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Morning watch 9-20-14

September 20th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

There was a mix of sun and clouds with a temperature of 59 (F) 15 (C)

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As I turned around to face Seneca Towers I saw our new mystery falcon fly in from the south and land on the south side roof railing where it was yesterday when I saw it. It stayed a short 5 minutes then flew south and didn’t return.

img_0001-st-mystery-falcon img_0005-st-mys-falc img_0006-falcon-flew-off

I left for downtown and on my way down St. Paul St. the sun showed itself behind some clouds-of course I had to take a shot as I drove along.


I stopped on the Andrews St. bridge first to have a look around and I was able to see the white of Dot.Ca (DC) on the south ledge of the OCSR elevator shaft and Beauty on  the top ibeam near the west corner.


I drove over to Bragdon Place but DC was gone from the elevator shaft when I got there so I went to State St. across from the Rochester Plaza Hotel to watch the Beautyful one. She had her back to me and was looking to and fro-I think for DC. Around 7:45am she walked to the west corner and flew off toward the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT).

img_0011-beauty img_0014-beauty img_0022-beauty-walking-to-corner img_0025-beauty-takes-the-leap

I caught up with Beauty as she landed on the northeast cube-lo and behold she led me right to DC who was on a cross beam to the large disk below her. One of them whined a little bit.

img_0026-b-dc-on-fct img_0027-beautyful img_0027-dc2

They both did some preening-DC had food in his crop. Every once in a while they would look at each other then carry on with preening.

img_0028-dc1 img_0030-bdc img_0032-beauty1

Around 8:10am DC flew southeast but Beauty stayed behind and continued to preen. I stayed a few minutes then went in search of  DC.

img_0035-bdc img_0037-dc

I drove to Bragdon Pl. to check the OCSR south side of elevator shaft and there he was facing out making it easy for me to spot him in the shadows. I could also see Beauty over on FCT from there.

img_0041-dc img_0047-beauty-on-fct

I left assuming they were cinched in for a while. I checked Hawkeye on my way home to Seneca Towers and found no falcons at either location. I ended my watch at about 9am with a smile, as I thought about DC going to his man cave to get away from Beauty! :)

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Morning watch 9-19-14

September 19th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was quite a chilly start to the day this morning with a temperature of 37 (F)  3 (C) degrees and sunny blue skies once the sun came up

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Yesterday, Joyce saw a new falcon on the top window ledge (22nd floor) on the west end of the Seneca Towers building. She found a black over green band on the left leg and yellow tape on the right leg band. I believe I saw the same bird this morning on the west side roof railing after it started out on the same window ledge that Joyce saw it on. It had a depleted crop and was trying real hard to catch breakfast-flying off many times and returning with nothing to show for its efforts. A couple pics seem to show yellow on the right leg band-distance and darkness made for some not so good pics.

img_0003-new-falcon-at-seneca-towers img_0006-new-falcon img_0007-new-falcon

img_0016-new-falcon img_0017-empty-crop img_0018-tag-on-right-leg-yellow-tape-maybe<looks like yellow on band

This falcon had a brownish front and looked small to me which would make it a male, but I really can’t say for sure. Like I said, it flew off many times returning to the same spot on that west side railing. It showed me its back and turned around giving me lots of leg shots-they just were not very clear.

img_0032-flies-off img_0041-from-behind img_0048-too-blurry-to-see-band-colors

img_0054-sun-too-bright img_0056-looks-like-yellow-on-right-leg-band img_0057-new-falcon-turning-around

As the sun came up in the east and shone on this falcon it got washed out-so it was either not enough light or too much here this morning. Darn! At 7:22am it flew off and took a left heading off to the east. I waited 5-10 minutes but it didn’t return this time.

img_0064-yellow-tape-falcon-takes-off img_0067-fly-away img_0070-off-to-who-knows-where

I left for downtown wondering where Billie and Veteran were and hoping they hadn’t battled with this falcon and gotten hurt. Hopefully, we’ll have some answers soon-stay tuned!

Traffic downtown was terrible today with roads on the east side being paved and the Fringe Festival closing Court St. next to HSBC as it is taking place at Martin Luther King Jr. Park. Shaky had tweeted earlier that Beauty was on the base of Mercury eating so she was seen this morning but not by me-she eluded me today. I found Dot.Ca (DC) as I was scanning with my binocs from the Broad St. bridge (BSB). He was on the northeast corner of the Kodak Office (KO) launchpad and the closer I inched my way over through the traffic the whiter he looked.

img_0080-dc-poses img_0084-dc img_0086-dc-on-ko-launchpad

The bright blue sky behind him was quite the contrast to his whiteness! He flew off like white lightning around 8:30am and headed south after hanging a right turn.

img_0087-love-those-sideways-takeoffs img_0088-dc-on-his-way img_0089-dc-white-lightning

I checked the Frontier Communications very thoroughly a couple times and I also checked the OCSR elevator shaft twice as well besides the rest of downtown-no Beautyful one! At 9am I found DC on OCSR from the Andrews St. bridge (ASB)-he was on the top ibeam near the west corner on the north side with his back to me.

img_0090-dc-from-andrews-st-bridge img_0093-dc-on-ocsr img_0095-dc1 img_0101-location-shot-from-state-st

At first he looked like his eyes were closed and after a while he turned sideways. I left him to have one more look for his girl but she was hiding well.

img_0103-dc img_0105-dc-looking-down img_0111-dc

A couple pics of the Fringe Festival area on the east side while I was over there.

img_0112-fringe-festival-by-martin-luther-king-jr-park img_0113-court-st-closed-for-fringe-festival

As I left downtown I checked to see that DC was still on OCSR. No sign of a falcon at Hawkeye or Seneca Towers but that didn’t stop me from smiling as I ended my watch at 10:15am! :)

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Morning watch 9-18-14

September 18th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was pretty much overcast and foggy with a starting temperature of 47 (F) 8 (C) and a short glimpse of the sun

Click on the pics to see the full version

As I made my way to the visitor parking at Seneca Towers to turn around and face the building, I noticed big girl Billie on the northwest corner roof railing.

img_0006-buffalo-billie img_0007-billie

I started to tape her and didn’t even notice that Veteran was up on the railing as well-he wasn’t there when I first saw Billie. He started feaking, so I believe he might have been down on the roof eating prior to perching on  the railing.

img_0011-veteran img_0012-veteran img_0014-bv img_0015-bv

Buffalo Billie flew off first around 7am followed a split second later by her beau, Veteran-they were headed south when I lost them behind the trees. I left for downtown and ran into some issues with road work being done on the east side. They were paving Woodbury St. so that was closed and so were parts of Court St. I ended up over on the west side on Fitzhugh St. where I found Beauty on the northeast cube of the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) around 7:30am.


Only one pic came out well enough to post due to the lack of light this morning. She was all foofed up to stay warm.  I left the Beautyful one after 5 minutes to check the OCSR elevator shaft for Dot.Ca (DC). Parked on Bragdon Place, I could only see the south side and he wasn’t there. I checked FCT and saw that Beauty had left the cube and was now on the south side platform railing. She flew off and appeared to be going down on the platform. After checking the north side of the elevator shaft from Main St. I headed back to FCT and found Beauty on the west side railing. I pulled over on Plymouth Ave. to observe.

img_0023-beauty-preening img_0024-hey img_0026-beauty img_0027-beauty3

Besides the low light issue I had to wait for the exhaust smoke from the Frontier roof which would cover Beauty completely when it was  exiting the pipe. Needless to say I played with my pics a lot in Picassa today.

img_0028-beauty img_0029-beauty-on-fct img_0031-beauty-behind-the-exhaust-smoke

I decided to try a different spot where I didn’t have to deal with the smoke-soon after she flew northwest and I didn’t see her again until I returned at 8:20am from a trip around downtown. Now, she was on the beam that connects the north and southeast cubes with her back to me as she preened.

img_0032-beauty img_0038-beauty-flies-off img_0040-see-ya img_0043-beautyful2

I left Beauty to look one more time for DC-I had no such luck but I found the Great Egret perched on a branch down in the same area of the river where I saw it yesterday. Then I crossed the Broad St. bridge and found a Black-crowned Night Heron on the north side of the bridge.

img_0045-great-egret img_0046-great-egret img_0047-great-blue-heron img_0048-gbh

Before I left downtown I checked from the Andrews St. bridge-Beauty was still on FCT but I had no DC sightings this morning. I couldn’t help but notice the pretty bed of green and purple behind the Federal building.

img_0049-pretty img_0050-ahh

This sight sent me on my way with a smile and I ended my watch at 9:30am! :)

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Wednesday Evening Falcon Watch - Dot.ca in Hunt Mode - 9/17/14

September 17th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Another lovely late summer day here in Rochester, NY.  I got a late start, arriving downtown at about 6:15 pm.  That gave me a little over an hour before the sun set.

I traveled all over downtown and had no luck finding any falcons.  Aqueduct St aka “the hole” was being torn up tonight. Large, deep holes were appearing in “the hole”.  :-)

While I was watching the night crew working, I looked up in time to see a fast flying falcon pass overhead.  It was heading southeast, towards Xerox.  By the time I arrived at Xerox, Beauty had settled on the south side, fifth column in from the southeast corner.  Her normal nighttime spot.  For whatever reason, she loves that spot.  Must give her a great view.

Beauty on Xerox Southside 5th Column 9-17-14Beauty on Xerox Southside 5th Column 9-17-14*





I headed back to the Broad St Bridge (BSB).  From there I could see Dot.ca on the south side of the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT) platform.  It was very busy over by City Hall, but I found a spot to park my car, where I could watch Dot.ca from.

Dot.ca on the Frontier Comm Twr Platform 9-17-14Dot.ca on the Frontier Comm Twr Platform 9-17-14Dot.ca on the Frontier Comm Twr Platform 9-17-14*





Dot.ca was definitely in hunt mode, watching everything, head moving constantly.  He took off and stooped towards the northwest.

Dot.ca Takes off from the Frontier Comm Twr Platform 9-17-14*





I waited to see if he would return.  When he didn’t, I headed back over to Xerox and found Beauty in the same spot I had left her earlier.  Larry O was out for a walk with Harold downtown, but I missed seeing them.  Back to the Broad St Bridge.  I again checked out the surrounding area and found Dot.ca back on the Frontier Communication Tower.  This time he was up on the top arm.

DC Back on FCT Seen from BSB 9-17-14*





Back to City Hall.  Dot.ca was still in hunt mode, head swiveling back and forth, up and down.  He took off, again heading northwest.

Dot.ca on FCT Top Arm 9-17-14Dot.ca Takes Off From FCT In Hunt Mode 9/17/14DC Takes Off From FCT 9-17-14*





I found Dot.ca on Kodak Office on the southeast corner of the launchpad.  The big “KODAK” letters were lit and I was losing light quickly.  My old Kodak digital camera doesn’t do well in low light, but I decided to take some pics to share with everyone anyway.  Sorry for the poor quality.

Dot.ca on the Kodak Office Launchpad 9-17-14Dot.ca on the Kodak Office Launchpad 9-17-14*





Dot.ca on the Kodak Office Launchpad 9-17-14Dot.ca on the Kodak Office Launchpad 9-17-14*





At 7:30 pm, the sun had just about set and I ended my watch.  I left Dot.ca to his hunt, hoping that he would be successful.

Goodnight everyone!

Morning watch 9-17-14

September 17th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The weather was lovely this morning with sun, blue skies and a chilly 46 (F) 8 (C) degrees

Click on the pics to see the full version

It took a while but I finally found a falcon on the southeast corner of HSBC-it was Dot.Ca (DC) and he had food! He kept stopping to have a long look around the area before resuming the task at hand. About 5 minutes after I arrived Beauty came flying in from the west and circled around past him as he flew off sideways with his parcel of food. They flew around Midtown and Bausch and Lomb before leaving my field of vision to the west.

img_0007-dc-scoping-out-the-area img_0009-dc1 img_0016-dc-leaves-with-the-goods

I went west too and when I got to the Broad St. Bridge (BSB) I spotted Whitey, I mean DC on the top ibeam southeast side and he was eating again. There was no sign of Beauty so I drove over to the Radisson Hotel near Main St. to watch.

img_0020-dc-finishes-breakfast-on-ocsr img_0022-almost-gone

DC made short work of his small package finishing in about 5 minutes. He then did a lot of feaking while he walked back and forth a few times on the ibeam.

img_0025-dc-feaking img_0028-taking-a-stroll

At 7:39am DC flew off heading east overhead and going out of view over the hotel then he reappeared and flew straight up into the elevator shaft south side. With the elevator up there, it makes it darker than when it’s down at the bottom-I could see DC clearly with my binoculars but not so much with my camera.

img_0036-dc-takes-off img_0039-dc-on-his-way-to-man-cave img_0045-dc-in-elevator-shaft

I decided to check out the river after I left DC to look for Beauty who was eluding me. I stopped on the Court St. Bridge and took pics from both sides but the best find was from the north side sidewalk where I saw a Great Egret fishing in the river over by the BSB. I don’t recall ever seeing one in the Genesee River before today. It’s amazing how fast they are when trying to catch something as they stretch out that long white neck. The jet black legs are such a contrast to the white of the rest of there body.

img_0047-ducks-and-gulls img_0049-geese-and-gulls img_0056-great-egret-from-court-st-bridge img_0060-great-egret

I went over to the BSB to get some shots of this large white bird from above. He tried several times to grab something, I think he may have caught a small minnow on one attempt.

img_0063-below-me-on-bsb img_0066-jet-black-legs img_0067-ducks-and-egret

img_0068-great-egret img_0069-long-neck

45 minutes later on my 5th trip to the east side I finally found the Beautyful one on her spot-the 5th column from the southeast corner of Xerox at 9am. I pulled over on Chestnut St. across from the Rochester Educational Opportunity Center.


A security guard from the school came up from behind and startled me as I was concentrating on Beauty. He asked what I was doing as there had been some complaints about me with the camera. I showed some pics then told him all about our falcons and while I explained, Beauty left the building and I missed it. So, it was back to the drawing board to search for Beauty again. I found her around 9:40am on the middle arm of the Frontier Communications tower close to the pole.


Beauty was preening and pulling out more white down feathers in the sun with a brilliant blue sky behind her. While I was taping Beauty she moved over even closer to the pole where I couldn’t see her. I had to get going so it was no big deal-I checked Hawkeye and Seneca Towers to no avail, ending my watch at 10:10am. I went up the elevator to my 16th floor apartment smiling after a nice little morning falcon watch! :)

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Tuesday Evening Falcon Watch - Beauty and Dot.ca Seen - 9/16/14

September 16th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

A beautiful, late summer evening!  When I arrived downtown, I found Beauty on the SE wing ledge of the Times Square Bldg. Dot.ca soon arrived on the top IBeam, south side OCSR.

Beauty on TSB 9-16-14Beauty on TSB 9-16-14Dot.ca on OCSR 9-16-14*





Joyce joined me on the watch down on Aqueduct St, aka “the hole”.  Dot.ca flew overhead and landed on the Times Square at the top of the southeast wing on the ring wing.  Beauty remained where she was.

Beauty and Dot.ca on the Times Square Bldg 9-16-14Beauty on the Times Square Bldg 9-16-14*





Dot.ca on the Times Square Bldg 9-16-14Dot.ca on the Times Square Bldg 9-16-14*





As we started to lose light, Dot.ca took off and flew south, heading towards the Cornhill area.  Probably off on a hunt.  Beauty remained where she was until approximately 7:00 pm.  She took off from the Times Square Bldg and headed southeast.  I waited to see if she would return, but she didn’t.

Beauty on the Times Square Bldg Before She Headed SE 9-23-14*





When neither Beauty or Dot.ca returned, I searched the area and had no luck finding either of them.  At 7:30 pm, it was getting dark and it was time for me to end my watch.  It gets dark so early now.  Goodnight everyone!

Blue Library in Honor of Daryl Peirson 9-23-14

Morning watch 9-16-14

September 16th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It stopped raining just as I got into my car this morning-twas foggy and overcast with a temperature of  55 (F) 13 (C)

Click on the pics to see the full version

I found Veteran on the west side roof railing of Seneca Towers. He only stayed a couple minutes before he flew off to the south while I was taping him.

img_0001-veteran img_0003-veteran

He didn’t return so I left for downtown. I searched for 45 minutes then tweeted that I had no sightings. Of course, I found Dot.Ca (DC) right after that! lol As I was crossing the Court St. Bridge I couldn’t help but notice a white speck on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR. I took a pic and headed over to The Radisson Hotel by Main St. for closer viewing.

img_0006-dc img_0008-dc2 img_0009-dapper-dc img_0010-dc1

He stayed there for 40 minutes mainly just looking over his territory. At 8:28am DC turned away from me giving me one last look.

img_0012-dc-all-scrunched-down img_0013-dc2 img_0016-dc-turning-around img_0017-gives-me-one-last-look

DC scratched a feather out of his head, stretched and flew off to the east over top of me and left my field of vision quickly.

img_0018-scratch-out-those-feathers img_0019-stretch-before-flying img_0020-dc-daddy-long-legs

It was a half hour before I would see DC again-this time on the southeast cube of the Frontier Communications Tower. I got some real skunky shots of him as it was just so dark out before I lost him. I don’t know if he flew away or was hidden from me but I couldn’t see him after checking from 3 different angles.

img_0021-dc-on-fct img_0024-dc-showing-some-leg img_0026-dc-on-ne-cube-of-fct img_0027-dc1

I had to leave to take care of some business and ended my watch officially at 10am after checking the Kodak Park research building. No Beauty or Buffalo Billie sightings today-it was an all boy watch! Ah, that’s good enough to make me smile! :)

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Morning watch 9-15-14

September 15th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The day started partly cloudy with a temperature of 51 (F) 11 (C) then sunny with blue skies for the remainder of my watch

Click on the pics to see the full version

As I stepped out into the hallway from my apartment and looked out the east side balcony I could see a beautiful sky as the sun was making it’s way up toward the horizon from behind Rochester General Hospital. Less than a minute later it appeared.

img_0004-sun-about-up img_0006-thar-she-is

I didn’t see any falcons on Seneca Towers as I left for my watch and my first sighting was from the Andrews St. Bridge (ASB) where I spotted Beauty on the base of Mercury.


I drove over to the hole and checked her out from Aqueduct and Basin St. She was looking a bit grumpy this morning as she was in hunt mode.


Beauty flew off right after I got there so I went in search of her and/or Dot.Ca (DC). As I made my way back from the east side  I spotted the Beautyful one under the northeast wing of the Times Square building (TSB). Back down to the hole I went for the best viewing.


She started out with her back to me but when she was ready to fly off she turned, spread her wings nicely for me and took flight heading northeast.


I drove over to the Radisson Hotel to check the OCSR elevator shaft for DC but he wasn’t there. I noticed Beauty on the base of Mercury so I went to the Broad St. Bridge (BSB) watch her. To my surprise, DC was now under the northeast wing of TSB.

img_0025-serious-look img_0027-dc

While I was looking at Beauty DC left TSB-a minute later Beauty stooped down in the river and came back up with nothing to show for her efforts. She returned to the base of Mercury where she watched for a prey bird for the next 20 minutes.

img_0028-beauty-returns img_0033-hi-beautyful img_0035-beauty1 img_0048-still-white-feathers-to-pull-out

At 8:04am Beauty stooped down in the river and returned with nothing to show for her efforts. She flew around Mercury and the next thing I saw was a falcon flying off the back side of Mercury.

img_0051-beauty-takes-off img_0052-comin-to-gitcha

I thought it was Beauty that I watched fly up to the northeast wing ledge of TSB.  I went down to the hole again and it turned out to be DC with his back to me. Gotta love falcon games! They pulled the old switcheroo on me.


At the same time a Great Blue Heron flew above me heading down river-it had a small piece of food in its talons. I didn’t know they flew around with their prey. Boy, they have a big wingspan!

img_0058-gbh-with-food img_0059-gbh

Around 8:15am DC flew off to the northwest-I left and went over by the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) since that was the direction I last saw Beauty going. I found DC on the northeast cube-there were feathers floating all through the air below him and they led me right to Beauty who was on an east side beam preparing breakfast.

img_0073-dc img_0080-beauty-prepares-breakfast img_0081-bdc1<Click it

DC was whining and begging Beauty for some of her catch-she, of course ignored him. He got impatient and started inchin his way down to where he could see her better-whining the whole time. He ended up on a south side beam in the same white section as Beauty.

img_0084-looks-like-shes-yelling-at-the-foot img_0088-dc-on-his-way-to-beg-for-food img_0090-looking-right-at-beauty img_0092-bdc

Beauty stopped eating for a while I believe, to keep an eye on Mr. Will You Save Me Some! I went back and forth from the City Hall parking lot to Fitzhugh St. in front of the Sister Cities garage so as not to look at DC’s back.

img_0096-watching-over-his-shoulder img_0105-dc img_0110-beauty-taking-a-break

I looked up to see that DC was no longer on that south beam-I thought he had left until I heard a little whine out of him. Back to the parking lot where I found him now on the north beam across from where he had been. I noticed that Beauty started eating again at this point. I left them like this a while later to head home.

img_0113-he-moved-from-south-to-north-ibeam img_0114-bdc

I didn’t have any luck finding a falcon at Hawkeye or Seneca Towers but that didn’t keep me from smiling as DC and his food antics is always good for a good laugh! :)

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Morning watch 9-14-14

September 14th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was mostly cloudy mixed with some sun this morning and starting temperature of 45 (F) 7 (C)

Click on my pics to see the full version

I started my watch at Seneca Towers where I had Veteran on the west side roof railing at 6:45am. He turned, vocalized and flew southwest a couple minutes later.

img_0002-veteran img_0005-veteran img_0007-veteran

While checking the east side of downtown I spotted Beauty on a southwest corner of Bausch & Lomb (B&L) from Broad and Chestnut St. I drove over to Clinton Ave. across from Washington Square Park to watch her. She flew off when I wasn’t looking-I drove to the Broad St. Bridge where I found her on a southwest corner on the Hyatt Hotel. She wasn’t there for long after she pooped.

img_0012-beauty img_0015-beauty2 img_0018-poop

Beauty flew back to B&L landing on Archer’s southwest corner.

img_0020-and-shes-off img_0021-beauty img_0023-spread-em img_0035-beauty-on-archers-corner

I then drove to Court St. across from the Court St. garage for closer look. There were pigeons between Beauty and I on the garage roof but she was looking elsewhere. Beauty flew off into a stoop over the river toward Cornhill at break neck speed.

img_0037-location img_0039-beauty img_0041-ready-to-take-wing

I decided to go to the Radisson Hotel near Main St. to check the OCSR elevator shaft for Dot.Ca (DC)-he wasn’t in there but I found Beauty up on the top ibeam south corner.

img_0042-beautyful img_0043-beautyful1

The sun peeked out from the clouds and a blue sky appeared behind the Beautyful one making her look much lighter.

img_0051-beauty img_0053-hmm-its-about-time-to-go

Around 8am Beauty turned around and dropped off into a stoop straight down the southwest side of OCSR.

img_0056-whats-over-there img_0057-gonna-get-it img_0070-and-off-again

I spotted Beauty on the middle arm of the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) as I was driving down State St. I went to the parking lot by the Hochstein School of Music to observe her. She was preening and pulling more feathers out as she continues to molt.

img_0076-beauty img_0077-plucking-feathers-and-taking-numbers

DC came flying in from the southeast around 8:15am and landed on the northeast cube. He had his back to me and was in a bad spot to see the front of him.

img_0081-bdc img_0082-dc

I went to the City Hall parking lot to get a side view while DC preened. Still couldn’t see him that great but I was glad to see him at all.

img_0084-bdc img_0087-dc img_0091-dc

Beauty flew south just before the 9 o’clock hour. I stayed a it with DC then I left-I checked the Brighton site and returned to downtown. I never found Beauty again but DC was on the FCT platform railing south side as I made my way back over there. He turned his back on me so I left.

img_0094-dc img_0095-dc

I checked Hawkeye  and found a red-tail Hawk on the west side roof and no sightings at Seneca Towers as I ended my watch at 11am.


I was smiling as I parked the car and headed up to my 16th floor apartment after a peaceful Sunday morning falcon watch! :)

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Saturday Evening Falcon Watch - B&DC Stick Together - 9/13/14

September 13th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

A flock of Rochester Falcon Watchers met at the Genesee Brewery to wrap up a successful 2014 Fledge Watch.  The Watchers that were able to attend today were, Larry O, Susan C, Shaky, Carrie, Joyce, Jeanne, Pat, Dan and Carol P.  A toast was given to a successful fledge by our four young falcons, Tesh, Nettie, Nor’Easter and Mercury and we fondly remembered the three Rochester Falcons we lost this year, Ranger, Voyager and Luzerne.

Before going into the brewery, Larry, Carrie, Shaky and I met on the pedestrian bridge.  It was very chilly and windy, but the High Falls and Genesee River Gorge is such a beautiful place to visit.  Greentopia was set up at the west end of the bridge, so lots of folks were out.  A Great Blue Heron flew down the east side of the river heading north and landed in a tree.

Great Blue Heron in a Tree Genesee River 9-13-14High Falls Genesee Valley Gorge 9-13-14*





After dinner, Joyce and I met Kathy O downtown.  Joyce found both Beauty and Dot.ca on the south side green strip of the Wilder Bldg.  They were just a few feet apart.  Beauty is on the right and Dot.ca on the left.

Beauty and Dot.ca on the Wilder Bldg 9-13-14Beauty and Dot.ca on the Wilder Bldg 9-13-14*





There was some vocalization between them before Beauty walked to the end of the green strip and then took off heading east. Dot.ca soon followed.  We found them both on the base of the Mercury statue.

Beauty and Dot.ca on Base of Mercury 9-13-14Beauty and Dot.ca on Base of Mercury 9-13-14Beauty and Dot.ca on Base of Mercury 9-13-14*





We ended our watch at 7:30 pm, when it started to get dark, leaving both Beauty and Dot.ca on the base of Mercury.  It’s so nice seeing them spend so much time together.  Goodnight everyone!

Fall Like Clouds Moving in from the North 9-13-14

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