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Falcon Watch Report & Pics (9/12, 9/19 & 9/20/20)

Sunday, September 20th, 2020
It’s two days until fall and the trees are starting to change colors!

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

The Rochester Watchers have been out, keeping an eye on Beauty and Dot.ca. Both have been seen hanging out near the Times Square Bldg and downtown Rochester. They are doing well.

Here are some pictures I took over the past two weeks.

Dot.ca (left) & Beauty (right) on the Frontier Communication Tower (9/12/20)
Hey! Where do you think you’re going Dot.ca!!! (9/12/20)
Beauty at the Times Square Nest Box (9/12/20)
Dot.ca (left) & Beauty (right) on the Time Square Bldgs NW Wing Ledge (9/12/20)
A Merlin on the Blue Cross Arena (9/19/20)
Beauty on Wilder (9/19/20)
Dot.ca on Cross Rds (9/19/20)
Beauty on Wilder (9/19/20)
Dot.ca on Cross Rds (9/19/20)
Dot.ca on Cross Rds (9/20/20)
Beauty on Mercury’s Foot (9/20/20)
Beauty gets ready for take-off! (9/20/20)
Upbeat of Wings!
Downbeat! I love the power of a Peregrine’s Wings!
Dot.ca soaking up the sun on the Cross Rds Bldg (9/20/20)
Found a Wood Duck Pair on a Pond Near Lake Ontario!
Love their colors!

Falcon Watch Report Catch-up! 8/29, 8/30, 9/5 & 9/6/20

Friday, September 11th, 2020
Beauty & Dot.ca on Mercury

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

So much has happened here in Rochester, NY over the past couple weeks. I just wanted to assure everyone that the Rochester Falcons are doing well and don’t seem to be bothered by these activities. Thankfully.

I and other watchers have been out checking on Beauty, Dot.ca and all the other downtown critters.

On Sunday, I thought I saw a falcon fly over the Wilder Bldg and possibly land on the north side, while Beauty was on the base of Mercury. The falcon quickly took off, flew in front of OCSR and headed over to the north side. Beauty was up on the base of Mercury and both falcons vocalized a bit. I assume, incorrectly, that it was Dot.ca.

After checking my pics, I saw that the visitor was a juvie Peregrine Falcon and that I could make out eyebrows! Because Beauty showed no aggression and vocalized softly, I believe that it was Hope and she was looking great. Other watchers (Dana, Lou, Joyce, Kathy O & Jennifer) arrived and we searched for the juvie falcon, but could not find her. Darn.

I do love when one of our young falcons makes an appearance after not being seen for along time.

Here are some pictures from my last few falcon watches, starting with a few pictures of the juvie I believe was Hope. 🙂

Hope (I believe) coming in to say hello!
Hope (I believe) coming in to say hello!
Hope (I believe) coming in to say hello!
Beauty on Wilder
Beauty (BASE) and Dot.ca (FOOT) on Mercury
Beauty & Dot.ca on Wilder
Beauty on Wilder
Dot.ca on Wilder
Dot.ca on Wilder
So Nice to See Casey, Abby & Joyce!
You Know I LOVE a Good Flag Shot! lol
We have a family of Osprey that Have been Fishing on the Genesee River.
This One Loves to Land on the Roof of a Bldg South of the Court St Bridge.

It’s been 19 years since 9/11, a day I will never forget!

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