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2019 Fledges, Juvies Jupiter, Donna, Phoenix and Lakota!

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Wow!  What a Fledge Watch this has been so far.  All 4 juvies (yes, juvies) have successfully fledged.  The Rochester Falcon Watchers have been very busy, covering from sun up to sun down, in all kinds of weather.  I am so proud of this bunch of very passionate folks that love the falcons and want to be there in case they get into trouble.  Thanks to all of you!

I finally had a chance to go through my 1,400 pictures taken over the past few days, and I’ve chosen a few to share.  Enjoy!

June 19, 2019

1-donna-phoenix-6-19-192-donna-phoenix-6-19-19<— Donna and Phoenix on the front of the TSB after they fledged.

June 21, 2019

1-jupiter-on-wilder-ladder-6-21-19<— Jupiter on Wilder Bldg ladder.

2-lakota-on-top-of-ts-fledge-6-21-19<— Lakota on top of the Times Square Bldg after his Fledge Flight.

3-donna-jupiter-on-wilder-6-21-19<— Donna and Jupiter on the Corner of the Wilder Bldg.

4-phoenix-on-powers-6-21-19<— Phoenix on the Powers Bldg.

June 22, 2019

1-phoenix-on-telesca-6-22-19<— Phoenix on the Telesca Bldg.

2-jupiter-on-ww-6-22-19<— Jupiter on WW.

3-phoenix-and-flag-6-22-19<— Love the flag pics! This year it’s Phoenix’s turn.  🙂

June 23, 2019

1-dotca-on-cam-1-6-23-19<— Dot.ca on Cam 1 aka Pan Cam.

2-beauty-lakota-tsb-6-23-193-beauty-lakota-tsb-6-23-19<— Beauty Feeding Lakota on TSB Well Wall.

4-phoenix-tsb-6-23-19<— Phoenix on the Parapet Ledge, just above the nest box.

5-phoenix-tsb-6-23-19<— Phoenix is the first juvie to make it to the top of Cam 1 this year!

6-donna-beauty-phoenix-tsb-6-23-19<— This is my favorite pic so far.  Beauty landed with food and Donna chased her, while Phoenix watched from above.  🙂

7-donna-wilder-6-23-19<— Donna on Wilder looking for a shady spot.

8-beauty-wilder-6-23-19<— Beauty loves to spread her wings on the Wilder green stripe. A well deserved rest!

9-beauty-off-wilder-6-23-19<— Time to get back to work!  Beauty takes off from the Wilder Bldg.

10-beauty-dotca-ocsr-6-23-19<— Beauty and Dot.ca meet for a short ee-chup session on the OCSR.

11-phoenix-lakota-tsb-6-23-1912-phoenix-lakota-tsb-6-23-19<— Phoenix and Lakota spent a lot of the day on the TSB well wall, near the nest box.  They practiced flapping their wings and strengthening their muscles.  They were the last two to fledge and I was happy to see them do this.

13-jupiter-donna-beauty-ww-6-23-19<— Jupiter, Donna and Beauty on WW.  We saw a lot of Jupiter today, but it was mostly flying high and fast with Beauty and Dot.ca.  He also loves to chase his sister Donna.  When he was tired, he spent time napping on the ledge above the nest box in the shade.

We’ve also noticed that when Beauty and Dot.ca alarm kak when a TV or other intruder flies too close to the Times Square Bldg, both Donna and Jupiter both join their parents by alarm kaking loudly and looking up.  Just one part of their training which they’ll go through over the next couple months.

So sorry I haven’t had a lot of time to leave more detailed reports this year.  I’ll add more pictures over the next few days.  The fledge watch continues for the next week or so.  Watching these four young eyases, fledge and become juvies has been so much fun this year!

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