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Wednesday Morning/ Afternoon Fledge Watch – 6/17/20

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Watchers that joined me: Dana, Kathy O, Larry O, Lisa, Carrie & Debbie

Weather: Outstanding! Warm, temp in the 80’s, sunny, slight breeze, blue sky.

Yesterday (6/16/20) started out slow, but ended with a bang! I started my watch at 6:00 am and didn’t leave until 5:30 pm. All day we watched Geraki and Hope exercising their wings on the wall near the nest box. I was just getting ready to leave the watch to Carrie, when Geraki took off from the wall. She flew strong and straight heading northeast over the Wilder Bldg. We did not come out the other side, so we knew she had probably landed up there. We were right. Shaky was able to move the cameras to get a great view of her up there.

Pat arrived just after Geraki fledged. While Carrie and I were trying to get a view of Geraki, we looked back and saw Hope up on the wall flapping her wings. I just had a feeling that she wouldn’t be long to fledge.

We were never able to get a look at Geraki, because she kept moving around. Shaky did a great job keeping her in view on the Rfalconcam camera.

I headed back to the hole after walking around the Wilder Bldg. Pat informed me that Hope had fledged while we were looking for Geraki. So both girls fledged within a 1/2 hr of each other.

Pat said that Hope had flown north towards the Cross Rds Bldg, where Roc was located. She bumped into the building short of the roof. Hope turned back towards the Times Square Bldg, keeping good height. An adult was escorting her across the front of the TSB and past it heading south.

The search was on. We closely watched the behavior of the adults. All indications was that she was on top of one of the buildings on the south side of the Times Square Bldg. The watchers gathered and spread out hoping to see her.

Later that evening, Dana found her on the Monroe Cty Civic Bldg. Hope was just fine. She took off and headed back to the Times Square Bldg, landing on the lower back section. When the watchers left last night, Hope remained where she was, Geraki was on the Irving Place (old City Hall) roof and Roc was alone up at the nest box.

Wednesday 6/17/20 – That brings us to early Wednesday morning. Dana and I arrived downtown a little after 6:00 am. We found Roc on the base of Mercury, Geraki on the Irving Place roof (west of the TSB) and Hope on the south side of the TSB. Both Beauty and Dot.ca were nearby.

We were soon joined by Kathy O, Lisa McK and Larry O. During my watch (6:00 am – 2:00 pm), we saw lots flying by Roc. Geraki took short flights to 3 different buildings, getting higher up each time. She’s doing great! Carrie arrived, so I ended my watch at 2:00 pm. When I left, all three juvies (yes juvies!) were together on the north side of the Times Square Bldg in the shade. I do love it when they are all together. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite pictures from today’s watch. Enjoy!

Roc on Base of Mercury
Geraki on Roof of old City Hall (Irving Place)
Hope on Back of the Times Square Bldg
Geraki on old City Hall (Irving Place)
Roc and Hope on Times Square Bldg
Beauty Arrived with Food, Hope Grabbed It
Geraki on Irving Place
Beauty and Dot.ca on Widows Walk
Here Comes Roc! Beauty on TSB
Hope, Beauty and Roc Having Breakfast
Meanwhile, Geraki is Being Swooped on by a Mockingbird
Geraki Doing Her Best Wallenda Imitation
She’s walking down the Irving Place Roof
Geraki Walking Down the Irving Place Roof
Geraki Made a Nice Flight over to the Union Trust Bank Bldg
Nice Wings Geraki!!!
After Pacing and Flapping, Geraki Took Off and Landed on the Wilder Bldg.
Geraki Looked Down from the SW Corner of the Wilder Bldg
Roc & Geraki
Roc Joined His Sister on the Wilder Bldg
Geraki (Roc behind her) on Wilder
Geraki Flew Over to the TSB and Landed on a Lower Ledge
Hope & Roc Above Her
Hope Made Her Way Down to the Lower Ledge
The Sisters are Reunited After They Both Fledged
Geraki & Hope
Roc on Widows Walk After Chasing Beauty
This is Where All 3 Juvies Were Located When I Ended My Watch at 2:00 pm.
Hope, Roc and Geraki Together on the Times Square Bldg.

Monday Morning/Afternoon Fledge Watch – 6-15-20

Monday, June 15th, 2020

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Watchers during my watch; Kathy O, Dana, Larry, Sue and Carrie.

Time: 6:30 am – 2:00 pm

Weather: Chilly start, but it warmed up to close to 70 degrees (F) by the time I ended my watch.

Kathy and I immediately found Roc, Geraki and Hope on the wall. They were lined up under Beauty, on the NE wing ledge and Dot.ca on the SE wing ring. It was wonderful seeing the whole family together on the Times Square Bldg (TSB).

There was a lot of activity by both Beauty and Dot.ca during my watch, but no flying by Roc, Geraki and Hope. They remained close to the nest box. After all his flying and chasing yesterday, Roc was taking a break, and the girls weren’t ready to fledge.

Here are some of my favorite pics from today’s fledge watch. Enjoy!

Roc, Hope and Geraki on the Wall
Dot.ca on the SE Wing Ring
Roc & Hope
Hope and Her Feather
Beauty on the Old City Hall
Beauty and Her Feather Moustache
Beauty Preps a Pigeon for Lunch and Has a Bite for Herself
Beauty Feeding
Beauty Feeding
Beauty and the Girls
Hope and Geraki
Roc, Geraki and Hope
Dot.ca Feeding Geraki and Hope; the Girls are So Much Bigger than Dad

We don’t usually see Dot.ca beak feed his young ones, especially the girls who are much bigger than him. He usually drops food on the platform and flies off quickly. He did great!

Dot.ca Feeding His Family
Roc, DC, Geraki, Hope (left to right)
Dot.ca Takes Off After Feeding
After Feeding, Dot.ca Joins Beauty on OCSR

Fledge Watch (06/14/20)

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

Larry OHeron

06:30 am – 08:30 am

Highlight: Roc flew to Ocsr west corner and chased DC off from there. Roc make an excellent landing. Quite the skill set he is developing.

On street: one falcon on Northwest wing Ring. One Falcon on Northeast corner of Powers near box.

In the hole. DC on wing ring. Two girls on the wall.

Roc left from the times square Northeast wing, headed north. Maybe he’s headed to Powers where beauty is. one of the girls on the wall is going back and forth between the tray and the corner. Wing flapping.

Powers building. Beauty is on the northeast corner. Roc is on the southeast corner.

Downtown Falcon watch. Beauty was on powers but she’s now flown to the underneath the northwest wing of times square. A few minutes ago DC flew north.

Roc is back at the southeast corner of Powers.DC had food on powers and roc is eating. DC went to crossroads. Roc may have just gone to crossroads.

DC is back on the northeast corner of Powers.Beauty is on the north end of crossroads. Roc flew to crossroads and is now walking his way towards beauty. DC is on powers. The two girls are on the wall or the nest box area.Beauty flew to the north under the northwest wing of times square.

DC is on the top I-beam West corner of OCSR.Roc flew from crossroads to the OCSR top I-beam West point and knocked DC off. Nice landing.Roc is made his way all the way over to the north corner, top I-beam of OCSR.DC is on the north end of crossroads. Roc is on the north corner top I-beam of OCSR. End of watch

06:30 pm – 08:00 pm

Highlight: One of the girls was doing some amazing fanning on the north wall. Could be fledging in the next day or two.

Two girls on the bump. roc probably on Wilder. Beauty and DC are somewhere in the area.

I have an adult on the west corner of OCSR. I have a Falcon on the south side lower roof of crossroads. If somebody can swing a camera around and ID those too, that would be useful. (Shaky checked with cameras and could only say that it was an adult on ocsr, and was unsure about falcon on crossroads because the lighting was not the best.)

Believe it was DC that came through at a high rate of speed headed south, then turned around and flew back in front of times square again. The Falcon that was on crossroads is gone.

The girls have been flapping their wings quite extensively. our best guess is that it’s beauty on OCSR, West Corner.

Roc is on the southeast bump walking along the wall on the south side Southeast corner of the building.

Sunday Morning/Afternoon Fledge Watch – 6/14/20

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was another cold morning. The watchers are dressing in layers, trying to keep warm. Thankfully, it is supposed to warm up soon.

Kathy O and I started the fledge watch at 6:30 am. We quickly found Hope and Geraki on the wall, Dot.ca on the wing ring above them and Beauty on the Powers Bldg. Where was Roc?

Early Morning View
Hope and Geraki
Beauty on Powers Bldg
Dot.ca on the Wing Ring

Where was Roc? We looked and looked. That’s when Kathy said, “doesn’t that shadow look like a bird?”

Roc’s Shadow

I took a look through my binoculars and I saw the shadow bird’s head move. We walked across the street and from there we could see Roc up on the back of the NE wing ledge on the Times Square Bldg (TSB).

Roc on the TSB

There was a lot of flying by Roc during the fledge watch and lots of flapping by Geraki and Hope. Everyone was quite busy.

Roc was very busy chasing his parents and even knocked Dot.ca off of the top Ibeam on OCSR, not once, but three times! He was even able to land on the IBeam. Not an easy landing for a young, just fledged juvie.

During the morning watch, we were joined by Larry, Dana, Linda, Sue, Shaky and Lisa. Today I was able to end my watch at 1:00 pm. When I left, Geraki and Hope had not yet fledged.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my morning watch. Enjoy!

Hope on the Wall
Hope Practicing Her Landing
Geraki Wings
Geraki Practicing her Flight
Geraki and Hope on the Wall
Hope and Geraki
Roc on Cross Rds
Roc on OCSR Top Ibeam After Knocking DC Off
Roc on South Side of the TSB
Beauty on SW Corner of Wilder Bldg
Roc on TSB Parapet
Roc Takes Off!
Beauty Fly By
Beauty Landing at the Nest Box
Roc Chasing Dot.ca

Fledge Watch (06/13/20)

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

Larry OHeron

Highlight: Roc’s flying continues to look better and better. He will be a joy to watch as he continues to improve.

06:35. On cam. One baby falcon around main cam.

On street: adult on Northwest wing Ring. Looks like white breast. Baby Falcon near main Cam.

07:02. Both girls were on the north wall. Both parents flew in with a meal. Beauty stayed to feed girls on bump. DC flew north. Roc remains on crossroads roof.

Roc to the northwest wing. Nice flight and nice braking action. Beauty to crossroads to sit next to DC.

07:11 Beauty to pan cam. Roc left crossroads, did two loops around the times square tower and then landed under the northeast wing. Landing was a 10.0. Apparently the parents left a little cache under the Northeast wing because roc’s eating up there.

DC is on the southwest corner of crossroads glass panels. Roc is under the Northeast wing. Beauty is on pan cam. Girls are on the bump. All of the young falcons have something to eat.

Beauty went Southeast on what looks like a hunt. DC shortly followed in that direction.

07:29. Beauty came in from the southeast with a pigeon. Stashed it somewhere. And then came around the north side of times square. She is currently on the southwest corner of the Wilder building.

DC is on Mercury arm. Beauty is on Southwest corner of Wilder building. Rockl is under the Northeast wing. The girls are on the wall.

DC to the northeast wing ring.

07:44. Beauty to the Southeast and out over the river again.

Rock left Time square, headed south over the river where beauty went. He went into a stoop and then disappeared behind the buildings.

07:55. I believe it was beauty. I had her. Check that just had two falcons at Mercury. Second Falcon came in to dust off beauty from Mercury. Continued on to times square Southeast wing.

I think it’s beauty on Mercury. I think it’s DC that gave her a fly by and went to the southeast swing of times square. Still don’t know where Roc went when he chased after beauty.

07:58. beauty was doing a lot of beautiful looping over the Genesee River between Court Street and broad Street.

Carol p had beauty eating on the library.

DC under Southeast wing. Beauty on Southeast parapet. One girl on bump.

08:19. Both adults are looking to the north.

Saturday Morning/Afternoon Fledge Watch – 6/13/20

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

This morning I met Kathy O in the hole (Aqueduct St) at 6:00 am. We quickly found Roc on the back end of the Times Square Bldg (TSB). Right after we found him, he took off and landed on the Telesca Bldg. He flew a lot during our watch. (6:00 am – 3:30 pm) Dana and Larry O also joined us during the watch.

I thought that Roc was going to be his dad Dot.ca’s shadow, but I was wrong. He is a momma’s boy. He loves to follow Beauty wherever she goes. Of course she does feed him more that dad.

Both Geraki and Hope were quite active on the wall. Hope joined her sister at the north end of the wall for the first time. Neither of them fledged today during our watch.

We handed over the Fledge Watch to Carrie and Pat at 3:30 pm.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from today’s fledge watch. Enjoy!

Roc Chasing Dot.ca
Hope & Geraki
Beauty Feeds Geraki & Hope on the Wall Bump
Beauty and the Girls
Roc on the TSB Grillwork
Hope and Geraki on the Bump
Hope and Geraki on the Bump
Roc on a Light on the TSB
Dot.ca on the Wing Ring
Beauty on Wilder
Hope and Geraki Together
Dot.ca on the TSB
Beauty on the TSB
Beauty Bringing in a Pigeon
The Line-up! Roc, Hope and Geraki
Roc Takes Off!
Roc Chases Beauty
Roc Takes Off from the Parapet
Roc on the Powers Bldg
Roc Takes Off from the Powers Bldg
Roc Finds Beauty on Widows Walk and of Course She has Food!
Beauty and Roc on the Cross Rds Bldg
Beauty and Her Shadow Roc

Afternoon/Evening Fledge Watch 6-12-2020

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Pat

There were no new fledges on our afternoon/evening fledge watch on Friday, but Roc and his sisters Hope and Geraki still kept us busy. Roc visited some of our Rochester landmarks and further explored the Times Square Building (including an attempted landing at the very top, on the wing ring), while Geraki and Hope continued flapping and practicing their wing stretches.

Roc on Times Square Building East Facade
Roc Flapping
Roc on Crossroads Building
Roc – Not a 10-Point Landing on Wing Ring
And Down He Goes – With Parent Hovering
Curbside Delivery from Beauty to Roc
Dot.ca Watches from the Wilder Building

Friday AM/PM Fledge Watch – 6/12/20

Friday, June 12th, 2020

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

I arrived downtown at 6:30 am. Kathy O just beat me and Larry O was watching from the Court St. Bridge.

We counted all 5 Rochester Falcons soon after we got there. Beauty was on the TSB’s NE wing ledge, Dot.ca was on the base of Mercury and the three young falcons were near the nest box.

There was a lot of flight lessons by Beauty and Dot.ca, a couple feedings and lots of wingercises by the three young falcons, Roc, Geraki and Hope.

I thought, that maybe, Roc would fly again this morning, but he was content to stay close to home in the company of his family. I’m sure he will fly again soon and that his sisters will join him. I was on watch from 6:30 am to 1:00 pm.

During the watch, we were joined by Watchers Linda, Dana and Jeanne.

Please enjoy these pictures from today’s fledge watch!

At 6:30 am, the moon was still high in the sky.
All Three Young Falcons Together
Beauty Giving Flight Lessons
Beauty Keeping Watch
Beauty with Hope
Dot.ca on the Times Square Bldg Wing Ledge
Feeding Time!
All Three Together at the Nest Box
Beauty and Roc
Geraki Almost Fledged with a Slip on the Wall!
Dot.ca and Beauty on the TSB SE Wing Ledge
Beauty Flying Above the Wings of the TSB
Beautiful Wings!
Beauty Take Off!

Thursday AM/PM Fledge Watch – 6/11/20

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Kathy O, Sue, Shaky, Dana and I were on watch this morning. I missed Larry O, who was there earlier.

It was a very quiet watch. The temps were much cooler than yesterday (70’s F) and there was a gusty wind.

When our watch ended, Carrie arrived to take over. We just missed seeing Roc fledge.

Here are some pictures from today’s fledge watch.

Beauty, Geraki & Hope
Our View from the Hole
Beauty Giving Flying Lessons
Beautiful Wings!
Roc on Cam 4
Dot.ca and Beauty Under the TSB Wings
Time for Lunch

06/11/20 (06:30 – 07:30) Fledge Watch

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

By Larry OHeron

Had one adult under northeast wing. Second adult flew through in front of times square. Then both adults were gone. Now one adult is under the Northeast wing again. The other adult is on Mercury’s arm.

All three eyases in area of nest box. Fanning from top of camera four. Fanning in the tray.

Adults on parapet above nest box. Adult on Mercury’s arm..

Adult left Mercury.

DC on OCSR, Southeast face. Beauty on parapet. One eyas by main cam. On Cam: one eyas on North wall. One eyas lying down in tray.

Baby falcon to North wall.

Adult landed on OCSR, top I-beam, southeast face.

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