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Spending a Half Hour with Mariah – 7/5/09

Friday, July 10th, 2009

From Rochester Falcon Watcher ~ Joyce

Late Sunday afternoon, Casey (my canine falcon watcher) and I joined Brian H, Shaky and Carrie on the pedestrian bridge.  I was told Falcon sightings of Beauty and Archer were sparse, and Mariah was sitting on Kodak with her back to us and motionless.  She likes those long afternoon naps.  For the next couple of hours we saw very little and talked a lot.   Before heading home, I stopped for an ice cream, and decided to drive by Kodak Tower one more time. 

Mariah was still perched on the east side, 16th floor ledge.   Hooray, she was facing forward for a change.   Since we aren’t able to see Mariah on the webcam, I thought I would get creative…here is my FIRST videoshow with music.  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKMCPk2xPb4  (Make sure the HQ is engaged to watch in high quality.)

For still photos, link to my Picasa album: http://tinyurl.com/nd87yt 


Photos – Mariah and Archer (Saturday 6/27/09 FalconWatch)

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

From Rochester Falcon Watcher ~ Joyce

Here is a KGallery album with pictures of Mariah, Archer, and other urban wildlife taken on Saturday 6/27/09 (10:30 am – 8:30 pm)



Falcon Watch Report – 7/1/09 – Catch-up!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

From Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Wow!  It’s July already.  Happy 4th to everyone this weekend.

Some catch-up observations.

Sunday – 6/28/09 – Mariah landed on the gorge wall in front of the observaton deck.  I was able to get a really good look at the wound on her chest.  It looks like it’s healing very nicely and it doesn’t seem to bother herl.

Monday – 6/29/09 – There were a few of us on the bridge during the noon hour Watch (Lisa McK, Lynda, Carrie, Shaky and Carol P).  We saw some flying earlier in the Watch.  Mariah flew by the Kodak Tower and then headed north.  There was a bit of a lull.

Lynda stood up and said she was pretty sure there were two birds flying way out to the west.  As we all checked it out, Lisa and Carrie yelled, “there’s two Falcons above us!”  Yes, there was.

We watched the two Falcons flying together and then splitting up.  One, Mariah, flew to the Kodak Tower and landed on the 15th floor, east side and the other one, flew towards downtown and met a 3rd Falcon over the river near the Times Square Bldg.  One of them landed on the Times Square nest box and one continued on to the communication tower, 1/2 way between the KTower and Times Square.

OK, you’re probably thinking it must have been Archer flying with Mariah, right?  After checking my pictures, I’m pretty sure it was Beauty!  There was no aggression between the two and no vocalization.  Your guess is as good as ours about what is going on.

Monday – 6/29/09 – Evening – and for those worried that Mariah isn’t hunting, Dan S. reports that he saw Mariah carrying a pigeon over the Genesee Brewery.  She carried it across the river and to the Kodak Tower where she enjoyed dinner.  He missed the hunt.

Wednesday – 7/1/09 – A peaceful Watch.  Both Archer and Beauty were sitting side-by-side on the old Changing Scenes Restaurant, north side, 3rd I-Beam down from the top.  At 11:30 am, Mariah flew into the gorge and landed on the wall in front of the observation deck.  I decided to get my scope for a closer look, but by the time I returned to the bridge, she was gone.

I’m hoping that there will be Watchers out this holiday weekend.

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