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Sunday Morning Falcon Watch - Another Very Warm Day! 7/15/18

Sunday, July 15th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

*Please be sure to click on the pictures to see the full image!*

It was another very warm day here in Rochester, NY.  I got downtown just after 7:00 am and it was already close to 70 degrees. Temps were expected to go up into the high 80’s.  Again, no rain in sight.

Just before I arrived, Larry O and Dan reported seeing Beauty bring in food over the river.  A juvie flew up to her and there was a food transfer.  They saw the juvie go to the southside of the Times Square Bldg (TSB) and Beauty to the Powers Bldg.

I checked the southside of the TSB, but could see no falcons there.  From Aqueduct St (aka “the hole”) I spotted a falcon eating on the NE lower corner of the Widows Walk (WW).



I moved a little closer, to the parking lot on the northside of the TSB.  From there I could only get a quick look at a head and wings now and then.  At one point, a pigeon flew in and landed next to the juvie.  Falcon wings came up to greet it and the pigeon flew off very quickly.  Wish I had gotten that picture! :)


After finishing breakfast, the juvie walked down the ledge, heading south.  I finally got a nice view of a red taped silver USFW band.  It was Letchworth!



Letchworth took off heading north and I followed.  I do love playing tag with the falcons. :)

I found her in a lower section on the north side of the Frontier Communication Tower.



Further up inside the framework, below the platform, there was a sleeping adult falcon.  Pretty sure it was Dot.ca.


Letchworth took off again, this time heading north.  I followed, but could not find her.  After checking out the whole downtown area, I returned to the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT).  Dot.ca was still there, and I could hear a juvie Peregrine Falcon wailing.  It took me awhile, but I finally found the juvie on the shorter FCT.



This juvie had a silver band, so it was either Sundara or Mike.  After checking my pics, I’m pretty sure it was Mike.

Mike moved around, wailing loudly.  Dot.ca was still dozing above.  After awhile Mike spread his wings and took off, heading east.


It was time to search again.  When I was driving towards the Times Square Bldg, I saw a falcon fly very fast towards OCSR.  It landed on the southside top Ibeam, near the west corner.  From the hole, I could see that it was Dot.ca.


It was 10:00 am when I ended my morning watch.  It had been awhile since I saw Mike and I was happy to see him doing well.

Enjoy the day, and keep cool everyone!

Saturday Hot Afternoon Falcon Watch - 7/14/18

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

*Be sure to click on the pictures to see the full image!*

It was a very hot afternoon, but since I couldn’t get out for my usual early morning watch, I ventured out in the heat of the day to check on the falcons.

I immediately found Beauty on the bottom arm of the Frontier Communication Tower.  She was soaking wet, so she probably took a recent bath.  Possibly in the river.


Below Beauty, inside the framework under the platform was a sleepy juvie.


I noticed that the road behind the City Hall parking lot had a change.  The one-way was switched.


This was my view from the southside of the FCT’s.


From here, I had a better view of Beauty on the lowest arm.


Back at the City Hall parking lot, another view of the sleepy juvie.


I kept hearing the wailing of another young falcon, but couldn’t find it at first.  Then one popped up on the platform below Beauty.  There was a black/green band on the left leg, so it was either Sundara or Mike.  Based on size, it was Sundara and she had a very full crop.  She moved around, back and forth, on the platform, vocalizing up to mom.


When she moved out of my view, I moved back over to the southside of FCT.  From there, I could see her on the platform, with Beauty directly above her.


Again she moved where I could not see her.  So back to the City Hall parking lot.  It’s so much easier to move around on the weekends, when no one else is around.

From my position, I could see that there were now two, very close together underneath the platform.  Both were sound asleep and so was Beauty.  The heat was getting to me, so I ended my afternoon watch.


Again basing it on size, I believe it was Sundara and Letchworth on the Frontier Communication Tower with Beauty.

More hot weather coming our way, with little rain.  Hope everyone is keeping cool!

Friday the 13th Morning Falcon Watch - 7/13/18

Friday, July 13th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Yet another warm day on the way, with temps of 90 degrees.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had any rain.  Hope we get some soon.

My falcon watch started at about 7 am, just after Larry O signed off.  The first falcon I saw was from the west side of the Kodak Tower.  There was one on the NE corner of Xerox.  It was way too far away to tell who it was.

*Be sure to click on the pics to see the full image.*


I made my way to the north side of the old Midtown Plaza.  From there I could see that it was Dot.ca.


After a quick search, I found Beauty on the antenna on top of the RG&E bldg.


I noticed that Dot.ca had left while I was checking out Beauty, so I didn’t know which direction he had flown.

Beauty then took off, flying low over the buildings to the south.


I searched for her, but couldn’t find her.

It was time to look for the juvies.

Dot.ca was just flying up to the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT) when I arrived there.  He was on the middle arm, looking south.


From the Andrews St Bridge, I could see that there was a juvie lower on FCT, so I headed back over to City Hall.


Dot.ca was gone, but I was able to get a good view of the juvie.  Dana joined me on the watch.


Finally the juvie lifted her leg and I was able to read her black/green band.  It was 90/BA - Sundara!


While I was talking to a passerby, she took off.  Of course!  lol  Sundara headed west, out of sight.

I drove back to the Andrews St Bridge and saw a falcon heading my way from Kodak.  I caught this one picture of the falcon as it flew over.


This was very close to the gorge, so Dana and I decided to check out the pedestrian bridge.  We didn’t see any falcons there, but we did see a juvie Red-tail Hawk flying over the river and landing on the Genesee Brewery.


It was a big girl and she took off, flying over the pedestrian bridge and heading towards the falls.  The hawk ended up landing in the Falcon Sucking Tree.  I guess this tree is not only for falcons.  lol


The hawk took off and flew down the east side of the gorge, snatching at leaves, just like our juvie falcons do.  I really miss seeing them in the gorge.  Wish they’d find it.  :)


The High Falls Gorge is my most favorite place to watch falcons.  The river is very dry right now due to the lack of rain, but the falls are as beautiful as always.


If you live in or near Rochester, you should visit this magical place.  Enjoy the day and keep cool!  :)

Falcon Watch Pictures - 7/6 - 7/11/18

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Time to catch up and share some pictures from my falcon watches over the past 6 days.  I’m happy to report that all three juvies are doing well.  I even have some videos that I will share with you soon.  But, in the meantime, here are some pictures I want to share with everyone.  Enjoy!  :)

*Be sure to click on each pic to see the full image.*























The Day After the Fireworks….All 5 OK! 7/5/18

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

My main reason for going downtown early this morning was to make sure the Rochester Falcons made it through the evening of downtown fireworks.

I and a few other falcon fans were watching the fireworks on our falcon cams last night.  They were very loud and quite intense.  At one point, we could hear a falcon (we assume it was Beauty) vocalizing loudly.  I really wanted to make sure they were all ok this morning.

At 6:00 am, I joined Dan on the Court St Bridge.  I was overjoyed to see all three juvies flying high above the Xerox Tower, talon tagging.  Beauty was supervising from the SE corner of the Five Star Bank bldg.  We later saw Dot.ca on the RG&E antenna.  All five were safe and sound.  They had all survived the very explosive celebration the night before.  :)

We were soon joined by Larry O and Dana.

Here are some pictures from the morning watch.  Another very warm day!!!

*Please click on the pictures to see the full image.*







I’m happy to report that repairs are underway on the Cross Rds Bldg.


Dana and I ended our watch at the Seneca Tower location.  Sadly, all was quiet and we saw no falcons there.  Although, Dana and Lou had seen three juvies on the building a couple evenings ago.  We were probably too late to see any activity this morning.

Enjoy the day and keep cool everyone!

4th of July Falcon Watch - 7/4/18

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Happy 4th of July!

When I arrived downtown on the Court St Bridge at 7:00 am, I was greeted by Dan and Larry O.  Another very warm day was beginning.  Temps are expected to get up to about 93 degrees, and the humidity was rising.  The police were already out, blocking off some of the streets that would be filled with people this evening for the 4th of July celebrations.

Dot.ca was on the Powers camera and one juvie was on the ladder on top of the Civic Ctr.  We assumed, based on size, that this was Sundara.  We’re now pretty sure that she has lost the blue tape from her silver USFW band.  This will make it harder to ID her.

*Please click on the pictures to see the full image.*


Soon after I arrived, Beauty flew in carrying breakfast.  Sundara took off from the Civic Ctr and met her.  We lost sight of both of them, but quickly found one on the Widows Walk (WW).

Dan and Larry said their goodbyes and I headed over to the Times Square Bldg area for a closer look.

Dot.ca had moved over to the OCSR, top IBeam.

4-dc-on-ocsr-7-4-18<— DC on OCSR

From the hole, “aka Aqueduct St”, I could see a juvie on Widows Walk on the southside railing.

5-juvie-on-ww-7-4-18<— Juvie on WW

I drove over to Fitzhugh St on the west side of WW and found a juvie eating on the corner of the Civic Ctr.

6-juvie-on-civic-ctr-7-4-18<— Juvie on corner of CC

A falcon flew up to the WW.  By the time I drove over for a closer look, the juvie I had first seen there was gone and Beauty was now on the southside railing.

7-beauty-on-ww-7-4-18<— Beauty on WW

I met up with Dana and we kept an eye on the juvie eating on the Civic Ctr.  We could see the silver band on the right leg and black/green band on the left leg.  So this was either Mike or Sundara.


Beauty flew over to check to see if there were any leftovers.

11-beauty-on-cc-7-4-18<— Beauty  on Civic Ctr.

We spotted a falcon on a lower Civic Ctr Bldg.  Again, either Mike or Sundara.

12-mike-or-sundara-on-cc-7-4-1813-mike-or-sundara-on-cc-7-4-18<— Mike or Sundara on Civic Ctr

We had some flying by the juvies, and they all ended up over on the Jail Communication Tower.  Joyce joined Dana and I at the parking lot near the Blue Cross Arena, aka Rochester War Memorial.  We found a spot in the shade and settled down to watch the four falcons on the jail communication tower (JCT).  There was some flying and we were able to positively ID Letchworth with her red tape covered band.





At 10 am, it was getting hot and we decided to end our watch.

Five Rochester Falcons were seen by Five Falcon Watchers this morning.

A very happy 4th of July to all.  Enjoy the day and stay safe!


All I can say is WOW! - Monday Morning Falcon Watch - 7/2/18

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

By the time I made my way downtown at 6:30 am, the temperature was already climbing and almost unbearable.  Larry O had reported that he and Dan had witnessed an up close and personal stoop by Beauty from over Xerox to the river on the south side of the Court St. Bridge (CSB).  She missed what she was after and settled on the Jail Communication Tower (JCT).

I decided to check the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT) first.  When I parked in front of City Hall, I could hear the very loud vocalization of a juvenile Peregrine Falcon.  It was Letchworth on the platform of FCT looking up at Dot.ca on the middle arm.


First Dot.ca, then Letchworth and another juvie I hadn’t seen, followed.

4-letchworth-off-fct-7-2-18<— There goes Letchworth!

Larry O and Dan saw all three heading down Main St. towards downtown.

I joined Dan and Larry on the Court St. Bridge, just in time to see four falcons flying high above the Xerox Tower (XT).

I quickly grabbed my camera and practiced my flight shots, of which there were a lot!

Dan, Larry and I enjoyed the air show by this year’s juvies, Letchworth, Sundara and Mike.  Dot.ca was flying above them, showing them all kinds of impossible maneuvers.  Impossible for us un-winged watchers, but the juvies did their best to mimic their dad.  In between, they had lots of fun chasing each other and talon tagging high above the Xerox Tower.  At one point, we had five in the air, but only for a moment.

Here are some of my favorite flight shots.

*Be sure to click on each one to see the full image.*







This was our view from the Court St. Bridge.



Both Dan and Larry left me, so I headed over to Woodbury Blvd, where I had a closer view of the Xerox Tower.


I only had one juvie in view on top of the light tower on the roof of the Xerox Tower.


and then there were two!  A second juvie flew in and the chase was on!



Both juvies flew west towards the Times Square Bldg.

Back at the Frontier Communication Tower, I found Letchworth on the middle arm.


Letchworth flew down to the platform of the shorter FCT.  There was a lot of wing action up there, so I assume food was involved and at least one other juvie up there.  Of course Letchworth was the loudest.  lol


Letchworth again took off and I found her on the north railing on Widows Walk.  That’s where I left her, when I decided to end my watch.  As I was driving away, I spotted a falcon on the base of Mercury.  It was Beauty!


I was very happy to see her, since we had mostly seen Dot.ca and the 3 juvies during the morning watch.  It was a nice way to end it!

Keep cool everyone!  There are more really hot temperatures on the way!

Mother’s Day Falcon Watch - 5/13/18

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

*Be sure to click on all pictures to see the full version.*

Happy Mother’s Day to Beauty and all you mom’s out there!


It was a lovely day for a falcon watch!

There was a lot of traffic, due to graduations at the Blue Cross Arena, aka Rochester War Memorial.  So I ended up on Aqueduct St (aka “the hole”).  From there I had a great view of the nest box and the surrounding area.

8-my-view-from-the-hole-5-13-189-my-view-from-the-hole-5-13-18<— My view from “the hole”.

When I first arrived, I found Dot.a on to top Ibeam of OCSR, just where fellow watcher Larry O reported seeing him.

1-dc-on-ocsr-5-13-18<— Dot.ca on OCSR.

For a long time, there was no falcon activity.  Until Dot.ca took off, heading north.  After awhile, he returned to the same spot on OCSR.  About a half hour later, he took off again, this time heading south.  He was on the hunt!

Finally, success!  Dot.ca returned to the top IBeam on the OCSR and feathers were soon floating all around him.  When he was finished preparing the meal, he took it up to the platform in front of the nest box.  Beauty came out to meet him and took the offered meal, returning to the nest box.  After a few minutes, Dot.ca returned to the OCSR to keep guard over his family.

Here are a few pictures of Dot.ca bringing the meal to Beauty.


5-b-takes-prey-from-dc-at-nb-5-13-186-b-takes-prey-from-dc-at-nb-5-13-18<— Dot.ca brings a meal to Beauty at the nest box.

All was quiet.  It was time for me to end my Sunday morning watch.  But I had one more stop to make.  It was Mother’s Day and I wanted to remember a very special mom that I had watched raise young for many years.  I stopped at the Kodak Tower, where I had so many good memories of Mariah, Kaver and their young.  43 babies were raised here.


Happy Mother’s Day Mariah! I will always remember you with love…. <3


Sunday Morning Falcon Watch - 4/8/18

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was cold (temps in the 20’s), really, really cold!  My watch started with a bit of sun and clouds and ended with a blizzard.  C’mon Spring, move over Winter!  I’m really ready for some warmer temperatures.

I could see on my phone that Beauty was on the eggs.  I looked everywhere for Dot.ca, but could not find him.  So, I parked on the Broad St Bridge, where I had my best view of the area.

At 10:05 am, Dot.ca flew in with food and brought it to Beauty at the nest box.  Beauty came out and grabbed it.  She took it to the base of the Mercury statue.  Dot.ca went into the nest box to take his turn on the eggs.

3-view-of-mercury-from-court-st-4-8-184-beauty-eating-on-base-of-mercury-4-8-182-beauty-eating-on-base-of-mercury-4-8-18<— Beauty with food on base of Mercury.

It took Beauty about 10 minutes to eat her fill.  She cached the remainder of the prey on the base of the Mercury statue and then flew over to the top Ibeam on OCSR.

5-beauty-on-ocsr-4-8-186-beauty-on-ocsr-4-8-18<— Beauty on OCSR.

10:50 am - Beauty returned to the nest box and Dot.ca came bombing out, kakking.  He chased something around the Wilder Bldg, but I couldn’t see what it was.  After chasing it away, Dot.ca returned to the top of the Mercury statue.

7-beauty-on-nb-platform-4-8-18<— Beauty to the nest box.

8-dc-on-mercury-4-8-189-dc-on-mercury-4-8-18<— Dot.ca on Mercury.

It started to snow, really hard.  It quickly went from sunshine to white out conditions.

10-dc-on-mercury-4-8-18<— Dot.ca in a blizzard!

It was snowing so hard, I could hardly see Dot.ca.  Of course that’s when he decided to take off, heading west.

I waited until the snow stopped before ending my watch.  Before leaving, I saw that Dot.ca had returned to the top IBeam on OCSR.

11-dc-on-ocsr-4-8-18<— Dot.ca on OCSR.

On my way home, I drove along the lake.  There were huge amounts of Turkey Vultures flying through.  Some high, some low.  Some landing in trees and some on the ground.  I love watching the migration.  It’s a beautiful sight!

12-tv-migration-at-lake-4-8-1813-tv-migration-at-lake-4-8-18<— Turkey Vulture migration!

Easter Sunday Morning Falcon Watch 4/1/18 - Plus a Visit with Pigott & George!

Sunday, April 1st, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watch Carol P.

*Click on any pictures to enlarge them.*

It was a very cold Easter morning.  This is a day I always like to check on our falcons.  Bad things have happened in past years.  Thankfully, all was peaceful and quiet this morning.

When I first arrived downtown in the hole, aka Aqueduct St, I spotted a falcon up on the Wilder green strip.  The bird was facing away from me and I thought it was Dot.ca.  It wasn’t until the falcon turned around that I was able to see the black over green band.  It was Beauty.

1-view-from-the-hole-4-1-182-view-from-the-hole-4-1-18<— View from the hole aka Aqueduct St.

3-beauty-on-wilder-4-1-18<— Beauty on Wilder green stip.

5-beauty-on-wilder-4-1-186-beauty-on-wilder-4-1-187-beauty-takes-off-from-wilder-4-1-18<— Beauty on green strip.

Beauty took off, first heading east, over the river.  She looped around and landed on the nest box platform.

8-beauty-to-nest-box-4-1-18<— Beauty on the nest box platform.

She entered the nest box and Dot.ca left.  It was her turn to be on the eggs.

Dot.ca flew overhead and landed on the top Ibeam on OCSR.  He did a hunting stoop over the river and returned.  It was time to preen.

9-dc-on-ocsr-4-1-18<— Dot.ca on OCSR.

It was time to end my Easter morning watch.  At 11:oo am, I texted that I was leaving.  Just as I was pulling out, Dot.ca took off and flew over to the Times Square Bldg.  He landed under the northeast wing.  Directly above the nest box.

10-dc-on-tsb-ne-wing-ledge-4-1-18<— Dot.ca on the NE wing ledge of the TSB.

As I was leaving, I could hear him softly wailing from above.  Letting Beauty know he was nearby.  Everything was peaceful and quiet for our downtown falcons this Easter sunday.

On my way home, I quickly scanned the Seneca Towers area, but could find no falcons there.

Yesterday, Kathy, Lisa and I drove to Syracuse to spend the day with Pigott and George.  I hadn’t seen them since last year.  Their nest box was relocated due to renovations on the State Bldg.  They have not been see at the new location.  We found them over on an abandoned apartment bldg.  They were hanging out on different balconies, hunting the neighboring pigeons.  We did not see them mate.  Due to their behavior, we don’t believe they have laid any eggs.  Here are some pictures from our visit.  Enjoy!

1-syracuse-state-bldg-3-31-182-syracuse-nest-box-3-31-18<— The State Bldg, Pigott and George’s relocated nest box.

4-pigott-3-31-187-pigott-3-31-18<— Pigott

10-pigott-3-31-1811-black-banded-pigott-3-31-18<— Black over Black Banded Pigott

5-george-3-31-186-george-3-31-189-unbanded-george-3-31-18<— Unbanded George.

8-pigott-george-3-31-1812-the-neighbors-3-31-18<— Pigott, George and the Neighbors.

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