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Saturday Feb 16, 2013 Afternoon Watch – Pigott, Beauty, Lake Tower Mystery Falcon

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Joyce (wnyfalconfan)

When Steve asked if I would like to go for another watch today (2 days in a row), I never thought we would be out for 4 hours from 2-6pm. The ankle is healing well, but I’m still not getting around by myself yet. I think the tweets going off on my phone all morning got his curiosity up. He enjoyed the adventure and hunt to find our area peregrines.

There were lots of watchers covering many places around Rochester today. A total of 7 falcons (6 peregrines, 1 merlin) and 1 northern screech-owl were sighted in Brighton (BS), Downtown (DT), Lake Ave Tower (LT), Kodak Park (KP), and Irondequoit Bay Bridge area (IBB).

Click on pictures for full view.

We started at BS. Carol, Dana & Lou were watching Pigott, hoping the tiercel (that was spotted earlier) would return.


We headed DT, parked on BSB (Broad Street Bridge) and found Beauty under the SE wing of Times Square Building (TSB).  She had prey or leftovers. She moved closer to the wing and then wiped her beak on the ledge.

beauty_7444a beauty_7461a beauty_7463a

She took off heading NE, and then came back to TSB flying around the south side landing on the ledge under SW wing.  We parked on Main across the street from the south side of TSB.  A bit close, but we had to take what we could get…parking spaces were scarce. NOTE – in the first photo with Beauty’s back to camera, it looks like a raptor wing feather against the base of the wing to her left. Wonder if this is where the missing raptor from Crossroads ended up.

beauty-feather_7474a beauty_7526a beauty_7534a

Since Beauty didn’t look like she was going to move for awhile, we headed to check out the LT peregrine falcon. Nothing in sight. Carol tweeted that she had a falcon at KP. I called her to see how long she was planning on watching it. I was thinking that we might be seeing the same peregrine, and Steve and I would wait to see if that falcon leaves KP and how soon one arrives at LT for night roosting. Carol had a long day and already headed home, so we went for a cup of Dunkin’s coffee and returned to wait it out anyway.

At 4:30 I pointed…we’ve got a falcon flying around the back of the building chasing starlings from the trees. Then it was quiet. I asked Steve to check out the other side of the building, and sure enough there she was sitting 2 floors down from the roof. We are calling this LT falcon a female (LTF) because she is big. I clicked and clicked, but no confirmation of bands yet.

lake-tower-pefa_7548a lake-tower-pefa_7612a

lake-tower-pefa_7621a lake-tower-pefa_7676a

Steve and I headed back to BS to see if BST had come back to roost. Pigott was close to the same location on the west extension where we left her earlier. We circled the building a few times, but it was getting dark. Pigott remained by herself.

The bonus of the day was our sighting of a sleeping eastern screech-owl in Highland Park.

screech-owl_7341a screech-owl_7398a screech-owl_7415a

You can also find my pics at https://picasaweb.google.com/wnyfalconfan/

BS Tiercel, Pigott, & Beauty – Photo Slideshows Jan 12, 2013 (plus Owl Album)

Monday, January 14th, 2013

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Joyce (wnyfalconfan)

This past weekend, Steve took me for a brief falconwatch to the Brighton site (BS) and downtown. It must have been “gimper’s” luck because I got to see all three peregrines.

Here are slideshows of each of our falcons seen on Saturday, Jan 12th, plus a bonus album of the Eastern Screech-Owl seen on Wednesday Jan 9, 2013.

Click on each thumbnail for full view. Click on links for slideshows and video.

bst-6189 – – – BS Tiercel Slideshow

img_6293a – – – Pigott Slideshow

img_6351a – – – Beauty Slideshow

To go along with my slideshow, here is an rfalconcam video posted by Dumpsterkitty15 on YouTube that was recorded at the same time as I took my photos. – – – Beauty takes off from Mercury January 12, 2013

screech2-6078b – – – Eastern Screech-Owl Album
Note – In the last photo I caught a rare shot of the upper eyelid over the eyes.

Hope you enjoy!

New Year’s Bird of Prey Watch – Jan 1, 2013

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Joyce (wnyfalconfan)

What a great way to ring in 2013…with members of my “3F Club” – Family, Friends, & Falcons. And, I was lucky to have a special bird-of-prey sighting on the first day of the New Year.

Click on each thumbnail for full view, or see photos in my Picasa album.

I was so glad that I could make it downtown for the Watcher’s Annual New Year Toast. Nothing (except a blizzard) was going to keep me away, even with a broken ankle. It took me 2 hours to get ready, and when I arrived I was happy to see so many participants joining in the tradition (as mentioned in Carol and MAK’s reports). I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh cold air, even though others were freezing by the time Steve and I arrived.

Beauty was on OCSR during our gathering. Thanks B for being on the I-beam facing us!


Many headed out to check the Brighton Site (BS). Found Pigott on the south side. No sign of the BS Tiercel (BST).

Pigott was eating.


She had a full crop and took off chasing a bird to the south.


She flew back right overhead and landed on the SW extension corner.

5881a-pigott-in-flight1 5883a-pigott-in-flight2 5886a-pigott-in-flight3 5887a-pigott-in-flight4

As Pigott settled back in on a SE extension windowsill, Lisa offered to show us where she found an Eastern Screech-Owl. This was the first time I have seen one in the wild. It is a gray morph and was sleeping in a tree cavity. Such a cutie!

5915a-eastern-screech-owl-megascops-asio-gray-morph 5915b-eastern-screech-owl-sleeping-in-tree-cavity 5946a-what-a-pint-sized-cutie

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