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Winter Falcon Watch – More on the Winter Visiting Pair – Extreme Ice Bathing

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

When I arrived downtown on Friday (1/23/09) at 12:30 am, I was greeted by fellow Watchers Dan and Lisa McK.  They excitedly told me that the pair had bathed in the icy water of the Genesee River just in front of the High Falls. 

Dan told me the female had flown down first and remained in the water for close to 45 minutes.  The male joined her and after his bath, flew up to the corner of Jimmy Macs, at the west end of the pedestrian bridge.  The female flew up to the catwalk on the High Falls Stack and then to the Kodak Tower just as I was arriving.

I was sorry to hear that the I had missed this icy bathing episode.  But, I did get down to Jimmy Macs to visit with the male.  He was quite low and didn’t mind that we were taking pictures of his post bathing activity.  Here is a KGallery Album with pictures from that day.


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Carol P.

Winter Falcon Watch – The Winter Visitors Find the Powers Bldg – 1/15/09

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

No sightings of Mariah and Kaver yet.  But, the Winter visitors are keeping the Watchers busy.  They’ve been all over downtown Rochester and the Kodak Tower still seems to be a favorite perch for this pair.

On Monday, January 12th, Dana and I spotted both the male and the female sitting on top of the Powers Building, where the nest box from Kodak Tower had been relocated to.  The male was finishing the meal that the female had brought in earlier.

No ID on the female yet.  We keep trying, but she’s very elusive.

Carol P. 

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