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Morning Fledge Watch 8-3-15

August 3rd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was 72 (F) 22 (C) overcast and windy as I stepped out today

As soon as I set foot out on the west side balcony of my Seneca Towers 16th floor I could hear a juvie whining. The next second I had falcons flying all over the place in front of my eyes! Both adults and both juvies treated me to a fast and furious flight show that was only speeded up by the fast moving wind. After the first minute or so the adults flew out of sight and I was left with 2 screaming juvies that were talon tagging and chasing each other back and forth in front of and above me.


I had all I could do to hang on to my camera, it was that windy up there. I only got a couple pics because Bith and Sellie were too fast and too close as they flitted past me and above the building going in and out of view. Needless to say it was more than enough to wake me up-better than a cup of coffee! As quick as it began it stopped and everything went quiet. I got on the elevator to descend down to the ground and check the perimeter of the building. First check was the north end where I found Seth on his top window ledge.


I left him right away to look for the rest but never found them-they just vanished! I arrived downtown on the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) at 6:25am finding Beauty on the top I beam northeast side of OCSR. I went over to Bragdon Place by the north end of the Radisson Hotel for a closer look. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Beautyful one over there.


I left to search downtown for the rest of the family but had no luck and returned to watch Beauty. I was looking around and to my surprise I noticed Dot.ca (DC) up on the south ledge of the elevtor shaft.


They weren’t doing much-occasionally Beauty would preen or stretch but DC just stay perched in his man cave and it appeared he had a full crop. I had to run an errand and when I returned over an hour later, Beauty was gone but DC was still in the elevator shaft.


I checked downtown one more time and left for home after having no success finding another falcon. When I got to Seth Green Dr. at 9:20am I was happy to see Sellie on the west side railing.


A couple minutes later Bith joined us as I spotted him up on the north end railing. I had to leave them soon after and end my watch at 9:45am as I had an appointment to get to.


What fun I had watching the Seneca Towers juvies right out of the gate this morning. That was good for a smile the rest of the day! :)

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Morning Fledge Watch 8-2-15

August 2nd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning as I stepped out on the east side balcony before leaving Seneca Towers for my watch. The temperature was 61 (F) 16 (C)

img_0003-the-rising-sunimg_0004-brilliant-sunriseimg_0005-fireball1<Click them for full view

I checked from the west side balcony first before the sun was even showing and saw Seth on the south side ledge of the bridge. I could hear a juvie whining but couldn’t see it so I went down to my car. I checked the perimeter of the building but never found the juvie.


I left for downtown-from the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) I spotted a falcon in the Powers nest box with its back to me. At first I thought it was a juvie but it turned out to be Beauty.


She would stay in the nest for the next hour-during this time I left for a check around downtown for the rest of the family but didn’t find anyone else. Beauty came out at 7:10am to do some preening and pulling down feathers out as she is in a molt. I drove to Aqueduct St. by Main St. to observe at a closer range.



You can see that she’s looking a little rough around the edges as she molts-it can be a very uncomfortable time for them. I had another run around at this time with no luck finding any other falcons


After an hour there Beauty stood up and flew back to the nest box. I went back to the ASB to make sure that’s where she was and at least this time she was facing out.


It concerned me that Beauty spent so much time at this nest site today. I hope that she and Dot.ca are not going to choose this site for next years brood as there are no working cameras here and it’s a bit difficult to watch them from the ground. I hope whomever is responsible for removing this nest box does it before they start bonding in the box. The Beautyful one should be hanging out at her own scrape on Times Square (TSB) where y’all at home can see her.

Anyway, I got a tweet from Larry that he could see an adult at the Powers nest and one under the northeast wing of TSB from the pedestrian bridge. I left for the hole to see who was on TSB-it was Mr. Clean, his whiteness, DC facing the sun and looking brilliant! He did some stretching and a little preening as he watched over his territory.


At 8:30am DC turned to the north and flew away out of view. I left and as I was driving down State St. I could see him on the top arm of the Frontier Communications tower.


Arriving at Seneca Towers, I found Billie on the north side railing with her back to me from my spot on East Ridge Rd. near St. Paul St.


She didn’t stay long as she flew off to the north. I ended my watch after that at 9am.


So I saw all 4 adults on watch today but no juvies at either site. At any rate, I’ll keep smiling just the same! :)

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Fledge Watch 7-31/8-1-15

August 1st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A nice morning for  watch with sunshine and blue skies after mostly cloudy conditions to start-temperature was 62(F) 17 (C)

For the first time in a few days I saw a juvie at night here at Seneca Towers. Sellie was on the bridge eating when I checked from the west side balcony. It was around 8:30pm and starting to get dark so I walked down to the north end of my 16th floor to observe from the window at the end of the hall which got me much closer. He finished a small bit of food quickly then turned around so I could see his light colored front, enabling me to identify him as Sellie.


I stayed with him til dark then I went home to my apartment. I checked for him first thing this morning from the west side balcony but he wasn’t there so I can’t say if Sellie roosted on the bridge all night. I found Seth on his north end top window ledge when I checked from my car.


I decided to go downtown right away rather than stay with Seth as I wanted to see if I would have better luck than yesterday in finding falcons by getting there earlier. As is my routine, I checked everywhere before heading across the river to the east side. As I was driving around the traffic circle behind HSBC I spotted Beauty on the northeast corner. She was in hunt mode and watching pigeons that were flying around the area.


She pooped and readied herself and then off she went into a flock of pigeons and zeroing in on one near Midtown. Missing that one, she regrouped and set her sights on another one but failed to catch that one either.


Beauty then flew over to the RGS antenna as I found her there when I drove to Euclid St. behind the Hotel Cadillac. The sun was behind her making for dark images so I moved to get a better angle at which time the Beautyful one flew off.


I never did find Beauty again. 15 minutes later while stopped on the Broad St. bridge (BSB), I spotted Dot.ca (DC) on the southeast corner of the Frontier Communications tower (FCT) around 6:40am. I drove over to the parking lot next to the Hochstein School of Music to watch.


Not satisfied with looking at his back I drove down to the City Hall parking lot where I could see DC better and as a result could see that he had a small prey bird in his talons.


DC stood there with his small package for 15 minutes looking around for what I assume was a juvie to give it to, but one never showed. He flew off to the southeast and that would be the last I saw him or any other falcon this morning.


I searched high and low then ended my watch at the High Falls with a mama duck and her 2 ducklings swimming on the north side of the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge.


Arriving home I found no falcons to be at Seneca Towers-I called it quits just before the 9 o’clock hour. No juvies seen this morning but a nice watch just the same as I saw 3 of 4 adults and a couple cute ducklings to make me smile! :)

Click on the links below to view last night and today’s videos







Morning Fledge Watch 7-31-15

July 31st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The humidity is gone and with a temperature of 67 (F) 19 (C) it was a pleasant morning with blue skies and sunshine. The Blue moon was looming large in the western sky before I left for my watch


When I checked the north end of Seneca Towers I caught a quick glimpse of a bird flying over the roof out of view-I believe it was Seth. I went down to check the south end and found Billie on the top window ledge right in the middle with her back to me. She did some leg stretches for me and pooped then she turned sideways.



Billie didn’t do too much after that and so I left for downtown. I had trouble finding a falcon this morning until I spotted Dot.ca (DC) on the east side top railing of the Powers building from the Andrews St. bridge.


I went down to the end of Aqueduct St. by Main St. for a closer look and as I tweeted out my findings DC left.


I had a look around downtown again then off to the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge at High Falls. No falcons there but there was a Great Blue Heron  preening and some ducks swimming along on the north side of the bridge.


So I left there for downtown at 7:15am and spotted DC on the top arm of the Frontier Communications tower as I was driving down State St. I first pulled over on Fitzhugh St. in front of the Sister Cities parking garage. DC gave an over the shoulder look.


Since his back was to me I drove down to the end of Fitzhugh St. to the City Hall parking lot where I could see the front of him.


I stayed with DC for an hour as he did a little preening and stretching.


I had stuff to do so I called it a watch at 8:15am after seeing one falcon at Seneca Towers and one downtown. Slim pickin’s today but enough to muster a smile! :)

Click on the links below to see a couple videos from today’s watch



Morning Fledge Watch 7-30-15

July 30th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a humid 76 (F) 24 (C) degrees when I started out this morning, It started raining as soon as I got in my car and continued for much of my watch

When I reached the south end of my parking lot at Seneca Towers it was raining sideways right at my face as I struggled to get a pic of Billie on the top window ledge south end. I got it and quickly put my window up before my camera got too wet. I then went out to Seth Green Dr. thinking the trees would help shield me but that was a no go so I left for downtown after checking for more falcons. There were none at that time other than Buffalo Billie.


After a check around downtown I stopped on the Court St. bridge to see 2 falcons next to each other on the east side railing of Widows Walk. I quickly drove over to the hole and just as I pulled over one of them flew off and went into a stoop toward the river in the general direction I had just come from. The falcon that remained was a juvie.


The juvie left just as it started to pour of rain. I found Genesee on the base of Mercury a few minutes later at 6:40am and he was soaking wet. I think he may have been the juvie that was on Widows Walk. He stayed perched like a statue until the rain let up then started preening a little.


At 7:18am Genesee turned to the north and flew off carrying a lot of water weight. I can relate to that except I don’t fly! LOL


I searched for the next 45 minutes and left from the High Falls pedestrian bridge for Seneca Towers. When I arrived on Seth Green Dr. Bith and Sellie were home to greet me. They were perched a few feet apart on the west side railing.


They only stayed for a minute as Bith charged Sellie making him fly off then Bith followed and juvie games began with them chasing each other around the building a few times. They flew north out of sight and never returned.


That ended my watch on an early note at 8:20am with a big old smile on my face! :)

Click on the links below to see today’s videos



Wednesday Evening Fledge Watch - 7/29/15

July 29th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

5:45 to 9:00 pm

Evening Watchers: Kathy O, Joyce, Larry O, Carrie, Shaky and Carol P.

When I arrived a the east end of the pedestrian bridge, it was 90 degrees (F)!  My cooling towel was working really hard to keep me cool!  :)  The gorge was quiet tonight.  No falcon visits like we’ve had for the last few days.  But, there was a lot of activity surrounding us.  During the evening watch, we saw all 4 downtown Rochester Falcons!

Just before 4:00 pm, Genesee visited the Times Square Bldg nest box.  The Rfalconcam camera’s caught him on top of main camera.  He didn’t stay long, but it was great seeing him there.


At first I could find no falcons.  Then at 6:10 pm, I found two falcons.  One on the Jail Comm Tower and one on the Frontier Comm Tower (FCT) on the 2nd arm down.  Because we were watching from the pedestrian bridge, all of my pictures are zoomed to the max and in most cases very blurry.  But at least you’ll see what we were seeing during our watch.

Falcon on Jail Comm Tower -7-29-15Falcon on FCT -7-29-15

At 6:30 pm, Kathy O joined me and we had three falcons in view.  One on the Jail Comm Tower (Adult). One on FCT below the platform and one at the Powers Bldg nest box (Juvie).  They were moving around a lot.

Falcon on FCT Below Platform -7-29-15Juvie at Powers Bldg Nest Box -7-29-15

Joyce joined us on the pedestrian bridge.  At 7:25 pm, Cadence and Genesee were on the north end of the Cross Rds Bldg.  One of them had food.  The adult remained on the Jail Comm Tower.

Cadence and Genesee on Cross Rds Bldg -7-29-15

Larry O, Carrie and Shaky then joined the watch.  The two juvies flew over to the Frontier Comm Tower at 7:45 pm.  One juvie landed on the 2nd arm down, next to an adult (we think this was Dot.ca).  The juvie then flew off and landed on the large drum below the platform followed by the 2nd juvie.  One of the juvies remained with food and the other flew to the Kodak Tower landing on the NE corner of the playpen netting.  We thought there may have been a food transfer by Dot.ca to one of the juvies.

Falcon on FCT 7-29-15Juvies on FCT Drum -7-29-15Falcon on Kodak Office -7-29-15

We lost track of the two juvies and the adult on the Jail Comm Tower (Beauty).  Dot.ca flew to the Kodak Tower NE corner of the playpen.

Dot.ca then took off  and headed north down the river.  He turned, now heading east.  We lost him behind the Genesee Brewery. Shaky walked to the center of the pedestrian bridge and found him on a cell tower east of the brewery.  He flew off several times heading north and returned to the tower.  He was definitely in hunt mode.

Falcon on Cell Tower East of Brewery -7-29-15Falcon on Cell Tower East of Brewery -7-29-15

By 8:30 pm, we were already losing light.  The days are getting shorter.  :(

At 9:00 pm we ended our watch, happy to have seen all 4 downtown Rochester Falcons.  Goodnight everyone!

An Almost Full Moon -7-29-15Sunset in the Gorge -7-29-15Sunset in the Gorge -7-29-15

I wanted to send out a shout and a huge thanks to Mike who helped us out at the end of the day.  Thanks Mike!  :)

Morning Fledge Watch 7-29-15

July 29th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a bit muggy out with a starting temperature of 68 (F) 20 (C) and some thin clouds which cleared up as the sun got higher in the sky

I began my day with Billie as she was on the top south side window ledge of Seneca Towers. I shared space with her for 15 minutes and then she flew southeast.


I followed behind and caught up with her at the Kodak Hawkeye nest box. She was on the railing close to the box as I pulled into a parking lot across St. Paul St. from the building. She had her back to me and didn’t stay long as she flew southwest toward the river at 6:15am.


I left for downtown and as I pulled over on the Court St. bridge after checking the east side I noticed a falcon on the south side railing of Widows Walk (WW). I drove over to Broad St. to watch from next to the Terminal building. The back lighting was bad from there  so I moved forward and stopped next to the Democrat&Chronicle building. I was able to ID this juvie as Cadence. She was looking in every direction-most likely looking for mom or dad with her breakfast.


At 6:44am Cadence turned and flew northwest and I followed suit by driving down Fitzhugh St. by the Sister Cities parking garage and pulled over. She was now on the northeast cube of the Frontier Communications tower (FCT). That is her mothers’ favorite cube and I couldn’t believe how much she looked like Beauty.



I chose to go to the City Hall parking lot for a different angle on our little beauty who’s not so little. Cadence had her back and side to me during the half hour I spent there with her.


She took off at 7:20am  heading east and flying right into the sun where I lost sight of her.


I drove around downtown and from the Broad St. bridge I thought I could see the top of a head on the east side of the Powers building. I drove down to the end of Aqueduct St. where I could see it from a closer vantage point and could see the partial wing of a falcon at the nest box through the railing.


I drove to the Andrews St. bridge for a better look but the bird was gone when I got there. I wouldn’t see another falcon until after 9am when I spotted one on the middle arm of FCT again from the Andrews St. bridge. The only place to pull over was right below the tower which only enabled me to see that it was an adult. I thought Beauty but can’t say for sure.


I drove over to Plymouth Ave. to have a look at the front of this falcon but it was gone when I got there. I didn’t find another falcon either downtown or at Seneca Towers when I got home at 10am. It was a slow watch this morning but seeing the beautyful Cadence provided me a reason to smile! :)

Last night Lynda picked me up for a night watch and we were treated to Beauty and Dot.ca coming to the High Falls gorge as we were on the pedestrian bridge. I am including a photo album and a video link of Beauty as she was on the gorge floor getting a drink as a mama duck and her 4 ducklings were allowed to pass right in front of Beauty. DC had landed in the falcon sucking tree and left-Beauty flew up to it after she had her fill of the Genesee River water. What fun-thanks Lynda!

As always click on the links below to see our Rochester Peregrine Falcons in action







Beauty and Dot.ca Visit the Gorge - Evening Fledge Watch - 7/28/15

July 28th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

5:30 - 9:00 pm

Temps high 80’s (F).  Hot and Humid.

Evening Watchers: Kathy O, Joyce, Lynda, MAK, Carrie, Shaky and Carol P.  Visits by our old friends Sally and Diana R.

Today was hot, but tomorrow will be even warmer, pushing up over 90.  The watchers gathered on the pedestrian bridge hoping for a glimpse of Cadence and Genesee in the gorge.  They never arrived.  But we were thrilled when Beauty and Dot.ca visited the gorge!

When I first arrived at 5:30 pm, there was an adult on the Kodak Tower’s south side arch.  We did have a few other sightings of a falcon on the Frontier Communication Tower.  But it wasn’t until approximately 7:40 pm that Shaky spotted a falcon flying into the gorge, and landing on the gorge floor near the water.  Less than a minute later, we saw a 2nd falcon fly in and land on the falcon sucking tree (FST).  Both were adults.  Beauty was on the gorge floor and Dot.ca was in the FST.

Dot.ca on the Falcon Sucking Tree - 7-28-15Beauty on the Gorge Floor Drinking -7-28-15Beauty on the Gorge Floor Drinking -7-28-15

Dot.ca did not stay long.  He took off and flew up to the top of the Kodak Tower.  All of the watchers lined up at the railing, taking pictures, videos and chatting about Beauty and Dot.ca’s visit to the gorge.  We wondered where the juvies were.

Here is a Youtube video showing Beauty on the gorge floor drinking from the Genesee River.


While Beauty was drinking, a momma duck and her three small ducklings approached Beauty and swam by her.  Beauty moved further from the river, but continued to watch the small family.  That’s all she did, watch.  Beauty let them pass.

Beauty and the Ducks -7-28-15Beauty and the Ducks -7-28-15Beauty on the Gorge Floor -7-28-15

Here is a short video showing the ducks passing by Beauty.  Sorry for my shakiness. :)  Just click on the Youtube link below.


After the ducks passed by her, Beauty jumped up onto a log.

Beauty on the Gorge Floor -7-28-15

At 8:05 pm, Beauty took off and flew up to the falcon sucking tree.  Dot.ca was now on the cupola on the Kodak Tower.

Beauty in the FST - 7-28-151Dot.ca on KO Cupola - 7-28-15

Beauty stayed there for about 20 minutes and then flew out of the gorge towards the Kodak Tower.  She landed on the east side launchpad.  Dot.ca was close by at the southeast corner of the launchpad.

We were starting to lose light at 8:30 pm.  I wanted to drive around the downtown area to see if I could find Cadence and Genesee.  I did find a falcon on the Times Square Bldg under the northeast wing and another eating on the top arm of the Frontier Communication Tower.  It was too dark to identify them.

In the coming days, we will probably start to see less and less of our young juvies.  This time comes to quickly for this watcher. But, it’s part of their growing up and learning to be Peregrine Falcons.  Hopefully we will still get to see them for many days to come!

Goodnight everyone!

Sunset from the Pedestrian Bridge - 7-28-15Sunset from the Pedestrian Bridge - 7-28-15

Quick correction:  There were actually 4 ducklings with the momma duck!  :)

Morning Fledge Watch 7-28-15

July 28th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was 67 (F) 19 (C) when I ventured out with a hazy sky breaking into blue skies and sunshine

I spotted Billie and Seth from Seth Green Dr. on the south end of the building top window ledge. They were at opposite ends facing each other. I drove back to my parking lot for a closer review. Billie stretched out and i could see a feather or two missing from her tail-she may be molting as is Beauty. It was peaceful as there were no juvies around whining and the adults seemed content to just hang out with each other as they stretched and preened.


One of the Seneca Towers residents stopped by to chat with me about the falcons and during that time both Billie and a few minutes later Seth flew southeast. I left for downtown around 6:40am and after having a look from the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) decided to check the east side after checking the Times Square area. As I was driving down Exchange Blvd. I spotted Cadence and Genesee on Widows Walk (WW). I went around the block to Fitzhugh St. where I could see that Cadence was on the north side with food and Genesee a few feet from her on the northwest corner.


Cadence stopped eating just before 7am and walked over to her brother. She was being very cute as she tipped her head to look at him and then they did a little beak to beak kissee face. Genesee put a talon on her back and I thought he would jump on her until in a flurry, Cadence got out of there and went under the railing to the inside out of view.


After thinking about it a couple minutes Genesee joined his sister inside the railing and now MAK couldn’t see either one of them!


I drove out to Broad St. to see if I could see them from there when I noticed Dot.ca (DC) fly to WW then up to the southwest wing ring at the tippy top of Times Square. There was no sound coming from the juvies so I wondered if they left or if DC had dropped off food and they were busy with that.


DC left while I was on my way up to the Broad St. bridge (BSB) and there I found Cadence on the head of Mercury. So that answered my question of whether the juvies were still on WW.


I also spotted a falcon on the 3rd arm of the jail tower, I took a quick ride over to Troup St. to see who it was-Beauty. Then back to the BSB where Cadence was giving the falcon power signal.


She took off at 7:28am across the river where she met up with Genesee near the Hyatt Hotel. They headed southwest until I could no longer see them.


I started checking out the river inhabitants and about 10 minutes later I heard a juvie screaming-I looked up in time to see the Beautyful one being chased by a juvie right over me.The juvie landed on the base of Mercury then immediately took off again heading northwest. I lost track of Beauty as I watched the juvie who, based on size I believe was Genesee.


I left and drove the direction they were headed and found DC on the top arm of FCT around 8am. I also refer to him as Mr. Clean and Whitey as you can clearly see why in the following pics.


I left him after a few minutes to search for the others but had no luck. it was starting to heat up so perhaps they found some nice shade to relax in. My last stop was the ASB where I could see that DC was still on FCT so I set out for home.


I checked the bridge and all sides of Seneca Towers but could find no falcons so I ended my watch at a little after 9am. I must say it was good to see all 4 downtown falcons today as they’ve been elusive the past few days and you know it made me smile! :)

Click on the links below to see today’s videos-the snippet movie shows how cute Cadence and Genesee were with each other





Afternoon/Evening Fledge Watch - 7/27/15

July 27th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

3:30 - 9:00 pm

Hot and Humid were the weather words for today with temps in the mid-80’s and hardly a cloud in the sky to block the sun.  It’s only going to get worse over the next few days with temps going up to 90 and 90+.

Afternoon/Evening Watchers: Lisa McK, Joyce, Shaky, Larry O and Carol P.

Just after Lisa and I arrived at the pedestrian bridge we received a tweet from Shaky.  CADENCE AT TSB NEST BOX: 15:27 PM. At 5:23 pm, Donna tweeted that Cadence was still at the nest box by main cam (Wailing). She’s so cute!  We were so happy that she was visiting the nest box and that all her fans were able to see her up close and personal. :)


We were spotting falcons at different locations around the city.  But it wasn’t until 6:00 pm that an adult flew into the gorge and landed on the falcon sucking tree (FST).  We are pretty sure that it was Beauty.  Joyce had joined us on the watch.  We thought that Beauty had food, but she didn’t stay long.  She took off heading south towards the Powers Bldg, where she landed on the east side railing.

We think Beauty in FST -7-27-15Falcon on Powers -7-27-15

At 6:30 pm, I noticed movement on the lower branch of the FST.  It was Genesee and he was eating.  We had to wonder if he had been hidden in the tree in the shade where we couldn’t see him, and that Beauty had dropped off food for him.

Genesee in the FST -7-27-15Genesee in the FST -7-27-15

After finishing his meal, he settled down, watching everything that flew around him.  There were a lot of small birds, including Robins and Gold Finches that were flitting about near him.  He took off and stooped down low toward the river.  He flew into the tree line on the island and then back to land low on the gorge wall.

Genesee Low on the Gorge Wall -7-27-15

Genesee then again took off and flew into the island trees.  It looked like he was on a hunt, or at least practicing for one.  He flew back up to the end of the falcon sucking tree and grabbed a small nub of a branch with one talon.  Then hung like a bat.  lol He really likes to do this.  Genesee flapped his wings and finally righted himself on the branch.  We’ve seen him do this multiple times.  It’s like he’s playing.

Genesee Flies Up to the FST -7-27-15Genesee Hanging off the FST -7-27-15Genesee in the FST -7-27-15

At 7:15 pm, Genesee took off and flew over the High Falls heading south down the river towards downtown.  It was fun spending time with Genesee in the gorge.

Genesee in the Gorge -7-27-15

Shaky joined us.  At 7:50 pm, we received a tweet from Larry O.  He had spotted two falcons on a chimney on the southeast corner of the old City Hall, which is connected to the Widow’s Walk.  Of course that’s where we headed, meeting on Broad St, southwest of the Times Square Bldg.  It was Beauty watching Genesee eat.  When she moved towards him, he would vocalize very loudly.  After eating in the falcon sucking tree, he already had a very full crop, so it wasn’t long before he was finished.

Beauty and Genesee on Old City Hall -7-27-15Beauty and Genesee on Old City Hall -7-27-15Beauty and Genesee on Old City Hall -7-27-15

Shaky spotted this falcon fan waving from a nearby window.  :)

Falcon Fan Waving -7-27-15

Genesee finally stepped away from the food and let Beauty eat her fill.  He took off heading southeast.  After finishing her meal, Beauty took off heading south.

Genesee Watching Beauty Eat - 7-27-15Beauty on Old City Hall -7-27-15

At 9:00 pm, from the Broad St Bridge, we found Beauty on a lower arm of the jail communication tower.  There was a falcon flying over Xerox that landed on the SW corner.  It then took off heading southeast.  By this time, it was too dark to ID as adult of juvie.

Beauty on the Jail Comm Tower -7-27-15

A Black Crowned Night Heron was hunting on the river below us.

Hunting Black Crowned Night Heron -7-27-15

Earlier on the river below the pedestrian bridge, we saw a busy beaver collecting greens from the island and swimming down the river heading north.

Busy Beaver in the Gorge -7-27-15

It’s always amazes me what we see while on our falcon watches.  Goodnight everyone!

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