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Falcon Watch Summary from 8/23 – 29/2008

Friday, August 29th, 2008

The Watchers that have reported during this time period are Carol P, Kathy O, Dana, Lou, Jeanne, Joyce, Larry O, & Brian H.

Still no reports of any juveniles, except for the wonderful news of Quest, but lots of Mariah and Kaver sightings.

The majority of the sightings have been on the First Federal Plaza (aka old Changing Scenes Restaurant) & Midtown Plaza.  Some other places M&K have been seen; Crossroads Building, Xerox and the Kodak Tower.  This week was the first time both Mariah and Kaver have been spotted on the Kodak Tower, on the railing in front of the ledge where their nest box used to sit.

Highlight:  When Mariah went after a Red-tail Hawk (RTH) over the Rochester Public Library.  I found the RTH sitting on a lower ledge of the library, trying to hide.  Just goes to show you that eventhough her young have more than likely left the area, she’s still very protective of her territory.

Carol P. 

Falcon Watch Summary – 8/16 – 8/22/08

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Now that there are no more sightings of our young Falcons, the Watchers will start keeping a close eye on the comings and goings of Mariah and Kaver.  I will attempt to post a summary of Watch Reports weekly.

The Watchers that have reported during this time period are Carol P, Kathy O, Dana, Lou, Jeanne, Joyce, Suzanne, Don, Shaky, Carrie, Larry O, Brian H, Lisa McK, Susan C, Sue (Bess), Pat and Dan S.

Both Mariah and Kaver have been seen frequently around the city and the gorge.  The majority of the sightings have been of both M&K on the First Federal Plaza, (with the old Changing Scenes revolving restaurant on top).  Other spots:  the gorge wall; Midtown Plaza; Frontier Communications tower; HSBC; Xerox and Bausch & Lomb buildings.  Interestingly, no sightings on the Kodak Tower during this time.

Dan and I had some excitement during our Watch on 8/19/08 around 1:20 pm.  We were on the pedestrian bridge, when we spotted a Red-tailed Hawk flying over the gorge.  A Falcon flew into the gorge and attacked the hawk.  It was Mariah and she drove the hawk into the trees along the east side of the gorge wall.  Mariah settled for a few moments on one of the High Falls Brewery buildings near the east end of the pedestrian bridge (Skye’s Bldg).  After a few moments, the hawk decided to make his escape and flew out of the trees.  Mariah spotted the hawk and chased him off to the east.  She returned to the First Federal Bldg soon after.

Another interesting behavior witnessed by Dana and me was watching Mariah hunt from the top of the elevator shaft on the First Federal Bldg.  Twice we saw her stoop out of the shaft, coming within a few feet of the river below.  Talk about an ambush!  Not quite sure was she was going after, but there are alot of pigeons and ducks in that area.  Interesting.

Carol P.

Quest’s July Journey Has Moved!

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

We’ve decided to move the updates on Quest’s travels over to Imprints! We apologize for any confusion this may cause.

Check out Quest’s travels in July here.


Quest’s Journey Begins!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Now that sightings of the fledglings are getting to be few and far between, we thought we’d try to get some more use out of the FledgeWatch Blog.  And what better use could we put it to than keeping track of Quest’s travels?  So we’ve decided that the FledgeWatch Blog will be the place where we’ll update you on her movements.

We’re happy to report that Quest’s transmitter is sending good data on it’s pre-programmed schedule.  Quest hasn’t been seen in the Rochester area in more than a week.  So we were quite surprised to receive some data points that placed her well north of Rochester.  In fact, our most recent locations for her include the state of Maine and most recently, just over the border in Quebec, Canada!

This is certainly great news!  To have traveled that far, Quest is most certainly hunting on her own, so she seems to be off to a good start!  Of course, as we’ve often mentioned, life for a first year Peregrine is hard, so these early successes aren’t necessarily an indication of her long term success.  But the early news is promising.

We hope to begin publishing maps of her travels very soon.  We’re working on automating the data feeds to cut down on the amount of manual analysis that needs to be done with each set of received data.  So keep watching these pages for more news!


Carol P. – Falcon Watch Update – August 8, 2008

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Just  a quick update on the Falcon Watch.  We’ve been seeing a juvie daily, spending time in the gorge.  We’ve positively ID’d Susan B and Seneca over the past week.  It’s been over a week since we’ve positively ID’d the others.

Today both Mariah and Kaver were on the Kodak Tower, Kaver on the northside and Mariah on the southside sitting on top of the nest box.  I did not see any juvies (as of noon).  There was alot rain today in Rochester, NY.

Carol P.

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