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Buffalo fledge watch pics and morning watch 6-19-11

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

I’m afraid this mornings watch was a bit of a bust. As I approached the Broad St. bridge I saw a falcon on the heel of Mercury but it flew off just as I passed thru the intersection. I thought it was Beauty but it could have been Archer because Donna informed me that he was at the nestbox around that same time. Nobody was on cam in the nestbox when I left this morning. I parked on the bridge and saw Beauty over on OCSR 2nd ibeam west corner.


She didn’t stay there for long heading over to the Frontier Communications tower.

morning-watch-6-19-11-005-b morning-watch-6-19-11-006-b-lost-her-head morning-watch-6-19-11-007-b

The Beautyful one left after about 10 minutes and I was unable to locate her again before ending my watch.

I had a terrific time yesterday in Buffalo with Joyce and Brian on our fledge watch. It was the first time I’d ever seen more than 2 juvies at one time. It truly was a wonderful experience that left me hungry for more. We began at the University of Buffalo where we saw BB in the nestbox and Yankee over on the VA hospital with 2 or 3 juvies. Next we went to the Statler building downtown where we saw all three juvies. 2 had fledged and the other one was perched at the nestbox that wasn’t quite ready yet. We pushed forward to Central Terminal(my favorite spot) where all four juvies are in the nestbox and won’t be ready to fledge for about another week. It sure was crowded up there! Stella and Stash were both on site flying and bringing in food for their noisy bunch. Sage and Roger stopped by to see us before we left to make our last call back at UB. We managed to see all the  juvies over on the VA hospital with dad Yankee watching over them. To conclude this report at each site all juvies and parents were accounted for and safe. A good day for this falcon watcher! :)

Here’s the link for my Buffalo photo album:


Here’s the link to a short video of the 4 juvies at Central Terminal:


Morning watch 6-18-11

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

It was a pretty uneventful watch with the Beautyful one this morning. She was in the nestbox when I left home and still there when I arrived downtown. I watched her from the Broad St. bridge for about 15 minutes when she flew off to the north. I waited a few minutes for her return and then drove over to FCT where I found her on the platform eating something. It must have been cached food for she only spent a few minutes eating and there were no feathers flying as when it’s a fresh kill they have to prepare it.

morning-watch-6-18-11-004-b morning-watch-6-18-11-008-b

When she was done she went up to the railing briefly and took off to the northeast.

morning-watch-6-18-11-011-the-beautyful-one morning-watch-6-18-11-016-b morning-watch-6-18-11-017-b

It was nearly 45 minutes later when I found her again but while I was looking I got pics of the cleanup crew on the Broad St. bridge. While parked on the Court St. bridge I observed them lifting the logs out of the river with a crane. Saw some ducks down on the rocks too.

morning-watch-6-18-11-023-crane-on-broad-st-bridge morning-watch-6-18-11-033-clean-it-upmorning-watch-6-18-11-030-d

I left the river view and found Beauty over on the 2nd arm of the Frontier Communications tower.

morning-watch-6-18-11-042-beauty morning-watch-6-18-11-043-b morning-watch-6-18-11-044-b2

This is where I left Beauty ending my watch. I am going to Buffalo today with Joyce and Brian for a fledge watch and I had to get home, put my report together and get ready to shuffle off to Buffalo! Keep your eyes to the sky people! :)

Morning watch 6-17-11

Friday, June 17th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Hi everyone I had another busy watch today.No Beauty in the nestbox this morning before I left for downtown. As I approached the intersection of Broad and Exchange Streets I could see Beauty up on the base of Mercury. When I drove down the Broad St. bridge eastbound and did my u-turn to park facing Mercury and Times Square she had flown off. Soon after I spotted her perched in the nestbox.


I could see only her just like yesterday but Donna informed me that Archer was up there as well. 20 minutes later I had Beauty on the heel of Mercury and Archer was on the base.morning-watch-6-17-11-002-ba

15 minutes later Beauty flew off followed by Archer. I found Beauty over on the Frontier Communications tower and then she was off again.


I returned to the Broad St. Bridge to find they had returned to Mercury switching their previous spots with Archer on the heel and Beauty on the base this time. Hehe thought they would mess with old MAK again today. They tried to pull a fast one on me yesterday morning too!  I’m onto them now and they’ll have to get up pretty darn early to put one over on me! lol


Next Archer flew off circled above Mercury and flew down attempting to copulate with Beauty before flying off to the north toward Kodak Park.


Beauty flew off too and after waiting a few minutes for her return I decided to go to Kodak Park and see if Archer went there.

morning-watch-6-17-11-011-beautyThe Beautyful one spreading her wings to take off

Upon arriving at KP I immediately spotted Archer on the black stripe in front of the nook(one of his favorite spots). And Unity was in the scrape with 2 eggs visible.

morning-watch-6-17-11-016-archer morning-watch-6-17-11-013-unity

Unity flew over to the west still landing on the northside of the 2nd catwalk down. She began whining while Archer remained in his spot sleeping.

morning-watch-6-17-11-024-u morning-watch-6-17-11-026-archer-asleep

After a while Archer dropped down to the scrape and Unity came over to join him as I heard echupping coming out of there.

morning-watch-6-17-11-029-a-diving-down-to-scrape1 morning-watch-6-17-11-030-ua

Maybe a minute passed before Archer left and went to the north side of the catwalk on the still east of the tall still. Unity hung around in the scrape a few minutes and then flew to the north side catwalk of the west still.

morning-watch-6-17-11-042-unity-lwaving-scrape morning-watch-6-17-11-044-au

At no point while Unity was observed in the scrape did she try to incubate the eggs and I would say they are the original 2 eggs that she laid some weeks ago tho I can’t confirm it. Unity began whining again and soon after they both flew over with Archer landing on the ibeam in front of the scrape and Unity going into the scrape.


I watched a few more minutes until KathyO stopped by to see the eggs and then she left quickly to go to work and I left to go home. Just my opinion but it looked like there was some pigeon poop cleared out of the scrape from how it originally was. I believe Unity is too young still to know what to do with her eggs. I took pics of a Northern Mockingbird and a female Red-winged Blackbird which are included in my album this morning which I will enter the link below. As always no sign is needed and make sure to click the pics above in my report for a larger image. Enjoy, I know I did! :)


Morning watch 6-16-11

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Beauty was in the nestbox when I checked the cams before leaving home this morning. She was still there when I arrived on the Broad St. bridge at 5:30am.

morning-watch-6-16-11-001-b-in-nb 1 falcon visible

About 20 minutes later a large bird flew near the Times Square building and got chased away by who I thought was Beauty at the time. Apparently Archer was in the nestbox as well but I could only see the Beautyful one. So I tweeted that Beauty went after this bird when in fact it was Archer. Donna set me straight on things. Thank you my friend! Anyway, I lost sight of any falcons at this point and it would be 15 minutes before I spotted Beauty on the Jail tower 3rd arm southeast side..

morning-watch-6-16-11-007-b morning-watch-6-16-11-004-b

She flew off heading west and didn’t resurface until 15 minutes later when I spotted her toward the middle of the jail tower. She stooped shortly after that without success and flew back to the jail tower 2nd arm down on the southwest side this time.

morning-watch-6-16-11-011-b morning-watch-6-16-11-008-b

She surely was keeping me hopping today! Soon after she stooped once again and once again she missed returning to the east side of the jail tower on the top arm.

morning-watch-6-16-11-014-b morning-watch-6-16-11-013-b1

Beauty let me catch my breath for about 30 minutes before she left the jail tower and headed toward Times Square.


I found her back at the nestbox perching for just a couple minutes and then she flew to Mercury and perched on the heel.

morning-watch-6-16-11-017-b morning-watch-6-16-11-018-b morning-watch-6-16-11-024-beauty

Now here’s where it gets confusing. Next I see her on the base of Mercury on the east side as I’m looking from the Broad St. bridge. Meanwhile,Donna calls and tells me Archer was up in the nestbox with Beauty again around 7:00 and I could only see Beauty up there at the time. I then watch Beauty disappear to the other side of the base that I can’t see and comes back into view but it looks more like Archer to me at this point! Here’s Beauty in the first pic and then the next 2 look like Archer.

morning-watch-6-16-11-028-b morning-watch-6-16-11-026-b morning-watch-6-16-11-027-a-or-b

Was Archer on the blind side of the base and came into view after she went over to that side? Were these 2 playing tricks on old MAK or what?! lol Then Archer is gone and I see Beauty hop over near the foot on the base of Mercury.

morning-watch-6-16-11-030-b morning-watch-6-16-11-032-beauty

Sometimes one set of eyes is just not enough! Beauty suddenly stooped down the face of the Thomson Reuters building after a pigeon to the surface of the river missed flew back up above me and stooped again on the other side of the river. I had no time to get pics of any of this because it all happened so fast. She missed again and flew north up river and veered off to the east behind the Radisson Hotel. I had 5 minutes to collect myself and get my blood pressure back to normal when I spotted a falcon on the 2nd ibeam west corner of the OCSR building. I assumed it was Beauty and then drove down to Aqueduct St.to get a closer look and take pics. Is it Beauty or is it Archer?

morning-watch-6-16-11-033-b morning-watch-6-16-11-035-b

You be the judge but I believe it is Beauty. This is where I ended my watch. Oh, the games falcons play! :)

For more pics of my watch go to this link and as always no sign in is needed:

Morning watch 6-15-11

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Good day everyone! Beauty was perched at the nestbox when I left for downtown this morning but she left while I was in commute (the little stinker) so I had to look for her when I arrived. Parked on the Andrews St. bridge I spotted her on the roof of the Radisson Hotel as she took off VERY fast! This is NOT a usual building for her to go but then, she is not exactly acting like herself these days(in my opinion). I  followed her with my binocs until she disappeared behind the Thomson Reuters building upriver heading in the direction of the Cornhill area. I thought for sure she had gone to the jail tower which is located over that way but to my dismay she wasn’t there when I got over there.  She sure does like to play hide and seek with me lately!  I took some pics of the Genesee River between the Broad and Court St. bridges. It has receded quite a bit in the last few days and the rocks are now visible for the shorebirds to hang out on again.

morning-watch-6-15-11-020-genesee-river morning-watch-6-15-11-021-duck morning-watch-6-15-11-025-river-birds

After searching around the city for an hour and a half going places I have never been before, I finally located the Beautyful one on the jail tower. She was on the 3rd arm down southeast side.


I drove over to Troup St. to be closer to Beauty. We spent 20 minutes together before she took off headed toward downtown.

morning-watch-6-15-11-028-the-beautyful-one morning-watch-6-15-11-033-steppin-out morning-watch-6-15-11-034-b-leaving-jail-tower

I drove back to the Times Square area with no sign of her and subsequently I was not able to find her again before I ended my watch. As always I am happy to have seen her at all on this bright, sunny morning in Rochester,NY! See ya! :)

For pics from last nights watch at Kodak Park and more of this mornings watch click on the link below:


Morning watch 6-14-11

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Happy Flag Day to all of us in the USA!  I’m afraid I don’t have much to report today as Beauty has been eluding me very much of late. 10 minutes into my watch I found the Beautyful one on the west side of the Frontier Communications Tower below the platform.


Please forgive the dark pictures as it was a very dark,gloomy morning in western New York. She gave me the same routine today as yesterday spending maybe 20 minutes with me. She worked on bringing up a pellet and then she scampered over to the other end of her perching spot spreading her wings to catch her balance before flying off to the west and out of sight.

morning-watch-6-14-11-003-beauty morning-watch-6-14-11-004-beauty

For the next 2 hours I drove around searching for our elusive Peregrine Falcon with no further sightings. One of these days I’m going to find her hiding place! lol  While I was parked on the Broad St. bridge DebbieH came by for a chat saying how she misses seeing Beauty and Archer flying around the area. Me too! That’s all folks! :)

Morning watch 6-13-11

Monday, June 13th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Hello to all of our Rochester falcon fans! After 3 days away I thought I should write a little something even though my watch was very uneventful this morning. As usual before leaving the house I checked the cams to find Beauty perching in the nestbox. I went straight to the Broad St. bridge and parked. Looking up at the Times Square building I could see that Beauty was still perched up there in the nestbox.


15 minutes later she took off and so did I. Going in the direction she headed I found her over on the second arm of the Frontier Communnications Tower.

morning-watch-6-13-11-003-b morning-watch-6-13-11-004-b

I hung out with the Beautyful one there for almost an hour. In that time she tried  bringing up a pellet several times and she pooped so it’s safe to say everything was working properly. lol  Sometime just before 7:ooam she quickly flew off to the west and left my field of view. First pic below shows her hunched over trying to cough up that pellet I mentioned. In the 2nd pic she is semi-hidden in flight after she took off.

morning-watch-6-13-11-005-b morning-watch-6-13-11-006-b

I waited a few minutes to see if she would return with no such luck. I made my way around the city looking in all the usual spots without success so I decided to go over to Kodak Park. After searching there and finding no falcons I returned to downtown Rochester. Sadly the only thing I saw on Times Square was a man near the south ledge opposite the nestbox. This is where Jemison had first fledged last summer. The man was only there briefly and I didn’t get a pic and I have no idea what he was doing. I thought that it wasn’t too smart to  not be wearing a hard hat. I made 2 more trips around the city and called it quits to go home for breakfast and meds. I’m sure all 3 of our resident falcons were fine, probably eating somewhere or just hunkered down somewhere digesting their morning meals. It was really good to see Beauty after my trip to Canada over the weekend. I hope everyone has a great day! :)

Toronto Trip falcon watch June10-11,2011

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

What can I say? It was an adventure I’ll never forget from start to finish. Joyce picked me up at around 7:ooam Friday morning. We stopped in Buffalo on the way to Canada and saw BB and her 3 eyases at UB. Next we went to Central Terminal and saw one adult and could barely see the white of an eyas in the nestbox. From there it was to the grain elevators with no sightings. We had better luck at the Statler building in downtown Buffalo. Joyce got the idea to go up in a building across from the nest site. We told the guy at the front desk we wanted to go up to the 26th floor to take pics of the falcons and he gave the ok! What a great idea that was tho it was through windows and not too clear we did get some pics of the eyases. No adults were visible to us.

Next up was across the border to Canada with the first stop at the Burlington bridge. We saw the female adult(not sure of name) and the 3 eyases. We also met up with Sue McCready and her husband who were there for a fledge watch. We stayed briefly for we didn’t want to be late for the banding. After a nerve wrecking ride down the QEW with backed up traffic in more than one spot we finally arrived with about 15 minutes to spare! PHEW!!! Carol,Dana,Kathy and Lisa were there and the CPF were already at the nest site getting the eyases with Linn and Reuben flying back and forth overhead. After observing and taking pics we went in for the banding ceremony. My very first and hopefully not my last! It was wonderful to be so close to the little cuties. Afterward the 6 of us from Rochester went to have a bite to eat with CPFers Mark and Marion Nash,Big Frank and Tracy. When we were done we got our hotel rooms and then went to see Quest,Kendal and Harlequin. What a falcon and fun filled day as we saw a total of 19 adults and eyases!

Saturday morning the 6 of us enjoyed a continental breakfast together at the hotel before going to find Stormin. We parked at the top of a parking garage to view this nestsite and the female(not sure of name) was there watching over her babies. A short time after Stormin came flying in and we all marveled at how much he looked like Kaver with his dark head. When we left this site Carol,Dana,Kathy and Lisa were headed to the Sheraton and Rhea Mae and Tiagos’ site for a fledge watch. Joyce and I had planned on going there eventually after we checked a couple other sites. We found our way to the nest site of the infamous Jack (who has families with 2 females) and Angel where we met Carly. It was great to meet her and share a few minutes of falcon watching. Joyce had decided to go get her car and bring down to where we all were and in the process got into an accident. This pretty much ended our falcon watching as we spent the next 7 hours going through the Canadian accident process. Carly called Bruce from the CPF to come give us assistance and he couldn’t have done more. He stayed with us through the whole deal and even got a tow truck to take the car to the Collision Reporting Center. In Canada unless there’s an injury or damage to city property the police don’t come and you have 24 hrs. to go to this center to report your accident where they deem whether your car is drivable. Joyce was very adament about driving her car home and so she followed the tow truck driver in her car with Bruce and I behind her. She quickly found out that she wouldn’t be driving it home. She said the steering was horrendous but she did get to the center with it arriving a nervous wreck to say the least. After you report to the center people you get a police report from one of the officers on duty at the center. Joyce had a hard time finding a rental car that we could cross the border in but Bruce was a tremendous help as he drove her to the airport to get one there.  I stayed at the center because he had room for only one in his vehicle. An hour and a half later they returned with a vehicle with Michigan plates. Joyce and I got everything out of her car including her license plates as she didn’t want to worry about anything being stolen. She couldn’t wait to get out of there and after having a late dinner we made our way home arriving between 2;30-3:00am.

I want to thank all the CPF peeps for their efforts and friendship and a special thank you to Bruce for all of his help and compassion and to Carly who missed out on alot of her fledge watch to show us support.

Here is the link to my photo album (as always no sign in needed):


Falcon Watch (Evening) 6/9/11 7:15 to 8:15 pm - All 3 Rochester Falcons Accounted For!

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

From Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

This will be my last report for a few days since I and a few other Watchers will be heading up to Toronto to visit with the Rochester Gals, our CPF friends and Stormin.

On Saturday and Sunday morning, 4 Rochester Fledge/Falcon Watchers will join the CPF & keep an eye on Rhea Mae and Tiago’s little ones. We are really looking forward to it!

OK, back to my evening Falcon Watch. I arrived at KP around 7:15 pm and found both Unity and Archer on the stills. Since I just missed Kathy O and all was quiet, I drove downtown to see how Beauty was doing. At 7:30 pm., I found Beauty sitting in the nest box looking out on her domain. Again, all was quiet. So back to KP.

At 7:50 pm, I spotted both Unity and Archer on what we call the “pigeon box”. Archer was plucking feathers for newly caught prey under the camera at the SE corner of the box. Unity was a few feet to his left watching.

After a few minutes, she got tired of waiting and ran towards him, grabbing the food. He took off and landed on the still and she enjoyed her meal. After about 15 mins of eating, she took off and flew with the prey to the top, west end, of the blue bldg that held their scrape and cached the food. She took off, flew around and landed on the east smoke stack, lower catwalk.

That is where I left them around 8:15 pm. It was a good day. Any day I see all three Rochester Falcons and all is quite and peaceful, it’s a good day. Nite all! Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

Morning watch 6-9-11

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

It was quite overcast and humid this morning in downtown Rochester. There isn’t much to report for I only spent about 20 minutes of my 2hr. 30min. watch with Beauty. When I arrived on the Broad St. bridge she was under the northeast wing of the Times Square building.

morning-watch-6-9-11-002-beauty morning-watch-6-9-11-007-the-beautyful-one

I drove down to Aqueduct St. to be closer to her. The Beautyful one had a white feather sticking out of her back. After she rousted (term for shaking her body as told to me by a couple of our watchers) the feather fell off her and floated off into the warm breeze. She went back to preening herself and scratching her head with one of those incredible big yellow feet.

morning-watch-6-9-11-004-b-with-feather morning-watch-6-9-11-005-b

Soon after, Beauty stood up and pooped.  I got ready for her takeoff as they usually fly off afterward.

morning-watch-6-9-11-006-b-steppin-out morning-watch-6-9-11-008-beauty-leaving-ts

Beauty stepped out onto the ledge with her right leg, spread her wings and took off over my head and over the Thomson Reuters building out of sight. For the next 2 hours I searched and never found her again. I thought perhaps she had caught breakfast and had eaten somewhere I couldn’t see. Once she eats she usually just hangs out somewhere. So I left downtown happy to have seen our Beautyful one but as always wanting more! :)

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