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My Last Visit with a Juvie - Leo on 8/2/16

August 11th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

My last sighting of a juvie was on August 2nd.  It was Leo and he flew up to roof of City Place with Beauty, who gave him a small bird.

4-beauty-on-city-place-8-2-16<— Beauty on City Place After Giving Food to Leo.

Leo then flew over to the Widow’s Walk (WW) to enjoy his small meal and Beauty followed him.  There was a lot of vocalization between them.  She was on the northwest corner watching over him.

6-leo-on-ww-with-food-8-2-16<— Leo on Widow’s Walk with Food.

5-beauty-on-ww-watching-over-leo-8-2-16<— Beauty on Widow’s Walk Watching Over Leo as he Ate.

After he ate his fill, Leo took off with his leftovers, heading north.

2-leo-with-food-on-ww-8-2-16<— Leo Took Off with his Leftovers Heading North.

Leo landed on top of City Place.

3-leo-on-city-place-with-food-8-2-16<— Leo on City Place with His Leftovers.

A few moments later, Beauty joined him.  Leo very loudly let his mom know that he did not want to share.  He grabbed his small bird and headed west with it.

1-leo-and-beauty-on-city-place-bldg-8-2-16<— Leo was not happy when Beauty joined him on City Place.

After both Beauty and Leo left, I attempted to find him, but had no luck.  Later that morning, I did find a juvie within the framework of the Frontier Communication Tower, but was unable to get a positive ID.

This was the last time I saw a juvie downtown.  Beauty and  Dot.ca are seen most days and many of the watchers are still checking out the downtown area.  If any juvies are seen, we will be sure to post about it here.

Safe travels young falcons!

Quick afternoon watch at Seneca Towers 8-9-16

August 9th, 2016

Hi folks!

I’ve been home from Arkansas for 5 weeks now and have grown increasingly concerned that I hadn’t seen Billie or Seth since my return. The mid-western PEFA, Buckee had been seen at the Hawkeye plant (half mile from Seneca Towers) with an unbanded adult male so I’d been thinking perhaps they had taken over the territory as I also saw an unbanded male on the west side railing of ST. Today as I was making my lunch, I got a tweet that Joyce and Cheryl spotted a pair of Peregrines on the top window ledge north end of ST. I got excited as that is one of their favorite roosting spots, so I grabbed my camera and went down to meet the ladies on St. Paul Street on the route 104W overpass. We could clearly see black over green leg bands but the distance was too great to get a clear picture of the numbers. After comparing my pics from today and some old ones in the archives, I feel pretty confident that this was Billie and Seth. The first set of pics below are from past watch reports of mine and the second set is today’s pics.


Billie would be the bird on the right and Seth on the end of the ledge in the pics below. Pay close attention to the side of their faces (auricular patch,moustache) and their chest feathers


Hopefully at some point soon we will be able to get clear pics of their leg bands in order to positively identify them. Stay tuned!!! Made me smile to see falcons back on that window ledge! :)

Wednesday Morning Falcon Watch - 7/20/16

July 20th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

The young juvies continue to be seen, but less often.  Watchers were out last night and saw only Beauty and Dot.ca.

When I arrived downtown this morning, around 6 am, I saw three falcons from the Andrews St Bridge.  Dot.ca was on the north side of OCSR on the top Ibeam.  Beauty was on the Power’s Bldg nest box camera.  The third was a juvie on the base of Mercury.  I was too far away to ID it.

I joined Dan on the Court St Bridge, where we could only see Beauty and the juvie.  Larry soon joined us with his new friend Zeke!

All was quiet, and Larry & Dan had to leave.  It was time for me to search for some falcons!

I found two juvies on Widow’s Walk.  After looking at my pictures, I found out they were Leo and Aria.  I watched them for a good hour before they both took off heading east.  Soon after they left, Beauty landed on the Widow’s Walk railing.  She got down to some really serious preening.  I believe she had brought in food for her two young ones.  :)

Here are some pictures from my morning watch.  Enjoy!

5-beauty-at-powers-7-20-16<— Beauty on the Power’s Bldg Nest Box Camera.

9-aria-leo-on-ww-7-20-16<— Aria and Leo on Widow’s Walk.

7-leo-on-widows-walk-7-20-16<— Leo on Widow’s Walk.

8-aria-on-widows-walk-7-20-16<— Aria on Widow’s Walk.

10-leo-on-ww-7-20-16<— Leo on Widow’s Walk.

12-aria-on-ww-7-20-16<— Aria on Widow’s Walk.

11-leo-on-ww-7-20-16<— Leo on Widow’s Walk.

13-aria-on-ww-7-20-16<— Aria on Widow’s Walk.

14-beauty-on-ww-7-20-16<— Beauty on Widow’s Walk.

Here’s Zeke! Our newest canine falcon watcher!  :)

2-larrys-zeke-7-20-16<— Larry’s New Friend Zeke!

Thursday/Friday Morning Falcon Watches - 7/14&15/16

July 16th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Although the fledge watch is officially over, we’ll continue to keep an eye on the young juvies as they learn to hunt and gain the skills they will need for life as a Peregrine Falcon.

They are all doing great!  Most days we are seeing all of them.  Beauty and Dot.ca continue to supply them with food, but I would not be surprised if most of them are hunting on their own now.

Here are some images from my Thursday and Friday morning watches.  Enjoy!

1-2-juvies-at-the-powers-bldg-7-14-16<— Two Juvies at the Powers Bldg.

2-3-on-ww-7-14-16<— Three Juvies on Widow’s Walk.

3-juvie-on-mercury-7-14-16<— Juvie on Mercury’s Head

Here are some flight shots.



9-adult-at-powers-7-15-16<— Adult at Power’s Bldg.

10-juvie-sleeping-on-tsb-7-15-16<— Juvie Sleeping on Times Square Bldg After a Good Meal.

11-adult-and-juvie-on-mercury-7-15-16<— Adult and Juvie on Mercury’s Foot.

12-two-falcons-on-powers-7-15-16<— Two Falcons on Power’s Bldg.

13-two-falcons-on-jct-7-15-16<— Two Falcons on Jail Comm Tower.

We’ve been hoping to catch the falcons in the gorge near High Falls.  We’ve seen them close, but not in the gorge.  There is an adult and juvie Red-tailed Hawks being seen there.

14-falcon-on-comm-twr-east-of-gen-brewery-7-15-1615-falcon-on-comm-twr-east-of-gen-brewery-7-15-16<— Adult Falcon on Comm Tower East of Genesee Brewery.

16-falcon-on-frontier-field-light-7-15-16<— Falcon on Frontier Field Light.

19-two-falcons-on-tsb-7-15-16<— Two Falcons on NW corners of Times Square Bldg.

Here are a few pictures I took while on the High Falls pedestrian bridge.

18-high-falls-7-15-16<— High Falls and Downtown Rochester.

17-the-fall-of-beebee-station-7-15-16<— The Fall of the BeeBee Station.

20-rth-in-the-gorge-7-15-16<— Red-tailed Hawk in the Gorge.

Tuesday Morning Fledge Watch - 7/12/16

July 12th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Lots of flying and food transfers and all 6 Rochester Falcons seen this morning!

Here are some images from my morning watch.  Enjoy!

1-juvie-above-xerox-antenna-7-12-16<— Juvie Above Xerox Antenna.

2-two-juvies-on-hsbc-7-12-16<— Two Juvies on HSBC.

3-juvie-flying-around-hsbc-7-12-16<— Juvie Flying Around HSBC.

4-juvie-on-rgs-antenna-7-12-16<— Juvie on RGS Antenna.

5-two-juvies-on-hsbc-7-12-16<— Two Juvies on HSBC.  Matilda and Aria.

6-beauty-on-rgs-antenna-7-12-16<— Beauty on RGS Antenna After Food Transfer.

8-leo-the-librarian-7-12-16<— Leo at the Library.  We figure that he was the recipient of Beauty’s Food Transfer.

9-leo-on-the-library-7-12-16<— Leo at the Library.

10-leo-on-the-library-7-12-16<— Leo the Librarian!  :)

12-two-juvies-on-jct-7-12-16<— Two Juvies on the Jail Comm Tower.

13-food-transfer-over-the-river-7-12-16<— Food Transfer Above the Genesee River.

14-juvie-at-powers-7-12-16<— Juvie at Power’s Bldg Nest Box.

17-all-4-juvies-under-nw-wing-7-12-16<— All 4 Juvies were on the Times Square Bldg Under the NW Wing. I could only see two from my angle.  Joyce could see all 4 at one time.  :)

Here are some miscellaneous pics from my morning falcon watch.

7-no-nightmare-on-elm-st-7-12-16<— No Nightmare on Elm St.  Just Lots of Falcons Flying!

11-pretty-pigeon-7-12-16<— Pretty Pigeon!

15-low-river-7-12-16<— Low River. From Andrews St Bridge Looking South.

16-low-river-7-12-16<— Low River. From Andrews St Bridge Looking North.

Watcher Weekend Sunday Falcon Watch - 7/10/16

July 10th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Sunday morning was dark, dreary and chilly.  Rain was in the forecast and it lasted for quite awhile.  This morning a few of us braved the bad weather to look for our falcons.  Ei, MAK, Kathy O, Dana, Larry O and Carol P.

There wasn’t much activity at first, but we did have two juvies on Legacy aka B&L.  Finally when it started to brighten and the rain stopped, the falcons began to fly.

Some Sunday Falcon Watch images.

21-leo-on-shoretel-antenna-7-10-16<— Leo with food on the Shoretel antenna, which is close to the Kodak Tower.

22-leo-on-shoretel-antenna-7-10-16<— Leo on the Shoretel Antenna.

When Leo took off from the Shoretel antenna, he flew over the Frontier Field.  Gulls rose up from the field and the chase was on. Dana checked her pics and told us there was also a Kestrel on one of the field lights.  Beauty was watching from the Kodak Tower.

The next time we saw Leo, he was at the back of the Kodak parking lot, flying low, chasing a gull.  He was heading east towards the gorge.  We did check the gorge the best we could, but did not find him there.  We keep hoping.

Bonnie and Joyce joined the watch.

We headed back to Aqueduct St and found three of the four juvies on the Widow’s Walk.  #4 may have been on the other side. Two of them were sharing a meal.

Beauty flew over us heading for Widow’s Walk.

23-beauty-flyover-7-10-16<— Beauty Flyover on way to Widow’s Walk.

24-beauty-and-three-juvies-7-10-16<— Beauty joined three of her young ones on Widow’s Walk.

25-beauty-on-wilder-7-10-16<— Beauty took a small piece of food to the ladder on the Wilder Bldg.

26-juvie-knocking-mom-off-ww-7-10-16<— Beauty returned to Widow’s Walk and landed on the south side railing.  A juvie knocked her off.

After that, we had all kinds of flying by the juvies.  They were everywhere, landing on all the buildings.  Dot.ca came in and did a mid-air food transfer to one of the girls.  She took it to the back of the Times Square Bldg.  We think it may have been Matilda.

Here’s what we saw during our afternoon watch.

28-dc-on-powers-7-10-16<— Dot.ca on corner of Power’s Bldg after food transfer.

27-aria-on-cross-rds-bldg-7-10-16<— Aria on Cross Rds Bldg.

29-lilac-and-leo-7-10-16<— Lilac and Leo on Cross Rds Bldg.

Eileen and I were talking about how after fledging, the juvies would land on the Wilder Bldg and go behind the standpipe up there seeking shade.  A few minutes later, Leo flies over and lands on the Wilder Bldg standpipe!  It’s like he heard us. lol

30-leo-on-wilder-stand-pipe-7-10-16<— Leo on Wilder Bldg standpipe.


Leo remained on the Wilder Bldg, walking around a bit, before flying over to the the north side of the Times Square Bldg, back extension.  Lilac joined him there and immediately flattened out for a nap.  She had a full crop, so she wasn’t hungry.  Leo on the other hand, found a bit to eat.

34-leo-eating-on-tsb-7-10-16<— Leo eating on the Times Square Bldg.

We are fairly certain that we had all six Rochester Falcons during our watch today.

Our Saturday afternoon watch ended on the High Falls pedestrian bridge.  Carla joined me, Ei, Joyce, and Dana.  We hoped to see a falcon there.  No such luck.  :(

At 3:00 pm, we said our goodbyes to the last out-of-town visitor left, Ei.  We always have such good fun on Watcher Weekend and it’s sad to say goodbye.

Safe trip home everyone!  See you in 2017! :)

Watcher Weekend Saturday Falcon Watch - 7/9/16

July 10th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

What a wonderful weekend it was for falcon friends to gather to watch our beloved falcons flying high!

Saturday Morning - 7/9/16

Gathered on the Court St Bridge: Bonnie, Linda, Craig, Lynne, Bob, Eileen, Zaph, Dan, Pat, Carrie, Shaky, MAK, Jeanne, Dana, Lisa, Kathy O, Cheryl, Joyce, Larry O, Dan, Carla and Carol P.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we were thrilled by our four juvies, Matilda, Aria, Lilac and Leo flying along side their parents Beauty and Dot.ca.  Here are some pictures of those that participated.





Here are some of the falcons sights we saw during our morning watch.

10-Juvie Over Legacy-B&L -7-9-16<— Juvie over Legacy aka B&L.

11-juvie-over-powers-flag-7-9-16<— Juvie Over the Power’s Bldg Flag.

12-juvies-talon-tagging-7-9-16<— Two Juvies Talon Tagging.

13-kestrel-vs-beauty-at-powers-7-9-16<— Kestrel Swooping on Beauty at Power’s Bldg.

14-beauty-on-kodak-tower-7-9-16<— Beauty on Arch Ledge Above Old Nest Box Location on Kodak Tower.

15-kodak-tower-7-9-16<— View of Kodak Tower.

Saturday Evening - 7/9/16

Saturday evening we gathered on Aqueduct St (aka “the hole) for food, friendship and falcons.

Gathered in the hole: Bonnie, Lynne, Bob, Eileen, Pat, Carrie, Shaky, MAK, Jeanne, Dana, Lisa, Kathy O, Joyce, Larry O, Mary, Carla, June and Carol P.

Here are some images of our evening falcon watch.



It was great seeing everyone!

Watcher Weekend Watch 7-9/10-16

July 10th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Temps in the 70’s and low 80’s with windy and partly cloudy skies on Saturday and rainy, windy, overcast conditions on Sunday.

Watchers gathered on the Court St. bridge (CSB) Saturday morning for our usual meet and greet breakfast. In attendance were Joyce,Bonnie Linda Craig Lynne Bob Eileen Zaph Dan Pat Carrie Shaky MAK Jeanne Dana Lisa Kathy Cheryl CarolP. Two new watchers joined us-Zaph and Cheryl-it was very nice to finally meet them.

Saturday featured juvies giving us some great flying displays on the east side near Xerox and Legacy Tower (LT). Landings by juvies and adults on Times Square (TSB), Widows Walk, Time Warner Communications Tower,Xerox,Legacy Tower,Powers building and jail tower while I was on watch. I didn’t get a whole lot of pics as I was just trying to enjoy the whole affair. I was having a good time watching all the duck families down in the river.Here’s some pics from the morning-I took no pics at night when we gathered in the hole for pizza supplied by June and the Genesee Valley Audubon Society (GVAS). Thank you-it was delish!

Be sure to click on pics to see the full version

img_0002-juvie-on-jail-tower img_0003-time-warner-communications-tower1 img_0013-juvie-on-legacy-tower1 img_0014-j-on-lt

ww pizza-in-the-hole

img_0004-genesee-river img_0006-take-a-walk-on-the-wild-side img_0008-ducks-and-ducks-and-more-good-ducks img_0009-follow-the-leader img_0010-its-a-troup-movement

Sunday morning the weather wasn’t so pleasant but watchers still came out to catch a glimpse of our fine feathered friends. I spotted a very noisy juvie on the northwest corner of Seneca Towers (ST) before I left for downtown.


I met up with Eileen on the Court St. Bridge -she spotted Beauty on the top I-beam OCSR near the elevator shaft. The Beautyful one flew from there to the southeast corner of the Powers building railing-Donna and Ei gave me that report. Meanwhile, Carol arrived and found a juvie on the southeast corner of LT and a few minutes later I confirmed that and also found another juvie on the northwest corner.

img_0017-beauty-on-ocsr img_0018-b-on-powers img_0024-juvie-on-lt img_0025-juvie-on-lt

Carla and Kathy joined the watch as things quieted down because of the rain. I invited watchers to go to Seneca Towers to look for those falcons (from the west side balcony on my 16th floor) -Ei,Carla, Joyce and Bonnie came over and we saw a juvie fly from the Veterans Memorial bridge down to land in a tree below us on the east side of the gorge-it then flew under the bridge out of view. An adult male (most likely Seth) flew past being chased by a screaming juvie and we were entertained by many fly-by’s with the juvie landing on the west side railing for an up close and personal encounter of the fabulous kind!

img_0027-st-juvie-on-bridge img_0002-001-st-juvie img_0003-001-st-juvie img_0004-001-st-juvie

It was a watchers weekend worthy of many smiles! :)

Click on the links below to see snippets of the weekend and a few snippets of the Seneca Towers juvie



Morning Fledge Watch 7-7-16

July 7th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was 72 (F) 22 (C) at the start of today’s watch with overcast skies

As I was sitting at my table eating a bowl of cereal this morning I heard a juvie whining-as I looked out 2 juvies flew past. I quickly finished and headed out the door. I found one juvie on the northwest corner of Seneca Towers (ST) with its back to me. No others could be found from the ground so I headed downtown.


While turning onto the Court St. bridge (CSB) to join Dan I spotted 2 falcons flying near Xerox. Dan said that all four juvies had been flying around up there. A couple of them landed momentarily on both the northwest corner and the center roof antenna.

img_0005-dt-juvies img_0008-juvie-on-xerox-antenna img_0009-juvie

img_0010-2-juvies img_0021-juvies-on-xerox img_0022-juvies

I noticed an adult on the top I-beam of OCSR by the  elevator shaft-we later decided that it was Beauty. I also checked out the river and found a duck family having a morning swim.

img_0025-rundell-library-falls img_0034-quack-quackBe sure to click on the pics for full version

Suddenly we saw a juvie stoop from Xerox across the river after pigeons near Cornhill-no luck but it was a spectacular stoop!!! Carol joined the watch right after that occurred. 2 of the juvies showed up under the southwest wing of Times Square (TSB) then to Widows Walk (WW) and then they joined a third juvie on the base of Mercury. Just before Dan left at 7am everybody disappeared to the east including the Beautyful one.

img_0032-2-on-tsb img_0035-leo-and-big-sis img_0036-big-girl-incoming

Carol spotted 2 juvies on the jail tower briefly then they headed north-one of them ended up on WW. I drove to Elm St. where I found a female juvie on the northwest corner of HSBC. She flew west after a minute or so. Meanwhile, Carol had gone to the hole and found 2 juvies now on WW and one had food.

img_0039-big-girl-on-jct img_0040-ready-to-go img_0041-juvie-on-hsbc img_0042-takeoff

I left the east side and went to Broad St. near Plymouth Ave. to check out the juvies on WW. All four of the juvies were on and off both the lower roof and railings at different times. One of them did indeed have food as the others watched and made their attempts to get some of it.

img_0044-on-ww img_0046-juvie img_0048-juvie img_0049-3-juvies-in-a-row

img_0054-aria img_0056-female-juvie img_0057-aria img_0058-aria-says-hi

DebbieH stopped by to chat before work and while we were talking Aria flew off WW and headed toward the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT). She went out of sight for a second and then Debbie thought she landed on the middle arm of FCT. Turns out it was a kestrel that landed on a bracket of the arm.


Some more shenanigans on WW by the juvies and then I joined Carol in the hole as we watched Lilac get a small package from Dot.ca (DC) under the northwest wing of TSB. She took it to WW-Aria kept her eye on the prize from next to her on the east railing. DC went to the west corner top I-beam of OCSR.

img_0075-takeoff img_0076-leo img_0084-lilac-has-a-small-package img_0085-that-looks-good-sis

img_0086-i-really-would-like-some-of-that img_0087-you-cant-have-it img_0091-dc

Lilac ended up taking the food down to the roof inside the railing and eventually we Aria followed and we had no visual on any juvies. I left downtown at this point and when I got to ST there was an adult PEFA on the west side railing. After cropping my pics on the computer I could see that this bird was unbanded. Coincidentally I haven’t seen Billie or Seth since I came home-just the two juvies. Stay tuned!

img_0092-adult-at-stimg_0095-st-falcon img_0103-no-leg-bands

A successful watch that produced sightings of all 6 downtown Rochester Peregrine Falcons-and you know that makes me smile! :)

Check out today’s videos by clicking on the links below




Thursday Morning Fledge Watch - 7/7/16

July 7th, 2016

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Needless to say, I was very surprised to see MAK back in Rochester yesterday when I arrived on the Court St Bridge for my morning watch with Dan. Welcome back MAK!

It’s going to be another day of 90 degrees here in Rochester, NY.  Even at 6 am, it was warm and muggy.

When I arrived, I saw two juves flying over the Xerox Tower.  I decided to get a closer look before joining Dan and MAK on the Court St Bridge.  Both juvies landed on top of the antenna on top of Xerox.

10-two-juvies-on-xerox-antenna-7-7-16<— Two juvies on top of the antenna on the Xerox Tower.

One of the juvies headed west, back towards the Times Square Bldg.  It was time to go to the Court St Bridge.  There was a lot of activity by our 4 juvies.  Beauty watched from the top Ibeam on OCSR, while three of the four juvies landed on the base of the Mercury statue.

11-three-juvies-on-base-of-mercury-7-7-16<— Three juvies on the base of Mercury.

12-two-juvies-on-base-of-mercury-7-7-16<— Two juvies on base of Mercury.

Dan ended his morning watch at 7:00 am and MAK and I got in our cars to look for some falcons.  From Aqueduct (aka “the hole), I found two juvies on the Widow’s Walk.

13-two-juvies-on-ww-7-7-16<— Two juvies on Widow’s Walk.

14-view-from-the-hole-7-7-16<— My view from the hole.

At one point there were three juvies on the Widow’s Walk.  One of them had food.

15-two-juvies-on-ww-7-7-16<— Two juvies on Widow’s Walk.

There was a juvie on the Times Square Bldg (TSB) (at first I thought it was an adult), under the NE wing.  One of the Widow’s Walk juvies flew around the TSB and landed next to the one that was already there.

16-two-juvies-on-tsb-under-ne-wing-7-7-16<— Two juvies under the NE Wing on TSB.

Two remained on Widow’s Walk (WW).  One of them was obviously Leo.  lol

17-leo-and-sister-on-ww-7-7-16<— Leo and Sister on WW.

18-leo-sister-on-ww-7-7-16<— Leo and Sister on WW.

An adult brought in food and three of the juvies were in the air.  One of them received the food and landed on the Widow’s Walk railing with it.  Matilda landed next to her, hoping her sister would share.

20-matilda-and-sister-with-food-on-ww-7-7-16<— Matilda watches her sister mantle food, hoping she’ll share.

One juvie remained on the Times Square Bldg, sitting on the light under the NE wing.

19-lady-of-the-light-on-tsb-7-7-16<— Lady of the Light on the TSB.

The meal appeared to be a Starling, which was brought in my Dot.ca, now sitting on the OCSR top Ibeam.

21-dc-on-ocsr-7-7-16<— Dot.ca on OCSR.

All was quiet for awhile.  Then one juvie flew over me and landed on the north end of the Wilder Bldg.  The juvie walked in and out of sight.  Then feathers were flying.  Not sure where this meal came from, but the juvie was eating up there.  Dot.ca had never moved from the OCSR.

22-juvie-on-wilder-with-food-7-7-16<— Juvie on Wilder with Food.

I ended my morning watch when the juvie on Wilder finished her meal and joined her sister under the NW wing on the Times Square Bldg.  We had seen all 6 Rochester Falcons this morning. The heat was rising and the falcons would soon be seeking shade.  Time to head home.  Until later!

23-two-juvies-on-tsb-under-nw-wing-7-7-16<— Two juvies under the NW wing on the Times Square Bldg.

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