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Saturday Jan 19, 2013 Falcon Watch 2-3pm – Pigott & BST

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Joyce (wnyfalconfan)

It had been a week since Steve took me on a falcon watch. We were able find all three peregrines in the brief time we were out. Beauty was in the same spot on OCSR north side as previously seen by Carol two hours earlier. Arriving at the Brighton Site (BS), Dana and Carol’s lenses were pointed up at the east side of the building. The tiercel (BST) was near the roof-top tree on the SE ledge and Pigott on the corner of the east extension. Pigott was the active falcon today. She moved within 8 ft of BST, flew around to the south side, harrassed some geese, and returned to the east side.

Check out the Brighton duo – click on link to my album below. As done previously, some of the pics have been arranged to give the impression of a slow-motion picture show.

Picasa (wnyfalconfan): Falcon Watch Jan 19, 2013


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