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Easter Sunday Falcon Watch – 4/5/15

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

11:15 am to 3:00 pm

A Very Happy Easter to everyone!

It was 34 degrees (F) and snowing during my entire watch.  I started at Kodak Park West, to check on the falcon I have seen there.  I saw no falcons there today.

I headed downtown.  Before I left home, I checked the cameras.  Dot.ca was in the nest box on the eggs.  From the Broad St Bridge, I was unable to find any falcons.  Finally from the Andrews St Bridge, I found a falcon on the north side of  the OCSR, on the west end of the top IBeam.  With the snow, there was no way I could ID this falcon.  Thanks Donna & Pat, for letting me know that Beauty was now in the nest box.  So, this was Dot.ca on OCSR.  He was facing the Times Square Bldg, keeping an eye on his family.

My View from the Andrews St Bridge 4-5-15Dot.ca on OCSR -4-5-15

Dot.ca on OCSR -4-5-15Dot.ca on OCSR -4-5-15

All was quiet, so I made my way over to the area where Brian and I had found an injured Mariah.  That was 6 years ago!  Every Easter Sunday, I come downtown to watch the falcons and to remember that day and remember Mariah. <3

Where Brian and I Found an Injured Mariah 6 Years Ago -4-5-15

I noticed that they have done a lot of work on the old Midtown Plaza.  The tower section at the top is looking good.

Old Midtown Plaza Looking Good -4-5-15

It was time to return to the Broad St Bridge.  From there, I could see that Dot.ca moved over to the top arm on the Frontier Communication Tower.   I drove over to the City Hall parking lot for a closer look.

Dot.ca on FCT 4-5-15Dot.ca on FCT 4-5-15Dot.ca on FCT 4-5-15

Dot.ca took off when I wasn’t looking, so I didn’t see what direction he took.  Back to the Broad St Bridge.  I received a text from Brian H.  He was up on top of the South Ave Ramp Garage.  He could see Beauty in the nest box, but had missed seeing Dot.ca. After awhile, Brian came down to join me.

All was quiet.  At 2:00 pm, I took Brian home and returned to the Broad St Bridge for another look.  No falcons seen from there. I moved closer to the Times Square Bldg and spotted a falcon on the Wilder Bldg green strip.  A text from NCA (thank you!), told me that this was Beauty.  Dot.ca was now in the nest box.

Beauty on Wilder -4-5-15Beauty on Wilder -4-5-15

Beauty started to vocalize and look up.  She was very agitated.  I looked up just in time to see a falcon pass over, very high, heading west.  I hoped that Beauty would just let the falcon pass, but no, off she went.  I followed the best I could, but could not see either of them.  After circling the area a few times, I headed over to the Kodak Tower.  There she was!  Beauty was on the south side of the Kodak Tower on the arch ledge.  I was very happy to see her up there.

Beauty on the Kodak Tower -4-5-15Beauty on the Kodak Tower -4-5-15

At 3:00 pm, I ended my Easter Sunday falcon watch.  Except for the 3rd falcon passing over, all was peaceful and quiet.

Easter morning watch 4-5-15

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A dark dreary morning with a temperature of 33(F( 1(C) was on tap for this morning with snow showers forecast

I was running a little late this morning but no matter because there’s not much going on these days now that hard incubation has begun. I was hoping for a quiet watch since there tends to be drama around Easter and I got that and more.

When I turned onto the Broad St. Bridge from South Ave. I spotted a falcon with its back to me on the base of Mercury. I drove down further and made a U-turn to see the front of it so I could identify who it was but it was gone by then. Thanks to Donna, who let me know Dot.ca (DC) was on incubation duties so I knew who to look for-the Beautyful one! After a look around the immediate area near Times Square, I headed to the Andrews St. bridge to check the scene from there. As I was scanning the landscape with my binoculars I saw Beauty fly up to the southeast wing of Times Square and land.

img_0002-beauty-from-andrews-st-bridge img_0003-location-shot

I left for the hole parking lot to share space with Beauty who had her back to me for the entire rest of my watch. Fellow falcon watcher Larry and his dog joined me just before 8am.


I scrapped most of my pics as they were not good with the poor lighting but I did manage to get a couple of Beauty when she turned.


Larry and I parted ways around 8:30am-I went home to check for Billie and 99 at Seneca Towers but they were nowhere to be found. Maybe sitting on eggs somewhere!? I waited about 20 minutes to see if anyone would show up but that didn’t happen so I ended my watch at 9am. Happy Easter and keep smiling! 🙂

Just a snippet video today-click on the link below to view it


Saturday Afternoon Falcon Watch – 4/4/15

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

2:30 to 5:00 pm

I checked the cameras before leaving the house and saw that Beauty was in the nest box on the eggs.  She had been there for quite awhile.  When I arrived downtown and parked my car on the Broad St Bridge, she was still there.  Dot.ca (DC) was on the south side of the OCSR on the top I-Beam.

DC on OCSR -4-4-15

Soon after I arrived, at approximately 2:45 pm, DC took off and headed towards the Times Square Bldg (TSB).  He landed on the nest box platform and a few seconds later, Beauty flew out and he went in.  She flew low and I lost sight of her.  I went down to Aqueduct St (aka “the hole”) and found Beauty on the Wilder Bldg green strip.  She was relaxing and preening.

Beauty on Wilder Bldg 4-4-15Beauty on Wilder Bldg 4-4-15

At 3:20 pm, Beauty left the Wilder Bldg and flew over to Irving Place, which is next to the Widows Walk.  MAK had reported that she ate cached food there this morning.  Well, she was back for more.  Beauty had a nice large piece of prey.

Beauty on Irving Place with Cached Food-4-4-15

Beauty took off with her meal and flew over me, heading east.  I was unable to see where she went.  Joyce and Brian joined me in the Times Square Bldg parking lot and we chatted for a few moments.  Then it started to snow.  After they left, I went to look for Beauty.  From the Broad St Bridge, I found her on the top IBeam of the OCSR.  She was sitting in almost the same spot that DC had been when I first arrived.

Beauty on OCSR in the Snow 4-4-15

As I ended my downtown falcon watch, Beauty took off and returned to the nest box.

On my way home, I stopped at Maplewood Park, which is across the river from Seneca Towers.  Joyce and Brian joined me and we did see both falcons there.  One was on the northeast corner of Seneca Towers.  After awhile both Billie and 99 were flying above the river.  It was great seeing them and a nice way to end my watch.

ST Falcon-4-4-15ST Falcon -4-4-15

Morning watch 4-4-15

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The temperature was 36(F) 2(C) as I started out on my watch with partly cloudy skies and windy

I arrived downtown at 6:45am and spotted Beauty flying near the north side of OCSR. Camp let me know Dot.ca (DC) was on the eggs as I wasn’t sure. Thanks! I went north and found Beauty on the south side arch of Kodak Office (KO) around 7am.


She didn’t stay long as she seemed to spot something and flew off heading south toward Times Square (TSB). I followed and when I reached the hole I could see the Beautyful one flying around the area quite leisurely. She landed on the Wilder green strip (WGS) momentarily then off to Irving Place to eat some cached food on her favorite chimney over there. I drove across the street to the parking lot by TSB for a close view.


Beauty didn’t eat for very long, maybe 5 minutes then she took her small bit of leftovers and cached them at the back of the roof, did some feaking and flew off over to OCSR top I-beam south corner.


I went back over to the hole and the next thing I see is Beauty gone and DC flying out from the nest box replacing Beauty on OCSR. He didn’t stay long as he flew off to the southwest only to return a couple minutes later to the top I-beam south corner of OCSR again. Off he went again almost as soon as he arrived and flew west out of view behind the Telesca building.


It was 8am and I decided to leave and check for Billie and 99 at Seneca Towers as I would like to see if I can figure out where they might have a scrape. I spotted Billie on the south side roof from St. Paul St. The wind almost blew her off so she walked over to the wall to get some cover.


At 8:20am Buffalo Billie flew out and down to the top window ledge south side until 99 came flying in at 8:26am chirping just like DC does with food. I got a little nervous at first wondering if DC was two-timing Beauty again but it wasn’t him as I saw the yellow tape on 99’s right leg band. Billie flew off to fly a little with 99 and was vocalizing as well, in anticipation of a meal.


They headed to the southwest side of the building where I could see Billie but not 99 so I backed down the street until I had them both in view. 99 was on the railing with his food gift dangling from his talons and Billie was on the roof looking at him. She then flew up to the railing and the food exchange took place with Billie taking it to the roof above the windows and a minute later 99 joined her going to the opposite end from where Billie landed while she started to eat.

img_0062-billieimg_0063-99-has-a-food-gift-for-his-girlbillie-left-99-rightimg_0068-billie-and-99<Click it

*I made note of the fact that when they were flying neither one of them had a missing right wing feather as Carol had seen battling with Beauty this past week. So we definitely have a 3rd female in the area as Carol saw it flying near Kodak west as well.

99 went down to the top window ledge below Billie until she finished eating then he started to chirp and flew north as she moved to the corner of the roof he had been on.


99 came back around to mate with Billie


99 went back to the window ledge below while Billie watched from her corner of the roof.


It stayed this way until about 9:10am when Billie flew off and landed on the east side somewhere (I couldn’t see that side very well from where I was located). Then a minute later 99 took off and circled the building a couple times looking for his mate and then he too, landed over on the east side. I drove down to the Northridge Church parking lot to have a look but could only find Billie on the east side roof.


Billie left while I was tweeting so I had no idea where she went or what direction she flew. They could have been up on the roof or they flew away for I didn’t find them again. I ended my watch at 9:50am with a great big smile after seeing all 4 resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons! 🙂

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Good Friday Afternoon Falcon Watch – 4/3/15

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

2:45 – 4:45 pm

50 plus degrees and cloudy.  I’ll take it!  After I got out of work, I checked out Kodak Park West (KPW).  After seeing a falcon flying nearby yesterday, with a missing flight feather on the right wing, I wanted to see if there was one still hanging out there. Today I did not see any falcons at KPW.

I headed downtown next.  Before I left work, I checked the cameras.  Dot.ca had been on the eggs in the nest box for much of the afternoon.  He was still there when I arrived downtown.  Thanks Joyce for your help.  Now where was Beauty?

DC was in the NB but I couldn't see him 4-3-15

After driving around and looking for her, I ended up parking on the Broad St. Bridge.  From there I could see where Beauty was hanging out.  She was on the top north facing arm of the jail communication tower, which is just south of the Times Square Bldg.

Beauty on the Jail Communication Tower 4-3-15Beauty on the Jail Communication Tower 4-3-15Beauty on the Jail Communication Tower 4-3-15

At 4:25 pm, Beauty spread her wings and took off.  She slowly gained altitude, just soaring gracefully, higher and higher.

She passed over me heading north, following the river.

Beauty's Pre-Egg Flight 4-3-15

I kept an eye on her through my binoculars until she disappeared into the clouds above the Genesee Brewery.  The whole time she was up there flying, she was alone.

A little less than 10 minutes later, Beauty returned to the Times Square Bldg (TSB) and circled around the large metal wings at the top of the building.  Dot.ca flew out of the nest box and joined Beauty.  I love to watch a bonded pair fly together like that. Beauty headed for the nest box and entered it, while Dot.ca landed on top of the northwest wing ring.  He didn’t stay long.

At 4:40 pm I tweeted that all was quiet and that I was ending my watch.  Just after I tweeted that out, Dot.ca returned with food and landed on the base of the Mercury statue.

DC on the Base of Mercury with Food -4-3-15DC on the Base of Mercury with Food -4-3-15

I wanted to get home in time to watch Beauty lay her 4th egg.  I and many other Rochester Falcon fans were viewing the live streaming video and at 6:16 pm, we were all thrilled to witness the arrival of Beauty and Dot.ca’s 4th egg!  Will there be a 5th egg?  I don’t think there will be, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Morning watch 4-3-15

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

This mornings weather was calm and overcast with a temperature of 48(F) 9(C)

It was an all Beauty morning watch for me today as I watched her preen, scratch, stretch and keep an eye on her territory from cam 1 for over an hour and a half while Dot.ca (DC) sat on the eggs.


I figured DC was incubating since I didn’t see him around anywhere when I first arrived downtown and thanks to my friend Donna for confirming that fact. After some very busy recent watches chasing after DC, it was nice to just stay in one spot to share space with Beauty.


Did I mention that the Beautyful one was doing some serious preening!?  Every picture tells a story don’t it!? 🙂


When I saw that Beauty was getting sleepy from all that activity I decided to leave for Seneca Towers and have a look/see.


No falcons were present when I got there but later on after running an errand I caught 99 on his favorite spot on the top window ledge at the north end of the building.

99 99-formerly-known-as-mr-yellow-tape

The fact that Billie wasn’t around (which has been the case quite often lately) leads me to believe that she may be incubating eggs somewhere. A drone would come in handy right about now. Anyway, my watch came to an end at 9am with a smile! 🙂

Click on the links below to see a couple of all Beauty videos



Morning watch 4-2-15

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The temperature as I stepped out today was 29(F) -2(C) with windy conditions and sunshine

Click on the links to see the full version

As I pulled over on the Broad St. bridge I could see Beauty up on cam 1. I didn’t see Dot.ca (DC) around so I assumed he was in the nest box incubating the eggs. I continued on down to the hole and parked on Basin St. next to the Wilder building to watch the action.

img_0002-beauty img_0011-shut-eye1 img_0013-beauty

Beauty was closing her eye lids on and off and did a little preening and stretching until 7:34am when she raised her tail a few times and vocalized then flew off to the east crossing the river and leaving my field of vision. I thought at the time she must have seen DC and flew out to meet him.


I left to look for the Beautyful one when she didn’t come right back just to be on the safe side since there was a female intruder in town last night that she battled with and sent packing. As I was leaving I got a text from Donna that DC was in the nest box, that was a big help-thanks! On my way back as I was stopped at the traffic light at Clinton and Broad St. I could see that Beauty was back on the cam 1. Phew! I tweeted it but I must have been in a dead zone because it didn’t send until 10 minutes later. I got situated on Basin St. again to resume my watch and then I got reports from CarolP that DC was on the eggs and another one saying Beauty was on cam 1. So I guess I don’t receive messages either when I’m in a dead zone. Beauty was back to preening and posing.

img_0022-beauty-blowing-in-the-wind img_0027-beauty img_0034-posing-for-mak

Beauty seemed to be alert but relaxed as she preened some more in the nice sunshine.

img_0038-whatcha-lookin-at img_0044-beauty-knows-sign-language img_0045-beauty

At 8:30am I decided to leave and check Seneca Towers. I hadn’t seen Billie and 99 together in quite a few days so I was a little concerned that there had been a battle there. I saw a 3rd falcon last week from my apartment half hour before a 3rd one was seen downtown-we watchers are on high alert to that sort of thing. To my delight both Billie and 99 were present when I got there.

img_0049-billie-and-99<Click itimg_0050-99img_0052-buffalo-billie

Also to my delight, I arrived just in time to witness 99 fly off the top window ledge on the north end of the building and fly over to Billie , who was on the northwest corner and mate with her! I had just begun taping them when it happened-talk about good luck and good timing.


99 returned to the north end top window ledge a few minutes later and Billie did her little walk toward him like she does and turned her back to me. At 8:52am Billie dropped of the edge going into a stoop down into the river gorge as 99 stayed and watched.

img_0053-billie-and-99<Click them>img_0056-billie-advertising-shes-ready-for-99img_0057-99img_0057-billie-going-into-a-stoop

That’s about it-Billie didn’t return and 99 flew off a few minutes later while I was tweeting. I waited and when nobody returned I ended my watch at 9:15am. I was standing near my 16th floor apartment window before I started writing this report and saw 99 fly through heading south looking like he was in no hurry. So finally these two can be officially called a bonded pair after being seen mating-a great reason to smile as I left for home! 🙂

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Late Afternoon Falcon Watch – 4/1/15

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It seems that every year, we have to have some drama.  This year is no exception.

Let me just start by saying that Beauty and Dot.ca are just fine.  My day started on a happy note when Beauty laid her 3rd egg this morning at 9:19 am.  I planned on getting downtown for a quick falcon watch after work.  It was cold, but the sun was shining and the sky was blue.  My planned two hour watch turned into a four hour watch.  That’s ok.  I’m glad I was there to witness what happened.

After parking my car on the Broad St. Bridge at 2:45 pm, I could see that Beauty was still on the corner of the nest box platform. DC was still on the eggs in  the nest box.  This is where they were when I left work.  Beauty entered the nest box (thanks to all that let me know that!) and Dot.ca flew over to the OCSR, 2nd IBeam down at the south corner.  It was easy to spot him on a bright sunshiny day with his white chest glowing.

DC on OCSR 4-1-15

All was peaceful and quiet, just how I like my watches.  Sorry to say that didn’t last long.

Dot.ca took off and headed east towards the old Midtown Plaza.  He didn’t seem to be in a hurry and there was no vocalization. I thought he might be out on a hunt.  Beauty remained on her eggs.

At 3:55 pm, I received the following tweet from forum member NCA; “Anyone DT? B uspet very vocal. Keeps leaving/returning to box.

I looked up in time to see two falcons flying above the Times Square Bldg.  Dot.ca had returned to the OCSR, so this was Beauty battling another female Peregrine, very close to her size.  There were some talons up maneuvers as the one above dove on the lower one.  I lost them behind a building as they headed towards the OCSR where Dot.ca was located on the top IBeam, south corner.

One of the females flew around to the elevator shaft side of OCSR and around to the north side.  Now I could not see either of them.

Falcon Fly Towards OCSR 4-1-15Falcon Flying Overhead 4-1-15

These are the only two flight shots I took of the females.  No way to tell who was who.  One looks like it might have a missing flight feather in the right wing.

After a couple minutes, a falcon returned and landed on the OCSR roof above Dot.ca.  I believe this was Beauty.

Dot.ca on Top IBeam OCSR -4-1-15Beauty on Roof of OCSR -4-1-15

Beauty again took off, this time heading northwest.  I waited to see if she would return.  Dot.ca flew to the nest box to protect the eggs.  When Beauty did not return, I headed over to the Andrew St Bridge to check out the direction Beauty had taken.  From there I could see no falcons, so I returned to the Broad St. Bridge at 4:20 pm.  When I arrived, it was reported that Dot.ca was no longer in the nest box.

At 4:16 pm, MAK had tweeted that a falcon she thought was 99 flew by her window.  I had been wondering if this might be Billie, but I don’t believe that it was.

I remained on the Broad St. Bridge, to keep an eye on the Times Square Bldg (TSB) and the nest box.  At approximately 4:30 pm, a falcon flew in and landed on the ledge below the north east wing on the TSB.  It was Dot.ca (DC).  He was intently watching something something north west of the building.

Dot.ca Returns to the TSB 4-1-15

At 4:40 pm, a 2nd falcon flew in from the south west and landed next to DC on the NE wing ledge.  Beauty had returned.

Beauty and DC on TSB 4-1-15

They remained together for a few minutes and then Dot.ca flew down to the nest box (I thought it was Beauty at first).  Beauty flew over to the TSB and then back to the Pan Cam (aka Camera #1).  Dot.ca came out of the nest box and landed on the west end of the OCSR Top Ibeam. Lisa McK stopped for a short time and promised to return a little later.

Beauty to Pan Cam -4-1-15DC on West Corner of OCSR Top IBeam -4-1-15

Beauty made her way into the nest box after DC left.  I was joined on the Broad St bridge by fellow Watchers Pat, Joyce and Kathy O.  Then Lisa returned to help with the watch.

After checking their smart phones, it was decided that Beauty was gone again and Dot.ca was now on the eggs.  It was 6:00 pm and I decided to call it a watch, leaving it in the hands of Kathy O, Lisa and Joyce.  I said I would look for Beauty on my way out.  As soon as I turned the corner onto Exchange heading north, I spotted a familiar tail sticking out on top of the northwest corner of the Wilder Bldg.  It was Beauty and she was enjoying her dinner, while DC watched over their eggs.  I quickly tweeted it out and was soon joined by the other Watchers.

Beauty Eating on Wilder -4-1-15Beauty Eating on Wilder -4-1-15

After finishing her meal, Beauty flew down to the north end of the green strip on the west side of Wilder and cached her food there.

Beauty Caching Food on Wilder -4-1-15Beauty Takes Off From Wilder -4-1-15

After caching her leftovers, Beauty took off and headed towards the Mercury statue, landing on the base.

Beauty on the Base of Mercury 4-1-15

This is where I left her at the end of my watch.  Kathy O was the last to leave at 7:20 pm and reported that Beauty had returned to the nest box, Dot.ca was on top of the Mercury statue and that all was peaceful and quiet.

We can only hope that Beauty was able to chase the other female out of the area and that she will not return.  We will be watching!

Morning watch 4-1-15

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

I had a sunny watch with a temperature of 30(F) -1(C)

Click on the pics to see the full version

Beauty laid egg #3 at 9:19am this morning. Yahoo!

I spotted Dot.ca (DC) on the heel of Mercury when I arrived on the Broad St. bridge (BSB) he had his back to me. I went down to the hole for a better view but he left just as I got there and went to the deck for a second then over to the top I-beam south corner of OCSR.

img_0003-dc-on-heel img_0005-dc

Less than 5 minutes later DC took off after a pigeon, chasing it south and stooping just as he went out of view behind the Blue Cross Arena. He came back a half minute later and came to rest on the Mercury money bag (MMB) at 7am .


10 minutes later DC flew off to the north past OCSR and out of sight. He would return and end up on the west corner top I-beam of OCSR at 7:30am.


DC did a little preening and after a 10 minute perch flew over to Times Square (TSB) and landed under the northeast wing. A Red-tailed Hawk flew over TSB and he squawked at it as it headed east-I was surprised he didn’t go after it and when he took off just seconds later I found out why. He had other things in his mind-like breakfast.

img_0026-dc-the-thinker img_0030-me-and-my-shadow

DC took cached food with him to the 2nd I-beam near the south corner of OCSR and started plucking feathers immediately. He had a few bites then off he went headed toward TSB.


At 8:04am Beauty flew out the nest box to meet up with DC on the Wilder green strip where a food exchange took place with lots of vocalizing. I was parked on Basin St. right below the Wilder building so I couldn’t see the actual exchange. DC flew over to cam 1/pan cam for a few seconds then down to the nest box while Beauty picked at his food gift and I changed positions to Aqueduct St.


Beauty’s back side looked pretty eggy and with her 3rd egg about ready to make its appearance she understandably didn’t eat much. After 5 minutes she stopped eating and flew to the southeast corner of Widows Walk to cache the leftovers.


I was back over to Basin St. to watch as Beauty did a little feaking and preening. At 8:13am Beauty flew off to the heel of Mercury and 5 minutes later across to the deck.


Beauty quickly moved out of view going back to the nest box and half a minute later DC came flying out to the Wilder fire escape ladder first then immediately off  again to the north out of view.


It was 8:30am and I thought for sure Beauty would be laying that egg soon so I elected to go home and see if anyone was home at Seneca Towers. From the Northridge Church parking lot I spotted 99 on an antenna at the south end of the building. He was in hunt mode.


I left and parked down on St. Paul St. across from Seneca Towers for a much closer view. As I started taping him, 99 flew off toward the river gorge and didn’t return.

mr-yellow-tape-99 99-turns-to-take-off 99-flies-from-antenna

So after another very busy watch I went home smiling at 9am! 🙂

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