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First of Year 2018 Rochester Falcon Watch Report – 1/28/18

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

I finally have time to write up a falcon watch report!¬† ūüôā

It was a beautiful morning to head out to do a falcon head count.  Sunshine.  Lots and lots of sunshine!

I first stopped at Maplewood Park to find both Billie and Seth at home on the north end window ledge.

1-billie-and-seth-at-st-1-27-17 <— Billie and Seth at Seneca Towers

When I went to send out a text, I saw that MAK had already reported them being there and that she was watching Beauty and Dot.ca downtown on the Ellwanger Bldg.  Larry O had been out earlier this morning with Zeke and had reported that he had one on the Cross Rds bldg.

Instead of heading downtown, I headed over to check Skyview on the Ridge, which used to be called the Medley Ctr Mall.


A new business is now located in the old Macy’s store.¬† Eventually more businesses will move in.¬† I was not able to find any falcons there.

Irondequoit Bay was next.  There was an adult Bald Eagle eating out on the ice.  S/he was soon joined by a juvie Bald Eagle.

7-be-on-ibay-ice-with-fish-1-27-178-juvie-adult-be-on-ibay-ice-1-27-17<— Bald Eagles on the Irondequoit Bay ice.

There were also all kinds of ducks and gulls hanging out at the Newport Marina.

On my way downtown, Shaky tweeted that both Beauty and Dot.ca were up at the Powers nest box, and that’s exactly where I found them.

9-beauty-and-dc-at-powers-nb-1-27-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca on Powers Nest Box.

At the BS location, I found lots of very loud Canada Geese on the building.

10-geese-at-bs-1-27-1711-geese-at-bs-1-27-17<— Geese at the Brighton Site.

When I circled around to the front of the building, I could hear very loud ee-chupping echoing off of the building.  I looked and looked, but had no luck finding the very loud falcon.

I stopped on the west side of the building, when I spotted a falcon flying over and around the building, then out of sight again.  After circling the building again, I found a hawk in a tree.  But, again had no luck finding the falcon.

12-hawk-in-tree-at-bs-1-27-17<— Hawk in tree at BS.

MAK and Bella drove by and waved.  She had checked out the DSS location and had not found a falcon there.

It was time for me to head out.  On my way home, I passed through downtown, I found Dot.ca on the north end of the Cross Rds bldg.

13-dc-on-cross-rds-1-27-17<— DC on Cross Rds Bldg.

It had been a fun watch.  Hopefully soon we will see Beauty and Dot.ca visiting the Times Square Bldg.  Last year, the first egg was laid on March 23rd!

Here are some pictures from my travels over the past couple months.  Enjoy!

1-bdc-on-fct-12-3-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca on FCT 12/3/17

2-billie-or-seth-on-kp-res-lab-antenna-12-3-17Billie, I think, on KP Research Lab antenna. 12/3/17

5-snowy-owl-12-2-17<— Got to watch a Snowy Owl being banded at Beattie Beach. 12/2/17

1-beauty-on-mercury-12-8-17<— Beauty on Mercury. 12/8/17

1-christmas-lights-12-15-17<— Christmas Lights. 12/15/17

1-gho-in-pine-tree-on-edgemere-12-29-17<— GHO in pine tree on Edgemere Dr. 12/29/17

1-se-owl-in-avon-1-14-17<— Short-eared Owl in Avon. 1/14/18

1-coopers-hawk-on-ww-1-20-18<— Coopers Hawk on Widows Walk. 1/20/18

4-beauty-and-dc-on-xerox-tower-1-20-18<— Beauty and Dot.ca on Xerox Tower. 1/20/18

5-two-bald-eagles-in-trees-on-ibay-1-20-18<— Two Bald Eagles in a tree on Irondequoit Bay. 1/20/18

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