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Saturday Feb 16, 2013 Afternoon Watch – Pigott, Beauty, Lake Tower Mystery Falcon

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Joyce (wnyfalconfan)

When Steve asked if I would like to go for another watch today (2 days in a row), I never thought we would be out for 4 hours from 2-6pm. The ankle is healing well, but I’m still not getting around by myself yet. I think the tweets going off on my phone all morning got his curiosity up. He enjoyed the adventure and hunt to find our area peregrines.

There were lots of watchers covering many places around Rochester today. A total of 7 falcons (6 peregrines, 1 merlin) and 1 northern screech-owl were sighted in Brighton (BS), Downtown (DT), Lake Ave Tower (LT), Kodak Park (KP), and Irondequoit Bay Bridge area (IBB).

Click on pictures for full view.

We started at BS. Carol, Dana & Lou were watching Pigott, hoping the tiercel (that was spotted earlier) would return.


We headed DT, parked on BSB (Broad Street Bridge) and found Beauty under the SE wing of Times Square Building (TSB).  She had prey or leftovers. She moved closer to the wing and then wiped her beak on the ledge.

beauty_7444a beauty_7461a beauty_7463a

She took off heading NE, and then came back to TSB flying around the south side landing on the ledge under SW wing.  We parked on Main across the street from the south side of TSB.  A bit close, but we had to take what we could get…parking spaces were scarce. NOTE – in the first photo with Beauty’s back to camera, it looks like a raptor wing feather against the base of the wing to her left. Wonder if this is where the missing raptor from Crossroads ended up.

beauty-feather_7474a beauty_7526a beauty_7534a

Since Beauty didn’t look like she was going to move for awhile, we headed to check out the LT peregrine falcon. Nothing in sight. Carol tweeted that she had a falcon at KP. I called her to see how long she was planning on watching it. I was thinking that we might be seeing the same peregrine, and Steve and I would wait to see if that falcon leaves KP and how soon one arrives at LT for night roosting. Carol had a long day and already headed home, so we went for a cup of Dunkin’s coffee and returned to wait it out anyway.

At 4:30 I pointed…we’ve got a falcon flying around the back of the building chasing starlings from the trees. Then it was quiet. I asked Steve to check out the other side of the building, and sure enough there she was sitting 2 floors down from the roof. We are calling this LT falcon a female (LTF) because she is big. I clicked and clicked, but no confirmation of bands yet.

lake-tower-pefa_7548a lake-tower-pefa_7612a

lake-tower-pefa_7621a lake-tower-pefa_7676a

Steve and I headed back to BS to see if BST had come back to roost. Pigott was close to the same location on the west extension where we left her earlier. We circled the building a few times, but it was getting dark. Pigott remained by herself.

The bonus of the day was our sighting of a sleeping eastern screech-owl in Highland Park.

screech-owl_7341a screech-owl_7398a screech-owl_7415a

You can also find my pics at https://picasaweb.google.com/wnyfalconfan/

Friday Feb 15, 2013 (3:45-5:30pm) – Sightings: Pigott & Mystery Falcon

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Joyce (wnyfalconfan)

Steve, Casey, Abby and I went for a falconwatch ride around town. I texted Carol to let her know we were out & about and running doggies at our first stop Brighton Site (BS). We planned on going downtown (DT), then to Lake Tower (LT) apartments, and finally Kodak Park (KP). Carol was planning on doing the same coming from the opposite direction.

We found Pigott on the top window in the corner where the east extension meets the SE extension. Before I confirmed it was her with my camera, Steve said the falcon looked big, like a female. Is he becoming a falconwatcher? There was no sign of BST (Brighton Site Tiercel).

Click on pictures for full view.


Drove all over DT looking for Beauty with no luck while Carol came in from the north. She had no sightings at KP or LT either. We met up on the Broad Street Bridge (BSB). Carol was going to stay DT while KathyO was keeping watch at BS. Kathy still only had one falcon there – Pigott.

We headed down Lake Ave and parked south of the apartment building looking at the east side that faces the street. No sign of a falcon where previously sighted. For some reason, Steve said let’s watch and wait, and I caught something out of the corner of my eye on the top ledge 2nd set of windows from left to right. Nothing, then all of sudden I caught a wing & tail. The peregrine must have been back in on the ledge close to building, like the falcons do on the south side vent at BS.

LTM_7239sz LTM_7220a LTM_7229a

LTM_7239a LTM_7242a LTM_7251a

The Lake Tower (LT) mystery falcon started to walk on the ledge. Unfortunately those pics were out of focus, but I did get the left leg in the air (where ID band would be) on one of them. It looked like no band in the camera viewer, but enlarged on the computer it looks like there might be. Hopefully this weekend one of the watchers will confirm if there is a band.  The falcon walked out of sight, so we moved the car to get a better view. The behavior reminded me of Quest when she was looking to nest on the ledge at Harlequin.

The falcon’s back was to us and tucked in next to the column (like they do on BS).  There was no opportunity to see if there were bands, but what a pretty face. Looks mostly like a tundra female to me.  This Lake Tower female (LTF) has a very white chest, dark helmet, no white above the cere, and no distinctive malar stripe (mustache) with a white auricular patch behind mustache.

LTM_7269sz LTM_7254a LTM_7265ab

There is white wash on the ledge. Carol thinks this might be the night roosting spot. LTF was settled in so we headed to our last stop at KP.  No falcon, but there was a red-tailed hawk in a tree close to the road.  By this time MAK had returned DT to help with the search for Beauty. Kathy stayed at BS until dark, but no BST showed up. Carol remained at BSB with no luck finding B.

Now is the time for lots of peregrine movement and action.  Nesting season and migration has begun.

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