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Morning watch 10-20-12

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The morning started out peaceful as I checked from the Broad St. Bridge(BSB) and saw no falcons. I then checked the east side finding nothing other than the crows leaving their night time roost from the trees of Washington Square Park. Next I went to the Andrews St. bridge(ASB) to check the north end of the downtown area with no sightings. As I was pulling away I got a report from Donna saying Beauty was at the nest box, so I zoomed down State St. to find Dot.Ca(DC) under the northeast wing.

img_0760-dc img_0767-dc

I parked by He’s Chinese to watch but I couldn’t see Beauty. After a few minutes I decided to walk up on the BSB to see Beauty but as I turned around to look back at the Times Square building(TSB) DC took off and so I followed him. Over the river he flew fast and then the next thing I saw was 3 falcons over the Xerox tower. DC seemed to stay away from the other two who were duking it out over Midtown and Bausch&Lomb locking talons several times and then backing off each time. They kept disappearing behind Xerox,B&L and Midtown only to come back into view chasing and dive bombing each other as DC flew back to the TSB and landed under the northeast wing. I saw one circling above Xerox and then it flew east out of view. I waited to see if they returned to my field of view from the BSB but they did not so I went back down to He’s to keep an eye on DC and the nest box.

This is when Larry came to help with the watch. He went up to the BSB and I took a ride over to the east side parking by Manhattan Square Park I saw Beauty hovering above Xerox and so did Larry while DC remained on TSB. Larry reported that she flew north so I went to check the north side of OCSR from Bragdon St. by the Radisson Hotel. I found Beauty on the top ibeam northeast side and she seemed to be ok to me.


Sure wish I could have seen the falcon Beauty was battling closer so as to ID it but no such luck. I wonder if it was the same one that CarolP saw last night on her watch when she said 2 pefas were having an argument. And I have to wonder if it was Pigott or even KPF that are trying to give Beauty a run for her territory. UGH! I hope the whole winter isn’t going to be like this for my blood pressure already runs high enough! lol  I returned to BSB and as Larry was getting ready to leave DC flew off TSB.


Larry left and I went to the ASB to keep an eye on Beauty. Soon after I arrived she took off and then I saw a falcon fly up to and land under the northeast wing. I then high tailed it over to the TSB where I found Beauty under the southeast wing and DC under the northeast wing of the TSB.


I worked my way from He’s Chinese up to Falcon Watcher Central to observe them. They both flew off and circled above the Philipone building with DC returning to the northeast wing and Beauty to the ledge right above the nest box for a minute or so. They both flew off again circling above the Philipone building with Beauty landing next to the main cam and DC once again going to the wing.

img_0801-beauty B img_0808-dc DC img_0810-hi-beautyful B

This is where I left them as I had to get going. I was not excited in a good way to see a battle this morning on my watch but I did leave downtown smiling knowing that our resident pair were ok! 🙂

Click the links below for pics and videos



Morning watch 10-19-12

Friday, October 19th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

I didn’t find Beauty until almost an hour into my watch after checking around the city 2 or 3 times. I came up on the Broad St. bridge from the east side and saw her immediately on the south corner top ibeam of  OCSR. I went down to the hole to park and then walked over to Aqueduct Park to be closer to the Beautyful one.

img_0733-beauty img_0737-beauty img_0734-beauty1

I spent about 20 minutes with her before she flew off to the northeast after a flock of pigeons. They were over Andrews Place apartments by St. Paul and Andrews St. and then I lost them. Usually when falcons take off they tend to drop off their perch and then gain altitude. Beauty flew up when she took off OCSR and so the take off shot is mainly her shadow on the glass and at the very top of the pic you can see her tail feathers.

img_0738-beauty-the-cutie img_0741-beauty img_0743-beautys-shadow-on-ocsr

I walked back to the car and drove to the east side hoping I’d find her on HSBC. As I was stopped at the traffic light at Clinton and Court St. I spotted Beauty up on the southwest corner on the railing of HSBC. I had time for one pic after I pulled over by Manhattan Square Park as she flew off to the west chasing 2 pigeons toward the river.


Back to the Broad St. bridge I was able to  make out a falcon on the jail tower on the north side just above the dish. I drove over to the Court St. bridge for a closer look and was able to determine it was Beauty.

img_0749-beauty img_0752-beauty

Remember how I said their routine changes after a few days in one of my previous reports? Well, after finding her on the north side of OCSR the last couple days first thing in the morning, today she was on the move and didn’t go to that north side at all. Hence a new routine. It was time to wrap it up so I said goodbye to Beauty and drove up to Broad St. to take a quick pic of the window washers at Thomson Reuters before heading out.


A couple hours of chasing Beauty around the city is my idea of a good watch and more than enough reason to smile! 🙂

Click the links below for a couple videos


Morning watch 10-18-12

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

So the latest routine for Beauty is hanging out on the north side of OCSR most of the day. Today was more of the same as I found her there on the top ibeam at the north corner just like yesterday morning.


The rising sun shone on her a while later and made her look white in the front.


My camera had a hard time focusing on this bright spot on OCSR. lol Beauty flew off when I wasn’t looking so after checking around downtown without finding her or Dot.Ca(DC) I went to the Brighton site. As I was driving I watched a pefa fly off the roof on the west side from right above the cubby. It flew southwest out of sight. I waited for a little while to see if it would return with no luck. I then checked KP to no avail as well before going to run some errands. I returned to our fair city and found Beauty on the top ibeam northeast side with her mate DC at the north corner of the 2nd ibeam.

img_0725-beautyful img_0729-dc

Yesterday Lisa and I noticed a painting on the west side wall of the Andrews building at the corner of Andrews St. and St. Paul St. Today there was a man and a woman in cherry pickers working on the details. The woman on the right used a paint roller to spell out the words “will power”. Very artistic and I like it!

img_0692-being-painted-on-andrews-building-cool-eh click pic for full version

While the Beautyful one and DC were not doing anything exciting I took some pics of the Sister Cities pedestrian bridge. It crosses the Genesee river by the Radisson Hotel to the OCSR building on the other side. On the east (Radisson) side there is one entrance and when you get to the middle of the bridge it veers off to the left and right so that you have 2 exits on the west side(OCSR side). In other words it’s Y shaped.

img_0688-pedestrian-bridge-from-lower-walkway This pic taken from the west side lower walkway

There are two sets of stairs on the west side that go from the lower walkway to the upper and they make me think of the Rocky movie where he runs up the stairs.


I ended my watch just before noon leaving our content pair of Peregrines on OCSR. It was a breezy,sunny  morning which made me smile as I put all the windows down on Angel Car and drove off!  🙂

2 links below to click on for your viewing pleasure



Morning watch 10-17-12

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a cold 35 degrees fahrenheit when I left my house this morning and I was very thankful for AC(Angel Car). I arrived on the Broad St. bridge(BSB) about 7:15am and could find no falcons in that area or on the east side near Xerox and HSBC. I took a ride over to the Andrews St. bridge where you can see the north side of OCSR the best and it was there that I found Beauty on the top ibeam at the north corner.

img_0580-beauty img_0595-beautyful

I then drove over to Bragdon St. next to the Radisson Hotel and where the pedestrian bridge crosses the river to the OCSR for closer viewing. I watched the Beautyful one for about an hour from the pedestrian bridge and from below the OCSR on the river walkway. While there, a woman came by and dumped a bag full of Tortilla chips in the middle of the bridge for the gulls and pigeons. She had obviously done this before cuz they all flew in and lined when they saw her coming.


The sunshine was abundant today unlike the last few dark dreary overcast mornings which helped to keep me warm except for my fingers. Even with gloves on they always get cold and numb so I ended up going back over to the Andrews St. bridge to watch in a warm car. While there, Lisa McK who met me yesterday morning when she was out on her Lights out watch for dead migratory birds that have fallen victim to slamming into buildings because the light drew them to it came by to join me. We watched Beauty and chatted for a bit. She showed me a couple pics of a bat she found clinging to the base of the Xerox building and then I dropped her off by the South Ave. garage where her car was parked before heading over to the Brighton site to look for falcons. I didn’t find any but I saw a lot of pretty fall colors on the trees in Mt. Hope Cemetary and along the river on Exchange  Blvd. by Cornhill so I took some pics.

img_0624-trees-in-mt-hope-cemetary img_0630

Upon returning to the Andrews St. bridge over an hour later I found Beauty still there just to the west of the north corner on OCSR top ibeam and now she had company on the top ibeam on the northeast side. Dot.ca(DC) had arrived while I was gone and was up there preening away.

img_0650-dotca img_0652-dc

I drove over to the hole and parked AC and then walked over to the walkway by the OCSR to have some more closer viewing. Beauty had her back to me and was napping for the most part with DC preening,stretching and looking around at his territory.

img_0607-sleeping-beauty B img_0643-bdc img_0640-stretch-it-out-dc1 DC

I also took some pics from the pedestrian bridge to show my view of the area from there. The air was warming up nicely, the sun was shining and I had Beauty and DC in my sights. As I ended my watch to meet an old friend for coffee I thought what more could a girl ask for to make her smile! 🙂

Click the links below for more pics and a few videos



Morning watch 10-16-12

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Just when I think Beauty and Dot.Ca  have a regular routine they change it up on me. Not only changing it but DC was not even in the picture this morning.

After checking the entire downtown scene with no pefas to be found I took a ride to Brighton. Nothing there either! When I returned to the Broad St. bridge I noticed a familiar figure on the top ibeam of OCSR at the south corner. It was the Beautyful one!

img_0571-beauty img_0575-beauty

The sky kept spitting light rain showers on and off during my watch with a dismal dreary backdrop of dark skies. Donna told me that pan cam was on the Thomson Reuters building showing the pretty fall colors of the ivy that grows on it. I just happened to be in the hole at the time and so I took a pic of it. I also took a couple pics of the trees and ivy behind the Blue Cross Arena just to brighten up this report.

img_0573-thomson-reuters-fall-colors img_0576-color-on-the-river-side-behind-blue-cross-arena img_0577-behind-blue-cross-arena

Lisa McK stopped by as she was out looking for dead birds below tall buildings in an effort to get owners to turn their lights out at night or at the very least close blinds so that migratory birds don’t fly into windows drawn by the light. It’s an Audubon effort locally and nationally.

We chatted while we kept track of Beauty up on the OCSR building. She was preening and napping and she ended up turning around showing her back when it started to rain.

img_0569-beauty img_0578-beauty

Beauty got settled in as Lisa left. I stayed a short time longer and then I ended my watch leaving Beauty in the rain.  No DC this morning but Beauty turned up to put a smile on my face! 🙂

One video at the link below of Beauty in the rain preening


Morning watch 10-15-12

Monday, October 15th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A little different start to my watch today as I was driving down Broad St. from the west I could see Dot.Ca(DC) under the northeast wing. Then as I was stopped at the traffic light at Broad and Fitzhugh I watched Beauty fly in from the east and go to the Times Square building (TSB). Of course at the time I didn’t know who was who until I got a text from Donna who said that Beauty was at the nest box. Thanks for your much appreciated help Miss D!

img_0502-beauty img_0541-hello

I first parked on the Broad St. bridge(BSB) to observe our downtown pair and as 8:00am approached (you have to pay for parking from 8-6 Monday-Friday) I left to park down in the hole for free. As I was turning off  Broad St DebbieH was crossing Exchange St. to join me before going to work. Almost as soon as we got situated between the Thomson Reuters parking lot and the Phillipone building (the hole) DC flew off the TSB chasing a bird. He flew right above us and almost got it by the Thomson Reuters building(TRB) before going back to the TSB. The Kestrel which looked like a juvie due to the white down feathers it was sporting, landed on the lower rear roof of the Phillipone building briefly looking a bit dazed.


It then flew to the safety of a tree in Aqueduct Park and Deb had to leave for work. Beauty had left the nest box unbeknownst to me and DC made a few attempts at other small birds flying in his Times Square area.  His head was on a swivel making my neck hurt just looking at him. lol

img_0533-dc-watching-a-small-bird-fly-by img_0541-hello1 img_0546-im-gonna-get-you

DC met up with Beauty over the river and had a nice flight together riding the swift winds that were blowing in dark and gloomy downtown Rochester this morning. They returned to the TSB as he went under the northeast wing and she went back to her nest box. This has been their routine for a few days now doing their falcon duties of him watching the territory and her guarding the nest. DC flew after a bird behind the Telesca building and returned empty taloned to the base of the northeast wing where he tried in vain to bring up a pellet and did some preening. No doubt he wanted to lighten his load so he could be that much faster to hunt.


DC left around 9:40am and Beauty was also gone from the nest box so I took a ride over to Brighton to try and catch Miss Pigott at home. No such luck! I’d really love to know where that little girl has been wandering off to lately.  I went back downtown and from the Andrews St. Bridge I found the Beautyful one on the top ibeam of OCSR northeast side.

img_0558-watching-pigeons-over-river img_0568-hi-beautyful

Beauty was checking out some pigeons that were flying back and forth across the river. I left her to it as I ended my watch. Keep smiling! 🙂

Videos can be seen at the links below


Falcon watch dedicated to S2 10-14-12

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

I write this report with a very heavy heart in honor of the life of S2 as news of her death from the DeMortel site in the Netherlands has been realized. I was  a lurker when S2 first became famous for taking over the care of  eyasses that were not hers. It touched my heart to say the least and when I heard of the news that she had been shot last year, of course I kept track of her handling and recovery. She was on the last legs of her rehab and with a falconer to finish preparing for her release in the weeks to come. S2 died this past Friday from fly infestation-maggots eating away at her from inside. This is devastating to everyone who loved her and we must remember that she was given the best of care and the shooter is the only one to blame for her death. Fly free, brave and strong S2 we will never forget you!

s2 I borrowed this pic of S2 from the BCAW site

I was going to take the day off from falcon watching and when I heard this sad news, well I just had to go check and see if our own Rochester falcons were ok. As I arrived on the Broad St. bridge I spotted a falcon under the northeast wing. It had its back to me and I had a hard time deciding who it was until I got home to check the pics on my computer screen. It was Dot.Ca and he was doing some serious preening up there while I watched.

img_0476-dc img_0482-dc

I decided to take a ride over to the Brighton site to look but there was no falcons in sight over there. I returned to downtown after hearing that Beauty was at the nest box from Donna. Thanks D!  Beauty was still there when I returned and DC was under the northeast wing.

img_0485-beauty img_0488-beauty

I shared space with them for a half hour or so as it gave me some relief from the grief I feel over S2. During my short watch both Beauty and DC seemed to look me in the eye as if to say we’re here for ya.

img_0493-hello-beautyful img_0475-hi-there-handsome2

I will end my report here knowing that nature can be tragic but it can also make you smile! 🙂

1 video of our Times Square pair at the link below


Falcon Watch – Saturday – 10/13/12 – A Visit With Barb From LA!

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Today I was so excited to meet Barb from LA.  After speaking to her yesterday evening, we decided to meet on the Broad St Bridge at 11 am this morning.  I quickly got an email out to all the Watchers to let them know.  We do love when we receive a visitor.  🙂

Many Watchers were on hand (MAK, Larry O, Lisa McK, Shaky, Jeanne, Joyce, Kathy O, Judy and her brother from South Carolina, and myself) to greet Barb and her brother Rich this morning.  Beauty and Dot.ca were also in attendance the whole time Barb was there.  She was thrilled to see both in person and to see all the Falcon Watch Landmarks that are mentioned in our reports.  Shaky even turned Pan Cam (Cam #1) towards us to show the virtual watchers.

The weather could not have been nicer.  Blue sky and sunshine.  A beautiful morning.

During our visit, another forum member, a friend of Barb’s, called to let us know that we were on camera.  It was was very nice speaking to you Florida Donna!  I really hope that you will be able to visit some time soon!

Here are some pictures I took during Barb’s visit:

Barb From LA's Visit to RochesterBarb From LA's Visit to RochesterBarb From LA's Visit to Rochester

Barb's Visit


Here are a few pics captured by Pancam aka Camera #1 thanks to Shaky!

Barb From LA's Visit to RochesterBarb From LA's Visit to RochesterBarb From LA's Visit to Rochester


Beauty and Dot.ca were kind enough to be around for Barb’s visit.  lol 🙂

Beauty on TSBDot.ca on TSBBeauty at NB TSBBeauty at the NB TSB


When Barb and her brother had to leave us, we all said our goodbyes.  I really do love when we get visitors and always get a little sad when they leave.

Safe trip home Barb!  Good luck watching your own Miracle Mile falcons.  Some day I’d love to visit and see them for myself!  It was also nice meeting you Rich.  I’ll make sure to say hi if  I see you when I’m over on the Andrews St Bridge near the federal building.

After everyone left, I decided to check on KPF again, for the 2nd time today.  No luck finding her either time.

Joyce went over to the BS location and had no luck finding Pigott there.

My next stop was Charlotte to see if I could spot the juvie falcon I had seen there last weekend.  I sat in the parking lot for about 45 mins and did not see any falcons.  Dana and Lou joined me for awhile.  While they were there, we saw a young Bald Eagle fly over the river towards the east side.  So that was exciting!  While I was there this Mockingbird serenaded me from a nearby pine tree.  Loved every minute of it!

Mockingbird at Charlotte


Clouds were moving in, so I decided to call it a day.  On my way home it started to rain, I spotted a familiar shape on a tall antenna on Long Pond Rd, in Greece.  I quickly pulled into a store across the street and took a quick picture before taking a better look with my binoculars.  Yes!  I am pretty sure it was a small sized juvie Peregrine Falcon.  Before I could get any other pictures, the falcon took off heading SE!  Darn!  The one picture I snapped would have to do.  But I will definitely be keeping my eyes to the sky looking for this young falcon!  Here is the picture I took plus a cropped version.

Juvie Pefa in GreeceJuvie Pefa in Greece



Morning/afternoon watch 10-13-12

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

I started my watch a bit later than I normally do today for a special guest watcher all the way from LA,California was going to join local watchers at 11:00am on the Broad St. bridge. Watchers that turned out to meet Barb from Los Angelos were LarryO,CarolP,Jeanne,Lisa McK,Joyce,Shakymon, Judy and a gentleman I didn’t get the name for(sorry),KathyO and yours truly me,MAK!

I was by myself for the first hour of the watch and our downtown Peregrine pair were present and accounted for as Beauty was at the nest box and Dot.Ca(DC) was under the northeast wing of the Times Square building(TSB) when I arrived on the Broad St. bridge(BSB).

img_0345-beauty img_0346-dc-watching-his-girl-down-below-well-one-of-his-girls-lol

For the next 45 minutes Beauty was on the move keeping me very busy going from the top of cam 4 to the base of Mercury, then next to the main cam and back to Mercury. Phew she gave me a workout there for a while.

img_0352-beauty img_0385-beauty-eh img_0407-beauty-taking-off-from-mercury

Beauty actually laughed at ole MAK at one point! If you don’t believe me just take a look!!! lol

img_0379-b-laughing-at-mak See,she likes to smile too! 🙂

And it didn’t end with Beauty for DC had ants in his pants too flying off that northeast wing ledge multiple times only to show up back under it again.

img_0354-dc img_0360-dc img_0389-dc

Beauty eventually settled on the little ledge under the nest box at the northeast corner of the TSB opposite of Archers’ nook.

img_0408-beauty img_0410-beauty img_0432-sleeping-beauty

LarryO joined me at Falcon Watcher Central(FWC) at this time followed by CarolP a few minutes later. At about 11:15 the guest of honor arrived with her brother Rich who works at the Federal Building on State St. at Andrews St. as a security guard. He told me about how often he sees falcons flying around near the Andrews St. bridge when he does an outside building check. I pointed out the different buildings and took Barb for a walk down on Exchange St. to see Beauty closer up and to point out He’s chinese restaurant and Tim Hortons at Main and State St.

img_0422-barb-from-california Barb-click pic for full version

You know-to give her a lay of the land so to speak. We all had a nice visit and fortunately for Barb, Beauty and DC stuck around so she could see them the entire time she was with us on watch. Our local watchers started leaving along with Barb who had a family function to attend. She is a very nice woman who will be returning to California on Tuesday.  When I ended my watch only Carol and Joyce remained. I departed downtown smiling for having had a really nice falcon watch with friends old and new as well as near and far!  🙂

To see more pics and videos click on the links below



Falcon Watch Report – Evening – 10/12/12 – Beauty, Dot.ca and Pigott, Yes Pigott Today!

Friday, October 12th, 2012

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Today after leaving work, I first checked out the KP area.  I could not find any falcons in the area, so I my nest stop was downtown, Rochester.  After checking KO, FCT and the north side of OCSR and finding no falcons, I headed towards the Broad St Bridge (BSB).  On the way, my phone tweeted!  It was Ei and she said the B&DC were on the top IBeam, south side of the OCSR.  Thanks Ei!

Beauty & Dot.ca on south side of OCSR

There was only parking on the south side of the BSB, and it was getting really crowded, so I ended up down on Aqueduct St aka the hole.  This area gives you a great view of the south side of OCSR, the Wilder Bldg, the Widows Walk, the Mercury Statue and the Times Square Bldg (TSB).  You lose the falcon really quickly when it flies away from the TSB. Both Beauty & Dot.ca took off from the OCSR.  She flew to the nest box and he flew to the base of the NE wing on the TSB.  Beauty left the nest box quickly and landed at the base of the SE wing on the TSB.  A closer look at DC showed that he had food and he was eating.  After finishing his meal, he walked in towards the bottom of the wing to cache the remainder.

Beauty Base of SE Wing TSBDot.ca at base of NE Wing of TSB with Food


After preening a bit, Dot.ca took off and went back to the top IBeam of OCSR.  After awhile, Dot.ca sounded the alarm and kakked all the way up to the top of the NE wing on the TSB landing on what we call the “wing ring”.

DC on the Wing Ring on top of the NE Wing of the TSBDC Takes of from TSB

Dot.ca settled down and preened for awhile, although he remained vigilant.  I have no idea what upset him.  Maybe a hawk passing through?  During all of this, Beauty was not bothered at all.  In fact, she walked around the corner of the base of the wing and laid down for a nap.  All I could see was her tail feathers as she soaked in the last of the late day sun.  DC on the other hand, took off yet again.  This time heading SE.  Maybe towards the BS location?  After he left, I was approached by Amerks fans asking if I were watching the falcons.  They wondered what happened this year and I explained and they continued on their way.  It was the Amerks (Rochester’s hockey team) home opener.  I wished them luck.

Well, now that DC was gone and Beauty was snoozing, I decided it would be a good time to check out the BS location to see if DC headed that way.

At the BS location, I circled twice, finding nothing.  All was quiet.  One last time around.  I was on the south side when a bunch of Crows landed on the building and they were CAWING very loudly.  In the middle of all the CAWS, I heard a very loud answering EE-CHUP KAK KAK KAK.  It got louder and I kept looking around for the source of the sound of a very irate Peregrine Falcon.  Finally, I found one sitting on a window near where the Crows had landed.

Pigott at BS

Just as I was trying to get a good look at this falcon, another, smaller Peregrine flew in fast!  It was Dot.ca and we all know how much he dislikes Crows!  He was off like a shot!  Chasing Crows here and there and before long he had them cleared out of the area.  Pigott remained on the windowsill, until it was all done.  Then Dot.ca took off, but I didn’t see where he went.

Dot.ca at BS - Off like a flash after the Crows

100’s of Crows continued to stream in from the south, heading north towards the city and their nightly roosts.  Every now and then, some of them would come down to check things out, but they all eventually continued on their way.

Crows Heading Towards DT

Kathy O joined me earlier in the Watch and we settled in to watch as Pigott came off of the windowsill and and landed on the corner of the building above us.

Pigott at BS

We were losing light when Dot.ca returned.  He landed on the south side of the building and Pigott went to the cubby on the west side of the building.  She was vocalizing by ee-chupping softly.  Maybe calling Dot.ca.  Pigott is very grown up now.  No more whining continuously when DC was around.  She has turned into a very lovely adult.

Pigott left the cubby and ended up on the corner closest to where Dot.ca was located.  As it got darker, P took off and stooped to the west.  She returned empty taloned.

Dot.ca again took off.  He did not return as far as we know.  Maybe heading back to downtown Rochester?  It was getting dark, so Kathy and I decided to go home, leaving Pigott on the SW side of the building.

It was nice seeing Pigott again.  and Beauty and Dot.ca too!  No sightings of KPF today though.  Hopefully the Watchers will see all of them this weekend.

Have a nice weekend everyone and keep your eyes to the sky and stay warm.  Temps down in the 20’s overnight here in Rochester.  Make sure to grab an extra blanket?  Goodnight!

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