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Falcon Watch – No Mariah or Kaver, A New Pair in Town – 12/18/08

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

So sorry that I haven’t been posting any reports lately.  Mariah and Kaver have not been seen for the past month.  Kaver usually leaves around that time and returns in the Spring.  Mariah is usually seen during the Winter, but sometimes she leaves.  An example would be in 2006, when she was injured.

This Winter the Watchers have a new pair to Watch.  An unbanded male and a banded female (green/black).  We have been working really hard at getting a positive ID on the female, but it’s hard.  She rarely comes low enough for us to get a good look at her bands.  We’ll keep trying.

The Watchers will continue to keep an eye on things and I’ll report if there are any changes.

This new pair is definitely a bonded pair.  They hang out on many of the same buildings that M&K did, including the Kodak Tower.  They’ve also been seen on the Powers Building and the Times Square Building, where nest boxes are now located.

The Watchers will keep Watching!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Carol P.

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