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Sunday Rochester Falcon Watch – 11/26/17

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

First, I want to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.¬† ūüôā

Second, although there haven’t been many recent falcon watch reports, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been keeping an eye on our local falcons.¬† There are quite a few watchers that have been out, tweeting what they are seeing.¬† You can read these tweets on the Rfalconcam Forum page.

Thirdly?¬† Enough!¬† On with my Sunday Falcon Watch Report!¬† lol¬† ūüôā

It was a very cold,¬†overcast day with temps in the 30’s.¬† Brrrr!¬† I started my watch at the DSS and BS (Brighton Site) locations¬†where watchers have been seeing¬†two Winter visitors.¬† I found the DSS falcon, who we believe is a male, on a top window.

1-dss-falcon-11-26-172-dss-falcon-11-26-17<— DSS Falcon

My next stop was the Brighton Site (BS), where I had no luck finding our visiting female.

Downtown, as I was pulling into the hole (aka Aqueduct St), I saw one falcon on the south side of OCSR, top IBeam.  It was Beauty.  As I was parking my car, Dot.ca flew in and landed to the right of Beauty, also on the top IBeam.

3-view-of-ocsr-from-the-hole-11-26-17<— View of OCSR from the hole (aka Aqueduct St).

4-bdc-on-ocsr-11-26-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca on OCSR.

A few minutes later, Beauty flew over and landed on the Wilder green strip.

5-beauty-on-wilder-green-strip-11-26-176-beauty-on-wilder-green-strip-11-26-17<— Beauty on Wilder green strip.

All was quiet and peaceful, so I moved on to check the ST (Seneca Towers) falcons.  Sorry to say, I did not see either Billie or Seth from Maplewood Park.  I usually see one of them at home.

From there I made my way to Charlotte, where Falcon Watcher Pat saw a juvie Peregrine Falcon yesterday on the Coast Guard Tower.¬† She was not able to see if this falcon was banded.¬† We’ve also been seeing Snowy Owls in this area.¬† Today I saw no falcon or Snowy there.¬† I did meet Dory from Waterport who now knows a¬†whole lot about the Rochester Falcons.¬† lol

Here is a picture of my first Snowy Owl of the season, seen last week.

1-snowy-on-summerville-pier-11-18-17<— Snowy on the Summerville Pier.

At the end of today’s watch, on my way home, I found a Merlin hunting pigeons in front of Wegmans.¬† It was thrilling to watch this smaller falcon speed after a pigeon, just missing.¬† What a great way to end my Sunday Falcon Watch!

7-merlin-at-wegmans-11-26-178-merlin-at-wegmans-11-26-17<— Merlin at Wegmans.

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