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Hawkeye Female ID: BUCKEE 54/V (b/r) from Racine, WI

Monday, October 26th, 2015

By Rochester Falconwatcher Joyce

Many of the watchers have been checking the Hawkeye Plant (HE) in Rochester since a different pair of falcons were sighted there. Dana and MAK confirmed the male is unbanded, and the female is from the midwest because she has a purple USFW band on her right leg and a black over red band on her left leg.

It was mid-afternoon on Oct 21st with gray skies and periodic rain drops. I began watching the female peregrine on the north side of the building. She was 2 levels down from the roof on a corner ledge. There was no sign of the male. I checked Seneca Towers (ST) to be sure it wasn’t Billie. I brought out my chair and waited patiently for a glimpse of a band. While she was preening, I confirmed the purple band. It began to rain and she turned around. She stretched her leg, but her feathers still covered the band. FINALLY…I caught a clear photo of the left leg band 54 over V, black over red as she turned back around.

Welcome to Rochester…BUCKEE from Racine, Wisonsin. She is 2 years old (hatched in 2013). Racine, WI is on the west shore of Lake Michigan and is one degree difference in latitude from Rochester NY. Falconwatcher Pat C shared the following report with details and photos. See Page 7. WISCONSIN FALCONWATCH 2013 NESTING SEASON REPORT

Notice the distinct markings on the front of Buckee. The spot markings on the chest, also extend into the white auricular patch behind the malar stripe (mustache). She still has some brown subadult feathers.


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