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Mariah at the Mall and St. Ann’s – 10/27/09 (3:15 – 4:20 pm)

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

From Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

After hearing from Jim P, Dana and Dan that Mariah was at the Medley Mall this afternoon, I decided to head over there after work and this is what I saw.


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It’s so nice seeing Mariah again.  🙂

Mariah at the Medley Center (aka Irondequoit Mall) on Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

From Rochester Falcon Watcher – Carol P.

Well, its been a really long time since my last post.  This is a Watch Report that I’ve been wanting to post for a very long time.

Yesterday, Dana reported seeing a Falcon at the Medley Ctr in Irondequoit, NY at noon.  This is a suburb of Rochester, just north of the city.  It was a dark, overcast day and she only had a small camera with her.  When I enlarged the picture, I was pretty sure this bird was banded on the right leg.  Now let’s speed to Saturday morning.

Dana called me just before 11 am.  I was at work and I was just getting ready to leave.  She and Lou had just watched a Falcon eating a Pigeon at the Medley Ctr, near Macy’s.  When the Falcon finished eating, it flew to another part of the Mall, landing on top of a peaked, glass roof.  She and Lou had to leave, so I told her that I would be picking up Brian soon and that we’d head over to the Mall.

The Falcon was still on  the peaked glass roof of the Mall when we got there.  I set up the new Watcher’s Scope (thanks everyone!) and we had our first close-up views.  Brian said “I see a band on the right foot!”  I took a look through the scope just in time to see the right foot come up for a quick scratch.  “Blue with a yellow racing stripe!!!”  Woo Hoo!  It was Mariah and she was looking MARVELOUS!

As Brian and I were doing our happy Falcon dance, we started making phone calls to all the Watchers we could think of.  Before long, Watchers started to arrive from near and far.  Let’s see, there was Brian, Dan S, Larry O, Kathy O, Lisa McK, Dawn, Joyce, Ginny, Dana, Lou, Lynda and Carol P.  I think that’s everyone.

While we were Watching Mariah, a car pulled up.  It was Cornpoppy!  He had a friend with him and had just been on his way to Sears, when he saw some familiar folks just milling around the parking lot with binoculars, cameras and a scope.

Mariah made some short flights around the Mall, returning to the glass peaked roof three times.  The last time she flew off was around 3:00 pm.  She headed east where we lost sight of her.

John Carlos arrived just after Mariah left.

She looked wonderful, no evidence of the wound on her chest.  This was the first time we had been able to positively ID Mariah since she left the downtown area.  I’ll bet you all know where the Falcon Watchers will be tomorrow morning.  😉

So many thanks to Dana for being the first one to spot Mariah at the Medley Mall!

UPDATE:  Below is the URL to a KGallery Album with pictures from today’s watch.  No sign on needed.  Enjoy!  Carol P.


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