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Weekend Watching July 24-25

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

From Suzanne & Don (as reported on the forum)

Don and I spent a wonderful weekend in Rochester!  When we arrived Saturday morning Callidora and Beauty flew over us in Aqueduct Park.  Don rushed back to the car to get the camera and they both flew low enough that I put my binos down and just enjoyed watching them!  We stayed in the Aqueduct Park area most of the day, sitting under the trees and out of the sun.  We were joined by Dana, Carol, Jeanne, and Brian.  Jim D. also popped in for a bit.  It was great to see Callidora make her first OCSR I-beam landing, after several attempts to scope out the precise logistics of an I-beam! 

Sunday morning we went to the bridge where Dana, Dan, and MAK were watching.  This was the morning we watched Callidora and Beauty in a food exchange.  We all knew it was coming, because Beauty flew around, prey in talons, looking for Callidora.  Archer offered to take the food, but Beauty was saving it for Callidora.  Carol, Dana, and Don were clicking away with their cameras, while I just enjoyed watching mom and daughter!  It was awesome! 

This is the link to the photo album Don put together of the exchange.  Hope you enjoy it.



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