had enough and flew off heading northwest. I went to the hole and found Beauty on the east side railing of Widows Walk and I could see one juvie under the northeast wing preening. Carol could see both juvies up there from the CSB. She could also see DC on Powers so we had all 4 in view.

img_0108-juvie img_0110-b img_0119-dc

Beauty and DC flew to Mercury-she went to the heel and he was on the base. It stayed this way for a bit and then I had to get going thus ending my fledge watch after 8am.


My schedule is full these days but I’m smiling for the chance to spend some time, however short it may be with our downtown Rochester Peregrine Falcons! 🙂

Click on the links below to check out today’s videos featuring Ontario with his buzzing little robin acquaintance



Rochester Fledge Watch Report – 6/22/17

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

I had a wonderful morning watch today.  As I arrived on the Court St Bridge, a little before 7 am., both Dan and MAK were packing up their chairs.  Dan was on his way home and MAK was going to go closer to the jail communication tower to get a closer look at Ontario, who was being buzzed by two Robins.  Beauty was on the Widows Walk (WW) and Rachel was eating up under the NE wing on the Times Square Bldg (TSB).  Dot.ca was on top of the SE wing ring.  All 4 were accounted for.

I drove over to the “hole” aka Aqueduct St, but couldn’t see much from there.  Larry O arrived on the Court St Bridge and I joined him and Zeke over there.

3-hello-zeke-6-22-17<— Hello Zeke!

2-dc-and-his-shadow-6-22-17<— Dot.ca and his Shadow

Ontario took off and flew towards the Times Sq Bldg, where he knocked Dot.ca off his wing ring.  Ontario landed under the NE wing and shared Rachel’s meal.

4-ontario-rachel-eating-6-22-17<— Ontario and Rachel eating on the NE Wing Ledge, TSB

Dot.ca landed on the base of the Mercury statue.  That’s when I noticed that Beauty was already there on Mercury’s foot.

7-beauty-and-dc-on-mercury-6-22-175-beauty-on-mercury-6-22-176-dc-on-base-of-mercury-6-22-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca on Mercury

8-view-from-the-court-st-bridge-6-22-17<— My View from the Court St Bridge

10-rochester-old-and-newer-6-22-17<— Old Rochester and Newer Rochester

9-bdc-on-mercury-6-22-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca on Mercury

I continued to watch from the Court St Bridge after Larry and Zeke left.  It gave me the best view of the area.  From there I could see all 4 falcons.  MAK signed off the watch at 8:11 am.

At 8:30 am, I witnessed a spectacular tandem hunt by both Beauty and Dot.ca.  This is when you put your camera down and just enjoy.  They are way too fast to get any kind of decent picture, so I don’t even try.  lol

Beauty and Dot.ca went supersonic over the river between the Broad St Bridge and the Frederick Douglas-Susan B Anthony Bridge.  They were chasing the scattered pigeons low over the river and popping up over the bridges.  So fun to watch!

Neither was successful on their hunt.  Beauty ended up on top of the Mercury statue and Dot.ca landed on the TSB SE wing ring.  I don’t think I was the only one watching.  Rachel was on the base of Mercury and, little did I know, Ontario was up there too.  They were probably cheering mom and dad on.  🙂

11-beauty-on-mercury-mmb-6-22-1712-rachel-on-base-of-mercury-6-22-17<— Beauty and Rachel on Mercury

Ontario flew off and headed towards the Powers bldg., landing on the railing.

13-beauty-rachel-ontario-mercury-6-22-1714-ontario-on-powers-6-22-17<— Ontario from Mercury to Powers Bldg

At 9:00 am, Beauty, Rachel and Ontario were gone and Dot.ca moved over to the NE wing ring.

16-dc-on-ts-wing-ring-6-22-17<— Dot.ca on NE Wing Ring

Dot.ca took off and flew over to OCSR landing on the top Ibeam, west corner.

At 9:15 am, I decided to move over to the Andrews St Bridge.  From there I could see only Dot.ca on OCSR.  Hmmm. Where had the others go?

I was going to end my morning watch at 9:30 am, but of course I wasn’t able to .  As I was driving towards State St, Dot.ca took off, heading north.  I followed, and saw him land on the Kodak Tower.  It had been awhile since I’ve seen a falcon there!  When I got closer, I was surprised to see that Beauty was up there with him, and they were both looking east, towards the gorge!  I drove around the tower, but could not find any juvies.

18-beauty-on-kodak-tower-6-22-1719-dc-on-kodak-tower-6-22-1717-beauty-and-dc-on-kodak-tower-6-22-171<— Beauty and Dot.ca on Kodak Tower

Well, you have to know where I headed next.  lol  To the gorge!

I drove over to the Genesee Brewery side and walked out onto the pedestrian bridge.  Beauty and Dot.ca were still up on the Kodak Tower.

22-beauty-and-dc-on-kodak-tower-6-22-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca seen on the Kodak Tower from the Pedestrian Bridge

I didn’t find any juvies in the gorge, but there were so many other things to see.

20-great-blue-heron-in-the-gorge-6-22-1721-turkey-vulture-in-gorge-6-22-17<— Great Blue Heron in a tree and a Turkey Vulture overhead.

23-red-tail-hawk-in-the-gorge-6-22-1724-red-tail-hawk-in-the-gorge-6-22-17<— A beautiful Red-tailed Hawk.

26-falcon-sucking-tree-in-the-gorge-6-22-17<— The Falcon Sucking Tree with no Falcons in it.

27-new-tanks-for-the-genesee-brewery-6-22-17<— New Tanks for the Genesee Brewery.

28-beebee-begone-6-22-17<— BeeBee Begone!

25-high-falls-6-22-1729-love-the-gorge-6-22-17<— I do love the gorge!

Just before 10:00 am, both Beauty and Dot.ca left the Kodak Tower.  I watched as they made there way slowly back towards downtown.  They were in no hurry.  It was time for me to REALLY end my watch.

Hope the juvies make their way to the gorge!!!

Fledge Watch Report Catch-up! – 2017

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Hi all!  First I want to thank my friend and fellow watcher MAK for taking the time to keep up with her fledge watch reports.  I know how very time consuming they can be.  Due to the long days of fledge watching, I have not been able to post any reports.

We had some very sad news yesterday about Charlotte.  It’s never easy to lose one of our young falcons. The falcon watchers work so hard to keep them safe.  Fly Free beautiful Charlotte.

I finally had a chance to look through my fledge watch pictures from the last week and wanted to share my favorites with all of you.  Enjoy!

June 10, 2017


June 11, 2017 – Ontario Fledges!





June 12, 2017



June 13, 2017



June 14, 2017 – Charlotte Fledges!




June 15, 2017 – Rachel Fledges!




June 16, 2017



June 17, 2017


June 18, 2017



June 20, 2017 (We lost Charlotte.) 🙁



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