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Morning watch 6-29-11

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

There were no falcons in the nestbox when I left for my watch this morning. After I arrived downtown it took me about 30 minutes to find Beauty on the Frontier Communications tower.

morning-watch-6-29-11-001-beauty morning-watch-6-29-11-003-b

The Beautyful one and I spent 15 minutes together before she was off and flying.

morning-watch-6-29-11-004-b What a blurry take off shot but you get the picture!lol

5 minutes later I found her on the base of Mercury.

morning-watch-6-29-11-012-b morning-watch-6-29-11-020-b

I didn’t notice at first that she was picking at something. Once the feathers started flying I knew she had prey up there.

morning-watch-6-29-11-017-picking-at-prey morning-watch-6-29-11-018-b morning-watch-6-29-11-013-cleaning-up

Beauty plucked feathers for a few minutes, picked at this small morsel for a few and then preened and cleaned herself up. I thought to myself maybe she is making herself presentable for when Archer comes a callin’! So I stayed on the Broad St. bridge watching Beauty until she flew off.  It was perfect timing for I had to be flying off as well. Keep your eyes to the sky everyone! 🙂

Morning watch 6-28-11

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Beauty was in the nestbox when I left home for my watch and when I arrived downtown she was still there at 5:17am.

morning-watch-6-28-11-beauty-at-517am It’s kinda dark at this time of the morning lol

I parked on the Broad St. bridge  and watched for a little over an hour when the Beautyful one  flew out of the nestbox.


I had to get the truck home at this time. As I left I got a message from Donna saying both Beauty and Archer were in the nestbox. So the little sneak Archer pulled a fast one on old MAK again! I swear he must whip in there while I’m blinking sometimes. lol So about 40 minutes later I was checking Kodak Park.  No pefa in sight there so I returned to downtown Rochester and found Beauty on the top arm of the Frontier Communications tower.


She flew off  when I wasn’t looking.  I went over to the Times Square area arriving just in time to see a falcon fly into the nestbox. Donna informed me that both Beauty and Archer were in the nestbox at this time. As I drove down to Aqueduct St. sneaky Archer went over to the top of the fire escape ladder on the Wilder building.

morning-watch-6-28-11-007-archer-the-sneak morning-watch-6-28-11-009-archer morning-watch-6-28-11-010-a

He stayed there for 10 minutes preening and just being his cute self when suddenly he started working on getting a pellet up and out. I saw it come out of his mouth and then he took off. I guess he had to lighten his load a bit!


Next I found Beauty on Widows Walk on the north side railing same place I saw her yesterday.


She stayed there for 20 minutes and flew off while I was speaking to a gentleman on his way to work in the Thomson Reuters building. After checking the Kodak Office tower I found Archer not Beauty on the top arm of the FCT.  I had reported on my tweet that it was Beauty but after a closer look on my computer screen it looks like Archer.

morning-watch-6-28-11-018-b1 morning-watch-6-28-11-025-a morning-watch-6-28-11-030-a

It was nice to hang out with Archer today. I ended my watch here when he flew off to parts unknown. 🙂

Morning watch 6-27-11

Monday, June 27th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Hi all! Today my watch started a bit later than usual due to Sue starting her new job at 7:00am. For the next 2 weeks I will go out before she goes to work to check on the Beautyful one. If I don’t find her I will go back out after I take Sue to work. Now then, today I found Beauty on the Widows Walk.

morning-watch-6-27-11-005-b morning-watch-6-27-11-009-the-beautyful-one morning-watch-6-27-11-010-b-leaving-to-hide-on-me

I parked down on Aqueduct St. as we hung out for about an hour before she took off flying northeast. She did lots of preening in this time. I was not able to locate her again but I did stop by the Broad St. bridge and take some pics of the river and it’s water birds.

morning-watch-6-27-11-011-genesee-river-by-court-st-bridge morning-watch-6-27-11-022-gbh morning-watch-6-27-11-014-gull-amongst-ducks

As I made my rounds looking for Beauty I stopped by Kodak Office and spotted this Kestrel up on the netting that was placed around the playpen area where the M&K nestbox was located. Now that I have gotten a close look I’m hoping it’s talons weren’t caught in the netting. I will go back and check to see if it’s still there in a bit. Until next time I hope everyone stays safe and happy! 🙂

For more pics from my watch go to this link:


A Falcon Fledge Watch at the Central Terminal – Buffalo, NY on 6/25/11

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

From Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Since we don’t have a fledge watch of our own here in Rochester, a few of us decided to help out in Buffalo. Rochester Falcon Watchers Kathy O, Dana, Dan and Carol P. decided to head up early to watch the young ones at Central Terminal. There were 4 juvies there. Two fledged males; Lehigh and Commodore & two unfledged females; Phoebe Snow (P-S) and Chesapeake (Chessie). We planned on spending the whole day here, since that’s where we all agreed we were needed most.

We arrived at 7:30 am. It was cold (low 60’s), cloudy and windy, very windy. Sage, the Buffalo Watcher, was concerned, since there had been a big party there the evening before. Our first order of business was to find all four juvies.

Immediately we found the adults Stash and Stella. They were flying around and vocalizing. Also, vocalizing were the two young, unfledged females that were still at the nest box, wings spread and flapping like crazy. Ok, now for the boys. Where could they be?

Ah, ha! There was one on the ledge of the lower building below the nest box. A green band let us know this was Commodore. OK, 3 out of 4 wasn’t bad. But where was Lehigh?

We set up Watcher headquarters in the far corner, giving us a good view of the tower and lower building. The winds were strong and they never let up all day. Evidenced by my wind burned face this morning.

We were worried about Lehigh, but since Stash and Stella didn’t seem concerned, we decided to just keep watch. We always take our clue from the parents. If there is a young one in trouble, they will usually let you know by their behavior.

For the next few hours, we watched Stash and Stella fly around the tower putting on quite a show. Flight training was in session! Both girls were paying very close attention. Wings out, flap, flap, flap, run, flap! Even Commodore was getting in on the action. Now and then either parent would land next to a young one and kak encouragement. It was quite entertaining to us below.

At 11:30 am, to our surprise, although we suspected he might be on the flat lower roof, Lehigh launched himself from the roof and was immediately swept up by the winds. With Stella stuck on his tail and trying to give him some lift, he headed off to the left (I’m not sure about directions here yet- lol). He tried to turn, but it was too much for him. We lost him behind the tree line and Stella returned to the tower. He had been heading for a nearby warehouse and we were sure that is where he landed. Kathy O and Dana jumped in the car and drove over to check it out. A few moments later my cell phone rang and yes, Lehigh was just fine. He had landed safely on the warehouse roof and was within view of the Central Terminal. Lou joined the watch at this point.

At 12:45 pm, Lehigh took off and headed back towards us. Come on Lehigh! You can do it! He flapped and he flapped and made his way back to the tower, gaining altitude against the high wind. He almost made a ledge, but just missed, clinging to the brickwork like a bat! Mom was just to his left and dad above. After a few moments of clinging, he spread his wings, flew out from the building and immediately back to a ledge. Yes! Soon after this, Commodore took off and landed on the same ledge as his brother.

Now we could relax again. NOT! The girls continued to flap, flap, flap. That’s when Chessie slipped from the perch and fell with her back to us. She made a valiant effort to fly, but it was too early. This was a premature fledge. Both parents followed her and so did I. I’m not as fast as I used to be, but I ran and tried to keep her in view. She was sinking fast (like my heart) and I lost her behind the trees, right of the tower. Ah, man! I really hate when that happens.

The Rochester Watchers sprung into action. We spread out by car and foot, checking every roof top and lawn. It is residential around the CT. There was a lot of tall grass and trees. She could be anywhere. We watched the behavior of adults. They weren’t much help, circling around the tower and sometimes further out. We watched and listened to the wildlife around us. A Robin would probably be upset by a young Falcon in its’ territory. Crow would probably be curious. Nothing!

After an hour, we met back at CT and went over everything we saw, including pictures that were taken. Lou had the last picture of Chessie before she disappeared behind the trees. We reenacted what happened and looked at Lou’s picture for clues. We zeroed in on a small group of trees and BINGO! There she was! Hanging on for dear life in the center of a very small tree that was blowing in the wind. After an hour and a half we found her! Thank goodness.

We backed off to a safe distance and watched as she continue to hang on, but it was too much for her. She released her grip and fluttered down to the ground. Chessie immediately started walking back towards the Central Terminal. Hey! If she couldn’t fly, why not walk!

For the next half hour, she walked and stretched out her wings, flapping and running. There was no way she was ready to fly yet and there was no way we were going to leave her on the ground. We all agreed that it was time to rescue her. We were joined by a couple of young men that had just made the trip from Westchester, Larry and I’m sorry that I forgot the other young man’s name. They were so excited and they asked if they could help. Of course they could.

We had the rescue box ready and Dana and I had our coats off. We all got into a circle and slowly approached Chessie. Dana was behind her and I was in front, trying to keep her attention on me. Closer, closer and Dana was finally able to gently grab her. Dana placed her in the box and we closed the top. She was safe!

I immediately got on the phone and tried to get in touch with Sage. When I couldn’t, I called Joyce and she was able to get Sage. Sage was having no luck getting in touch with the DEC for that area, so I called June Summers who said she would try to reach her DEC contacts and get back to me.

Meanwhile, we continuously spritzed Chessie to help keep her hydrated. Sage and Roger arrived and so did Martie, who had access to the Central Terminal bldg. At 5:21 pm, after talking to June and after talking to the group, we decided to return Chessie to the lower roof where her brothers had been earlier. Dana with Chessie and Roger & Martie, climbed the 5 stories (there is no electricity)to a panel that they opened to the lower roof. Dana was able to successfully release her onto the roof and quickly retreated into the building. They all returned letting us know that the release had been successful.

Chessie would not show herself, but we were sure she was safe where she was and that her parents could see her. I received a phone call from Jackie Walters, a DEC Wildlife Tech and explained everything to her. She was in total agreement with what we had done and was very thankful. Since Peregrines are endangered species, they are under the protection of the DEC.

Again, we thought all was well and that we could relax. We decided to finally get something to eat. Subs were ordered and enjoyed. No way were we leaving. Even Martie stayed to keep watch and gave us a quick tour of the inside of the Central Terminal. It’s gorgeous in there! Just beautiful. I had always wanted to see it.

Our day wasn’t complete just yet. All of a sudden someone yelled, she’s off! I thought it might be Chessie again, but no, it was her sister Phoebe Snow (P-S). We all watched as she flew to our left, wind behind her. Then she turned into the wind and gained a little altitude. Stella was by her side, guiding her to a safe landing on the same roof we had just released Chessie onto. The two sisters were together again!

P-S jumped up onto the ledge and flapped and jumped. We kept telling her to settle down with her sister for the night. Just before dark, she jumped down from ledge, where we could no longer see her. From that point forward, it was quiet.

When we left around 7 pm, the whole CT family was accounted for. The adults and the two male fledglings were high on the tower. Both females had fledged and were down on the lower roof below the nest box.

After two fledges and a rescue, a weary Rochester Falcon Watch team headed home. I had contacted Joyce and she told me that she and MAK would be continuing the CT Watch the next morning. That’s a whole other story and I’ll let them tell it. I was just happy to hear that Chessie had made it back to the nest box the next day after her rescue. 🙂

Here’s some pictures from our Falcon/Fledge Watch yesterday. No sign on needed. Enjoy!


Fledge watch Buffalo 6-26-11

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

I checked on Beauty this morning arriving downtown at 5:20am. It took a little while but I found her on the Kodak office tower launchpad.


She was being dive bombed by a small bird too small to ID. She flew over to the top arm of the Frontier Communications tower to escape it’s wrath! lol I left the Beautyful one there and went home to wait for Joyce to pick me up for our fledge watch in Buffalo. We went directly to Central Terminal where we found the 2 males and adults. The 2 juvie females were nowhere to be seen.falcon-watch-6-26-11-080-stella falcon-watch-6-26-11-009-stash falcon-watch-6-26-11-046-cl

We found Chessie on the back of the lower roof part of the building where she had been released to on Saturday night after being rescued..


We needed to find Phoebe Snow to complete the family whereabouts. Joyce asked if Marty the building maintenance contact could check  the lower roof for her and he did find her, She was down in a window well that was probably 40ft.long, 25ft. wide and 3 stories deep. He said she appeared in good health and uninjured. After contacting DEC, Jackie was sent out to check on the situation. She said there were ledges down there that Phoebe Snow could work her way out of there on her own. Less stress on her that way rather than rescuing. They will check on her tomorrow. Joyce,Sage,Roger and I went to lunch and when we got back to Central Terminal is when we met Jackie and got the scoop. Chessie was still hanging out on the lower roof but we couldn’t see her for quite a while. The juvie males did some flying with Stella and Stash and then they were fed. Chessie flew across to the nestbox flying in with both wings outstretched. Joyce and held our breath to see if she came out of it uninjured. She came out on the perch and seemed quite pleased to be back home again. My camera battery died on me well before any of this so my pics are from early in the watch. We left CT knowing everyone was safe and sound. Before we came home we stopped at UB and were treated to all 4 juvies flying and talon tagging together around and above the VA hospital. They were very vocal and exciting to see. When they were done 3 of them followed dad home to McKays tower for a meal and that’s how our special fledge watch in Buffalo ended. I had a wonderful time with all these wonderful Peregrine falcons. 🙂

Here’s the link for my photo album from the day:


Morning watch 6-25-11

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Today the joke was on old MAK! After searching downtown for over an hour with no falcon sightings I decided to go over to Kodak Park. Hmmm, nobody in sight there either so I left and returned to the downtown area. Once again I could find no falcons. What to do…go home, grab a breakfast bar,take my pills, have a bathroom break and head back out! Play it again Sam, upon my arrival for the 3rd time I still cannot find a Peregrine Falcon in downtown Rochester! Ok so I’m getting nervous now,thinking of all kinds of scenarios. Back to KP I go! This time I’m in luck. Unity flies from behind the stills to the ibeam in front of the scrape. She stays for only a moment and heads up to the railing on the north side of the tall still.

morning-watch-6-25-11-001-unity morning-watch-6-25-11-003-u

My first sighting after 2 1/2 hours! Woohoo! I was in lot 73 when a very handsome Kodak employee came walking over to the truck. With a big grin on his face he asked- I see people here all the time looking with binocs,what is everyone looking at? So I chatted with him for a good 15 minutes giving him the scoop on Beauty,Unity and Archer. He thanked me and went back to work. Meanwhile, Unity had left the still and flown up to the 2nd catwalk railing on the east stack. A minute later I spotted Archer on the 2nd catwalk railing on the west stack. They were directly across from each other and no doubt making eyes at each other!

morning-watch-6-25-11-011-u morning-watch-6-25-11-005-archer1

Quite pleased to have found them I still needed to find Beauty so I took off for downtown one last time. For another hour I looked for the Beautyful one and finally as I was parked on the Andrews St. bridge facing the Frontier Communications tower I spotted a bump on the platform. After a big sigh of relief I sped over to City Hall for a closer view.

morning-watch-6-25-11-013-b morning-watch-6-25-11-014-b

Having found all 3 Rochester Peregrine Falcons safe, my mission was complete. Beauty sure does like to play hide and seek with me these days. I’m only too happy to oblige her! Enjoy your day everyone! 🙂

Morning watch 6-24-11

Friday, June 24th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Beauty was in the nestbox when I left home but when I arrived on the Broad St. bridge she was up under the northeast wing of the Times Square building.

morning-watch-6-24-11-001-beauty-looking-north morning-watch-6-24-11-003-b

30 minutes later she flew to the nestbox and so did Archer sneak in there without me seeing him. I can’t tell you how many times that tiercel has snuck in under my radar! lol Archer flew out and headed north for his other better half while Beauty flew out and went over to Widows Walk landing on the north side railing.


She left there and ended up on the northeast ledge of Times Square located directly above the nestbox.

morning-watch-6-24-11-017-the-beautyful-one morning-watch-6-24-11-018-b-taking-off

The Beautyful one took off in a bit of a stoop and when she resurfaced from behind the Phillipone building which blocked my view from Aqueduct St. she was on the deck up by the nestbox.


I watched her go into the nestbox and out of my line of vision. It started to rain lightly when she came bolting out of the nestbox flying up to land under the northeast wing of the Times Square building once again.

morning-watch-6-24-11-028-b morning-watch-6-24-11-025-peek-a-boo morning-watch-6-24-11-029-b-feather

Beauty and I hung out for an hour or so when I decided to end my watch and go home for some breakfast. See ya! 🙂

For more pics go here:


Morning watch 6-23-11

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Hi everyone! Yesterday morning I had a brief watch. I had forgotten my phone and couldn’t tweet plus I never found Beauty either in the little over an hours time that I spent downtown. Today was a different story. About 20 minutes into my watch I found Beauty on the 2nd ibeam west corner of the OCSR building.She left before I could get closer for a pic. I found her 5 minutes later on the northeast corner of the launchpad over on the Kodak Office building.

morning-watch-6-23-11-004-beauty morning-watch-6-23-11-011-the-beautyful-one morning-watch-6-23-11-012-b-taking-off-from-ko

The red light was still on as it was a dark morning with rain showers. The Beautyful one and I hung out here for a little over an hour when she took off flying south toward the downtown area. It would be another hour before I would see her again. In the meantime, I watched some ducklings,ducks and a Great Blue Heron in the river between the Broad and Court St. bridges.

morning-watch-6-23-11-018-we-are-family morning-watch-6-23-11-016-ducklings morning-watch-6-23-11-022-gbh

A gentleman named Ricky stopped to chat about the ducklings. We counted a total of 18 in different spots down on the rocks. We then discussed the size difference between Peregrines,hawks and eagles. He went on his way and a couple minutes later I spotted DebbieH walking up the sidewalk. We chatted about the crane that’s parked in the Thomson Reuters parking lot having been lifted to Mercury on Tuesday while I was in Toronto for Harlies’ banding. Deb and I concluded that they attached a wing onto the bent leg of Mercury matching the one on Mercurys’ straight leg. It looked a bit rusty so I think they are probably made out of some sort of metal.

morning-watch-6-23-11-023-wing-from-broad-st-bridge morning-watch-6-23-11-026-wing-from-north-side-on-aqueduct-st

Make sure to click on pics to get a larger image. We crossed over to the other side of the bridge so she could see the little ducklings for a few minutes and then she left for work. Donna informed me not too long after that Harlie was missing as reported by Kat who was on the scene at the Harlequin nest site. I decided to get home so I could get further updates. As I was ready to leave Beauty showed up under the northeast wing of the Times Square building to bid me farewell.

morning-watch-6-23-11-024-beauty morning-watch-6-23-11-027-beauty morning-watch-6-23-11-029-b

To watch a video of the ducklings go here:


And for a few more pics from my watch follow this link:


Have a great day everyone! 🙂

Harlequin banding 6-21-11

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Lynda and Tim picked Joyce and I up at my house and we left at 8:05am for our trip to Toronto for the banding of Harlequin. Our first stop was the Burlington bridge where we saw both adults, Cirrus and MacKenzie and 1 juvie.

harlequin-banding-6-21-11-009-burlington-juvie harlequin-banding-6-21-11-011-burlington-adult-with-prey

We stayed for about 40 minutes and decided to go straight to Harlequin Enterprises for the banding event just in case we ran into traffic issues. When we arrived I went right to work taking pics of the surroundings and buildings there to give everyone at home a better perspective of how things are laid out.

harlequin-banding-6-21-11-025-parking-lot-in-back-of-harlequinThis pic is from the parking lot of Harlequinn and the building in the background is the one the nestbox is located on the 6th floor. We went up to the 5th floor of the Harlequin building where the banding would take place. We were given red bracelets serving as our ID for getting in and out. We took pics and did the meet and greet stuff while we waited for the banding to take place. The CPF folks brought their educational birds to entertain the people attending the banding.

harlequin-banding-6-21-11-090-cpf-barn-owl harlequin-banding-6-21-11-089-cpf-education-birds1

I went back outside to view Quest as the scaffolding was ready to be raised to the nestbox. She got very close to them on either side but didn’t dive bomb them at all. First time jitters perhaps. Next year may be a whole new ball of wax.

harlequin-banding-6-21-11-115-quest harlequin-banding-6-21-11-114-fierce-mama

At this point I was getting a bit frantic because there had been no sighting of Kendal all day and when I got back up to the banding room I went to Tracy from CPF with my concerns and she knew what I was going to say before I even said it. She said she would be checking the rooftops as soon as the banding was over. Luckily that was not necessary for at the very end when the guys were putting little Harlequin back in the nestbox Kendal showed himself and we all gave a big sigh of relief and a cheer.

harlequin-banding-6-21-11-122-out-of-the-box harlequin-banding-6-21-11-169-kendal harlequin-banding-6-21-11-123-harlie

After the banding festivities we decided to go see Linn at the yellow pages building where we saw Linn and 2 juvies on the ledge above the nestbox. They will be fledging there anytime now.

harlequin-banding-6-21-11-192-yellow-pages-building-linn harlequin-banding-6-21-11-194-linn

Our next decision didn’t turn out so good for it was rush hour in the big city and we went to check out the Sheraton site with Rhea Mae and Tiago. Traffic was bumper to bumper on every street with no parking anywhere. I managed to see one adult flying above the nest site and Joyce saw a juvie hanging out on the ledge but that was it as we drove out of there. It took over 2hrs. start to finish to navigate our way through the big and busy city of Toronto. This was our last falcon sighting of the day before we headed on home with a total of 11 falcons being seen on this day.

I’d like to thank  Harlequin Enterprises for the invitation to the banding and as always all the folks from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation for all their efforts as well as the Ministry of Natural Resources(the Canadian version of the DEC here in the states). It was an honor and privilege to  take part in this banding event. I also want give my warmest thanks to Tim and Lynda who graciously drove Joyce and I to this special banding event. I love this little falcon family with all my heart and I so enjoyed taking pics to share with everyone! Enjoy! 🙂

Here’s the link for my banding day album:


And the link to a short video of Harlequin:


Morning watch 6-20-11

Monday, June 20th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

When I arrived downtown this morning as soon as I could see the Wilder building coming down Broad St. I spotted Archer . He was on one of his favorite perches, the top of the fire escape ladder. I took these 2 pics at the intersection of Broad and Exchange streets while stopped for a red light. Good thing cuz he flew off heading north as the light changed.

morning-watch-6-20-11-002-archer morning-watch-6-20-11-001-archer-first-pic-of-the-day

I figured he was going over to Kodak Park to be with Unity. That would be the one and only time I saw Archer on my watch about 30 seconds worth. 10 minutes passed  before I found Beauty. I spotted her way up on the northwest corner of the Crossroads building as I was driving down State St. southbound toward Times Square. As per usual she had her back to me.

morning-watch-6-20-11-003-b-on-crossroads-building morning-watch-6-20-11-006-b-crop

I took the pic and went to another location to get the front shot so I could be sure it was the Beautyful one. She didn’t stay there for long and it was a few minutes later that I spotted her on the south ledge of the Times Square building. The one directly across from the nestbox where Jemison made his first flight.


Beauty was there only long enough for me to click off one shot of her and then she went over to the jail tower landing on the second arm on the east side.

morning-watch-6-20-11-008-b-jail-tower morning-watch-6-20-11-013-b-preening morning-watch-6-20-11-015-beauty

She perched there and preened herself for  20 minutes or so and off she went to the north. She loves to play cat and mouse with me lately.  I found her over on the Frontier Communications tower on the platform eating a small morsel of cached food. She made short work of it then flew up to the platform railing on the west side.

morning-watch-6-20-11-018-b-on-fct morning-watch-6-20-11-022-b

I parked on N.Plymouth Ave. right across the street from the Frontier building that holds the communications tower. The sun was in the wrong place so the pics are basically silhouettes.I watched a security guard come out of Frontier and take off his security jacket, so I figured he was getting off his shift. His car was parked across from me and he walked over to ask if I was watching the hawks. I told him they were Peregrine falcons and some facts about M&K and Kodak and Beauty and Archer. He said his father tried finding the website with no luck so I gave him one of the business cards Joyce gave me to hand out with the pertinent information on it and showed him a pic of Beauty on my camera. He seemed quite pleased,thanked me and left. I love telling people about our Rochester falcons. Anyway, Beauty flew off as I was getting ready to end my watch. 🙂


For a few more pics go to this link:


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