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Late Morning/Early Afternoon Falcon Watch - 11/22/14

November 22nd, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Had to start out by saying, HOORAY for the weekend!  :-)

My watch started at 10:00 am and ended at 12:30 pm.  It started with a little bit of sunshine before clouding up.  I was happy to get out for a watch.  I started at the BS location, where I found no falcons and saw no birds at all.  That was very unusual.  I usually see lots of  Canada Geese and Crows there.

Just before I arrived downtown, I received a tweet from MAK that she had seen a falcon flying by her window at the ST location. After searching the downtown area, I made my way over to the Radisson to check up inside the the OCSR elevator shaft. There I found a falcon on the south side ledge.  I think it was Beauty, but couldn’t be sure.

Beauty I Think in the OCSR Elevator Shaft 11-22-14Beauty I Think in OCSR Elevator Shaft 11-22-14*





I went looking for a 2nd falcon.  From the Andrews St Bridge I checked out the Frontier Communication Tower and the Kodak Tower.  No falcons seen until the falcon from the OCSR elevator flew out and headed north, very fast.  I watched this falcon until it reached the Kodak Tower and a second falcon appeared.  Both falcons flew around the tower and each other.  Weaving in and out and around each other until one landed on the base of the playpen at the northeast corner and the other landed just above the other on the playpen netting.

These pictures were taken from the Andrews St Bridge.

B&DC on K-Tower From Andrews St Bridge 11-22-14B&DC on K-Tower From Andrews St Bridge 11-22-14*





I made my way over to the Kodak Tower to get a closer look at the two falcons there.  During my watch, I was never able to make a positive ID on either falcon. But I do believe it was Beauty (B) and Dot.ca (DC).

B&DC on Kodak Tower 11-22-14B&DC on Kodak Tower 11-22-14B&DC on Kodak Tower 11-22-14*





B&DC on Kodak Tower 11-22-14B&DC on Kodak Tower 11-22-14*





Both took off and returned to the tower.  Again, flying around it and each other. Mock talon tagging and what I can only describe as playful behavior.  That is not something I am used to seeing from these two.  It was fun to watch.  There was no vocalizations.

Playful Flight by B&DC at KO 11-22-14Playful Flight by B&DC at KO 11-22-14Playful Flight by B&DC at KO 11-22-14*





Both returned to the Kodak Tower.  Dot.ca landed on the northeast corner of the launchpad and Beauty on the base of the playpen.

Beauty took off and flew around the tower.  She then landed a few feet to Dot.ca’s left on the launchpad.  It started to rain, so I left them both to their tandem preening on top of the Kodak Tower.

Beauty and Dot.ca on the K-Tower Launchpad 11-22-14*





On my way home, I passed Seneca Towers and found one falcon on top of the building at the north end on the northwest corner.

Falcon at Seneca Towers 11-22-14Falcon at Seneca Towers 11-22-14*





My watch ended at Russell Station where I saw two Red-tailed Hawks soaring above the buildings there.  Below them was a flock of pigeons in panicked flight. The hawks flew south and the pigeons settled on the east end of the building.  I saw no falcons there.

It was a wonderful way to end my watch!

Morning Watch 11-22-14

November 22nd, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

As I stepped out of my apartment I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful site of a new day dawning out the east side balcony windows. Naturally I went out and shot a couple pics!


Todays starting temperature was 25 (F) -4 (C) with mostly cloudy skies and a busy breeze out of the south

Click on the pics to see the full version

After a trip around downtown with no luck finding a falcon I went back to Kodak Office and while checking the west side from Verona St. by Frontier Field I spotted the familiar shape of a falcon on the northeast wing ledge of Times Square (TSB) around 7:25am.


So I drove directly down to the hole parking lot and to my sweet surprise both Beauty and Dot.Ca (DC) were up there facing each other.

img_0007-bdc img_0021-feathers-blowing-in-the-breeze img_0014-bdc

The wind was ruffling their feathers as they preened together-seemingly copying each other as they would stick one leg forward and go back to preening.

img_0023-beauty-preening img_0025-beauty-rousing img_0030-dc-preening img_0033-dc-puts-his-best-foot-forward

At 8:09am the Beautyful one flew north as DC watched her wind up and fly off.

img_0042-beauty-getting-ready-to-leave img_0045-dc-watches-beauty-leave img_0047-there-she-goes

DC followed suit and flew off less than 30 seconds later. I then departed myself to find out where they took off to.

img_0051-dc-before-he-leaves img_0052-see-ya-mak img_0053-dc1

As I drove down State St. I spotted Beauty up on the northeast cube of the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT). I parked in the lot next to the Hochstein School of Music for the best view.


I stayed just a few minutes after checking each side for DC who wasn’t up there anywhere. I headed back toward the Times Square area and found DC back under the northeast wing of Times Square. This time he was facing  out and perched in a buddha style position with feathers foofed to keep warm.


DC was moving his head very fast from one side to the other, obviously in hunt mode and looking for some poor unsuspecting prey bird to fly in his air space. I had to get going so I left him after a few minutes. On my way out of downtown I stopped by to say good bye to Beauty who was still on the northeast cube of FCT. I ended my watch at 9am.


I didn’t see Billie or 99 at Seneca Towers while on watch this morning but as I put my report together I have seen a falcon fly past my living room window twice-southbound the first time and northbound the second time about a minute later and it was in stoop formation. This makes me smile because I haven’t seen a PEFA here in a few days! :)

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Morning watch 11-21-14

November 21st, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was overcast with a starting temperature of 19 (F) -7 (C) toward the end of my watch the sun came out

Click on the pics to see the full version

No falcons were seen at Seneca Towers again today. I found Beauty around 7:20am on the south side arch of the Kodak Office Tower (KO).


While I tweeted that Beauty was there she flew off so I had no idea what direction she went. I was just about to leave when she returned and landed on the southeast corner of the launchpad and she had food. She didn’t take long to scarf it down so I think it’s safe to say it was cached food. She started feaking and cleaning up when the sun made its way up high enough to shine right on her.

img_0013-beauty img_0019-beauty1Like night and day as the sun reaches Beauty

She did some preening and scratching for the next 15 minutes or so.

img_0020-beauty1 img_0021-beauty4 img_0022-beautyful img_0024-beauty2

At 7:40am the Beautyful one flew back down to the south side arch of KO and started preening in the sun.

img_0026-beauty-returns-to-arch img_0032-beauty-lands img_0033-beauty2 img_0036-beauty2

I left Beauty to look for Dot.Ca (DC) but was unsuccessful in finding him. I returned to KO to find Beauty in the same spot on the arch.

img_0037-beauty img_0039-beauty1 img_0040-beauty img_0048-put-up-your-dukes

I shared space with Beauty until about 8:40am leaving her as light snow was falling all around her and the sun disappeared.

img_0053-beauty1 img_0056-beauty

As I was checking the elevator shaft of OCSR from Bragdon Place by the Radisson Hotel I spotted DC on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR. I drove to the other side of the hotel by Main St. for a clear and closer view of his whiteness.

img_0061-dc img_0063-dc

When I first got there DC was feaking and he had a full crop so he had obviously just finished eating his breakfast. He looked around for a few minutes then flew over to the elevator shaft and came to rest on the north side ledge.

img_0068-dc1 img_0069-dc-out-of-the-snow

I had to get going so I left DC to hang out in his man cave. I checked KO to see that Beauty was still there on the arch. I ended my watch at 9am with a smile knowing that our downtown Peregrine pair had eaten and were doing fine! :)

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Morning watch 11-20-14

November 20th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

This morning was 10 degrees warmer than the last 2 at a temperature 0f 26 (F) -3 (C) and overcast conditions. There was about 4 inches of light fluffy snow to clean off my car before I could get to my watch. No biggie at all!

Click on the pics to see the full version

I saw no falcons at Seneca Towers or Hawkeye today. When I arrived downtown it was still a bit dark out so I thought I’d check the OCSR elevator shaft first to see if I could catch someone up there before they left. There was one falcon with its back to me on the north side ledge that I could barely make out the shape of it. I shot over to the hole and found Dot.Ca (DC) on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR which told me it was Beauty in the elevator shaft.


I went over to Graves St. next to Aqueduct Park for a closer look. DC was watching the area and did a little stretching.

img_0013-dc1 img_0018-dc-foofed img_0019-dc-stretching

Beauty flew past DC a couple times then landed next to him at 7:41am. He watched her every step of the way.

img_0023-dc-watches-beauty-come-join-him img_0024-touch-down img_0029-bdc

10 minutes later DC flew south as Beauty watched him fly away, then she followed less than a minute later.


Upon my second trip to Kodak Office (KO) looking for falcons I spotted Beauty up on one of her favorite winter time perches around 8:30am-the south side arch above the playpen where Mariah & Kaver’s nest box used to be located.

img_0031-beauty img_0036-beauty-preening img_0038-beautyful

10 minutes later DC arrived coming to rest on the southeast corner of the KO launchpad. The Beautyful one watched from below as he joined her on the tower.

img_0043-dc-arriving img_0044-landing-gear-down img_0046-touchdown img_0050-beauty-watches-dc-land

DC turned his back to us after a bit so I drove down State St. to get a few shots of his white front.

img_0052-dc2 img_0055-dc img_0062-dc1

I left them to it and headed on out happy to have seen them both and of course, with a smile on my face ending my watch at 9:05am! :)

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Morning watch 11-19-14

November 19th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Today was sunny with blue skies, a brisk wind that could bring tears to your eyes and a cool 15 (F) -9 (C) degrees

Click on the pics to see the full version

It wasn’t until 7:30am that I found my first falcon this morning. It was Beauty up under the northeast wing of Times Square (TSB) preening in the sun.

img_0001-beauty img_0009-beauty-looks-so-cute-here

I was viewing her from Exchange Blvd. in front of the Blue Cross Arena (BCA) when she slipped off the back of the ledge and flew out of view to the west. I took a ride around and from Plymouth Ave. near Main St. I spotted a falcon stooping from the northwest wing ledge. I went over to Basin St. in the hole where I found Beauty with her back to me under the northeast wing again and Dot.Ca (DC) was on the north side of TSB on the lower back portion of the building with food.

img_0027-beauty img_0019-dc1 img_0023-dc1

img_0035-dc1 img_0038-dc-with-full-crop img_0041-dc1

DC finished filling his crop around 8:15am, did some feaking then flew off meeting Beauty in flight as she flew to the base of Mercury and he circled around and came to rest under the northeast wing of TSB.


Beauty took off soon after and knocked DC off taking his place under the northeast wing ledge and DC flew northeast.

img_0051-beauty-leaving-mercury img_0054-yes-im-down-here-beauty

The Beautyful one did some preening in between looking for her own breakfast since DC didn’t leave any leftovers.

img_0058-beautyful img_0064-this-is-my-good-side

At 8:37am Beauty stooped straight down and came back to the same spot empty taloned.

img_0065-shes-off-to-catch-her-breakfast img_0066-going-down img_0067-beauty-about-make-a-catch

Her next attempt was successful as she appeared with prey and began plucking feathers immediately. I missed it as I was changing the battery of my camera.

img_0074-feathers-flying img_0082-beauty-with-her-fierce-look img_0086-beautay img_0098-beauty

I shared space with Beauty until about 9:15am then headed over to the Radisson Hotel by Main St. to see if DC had gone to his man cave. That’s exactly where he was on the south side ledge of the OCSR elevator shaft digesting his meal.


From there I headed home to Seneca Towers-parking at the Northridge Church at St. Paul St. and East Ridge Rd. where I go to check the north and east sides of the building. I spotted who I believe was Billie (judging by size) flying above the roof then swooping down thru where I park my car 3 times at a very low altitude. I’d say no more than 6 0r 7 stories high. She went out over the Veterans Memorial Bridge then came back and landed on the roof above the north end windows on a northeast corner.

img_0104-billie img_0106-billie

Billie had been standing upright when I decided to go to my parking lot and get a closer view. It was closer but not better as I could only see part of her straight above me. She did look like she was eating something by the way her body was moving as she was not standing straight up anymore.

img_0107-north-end-of-seneca-towers img_0111-billie-from-below

I ended my watch at 9:50am smiling for having seen a falcon on my building for the first time in a few days! :)

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Morning watch 11-18-14

November 18th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a frigid, blustery morning watch with a starting temperature of 18 (F)  -7 (C)  It snowed just enough during the night to freeze all my car doors shut-luckily I got into my trunk and got a screwdriver to pry my door open. Then, when I got downtown I couldn’t open the windows cuz they were frozen shut. Eventually the car warmed them enough to thaw and open up so I could get clearer pics.

Click on the pics to see the full version

There were no falcons seen at Seneca Towers again this morning but when I finally got downtown around 7:30am I spotted Dot.Ca on the top ibeam northeast side of OCSR from the Andrews St. Bridge (ASB).


I left and drove over to Bragdon Place by the Radisson Hotel for a closer view and as I checked the south side ledge of the OCSR elevator shaft I could barely see Beauty.

img_0006-dc-from-bragdon-place img_0005-beauty3

Beauty flew out and back in landing on the north side ledge of the elevator shaft where I couldn’t see her so I drove to the Radisson Hotel by Main St. where I could see her.

img_0015-beauty-on-the-north-side-now img_0019-beauty-waving-hi-to-us

Soon after DC flew off the ibeam up into the elevator shaft landing across from his girl on the north side ledge and he was chirping at her. At first he was out where I could see him but he turned his back and went further in out of view. 15 minutes later at 8am DC flew out and came to rest on the top ibeam near the south corner of OCSR. The sun was shining on him showing his brilliant whiteness and at the same time there were a few flakes falling.

img_0020-his-whiteness-dc img_0021-dc1 img_0026-dc1

DC turned his back to me as the Beautyful one remained on the north side ledge in the elevator shaft.

img_0030-dc img_0033-too-cold-out-there-beauty

Around 8:20am when I wasn’t looking both Beauty and DC left the building. After a ride around I stopped on the ASB and watched a falcon flying near the east side of the Kodak Office tower then land on the northeast corner of the launchpad. By the time I got down to State St. to have a look it was gone. Another trip around downtown brought me right back to the Radisson Hotel by Main St. where I found Beauty back on the north side of the OCSR elevator shaft and DC on the top ibeam near the south corner.  It was like Deja vu!

I decided to go to the hole to see the front of DC-after a couple minutes he flew over to the base of Mercury and attempted to land. I don’t know if he was looking for food, or if the wind was too strong or maybe there was ice and snow on it but he
touched down then lifted up and hovered over it before flying off.

img_0040-dc-from-the-hole img_0042-dc-hovering img_0044-both-feet-down-for-a-second-dc

I left downtown after that-found no falcons on the way or home at Seneca Falls as I ended my watch at 9:40am. Even tho I had a rough start I did manage to smile after seeing our dynamic downtown Peregrine pair! :)

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Morning watch 11-17-14

November 17th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A dark snowy morning watch with a temperature of 34 (F) 1 (C)

It was tough to see the tops of some buildings with the snow coming down. I saw no falcons at Seneca Towers either before or after my downtown watch. I checked all the usual spots as I made the rounds a couple times this morning-the snow made it impossible to see up in the elevator shaft. Mercury had snow stuck to its back side and it was so dark out that I had to try a couple techniques to make it possible for you to see the snow on him.

img_0003-xerox-and-bl-snowy img_0004-snow-on-mercury<Click it   img_0005-snow-on-mercury

Finally, about an hour after arriving downtown I spotted a falcon on the 19th floor of Kodak Office (KO).


It was on the east side near the northeast corner with its back to me. I was able to ascertain that it was Beauty as I found a spot on State St. to view her from the side and I could see her salmon color through the snow.

img_0010-beauty1 img_0012-beauty2

After a while Beauty straightened up and covered with wet snow, she walked over to the corner.

img_0017-beauty1 img_0018-beauty2

The Beautyful one then walked back and then over to the corner again. Her tail looked pretty crusted with snow and/or ice which was making her walk funny.

img_0021-beauty3 img_0022-beauty

Eventually she walked over to the north side and practically disappeared. I had a great view of the Frontier Communications tower as I left to look for DC. I had no luck in finding him and as I had an appointment to get to I left downtown with Beauty still up on the Kodak towers 19th floor. I ended my watch at 9:10am and I couldn’t help but smile as Beauty came out in the weather for me to share space with her! :)

Click on the links below to view a very short snippet movie and a snowy video of Beauty



Sunday Afternoon Falcon Watch - 11/16/14

November 16th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

I wanted to check on the local falcon spots today, so I headed over to Kodak Park first.  I’ve been keeping an eye on this area every day after work (I park on the north side of the stacks), but have had no luck spotting a falcon there.  Today was no exception.  I found no falcons there today.

Next stop, the BS location where Pigott and Dot.ca used to hang out.  No falcons there either.

I had much better luck downtown.  Both Dot.ca and Beauty were on the Times Square Bldg (TSB).  Beauty was up under the northeast wing and Dot.ca was on Camera #1 aka Pan Cam.  The same spots that Brian and I found them yesterday afternoon.

Beauty on the NE Wing Ledge 11-16-14*





Dot.ca took off from Pan Cam and landed on the ledge just above the nest box.

Dot.ca Off Pan Cam 11-16-14Dot.ca on Ledge Above the Nest Box 11-16-14*





Dot.ca took off again, this time heading east, over the river.  I was down on Aqueduct St (aka “the hole”), so I could not see him once he passed over the Reuters Bldg.  I moved my car closer to the Wilder Bldg, and found Dot.ca on top of the Mercury statue.

Dot.ca on Top of Mercury 11-16-14Dot.ca on Top of Mercury 11-16-14*





Beauty had not moved from the top of the TSB.  I was in a good spot where I could watch both Beauty and Dot.ca.  Beauty was dozing and was all fluffed up against the cold.  In between preening sessions, Dot.ca was keeping an eye on everything that moved around him.  He took off from Mercury and stooped over the river, then headed north.  Notice that there are three sets of wings in this picture.  :-)

DC on Mercury - Three Sets of Wings - 11-16-14DC on Mercury - Three Sets of Wings - 11-16-14*





I found Dot.ca up inside the OCSR elevator shaft on the south ledge.  Beauty remained on the NE wing ledge on the TSB.

Dot.ca in OCSR Elevator Shaft 11-16-14Beauty on TSB NE Wing Ledge 11-16-14*





This is where I left them to continue my search for falcons.  At Seneca Towers I found two falcons a few feet apart from each other on the north end, near the NW corner.  I was too far away to positively ID them, but I’m pretty sure it had to be Billie and 99.  Can you spot them in this picture?

Billie and 99 at ST 11-16-14*





Here they are!

Billie and 99 at ST 11-16-14Billie and 99 at ST 11-16-14*





While I was watching Billie and 99, Larry O tweeted from downtown that Beauty remained on the TSB, NE wing ledge.

My last stop before heading home was Russell Station.  I was not able to find a falcon there today.

I ended by watch after finding all 4 Rochester Falcons.  It was a nice quiet and peaceful Sunday, just how I like it!

Morning watch 11-16-14

November 16th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was another dark morning with a temperature of 33 (F) 1 (C) with a few stray snow flakes

Click on the pics to see the full version

Billie was waiting for 99 and I to show up from the northwest corner railing as I parked on Seth Green Drive to start my watch.


A few minutes later Billie flew south and returned with 99-they both landed on the northwest corner of the roof. 99 was around the corner where I couldn’t see him.

img_0007-billie-lands img_0008-billie2

Around 7:35am Billie joined 99 on the north side out of my view so I left for downtown. On my way out I spotted a young healthy looking buck in Seth Green Park.

img_0011-young-buck-in-seth-green-park img_0012-healthy-looking-buck

Arriving downtown from the Broad St. bridge (BSB) I spotted a falcon on the southeast corner of the Kodak Office launchpad. I drove down to State St. and just as I got there Beauty flew off the southeast corner followed by Dot.Ca (DC). They did some flying together then DC landed on the northeast corner of the launchpad with food. He finished it then Beauty flew in and took his spot as he flew off.

img_0013-dc img_0014-dc img_0018-beauty-takes-over-the-spot-from-dc

Driving further down State St. I found DC on an apparatus attached to the north side of the KO playpen. Beauty looking his way from up on the launchpad.

img_0023-bdc img_0026-dc img_0033-beauty1

At 7:48am they flew east and returned with the Beautyful one landing back on the northeast corner of the launchpad and DC landing on the east side arch above the playpen.

img_0041-dc-making-his-approach img_0044-bdc img_0047-dc img_0049-beauty

Minutes later they flew east again but only DC returned this time landing on the northeast corner of the playpen netting and left minutes later heading south in a hurry toward downtown.


I headed that way too thinking he saw Beauty catch breakfast and sure enough I found her on the base of Mercury plucking feathers. Parked in the hole on Aqueduct St. I was able to see DC fly in and grab a small piece of food from Beauty and take it over to the Times Square building (TSB) north side on the back lower section.

img_0058-beauty1 img_0071-byf img_0077-dc

It didn’t take DC long to eat the meager piece of meat he had and after a couple minutes he flew back over to the base of Mercury and set up on the green part where I couldn’t see him. I knew he was there because I saw his wing tips when he hopped up. Beauty continued eating while DC strategized his next move on her food.

img_0080-dc img_0091-there-goes-a-leg img_0094-bdc

I went up to the BSB so I could see both of them and as I got there DC flew east and returned landing close to Beauty. He then took off right over top of her and came back landing on the base across from her. He was getting impatient now as he watched the prey get smaller and smaller underneath Beauty.

img_0095-dc-off img_0105-got-to-get-some-before-its-all-gone img_0111-watch-this-mak

img_0112-dc-tries-from-above-that-doesnt-work1 img_0113-ok-back-to-the-base img_0115-oooo-its-right-there-under-her

Beauty turned around and DC saw an opening to run in and snatch another piece of food from behind and fly over to the TSB landing under the northeast wing to gobble it down.  It didn’t take him long! I decided to drive back down to the hole to watch from in between them but they left while I was doing that.

img_0120-man-look-at-her-crop-she-could-save-some-for-me img_0124-hehehe-i-got-some img_0125-i-still-want-more

I left for home at that point-I saw no falcons on my way at Hawkeye or at Seneca Towers when I arrived there at 9:30am. Boy, what a fun watch I had compliments of  our hungry tiercel DC, who made me smile a lot! :)

Click on the links below to see a photo album and the antics of DC in todays videos


Afternoon Falcon Watch - 11/15/16

November 15th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Woohoo! for the weekend!  :-)

I couldn’t get out until the afternoon.  But I was happy to finally get downtown after a long work week.  While I was checking out the BS location and finding no falcons there, I received a text from Brian H.  He was downtown and reported seeing a falcon under the northeast wing on the Times Square Bldg (TSB).  Since there was nothing to see at BS, I headed downtown, meeting Brian on the Broad St Bridge.

It was a very cold afternoon with temps in the mid-30’s.  Brian was on foot, so I invited him into my warm car and we moved closer to the Times Square Bldg.  From Aqueduct St, aka “the hole”, we saw two falcons!  Beauty was the falcon under the northeast wing and Dot.ca was on Camera #1, aka Pan Cam, near the nest box.  I had reported that it was Beauty on Pan Cam, but after checking my pics, I see it was Dot.ca.  So it was Beauty above him with her back to us, all poofed up in the cold.












After taking Brian home, I returned to the Times Square Bldg.  Of course both Beauty and Dot.ca were gone.  I looked all over, but was unable to find them.

So I headed to Seneca Towers (ST) to see if I could catch Billie or 99 there.  I did find one falcon on top of the building at the north end.  Based on size, I believe it was Billie.  I was facing directly into the sun, so it was hard to get a good look at the falcon.






As I was leaving Seneca Towers, I saw this old historical marker sign on the side of the road.  I’ve seen it before, but never took the time to read it.  I can’t remember if anyone has posted a picture of it before, but it was very interesting information about the area.






My last stop, before heading home, was Russell Station (RS).  I checked all sides and could only find a Red-tail Hawk hunting off the east end of the plant.  Since the hawk wasn’t being harassed by a falcon, it was safe to say there was no Peregrine nearby.






It was a nice way to end my Saturday afternoon falcon watch!

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