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Saturday Fledge Watch – Hot Day in the City! 6/18/16

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was very warm and humid today with temps in the high 80s. There weren’t as many watchers out due to the heat. Dan, Larry, Dana, Kathy O, Carol Lukka, Brian, Pat, Joyce, Carla, her sister Ann and me Carol P.

We saw all 4 juvies throughout the day. They did some flying, mostly in the morning when it was cooler. Most of the day they spent their time on various shady spots on the Times Square bldg.

Tomorrow is going to be another hot, humid day. But, I hope to see some nice flying in the morning. Keep cool everyone!

Friday Fledge Watch – What a Difference a Day Makes! 6/17/16

Friday, June 17th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Last night we left Aria on a windowsill on the north side of the Times Square bldg. Very early this morning Watcher Dan reported that Aria took flight and made her way to taller buildings. As I reported yesterday, she just needed the time to rest.

Throughout the day, all 4 juvies continued to hone their flying and landing skills. It was a very warm and humid day. Both watchers and falcons followed the shade.

At one point this morning, all 4 were on the Widow’s Walk with Beauty. Leo and Lilac were chasing each other. I’m sure that these two will be talon tagging soon.

At the end of the day, all four juvies visited the nest box area. Beauty had dropped off food there for Aria and the others followed. It was wonderful to see them all on the Rfalconcam cameras again!

Watchers today were Dan, Larry, Zaph, Carla, Joyce, Pat, Lisa, Dana, Carol aka lukka,  Jeanne and me, Carol P.

Thursday Fledge Watch – Aria Gets Into a Bit of Trouble – 6/16/16

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was warmer today and we started out with some rain. The juvies were all up on top of the Wilder bldg in various spots most of the morning. There would be bursts of energy that would send them into the sky. If one started exercising their wings, one or more of the others would do the same.

Since his sisters have not quite caught up to him, Beauty and Dot.ca have become Leo’s favorite targets. His favorite activity is to knock them off buildings and chase them. What great fun! Just wait until his sisters are stronger flyers!

By the end of the afternoon, all 4 juvies were in the air. The watchers were spread out trying to keep track of them. I was watching one juvie that was not flying as well as the others. She came in low attempting to land on the Talesca bldg, but instead bumped into the wall. She recovered and headed back to the Times Square bldg where she landed on a windowsill.

We were able to ID her as Aria, our youngest and newest flyer. The watchers gathered to keep an eye on her and the others.

She did some sleeping, but also a lot of stretching and preening. Aria seems to be ok, just tired. The watchers left as it started to get dark, reporting that Aria had laid down and was sleeping.

We are all hoping that she’ll be rested by morning and that she’ll rejoin her family. Aria is in a very safe place and both Beauty and Dot.ca know where she is.

Today’s watchers were Dan, Larry, Zaph, Joyce, Kathy, Cheryl, Willie, Dana, Lou, Pat, Carla, Jeanne and me, Carol P.

Wednesday Fledge Watch – It’s Aria’s Turn! 6/15/16

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

The watchers spent most of the day watching Leo show off his new flying skills by chasing his mom every chance he got. He is becoming quite accomplished.

Both Leo and Matilda spent a lot of time at the nest box with Aria who had yet to fledge. Lilac is an independent young juvie.

At about 4:30pm, while Leo was out chasing Beauty, both Aria and Matilda were together at the north end of the well wall. Flap flap flap! Then Matilda took flight, heading towards the Wilder bldg. She landed on the SW corner. This was the incentive Aria needed. Her large wings beat faster and faster! She was off!

Aria followed her sister’s path and made an excellent landing next to Matilda. She had fledged a day after her sisters. She had made the leap from eyas to juvie. All 4 had successfully fledged!

Many watchers were gathered throughout the day. Dan, Larry, Zaph, Carol (aka Lukka from Buffalo), Joyce, Brian, Lisa, Dana, Carla, Pat, Jeanne and me, Carol P. Thanks to all of you and thanks to our on line watchers, Ei, Donna and Annette, that let us know what’s happening and move the camera to track the movements of our juvies.

When I left this evening, all 4 juvies were on top of the Wilder bldg. Tomorrow will be another busy day for the watchers, local and on line!

Tuesday Fledge Watch – Matilda & Lilac Fledge! 6/14/16

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Lots of watchers were out today to see two of our girls take their first flights. Dan, Larry, Zaph, Tonya, Joyce, Brian, Kelly, Sydney, Lynda, Tim, Cheryl, Carla,  Pat, Jeanne, Dana and me, Carol P.

Matilda fledged very early this morning. I read a text from Annette on the Rfalconcam Forum, saying that one of the falcons has fledged from the bump on the well wall. She was right. It was Matilda! Shaky quickly found her on the Wilder bldg using our camera 1. She was safe and sound!  I found out later that long time Watcher Dan, had witnessed her fledge.

I arrived downtown at about 6:30 am and met Larry, Joyce and Zaph in the parking lot looking up at Matilda on the Wilder bldg. She was running back and forth with wings spread out. We all settled in for a long day of keeping watch over our young falcons.

Later in the morning, only Dan and I were on watch to see Lilac fledge. She was on the wall flapping her wings when she launched herself skyward. We both stood up and watched her strong sure flight to the Wilder bldg where she landed on a tall chimney at the east end of the building. She eventually joined her sister.

Leo continues to improve his flying skills! We saw him on the OCSR, Cross Rds and Talesca bldgs. He even made it to the top of the Times Square Bldg where he landed on the NE wing ring, a favorite spot for Dot.ca to land.

Beauty and Dot.ca continue to watch over their young. They are amazing!

Aria continues to strengthen her wings. I would not be surprised if she fledges tomorrow.

It looks like Matilda and Lilac will spend the evening on the Wilder bldg, while Aria and Leo will sleep at the nest box.  Tomorrow should be another exciting day for the watchers.

A very special thanks to on-line Watcher Eileen for helping to move camera 1 around to track the movements of Leo, Matilda, Lilac and Aria.

On the evening watch we all enjoyed pizza courtesy of Lynda. Thanks!

Stay tuned for more fledging news!

Monday Fledge Watch – 6/13/16

Monday, June 13th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was another cold and blustery day here in Rochester, NY! But that wasn’t stopping Leo, our young juvie from taking many practice flights today.

His landings are still a little rocky, but he’s learning quickly. It’s especially hard to land in these high winds.

The girls, Matilda, Lilac and Aria are continuing to practice their wing flapping, strengthening those muscles needed for flight. It won’t be long until they join their brother and parents.

Sorry, no pictures today. My computer is in the shop.

Today’s watchers were Dan, Larry O, Joyce, Brian H, Carla and Carol P. Many thanks to all the virtual watchers that helped us keep track of what was going on at the nest box. Your help is invaluable!

Falcon Watch 06/13/16 07:00 am

Monday, June 13th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Larry O.

Lots of activity this morning btwn 6:45 and 7:30. Good viewing from Court St Bridge.

Leo flew again. First from the box area to the south face of the Times Square building, landing at the level of the grating. Got a good look so I know it was not DC or Beauty. Otherwise assuming Leo, as the girls as far as we know have not flown yet. Then he flew past Times Square towards Wilder, but I lost him behind the buildings. However, Shaky reported via cam that Leo was on Wilder. There were lots of moments of activity, and during one of them, Leo made it back to the box area.

Beauty hunted over the river between Court St and the dam.

Dc and Beauty were in and out of the area, landing on many of their favorite protective sites (Ocsr, Mercury, wings both above and below).

Had three girls fanning on the wall at one time.

Twitter was not forwarding my reports, as far as I could tell. Shaky posted several comments on location of eyases based on the cameras, but I did not receive them on my phone while I was doing the watch.

Fledge Watch Report – Leo Fledges! 6/12/16

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Over the last three days, watchers have gathered on Aqueduct St aka “the hole”, watching and waiting for that first fledge. Finally, this afternoon, we are thrilled to announce that Leo, our only male, has taken his first flights.  I missed his first flight because I took a dinner break.  But the watchers that witnessed it said he did great.  He flew from the north end of the nest box ledge wall to a lower building just north of the Times Square Bldg.

When I returned, Leo was running up and down the south side of the Union Trust Bldg.  Dot.ca was keeping watch over his son from the Wilder Bldg.  It was a cold, cloudy and VERY windy day, with temps in the mid 60’s.  Although it felt much colder.

Leo started to flap his wings, and we all held our breath.  Surely the high winds would pick him up and send him on his way! But, this young juvie, no longer an eyas now that he had fledged, was determined to join his dad on the Wilder bldg.  His wings beat faster and faster, until you could barely see them and then he took off, swiftly gaining altitude.  Higher and higher until the winds swept him up and over the Wilder bldg.

The gathered watchers watched as Leo gained control and started to turn to the right.  He flew over us and we cheered him on as he continued to turn and head back to the Times Square bldg.  Now the wind was his friend.  He was using it to climb higher towards his target.  He was heading home, one sister flapping encouragement from the well wall near the nest box.

He missed the landing on the wall, but managed to drop into the well that was located below the nest box.  Dot.ca landed on the wall and both he and his daughter looked down to see where Leo was.  We all gave a cheer knowing that Leo had made it home. I quickly texted that Leo was in the well and asked if he was ok?

Quickly the on-line watchers let us know that he was fine.  He had climbed the ramp to the nest box platform that our friend Tim (with Linda’s help 🙂 had built for just this purpose.  Leo was in the nest box, resting from his big adventure.  It was our first fledge of 2016, and it was a successful one!

Here are some pictures that I’ve taken over the past few days.  Please click on any you would like to see enlarged.  Enjoy!

Friday, 6/10/16




Saturday, 6/11/16





Sunday, 6/12/16





So many watchers were out this weekend.  I hope I don’t miss anyone!

Dan, Kathy O, Lisa McK, Dana, Larry O, Brian H, Joyce, Jeanne, Pat, Carla, June, Linda (aka Braveheart), Carol (aka lukka from Buffalo), Zaph and me, Carol P.

Zaph is a first time watcher and he shared a picture he had taken today of a food transfer between Beauty and Dot.ca.  Love this picture!


I truly hope that our girls Matilda, Lilac and Aria have successful fledges over the next few day!

Thursday Fledge Watch – 6/9/16

Friday, June 10th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Let the fledge watch begin!  Our young eyases are doing a lot of flapping to strengthen their wings for those first flights.

Watchers gathered downtown throughout the day.  Dan, Larry O, Joyce, Kathy O, Brian, Cheryl and Carol P were on the job.

It was a sunny, but cold day with a stiff wind.

The eyases still have a way to go before they take off.  Leo, the only male, will probably be our first fledge.  Maybe this weekend?  You just never know.

Beauty and Dot.ca are busy keeping the sky clear of all other birds, including a Great Blue Heron that got a little too close to the Times Square Bldg.

Here are a few pictures from my Thursday Fledge Watch!  Enjoy!





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