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Jon & Joni- Monday June 30 6-9pm

Monday, June 30th, 2008

We arrived shortly before 6pm and met up with Kapi at Falcon Watch HQ. Talked to Joyce on the bridge. Not much action for a while. No falcons to be seen. Joni pointed out the nest box to some interested passerbys.

Jon walked to bridge and saw 2 Great Blue Herons, but no Falcons.

At 7:30 Joyce and KC arrived. She reported seeing Kaver by the southwest corner of the Xerox Tower. No other falcons still.

7:45 out to the bridge with Kapi and Joyce. Spotted 2 juvies coming north from downtown playing tag. They came in around Bru building and Zephyres antenas, landing there. A third juvie must have been hiding out there, popped up and they continued to play more tag. Then they flew over by the antenna on Kodak Building 9. It appeared they may have had a stash and may have been eating.

Kapi and Joyce joined us at the corner of State and Platt. By 8:15 3 juvies on ledge of kodak office. SusanB on 17th floor SE corner. Zephyre on 19th floor SE corner. Another Juvie on 19th Floor by dolphins, tucked in close, couldnt see bands. A fourth Juvie flew in at 8:25 landing on kodak building NE of tower(i think building 19) Short time later that juvie flew around Tower and onto 17 floor east ledge just feet from SusanB.

Joni and I called it a night at 8:50.

Carol P. – Fledge Watch – Seneca and Mariah in the Gorge – June 30, 2008 – 8 am to 1:30 pm

Monday, June 30th, 2008

It was a beautiful morning, so I decided to head downtown in search of



or tinyurl:


Carol P.

Carol P. – Fledge Watch Videos – June 29, 2008

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Here are a couple of videos from this weekend.  All the young fledglings are doing well.  They have moved to Downtown Rochester.  We hope that they will return to the Genesee River Gorge.  No sign on needed for either video snippet.

The first one is a game of talon tag by two of the young fledglings.  I believe it is Quest and Zephyr.


or tiny url:


The 2nd video is what Mariah and Kaver hear when the fledglings are hungry.  They’re ALWAYS hungry!


or tiny url:



Carol P.

Jill C. – Fledge Watch – June 28th (8-11AM)

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

The morning started off kind of wet but when I arrived, there were so many watchers – it was awesome!  A little before 8AM, Mariah arrived with some food (a pigeon) that she gave to Quest, Diamante and Zephyr on the SE ledge of floor 13.  Susan B was on the ledge of building 9 (facing the parking lot) and Seneca was on the metal peak of the tower.  Kaver was hanging out on the communications tower behind us but only stayed there for a short while.  Seneca took off on a small flight towards the smoke stack – she went around it and then came back towards the tower trying to land on the metal peak but just couldn’t quite hit the landing…so she continued flying and ended up sticking the landing onto the 19th floor SW ball.

Quest ended up eating most of the pigeon for a good 20 minutes or so until Mariah decided to steal it off of the ledge.  This got the three juvies into the air for some flying.  Mariah ended up dropping the carcass near the construction site and she flew back to the tower where she landed on the SE ledge of the 17th floor.  Quest figured she had enough food and stayed on the ledge of 13, Zephyr landed on the corner of the Rochester Plumbing Supply building (which was where the food had landed!) and Diamante went to the ledge of building 9 (facing State St.).  A few of us walked over to find where the carcass had landed and we found it in the road.  Jim P. tried to throw it up onto a rooftop for Zephyr but he took off and landed on the antennae of the old Empire Brewing Company building.

At 10:30, Diamante decided to take a quick flight and after a short walk, we found him – he had landed on a satellite dish next to his brother on the antennae.Zephyr decided to give us all a scare with some low flying – he flew down in front of the watchers and landed for a quick second on the sidewalk and then took off flying low over the street until he got up to the SW corner of building 9 and landed.  Phew!

Around 9:15AM, Seneca flew off of the SW ball and went up to the playpen on the W side where she eventually made her way to the SE floodlight.  We were also treated to a Great Blue Heron flying over us with a fish in its mouth – he flew off towards the gorge.

Things went quiet and we enjoyed a doggie parade around 9:40AM until Mariah quickly took chase of a crow around the High Falls parking garage.  She wasn’t gone long and she rested back up on the NE ledge of 19.  There was a lot of kak-ing when she returned, but no food!

At 11AM, things started picking up as Kaver dropped off some food for Susan B on the corner of building 9.  Diamante and Zephyr quickly came over to steal it away. Susan B was able to get some before Diamante took it and went behind building 9 being chased by Quest.  The two of them ended up on a lower building roof behind building 10.

When I left, all were accounted for!  Another awesome watch!!


Carol P. – Fledge Watch – June 26, 2008 – (6-8 pm)

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

After Kelly left, I took over the Watch. She just missed Mariah’s
stoop off of the tower after a pigeon in front of the new housing
units being built across the street. Brian, Susan C and I watched in
amazement as Mariah did a move that just seemed impossible. She is
truly unbelieveable.

I had to leave for a moment and when I returned, I was told by Briah
H and Susan C that I had missed Mariah’s 2nd stoop off of the tower.
This time she snagged a Starling over the courtyard in front of
building. Darn! Brian said he never saw the small bird pass in
front of the tower. Instead he followed Mariah’s path and all he saw
was a “POOF” of feathers when Mariah hit the Starling.

We were joined by the nighttime Watchers, including Carrie, Shaky,
Jeanne, Joyce, Lucy, Dana, Lou and a couple who’s names escape me.

There was ALOT of flying during my Watch by all of the Fledglings and
M&K. Seneca ended up back at the playpen, under the nest box. Susan
B flew out to the smoke stack and was joined by Zephyr. They preened
each other. Ahhhhh! 😉

Lots of talon tag games were played, food was brought in. When I
left at 8:00 p.m., all 5 juvies were accounted for. What a beautiful
day it was for a watch.

Carol P.

Kelly W- June 26, 2008 – (5-6 pm)

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Another beautiful evening for fledge watching! I arrived to find a number of watchers downtown. Carol P. was also on official watch. There were a couple of falcons in view. Closest to us was Seneca who had been hanging out on one of the lower buildings for most of the day. She seemed content to stay put while an adult flew in with what Brian said was prey. Immediately we saw 3 juvies where the food drop was on the east
side of the tower.

Around 5:30 Mariah started flying around the tower and it took no time for Zephyr to launch into the air. For the next 15 minutes we were treated to a lot of fun flying and talon tag by at least 3 juvies in the air at once! Seneca kept her on eye on her family but showed no signs of moving.

Approx. 5:45 Carol P. heard one of the adults sound the kak alarm. Kaver or Mariah was off to the east above the river. We grabbed the binoculars and spotted a very large, dark bird that was not a Turkey Vulture. The consensus was that it was a juvie bald eagle and it was escorted out of the area rather peacefully.

At 6:00 I got ready to go but still had my eye on Seneca who had started to exercise her wings. She started off the building into flight and in the breeze, up she went! She was a little unsteady and I think a draft or two caught her off guard. We all held one collective breath as she went across State Street but then made her way back to the building. Her first landing did not stick so another small flight and she came in for a second attempt– she knocked her mom off her perch–but she stuck the landing! It was great to see what must have been only her second or third flight.

Kelly W.

Diana R- Thursday, June 26, 1-3 p.m.

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

When I arrived I could see one adult falcon on the south-east corner of the
tower, 17th floor. Incorrectly taking it for granted that this was Mariah,
because in past years it has been her favorite spot, I was later corrected
by Shaky, who appeared briefly, having been roaming around to try to get a
better view. He pointed out that Mariah was on the smokestack (which I had
looked at from another angle) and that the south-east corner bird was Kaver.
He added that two juvies were on the flat roofs just south of the tower, and
another had been seen on the peak of Building 10. Before returning to work
he told me more, but I’ll leave it to him to post the story of the

As I had forgotten my notebook, it was probably fortunate that most of my
watch was uneventful, but highlights were as follows.

While I was trying to find a better angle of view, Mariah must have left the
smokestack and flown to the scrape, where she perched on one of the camera
struts for most, or possibly all of my watch.

Kaver stooped toward the west side of the tower, toward a fairly small bird.
He was unsuccessful, but from the commotion caused amongst the juvies you’d
think he’d caught a pterodactyl! Two immediately flew after him and around
the tower. At one point there were four birds in the air. I am not sure
whether they were three juvies and Kaver, or two juvies and Kaver and

Two juvies ended up on Building 9. One lay near the edge of the roof of the
glass part of the building and did a lot of kakking. The other was nearer to
the tower, and then disappeared. I did not see it fly, so am guessing that
it walked back out of sight, but it might have been one of those mentioned

I then spotted two juvies on the south-east corner of the tower, one on the
19th floor and one on the 17th. I think they remained there for the rest of
my watch, as did the one on Building 9. All were lying down – it was a
fairly warm day. Note that when they lie down at the back of a ledge,
against the building, they sometimes disappear. One of them did this. I am
fairly, but not totally sure, that I continued to be able to see just enough
of something that I think it remained there. If it did, then I saw at least
four juvies, because suddenly there was one in the air. It flew briefly,
attempted balancing on the peak of Bulding 10, disappeared, and then
(assuming it was the same one) flew to the base of the cupola, where it
perched and remained until the end of my watch.

In the meantime, Mariah was on a camera strut by the scrape, and Kaver was
on the eastern side of the launch pad, about half way between the rockets.


More pictures added to Kodak Office Ledge Album

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Hello again, Tom from Kodak here. I added a few more pictures to the end of the “2008 Falcon Ledge Watch” Gallery album that I posted the other day. You can access it here:


Zephyr made an appearance and for one of the few times ever, Mariah!


Carol P – All Fledged, All Flying – June 25, 2008 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

I was the official Watcher from 4-6 p.m., but not much happened during that time.  Lots and lots of Watchers were out on this gorgeous evening.  We were even visited by RNews (local Channel 9 here in Rochester, NY).  Lisa McK was interviewed and the rest of us and M&K and kids were filmed for the evening news.

There was alot of flying during my Watch by Mariah, Kaver, Zephyr and Quest.  I had to laugh as I watched Zephyr knock Kaver off of his lilies multiple times.  Kaver had taken over as Zephyr’s new playmate.  But, that didn’t leave Quest unharrassed when she dared to take flight and join in on the fun.  As soon as Zephyr realized that she had joined them in flight, she was fair game for a game of talon tag.  We were all laughing at their antics.  Diamante even joined in on the fun.

Kat took over the Watch at 6:00 p.m.  I’ll let her report what happened after that.  It was a very exciting Watch with lots of flying by all five of our young fledglings.

There were alot of Watchers out tonite enjoying the antics of these young Falcons including (and I apologize if I leave anyone out), Kathy O and her sister, Carla, Kat, Dawn, Dan S., Jeanne, Kat, Lisa McK, Carrie, Shaky, Diane and I know there were others!

Carol P.

Kat B- Wednesday June 25, 6-9PM

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

When I arrived there wasn’t much activity, all where settled down to relax from the afternoon warmth. Just around 6:00 the little boys decided to have a great game of catch me if you can until Mom came home with a pigeon. Zephyr, of course, came in and stole it and spent quite a bit of time enjoying his snack. A while later Zephyr and Quest had another game of tag, she is so much bigger than her “little” brother, and she is getting to be a great flyer!

Kaver later came in with a small snack and Diamante made sure he had his turn; actually he did it a second time later too.

All during this time Seneca was snuggled down on the launch pad and sister Susan B. was hanging around the playpen area. Just when we thought Susan B. had decided that the great big world wasn’t a place for falcons, she spotted Mariah coming in. She took off like a shot out toward the gorge and we started running, who knew what she was doing and how far she was headed. Just as quickly, Mom flew over head with a big pigeon and Susan B. hot on her tail. Mariah landed on one of the not so deep corner ledges and Susan B. quickly stole it and sat there precariously perched mantling the pigeon. Once she got her bearings and a good hold she took off and landed on one of the lower roofs on the south of the tower. A bit later Mariah flew down to help her clean it and Zephyr decided to help. After some squabbling over pigeon, Zephyr flew off and Susan B. got to enjoy her well earned meal.

Seneca did do a little flying and seems to be doing pretty good for her first day. When it was time for me to leave, all where accounted for, except Dad, earlier he got tired of being knocked off his perch by Zephyr and headed down town for some rest!!!

Kat B.

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