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Morning watch 3-31-15

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It started out partly cloudy with a temperature of 27(F) -3(C) and sunshine once the sun came up. By the end of my watch it had turned overcast

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As I arrived on the Broad St. bridge (BSB) I spotted Dot.ca (DC) on the base of Mercury eating with feathers blowing around him. He took off with the food as I was driving down to the hole.


Beauty flew out from the nest box and met him with much vocalization and they flew to the Wilder green strip where a food exchange was made. Beauty took it to her favorite chimney on Irving Place to eat and DC flew to cam 1/pan cam.


DC went to the nest box and Beauty finished eating within minutes. She stood there for a minute or so then took off to the north with a tiny piece of food in her talons.


5 minutes later the Beautyful one was on the heel of Mercury so I went over to Bank Place to face her at 7:20am.

img_0030-beauty-on-the-heel-of-mercury img_0034-beauty1

At 7:29am Beauty got into position with tail up as DC flew in to mate with her.


Beauty flew to cam 1/pan cam and DC went to the corner of Times Square above the well across from his mate-they were facing each other for a few minutes then DC turned around and they both had their back to me.

img_0050-bdc<Click them>img_0051-bdc

dc-zface-to-face<Click itimg_0053-beauty

DC left when I wasn’t looking and Beauty flew off at 7:42am and returned to land on the column above the nest box just before the 8 o’clock hour.


Beauty stayed there for about 10 minutes then flew to the deck and then into the nest box. DC was nowhere in the vicinity and¬† I didn’t find him anywhere along State St. after I left the hole to go to Seneca Towers to look for Billie and/or 99.

img_0067-beauty img_0069-beauty

When I arrived in the Northridge Church parking lot I found a falcon on the northwest corner eating but I could not identify who it was for sure since it had its back to me. I suspect it was Billie judging by size.


This falcon finished eating a few minutes later then dove down in the river gorge to the north toward the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge and never came back. I waited about half hour and ended my watch with a smile a little after 9am. ūüôā

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Morning watch 3-30-15

Monday, March 30th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A much warmer start to the day with a temperature of 38(F) 3(C) spotty rain showers and overcast dark conditions.

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I didn’t see anyone from the Broad St. bridge so I went down to the hole to check the Wilder green strip (WGS) as I rounded the corner past the Philipone building I heard lots of vocalization and when I looked up toward the nest box area I saw Beauty fly from the deck across to the WGS and land on the east corner. Dot.ca (DC) was no doubt checking out his newest egg up in the nest box.

img_0012-beauty5 img_0016-beauty1 img_0021-beauty1

Beauty stayed perched with her back to me for quite a while as I watched her from Aqueduct St. and then she stood up and started nibbling on something. I surmised that DC had given her a food gift and that’s what all the noise was about when I first arrived on scene. It was a small offering but a gift is a gift and the Beautyful one needed to eat after laying that egg last night.

img_0025-beauty-eating-food-gift img_0026-fresh-breakfast

My friend Mary, who works at Thomson Reuters¬†stopped by to chat with me. First time I’ve seen her since last fall-she was thrilled to hear Beauty had laid 2 eggs already. Beauty finished off her gift in less than 10 minutes then flew over to the deck.

img_0026-fresh-breakfast1 img_0027-about-to-fly-off

DC came out of the nest box and Beauty bowed to him. He then flew out over the Philipone building, circled back and mated with Beauty on the deck at 7:35am.



DC gave Beauty and I quite the little happy dance zooming around the area before flying over to the top I-beam of OCSR landingnear the south corner while Beauty went to the nest box after watching the show from the deck corner by the main cam.


Just before 8am DC stooped to the east crossing over the river and vanishing fast behind the north end of the Radisson Hotel. I had to get going as I had my pre-op appointment at 9am, but I did stop to check Seneca Towers on the way. Neither Billie nor 99 were on the building as I ended my watch at 8:15am. Keep smiling everybody! ūüôā

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Morning watch 3-29-15

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Another 19(F) -8(C) degree start to my watch but today there was sun and blue skies instead of snow and clouds

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I can think of no better way to start my day than with the sight of Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) on the Times Square building (TSB) as the sun comes up and that’s exactly how this day started. She was on the nest box ledge and he was on the southeast wing ring.

img_0002-bdc img_0003-beauty3 img_0004-dc4

I left the Broad St. bridge (BSB) for the hole parking lot and DC flew over to the Mercury money bag (MMB) while I was en route. DC took off soon after I arrived in the hole and flew over to cam 1 as the sun came up.

img_0007-dc3 dc-ready-to-fly img_0012-dc1 dc-leaves-in-a-blur

A minute later DC was off again heading southwest. I went back up on the BSB to see if Beauty was still at the nest box and have a look around for DC. 10-15 minutes later DC returned with food and started plucking feathers under the northeast wing.

img_0014-beauty-peeking-at-me img_0015-dc-surrounded-by-feathers

Back down to the hole I went to get closer with my falcon friends. DC continued preparing his catch and  some 5 minutes or so later flew off with it.


I was taping him at the time and thought for sure he was going down to the nest box to deliver it to Beauty so I fixed the camera on the nest area. He fooled me and Beauty as she flew out and met him over the Philipone building. There was lots of vocalization and when all was said and done DC left with the goods and Beauty flew to cam 1.

img_0023-beauty1 img_0024-beauty1

A minute later at 7:31am the Beautyful one flew over to the Wilder green strip (WGS) leading me right to DC who was up there eating. She said a few things to him then left to return to the nest box.


DC continued eating and I thought he would eat it all but he finally stopped himself and went over to the deck to deliver a small package to his mate. There was a little vocalization as the exchange was made.

img_0040-pulled-prey img_0041-a-raw-image img_0042-his-food-gift-for-beauty

Beauty took the food to the north corner next to the main cam to eat and DC went to cover their egg.

img_0043-beauty-gets-the-goods img_0045-beauty-and-dc

Beauty polished off that meager morsel in less than 10 minutes then she cleaned up a bit and turned around to face DC and their egg in the nest box.

img_0050-beauty1 img_0051-beauty-watching-dc-and-egg

I left them at 8am to tend to their egg and went to Seneca Towers to look for Billie and 99. I found 99 on his spot at the north end of the building on the top window ledge. He appeared to have some food in his crop but he was alone the entire hour and a half I was on watch there. While I was taping 99, the pastor of the Northridge Church, where I park to watch the north and east sides of Seneca Towers came out to ask what I was doing. I explained to her about all of our Rochester Peregrine Falcons and gave her a business card with the Rfalconcam website on it so she could check us out.

img_0052-991 img_0055-99

In my opinion, I feel that the absence of Billie could very well mean that she has laid an egg or more and is covering them somewhere. Remember,¬†I witnessed¬†a couple mating attempts by 99 that she didn’t except just like Beauty when she was eggy and wouldn’t mate with DC. Stay tuned! I called it a watch at 9:45am with a smile as I day dreamed about fledglings downtown and at Seneca Towers! ūüôā

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Morning watch 3-28-15

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

We got 1-2 inches of snow overnite and it snowed throughout my watch at varying degrees. It was 18(F) -8(C) with a brisk breeze

Click on pics to see the full version

I arrived on the Broad St. Bridge (BSB) around 6:50am and didn’t see anyone around so I drove down to the hole to check out the Wilder green strip (WGS) and that’s where I found Beauty. I assumed Dot.ca (DC) was covering the egg that was laid yesterday afternoon at 2:46am since it’s so cold out they have to keep the egg from freezing. Full on incubation won’t start until the next to last egg is laid. Donna texted me and confirmed that DC was with his egg in the nest box. Thank you!

img_0007-eyelid-shut img_0012-hi-beautyful img_0023-beauty img_0030-beauty-eh

I drove across the street to the parking lot next to the Times Square building (TSB) for the best view of the Beautyful one. She had her eyelids closed on and off and looked around (mostly at the nest box) in the time that I shared space with her. She stretched out her wings at one point and I thought she would fly off. After a minute of thinking about it, Beauty flew off over to the deck at 7:38am.


I quick whipped across Exchange Blvd. to the hole parking lot to try and catch her and DC changing places and I managed to get a snippet of DC flying out from the nest box and as he made a big circle and returned to the deck to mate with Beauty before flying over to the Mercury money bag (MMB). It happened so quick that the cameras did not catch the mating session.

capture-dc-leaving-nest-box capture-mating-on-deck img_0050-waving img_0052-dc-atop-mercury

DC didn’t stay long, about 5 minutes to preen a little, poop, and off he went to the north. I caught up with him on the northwest corner of the Kodak Office Launchpad on State St.


I thought for sure DC would try to catch breakfast for him and his mate but that didn’t happen because after he left Kodak at 8:02am he apparently went to the nest box and switched with Beauty again. This, I found out way after the fact as I was looking for him, and when I couldn’t find him I decided to go home to see if I could find Billie or 99 on Seneca Towers.


Unfortunately, neither one of them were seen. Now that Beauty has laid an egg her time will be mostly devoted to keeping an eye on it and any others she lays so she will not stray far from the nest box. DC will also help with this and should continue to bring her food. This is a slow time for falcon watching unless you’re watching the cameras or livestream video on Rfalconcam. I ended my watch at 9am smiling and¬†happy to have seen both Beauty and DC! ūüôā

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Morning watch 3-27-15

Friday, March 27th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

When I left Seneca Towers for downtown the sun was about a half hour from coming up, it was snowing, dark and overcast with a temperature of 33(F) 1 (C)

I found Dot.ca (DC) on cam 1 (pan cam) when I arrived about 6:50am-I parked on Basin St. in the hole next to the Wilder building to observe. DC flew off chirping as Beauty came flying in from the east kakking-they went to the nest box as the Beautyful one landed on the deck first, then DC. It was a short session as DC came shooting out and over to the Mercury money bag (MMB). All of this took place  just before 7am


I drove around to Bank Place where it meets Aqueduct St. and wasn’t there for long as DC was off again at 6:59am only to return with food a couple minutes later. I spotted him on the green part of the base of Mercury picking at his upcoming food gift for Beauty.

img_0015-dc1 img_0016-dc-off img_0018-dc-has-food

At 7:07am DC flew off and met Beauty on the deck and¬†gave the food to her-she then flew to the southeast corner of the Wilder green strip then quickly off to the southeast corner of the Telesca building. DC flew in and attempted to mate with her but she wasn’t interested as she was standing on his food gift.

img_0023-dc-taking-food-to-beauty img_0024-on-his-way-to-deck img_0025-beauty-on-telesca img_0029-location-shot-from-aqueduct-st

It all happened in seconds so I didn’t get pics of everything but after DC flew off Beauty stood there on the corner for like 10-15 minutes before she started to eat. She didn’t eat much either and stopped after a couple minutes then walked a few feet down the roof line and disappeared.

img_0030-beauty2 img_0031-beauty1 img_0033-beauty-squawking img_0037-walking-away-with-food

As I was parked in the hole I couldn’t see either Beauty or DC but I could hear whining and chirping so I went up on the BSB for a better view and as I was pulled over they suddenly appeared together, flying out from the back of Times Square (TSB) then they met on the deck again around 7:30am.


DC managed to leave without me seeing him but Beauty remained next to the main cam. I returned to the hole and parked on Basin St. for the best view of her. She did a little preening and picking at her talons while she kept an eye on some noisy gulls that were down in the parking lot.

img_0044-beauty1 img_0046-beauty1 img_0049-beauty-cleaning-talons1

img_0061-watching-noisy-gulls img_0062-cute-pose img_0067-b-bye-beauty

I left Beauty a little after 8:30am to look for DC-when I didn’t find him I left for Seneca Towers (ST)¬†to see if I could catch Billie and/or 99 at home. At first there was nobody around and just as I was leaving the Northridge Church parking lot I spotted a falcon flying in from the north over the tree tops along the east side of the river. It flew to ST and landed on the roof above the north end windows.


It didn’t stay long before it was off again flying over the same area it had come in from-it seemed to be surveying the area below it in the gorge and then it went out of view and didn’t return.


I ended my watch at about 9am. As I was writing this report about 15 minutes ago I spotted Billie and 99 flying outside my window. I went over to watch as they flew down to the Hawkeye plant where I could see a third bird-I could not tell if it was another falcon or a hawk. I saw Billie break away from the other two and come back to ST only to fly east out of view. That’s the last I saw of any of them. That’s all she wrote-keep smiling folks! ūüôā

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Morning watch 3-26-15

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a warm morning with a temperature of 41(F) 5(C) very dark and overcast with rain showers on and off

Click on the pics to see the full version

I arrived downtown before 7am today before sunrise so it was pretty dark out still. I spotted a falcon on the south corner top I-beam of OCSR-couldn’t say for sure who it was but I believe it was Beauty. I could hear Dot.ca (DC) chirping and then the OCSR bird was gone. I then spotted Beauty under the northeast wing of Times Square (TSB) and at that time Donna reported that DC had been in the nest box. Thanks!

img_0002-beauty-i-believe img_0016-beauty img_0019-beauty

Next thing I knew DC flew in and mated with Beauty under the wing and then he flew to the northwest wing ring.

capture-mating img_0024-dc2

A minute later the Beautyful one flew down to the nest box and DC flew down to the northeast wing ledge after slipping off the ring. He started plucking feathers from prey that I have to assume was already there because he didn’t catch anything on the way down.

img_0025-dc-takes-off img_0028-dc-plucking-feathers img_0032-feathers-flying capture-dc-with-food-gift

Beauty started whining and DC chirped once before flying down to the deck to give¬†his food gift¬†to Beauty but she didn’t come out to get it. It may have something to do with her current condition as I suspect she has an egg aboard. When she didn’t accept his food gift he left and first stopped on the north side of TSB then over to the northwest corner of Widows Walk (WW).

dc-off-with-food-gift-delivery capture-food-delivery capture-honey-im-home

capture-no-taker1 capture-and-hes-off-with-prey img_0036-dc1 img_0038-dc1

I believe DC cached the food on WW as he didn’t take it with him when he left right after I arrived on Fitzhugh St.

img_0046-dc2 img_0049-dc2 img_0050-dc2

I drove around to Broad St. and spotted DC on the Mercury money bag (MMB). I pulled over by the Blue Cross Arena to watch him do some posing


At 7:49am DC flew southeast-I drove up on the bridge and made a U-turn so I was facing Times Square and then I spotted Beauty on the base of Mercury.

img_0064-dc-leaves-mercury img_0065-see-ya img_0068-beauty

At 8:12am DC came flying in chirping and Beauty flew over to meet him at the nest box. Beauty stayed-DC flew to the heel of Mercury staying a short time then he was off to the northwest wing ring of TSB. He sure keeps me busy lately! ūüôā


At 8:24am DC flew northwest and I had to go run an errand at that time.


When I returned around 10am I found DC on the top I-beam south corner of OCSR from Exchange and Plymouth. I drove to the BSB where I spotted Beauty on the base of Mercury eating.

img_0087-dc img_0089-beauty

A crow was flying past Mercury and DC felt that¬†it was too close to his Beauty, so he chased after it and dove on it over the stairs on Broad St. that go down into the hole-we call it Falcon Watcher Central, as it’s a good spot to watch the nest box. DC left the area and so did I as I went home to find just 99 on Seneca Towers’ north end on the top window ledge.


It was raining pretty good at that time and he seemed settled so I waited about 10 minutes to see if Billie popped up. She didn’t so I ended my watch at 11:05am. This afternoon Pat reported seeing DC on the top I-beam west corner and Beauty on the second I-beam south corner of OCSR. She noted that Beauty had a full crop and that made me smile! ūüôā

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Morning watch 3-25-15

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was 24(F) -4(C) with sunny, blue skies and a busy breeze

Click on the pics to see the full version

I found Dot.ca (DC) on the east side of the Kodak Office cupola to start my watch at 7:05am after checking everywhere else in downtown Rochester. He spotted something as he walked toward the south on the cupola before flying south toward Times Square (TSB) at 7:11am.

img_0002-dc-on-ko-cupola img_0007-dc-leaves-ko img_0008-dc-stretched-out

As I made my way through traffic I received a tweet from Donna reporting that DC was at the nest briefly and then left before I got there. Thanks D! I spotted Beauty under the northwest wing with her back to me when I arrived in the hole. I drove to Irving Place behind TSB where I could see the front of her.

img_0013-beauty4 img_0017-beauty1

The Beautyful one preened a little as the wind rustled up her feathers and at 7:38am she flew to the front of the building and I assumed she went to the nest box judging on her flight. Both Donna and CarolP confirmed it so I decided to go looking for DC since the cam watchers could keep track of Beauty. On her way to work, watcher Pat reported seeing Billie and 99 as she passed Seneca Towers and when she was walking from the bus station saw Beauty fly from the northwest wing of TSB and go to the nest box.


Carol reported that Beauty left the nest at 7:48am. Thank you cam watchers! As I was pulled over on the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) I spotted who, judging by size, I thought was Beauty under the northwest wing. I left to check it out but she was gone when I got to the Broad St. bridge (BSB). I did however notice his whiteness, DC on the west corner top I-beam of OCSR around 8:15am.


DC left and a few minutes later I spotted Beauty nibbling on something on the northeast corner of the Crossroads building. I went down to Graves St. for a closer look but I couldn’t see her from there so I ended up on the ASB where I landed just in time to catch DC fly in and mate with Beauty.

img_0025-beauty-on-crossroads img_0027-bdc-mating-on-crossroads1 capture-bdc-mating-on-crossroads

I got the last of it on tape as DC flew off and a minute later Beauty flew across the way to the west corner top I-beam of OCSR.

capture-dc-flies-off-after-mating capture-dc-leaving-the-scene

capture-beauty-off1 capture-take-off1 capture-beauty-leaves-crossroads img_0029-beauty-west-corner-ocsr

I thought Beauty had flown off but she just went around the corner to the north side and blended in well with her back to me. After I located her I saw DC was now up on the northeast corner of Crossroads and he too was nibbling on something. He flew over to the north corner top I-beam of OCSR with a tiny tidbit and swallowed it down.

img_0030-dc-on-crossroads img_0032-dc2 img_0033-dc img_0034-dc1

I believe they were eating cached food that was up on Crossroads. DC did the same thing as Beauty at the other end of the I-beam by walking around the corner and partially showed his back.

img_0037-dc2 img_0039-location-shot

While I was tweeting DC left the building, since Beauty seemed all tucked in I opted to go look for DC. I found DC on the southwest wing ring at the tippy top of Times Square at 9am. I parked on Exchange Blvd. in front of the Blue Cross Arena to watch him. He was in hunt mode and a soon he flew off to the east.

img_0040-dc capture-dc2

I had to get going and ended my watch at 9:10am.¬†Also this morning,¬†BrianH reported seeing a falcon on the northwest corner of Seneca Towers as he passed by. As I was writing this report I caught a glimpse of a falcon fly past my window on the 16th floor of Seneca Towers. That’ll do it for today’s watch report-so much to make me¬†smile! ūüôā

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Morning watch 3-24-15

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A very cold spring morning with a temperature of 15(F) -9(C) and sunny blue skies

Click on the pics to see the full version

As I arrived on the Broad St. Bridge I spotted Beauty on the deck and Dot.ca (DC) under the northeast wing of Times Square (TSB). I drove down to the hole parking on Bank Place but Beauty was no longer on the deck-I figured she went in the nest box since I didn’t see her on any of the buildings.


At 7:12am DC flew north so I decided to go up on the bridge where I could see if she was in the nest box. She was not and after I tweeted it out I received a tweet from CarolP confirming that Beauty had been in the box but had left. TY So while I was watching DC, Beauty pulled a fast one on me and left-that’s probably why DC left as well. I went north and found him on the northeast corner of the Kodak Office (KO) launchpad.


At 7:23am DC took off to the east in a big hurry-I figured he was after a prey bird.


I made a couple trips around downtown in search of Beauty and DC and as I made my way back from the east side I spotted Beauty under the northeast wing of TSB with her back to me. I went down to Bank Place where I was able to see DC on a north side ledge at the back of TSB with food just before 8am. So, our dapper little DC had caught breakfast and the Beautyful one was waiting on her food gift.

img_0020-beauty3 img_0030-dc-hears-beauty-whining

Beauty started whining as DC was eating and he stopped after a few seconds and stood at attention. At 8:01am DC flew off to the deck with Beauty right on his tail feathers. He landed first, then she landed, grabbed the food and left, taking it to the base of Mercury. DC stood there bewildered looking as it happened so fast the cameras didn’t even pick it up. Beauty was hungry!!


DC flew off to the northeast less than a minute later to watch his mate eat her food gift. I had to reposition myself in the hole to see where DC had gone and see Beauty too. She made short work of her meager meal and flew off to OCSR at 8:16am and landed on the 3rd I-beam near the elevator shaft to do some feaking and rousing before flying off.


Beauty flew past DC, who flew off right after her and they headed northwest out of view. I found DC back on the northeast corner of the Kodak Office launchpad once again at 8:30am.

img_0071-dc img_0074-dc

I left him to go look for Billie and 99 at Seneca Towers. I spotted big girl Billie on the northwest corner eating from St.Paul St.


I drove to the Northridge Church driveway as it was the only place I could get in there-they had the other entrances coned off. From there I could see 99 was on his top window ledge spot and he was watching his mate eat over on the corner.

img_0084-big-buffalo-billie img_0087-99-watching-billie img_0089-bb-and-99<Click it

Around 8:50am Billie stopped eating walked down the north end of the roof with a piece of food in her beak then she placed it on the other side of the railing and walked back before going in on the roof to retrieve her small package then fly up to the west side railing and back around to the northwest corner again. She is a busy girl!


99 had turned his back to me during all this time but when Billie finished eating for good he flew over to her and gave me the impression that he wanted to mate. Billie was not receptive to him and didn’t lift her tail so he went back to his window ledge.

img_0104-where-ya-goin-99 img_0105-99

99 flew out over the river headed west and never looked back. I drove around to Seth Green Drive to look at Billie before wrapping up my watch at 9:30am.


I saw all 4 Rochester Peregrine Falcons on watch today and headed up to my 16th floor apartment at Seneca Towers smiling! ūüôā

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Morning watch 3-23-15

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Had a nice sunny morning watch with blue skies and a temperature of 20(F) -7(C)

Click on the pics to see the full version

I arrived downtown about 7am and found Beauty on the Wilder green strip (WGS)¬†with her back to me. A couple minutes later I could hear the distinctive chirping sound of Dot.ca (DC) but I couldn’t see him because he was on the deck and the Philipone building was blocking my view. The reason I knew he was there was because my friend Donna texted that information and I thank her for it. Next, DC flew across to the WGS, landing on the other side of the fire escape ladder¬†from which his mate Beauty was perched. DC¬†had a dark feathered bird which I believe was a Red-winged Blackbird, and he promptly started plucking the feathers from it to prepare it for his and the Beautyful one’s breakfast.

img_0002-beauty img_0004-bdc1<Click itimg_0010-dc2

img_0019-thats-right-dc-im-hereimg_0020-looks-like-a-blackbird img_0021-dc-fixing-breakfast

Beauty did some preening and a little whining on and off while DC worked her food gift grabbing quite a few bites for himself.

img_0022-spaghetti-anyone img_0027-nom-nom img_0031-beauty-preening

At 7:30am, after DC had his fill he chirped a couple times, picked up the remnants and flew over to Beauty where there was lots of discussion and a tug of war ensued-including DC almost falling off the ledge, until Beauty finally wrestled it away from him and flew off. Falcon games! Ha!!!

img_0040-whats-left-of-his-catch img_0042-dc-handing-over-his-food-gift img_0043-dc-hanging-on img_0046-food-exchange

I watched DC walk down the strip to the southwest corner and then Beauty flew to the southeast corner to have a tasty treat. img_0047-beauty-left-with-his-food-gift img_0049-she-looks-eggy img_0051-location-shot

img_0054-beauty1 img_0057-dc-on-his-corner

Beauty took her time, where DC eats like he never saw food before-he does love his food!

img_0059-beauty img_0060-hi-beautyful

Beauty finished eating, feaked a few times, picked¬†bits of food off her talons¬†and flew off at 7:49am toward the Times Square building. I thought maybe she went to the nest box but I couldn’t say for sure since the Philipone building was blocking my view. A few minutes later she flew to the WGS on the same side of the fire escape ladder as DC and this is how I left them.

img_0072-and-shes-off img_0074-how-i-left-them

I went home to Seneca Towers and found there to be no falcons there so being that it was so sunny and nice I decided to go check on the Seneca Park water birds. There was quite a bit of open water on the pond so they are able to spread out. I believe the African Goose lost its mate for this is the second time I’ve not seen it. The remaining African Goose was up on the shore and had lots to say to me when I first pulled over to say hi.

img_0076-noisy-african-goose img_0078-swan-and-goose-with-a-couple-duck-tails capture-gull-contingent capture-ducks-at-seneca-park<Click them

So that’s how I ended my watch at 8:35am. This afternoon Donna reported that there was a food exchange at the nest downtown and around 3:10pm I spotted a falcon fly past my window coming from the north, flying out over trees and making a U-turn to head southeast toward the roof. I went out to the west (river side) balcony on my 16th floor of Seneca Towers to find Billie on the west side railing 6 floors above me.

img_0002-billie-i-believe img_0003-hi img_0012-billie

That’s all she wrote folks-smile and the world smiles with ya! ūüôā

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Sunday Falcon Watch Plus A Pigott and George Bonus! 3/22/15

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

11:30 am – 3:00 pm

It’s Spring only on the calendar I’m afraid. ¬†It snowed overnight and this morning. ¬†Not much, only about an inch, but that combined with the frigid air reminded us that Winter weather was still hanging on.

I made my Sunday Falcon rounds.

Kodak Park West – No Falcons

BS – Pigott’s old territory. – No Falcons

Downtown I first found Beauty on the Wilder Building green strip.  Thankfully the sun was out and she was enjoying its warm.

Beauty on Wilder -3-22-15Beauty on Wilder -3-22-15

I could not find Dot.ca, so I made my way down to Aqueduct St (aka “the hole”) and found a spot where I could watch Beauty and also see the nest box, and OCSR. ¬†Beauty walked down the green ledge and stopped just short of the fire escape ladder. Then she spread her wings and took off, heading northeast over the river. ¬†Being in the hole made it impossible to see where they went once they passed over the buildings.

About 10 minutes later, a falcon flew back towards me from across the river, heading straight for the nest box on the Times Square Bldg and directly into it.  There was a lot of vocalization and at first I thought there must be two falcon in there.  But it was only falcon and his name is Dot.ca.

Dot.ca to the Nest Box -3-22-15

Dot.ca flew out of the nest box after a few moments and then up to the south east wing ledge of the Times Square Bldg.

DC on the TSB SE Wing Ledge 3-22-15

A quick look around the area and I found Beauty on the top IBeam of OCSR.

Beauty on OCSR -3-22-15

They remained where they were for awhile, that is until Dot.ca spotted something fly through that he needed to escort out.  A pesky Kestrel flew in and and the chase was on.  Dot.ca chased the Kestrel past the OCSR and then they turned, heading north west.  The Kestrel was smaller than Dot.ca and I got a really good view of it this time.  There were no vocalizations by either Beauty or Dot.ca and Beauty never moved from her spot on OCSR.

It wasn’t long before Dot.ca returned, zipped around the Times Square Bldg and then landed on the green strip on the Wilder Bldg.

Dot.ca on the Wilder Bldg -3-22-15

I really tried to get a picture of the Dot.ca vs Kestrel chase, but they were way too fast for my old camera.  lol

Sorry I wasn’t able to tweet any of this to the forum while it was happening. My phone died again. ¬†It really is time for a new one. ¬†ūüôĀ

It was time for me to continue my falcon rounds.  My next stops were the Hawkeye Plant, no falcons there and Seneca Towers where I found one falcon on the ledge above the windows on the south end.  I never was able to positively ID this falcon, but based on size, I believe it was Billie.  I checked all sides of the building, but could only find one falcon.

ST Falcon Billie I Think -3-22-15

My last stop was Russell Station, where I found no falcons.  I ended my Sunday watch after finding 3 of our 4 Rochester Falcons.  All was peaceful and quiet.

Oh, but there’s more! ¬†My friends and fellow watchers Kathy O, Lisa McK and I headed to Syracuse yesterday. ¬†On our way we stopped at Montezuma. ¬†Sadly, most of the roads within the refuge were still closed, impassable due to deep snow. ¬†We did see lots and lots of geese, Canada and Snows coming in to land in the fields. ¬†There wasn’t much open water, so we didn’t see a lot of ducks or other water birds. ¬†One highlight was seeing two Bald Eagles flying together, grasping talons and spiraling into the trees, where we lost sight of them. ¬†That was very cool. ¬†Lots of Great Blue Herons were flying in and this young Red-tail Hawk was intently watching the ground before diving out of the tree to the ground. ¬†We could actually hear the sound s/he made as s/he hit the ground! ¬†Sadly, it was not a successful hunt. ¬†S/he returned to a tree branch to continue the hunt.

Young Red-tail Hawk Hunting Montezuma -3-21-15Young Red-tail Hawk Hunting Montezuma -3-21-15Young Red-tail Hawk Hunting Montezuma -3-21-15

On our way into Syracuse, we stopped to pick up Syracuse Falcon Watcher Susan W.  It was our first time meeting Susan and I was happy that she had been able to join us.  Downtown we found Pigott on the nest box perch.  George arrived and landed above her on the building.  She left the nest box and landed on the Chase Bldg sign and George took her place at the nest box.

During the time we were on watch in Syracuse, it was cold, damp and rained most of the day.  The sun did come out finally just before we had to end our watch.

We saw them tandem hunt the neighborhood pigeons and copulate three times, all on the Chase sign. ¬†It was wonderful to see Pigott with her own territory and mate. ¬†We were all happy to see that all was peaceful and quiet in Pigott & George’s world.

I’ll leave you with some pictures I took while on watch in Syracuse yesterday. ¬†Sorry for the poor quality due to the rain and poor lighting. ¬†Enjoy!

Pigott at the Nest Box -3-21-15George in Syracuse -3-21-15George Near the Nest Box -3-21-15

George at the Nest Box -3-21-15Our View 3-21-15Pigott on the Chase Sign -3-21-15

Pigott and George on Chase Sign -3-21-15George on a Hunt -3-21-15Our Friend Susan W from Syracuse -3-21-15

Pigott and George on the Chase Sign -3-21-15Pigott and George on the Chase Sign -3-21-15The End -3-21-15

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