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Mother’s Day Falcon Watch! - 5/14/17

May 14th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Hello everyone!  Happy Mother’s Day to Beauty and all you mother’s out there!  I have to also mention the lovely Rhea Mae, who had two of her three eyases hatch yesterday.  <3

Now that we have four eyases at the nest box and the weather is getting a bit more spring-like, with temps near 60 degrees, it was time to head downtown for a late morning, early afternoon watch.  It was tough finding a parking spot on Broad St due to graduations at the Blue Cross Arena aka Rochester War Memorial.  But, I was lucky and found one today.  I set-up my watch at the area we call Falcon Watch Central.  They are still working on the Broad St Bridge, so we can’t watch from there.

At first it was very quiet.  Then I spotted a falcon flying out of the nest box, heading towards the Powers Bldg.  I believe it was Beauty.  She flew by the Powers Bldg, heading northwest.  We’ve been hearing Kestrels over in that area, so she might have been warning them away from the Times Square Bldg (TSB).

Soon a falcon returned, flew around the TSB and then landed on Mercury’s foot.  I’m pretty sure it was Dot.ca.

1-falcon-on-patrol-5-14-17<— Beauty on Patrol.

5-dc-on-mercury-5-14-17<— Dot.ca on Mercury’s Foot.

6-dc-on-mercury-5-14-17<— Dot.ca on Mercury’s Foot.

7-falcon-flyover-5-14-17<— Beauty Flyover.

2-cache-on-tsb-5-14-17<— Cached Food on the Times Square Bldg.

8-nest-box-cameras-5-14-17<— Nest Box Cameras.

9-times-square-bldg-5-14-171<— View of the Times Square Bldg from Falcon Central.

Beauty went back to the nest box and soon after, Dot.ca flew in with food.  There was loud vocalization from both parents as Beauty charged out of the nest box and grabbed the offered meal from Dot.ca.  She flew over me and landed on the base of the Mercury statue.  Beauty cached the food there and took off heading towards the OCSR.

10-beauty-caching-prey-on-base-of-mercury-5-14-1711-beauty-caching-prey-on-base-of-mercury-5-14-1712-beauty-taking-off-5-14-17<— Beauty caching food and taking off.

Dot.ca remained on the nest box platform and then flew up to pan cam.

13-dc-on-nest-box-platform-5-14-1714-dc-on-pan-cam-5-14-17<— Dot.ca at the nest box.

Dot.ca took off on a hunt, chasing two pigeons over the Genesee River.  He missed, then headed southwest.  Beauty returned, flying high and keeping the sky above her young ones free of predators.

15-beauty-flyover-5-14-17<— Beauty on Patrol, keeping the sky above the TSB free of predators. (Click on pic)

While Beauty was on guard duty from above, Dot.ca returned to the nest box to keep watch over his young ones.

16-dc-on-nb-platform-5-14-1718-dc-watching-beauty-above-5-14-172<— Dot.ca guarding his young.

17-dc-watching-beauty-above-5-14-171<— Dot.ca watching Beauty flying overhead.

All was quiet downtown, so I headed over to Seneca Towers for a quick look for Billie and Seth.  I did see one on the apartment building when I passed by yesterday.

Today, I saw one patrolling above, bopping a few passing Turkey Vultures.  I did not see a 2nd falcon either day.  I assume one may be at the nest, wherever that might be?

19-genesee-valley-gorge-he-5-14-17<— Looking south from Seneca Towers.  A very lush Genesee Valley River Gorge.  Hawkeye (Kodak) in the distance.

All was quiet and peaceful in our Rochester Falcons world.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Falcon Watch Catch-up! All is Quiet and Peaceful! - 4/17/17

April 17th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Boy!  Where does the time go?  Life just has a way of getting in the way of doing my favorite thing, FALCON WATCHING!  :)

I’ve been trying to get out on the weekends to do a falcon head count, and to make sure all is peaceful and quiet at all our nest sites.  With eggs laid and hard incubation in full swing, thankfully there has been nothing to upset the peace here in Rochester.

A few weeks (March 25) ago my good friends and fellow watchers Kathy O, Lisa McK, Dana and I took a trip to Buffalo to check on their falcon pairs.  We especially wanted to check on the Central Terminal nest site to try to ID the new male there that took over from our Diamante.  We couldn’t get a positive ID, but we’re pretty sure he is a falcon banded in Canada with a black over black band.  Here are some pictures from our Buffalo visit.

1-ct-falcons-3-25-172-ct-falcons-3-25-17<– Glieg (?) and new mate at Central Terminal.

3-ct-male-falcon-3-25-174-ct-male-falcon-3-25-17<— New male at Central Terminal on a nearby church.

5-ub-falcons-3-25-176-ub-falcons-3-25-177-ub-falcons-3-25-17<— University of Buffalo Falcons.

8-statler-falcons-3-25-17<— Statler nest box.  No one was home.  But they were both seen the next day.  The male here is Ralphie, Rhea Mae and Tiago’s son.

9-richardson-falcons-3-25-1710-richardson-falcons-3-25-17<— Richardson. First time we visited this nest site.  Both falcons were home.

The next day (March 26), I went out to check our Rochester birds.  All was quiet at both locations.

1-dc-with-food-3-26-17<— Dot.ca was busy, prepping prey for Beauty.

2-beauty-on-pan-cam-3-26-173-dc-beauty-takes-off-3-26-17<— Beauty on Pan Cam.

4-billie-on-st-3-26-175-seth-on-st-3-26-17<— Both Billie & Seth were home at Seneca Towers.

I also checked out Irondequoit Bay, where I watched two juvie Bald Eagles talon tagging over the water.  Love seeing these beautiful birds!

6-two-juvie-bald-eagles-talon-tagging-3-26-17<— Two juvie Bald Eagles talon tagging over Irondequoit Bay.

I also checked out the Brighton Site (BS), but saw no falcons there.

That weekend (3/25 and 3/26) I was very happy to have seen six falcons in Buffalo and four in Rochester.  It was a very good weekend!  :)

On April 2nd, I again saw all four Rochester Falcons.  All was quiet downtown.  Beauty was in the nest box on her four eggs and Dot.ca was nearby on the OCSR building.

3-all-quiet-dt-4-2-17<— The Times Square Bldg, home of Beauty and Dot.ca’s nest box.

1-seth-at-st-4-2-172-billie-at-st-4-2-17<— Seth on the side of the bridge and a Billie fly-over at Seneca Towers.

Easter Sunday is a day that bad things have happened in our falcon world.  That is the day that Brian H and I found Mariah on the ground injured after her battle with Beauty.  I picked up Brian for a morning watch and thankfully have nothing to report, except that all was peaceful for our Rochester falcons.

I hope that everyone enjoyed Easter with their family and friends!

Sunday Falcon Watch - 3/19/17

March 19th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

As we wait for Beauty and Dot.ca’s first egg….. :-)

You may have heard that Rochester and the surrounding area has had some pretty nasty weather.  First a wind storm with a recorded gust of 81 mph, that caused power outages to over 100,000 homes in the area.  Then a snow storm that dumped close to 30 inches of snow.  Needless to say, it’s been a little crazy around here.

So, when I heard the sun was coming out this afternoon and the temps were soaring into the 40’s (F), it was time to head out for a falcon head count.

I first checked out the BS and DSS locations.  No falcons were found in either location.  Could our unbanded female and her friend have headed out to nesting territories of their own?  Time will tell.

Downtown I found Beauty on the base of the Mercury statue.  She had a full crop, but it didn’t look like she had any food.  Dot.ca was on the west corner of the top Ibeam on OCSR.  I was hoping to see them mate and I was really hoping to get a video.  I was lucky, after patiently waiting for about an hour.

1-beauty-on-mercury-base-3-19-17<— Beauty on the base of Mercury.

2-dc-on-ocsr-3-19-17<— Dot.ca on OCSR

I found a spot to park my car on Aqueduct St (aka ”the hole”), where I had a good view of Beauty and could wait for Dot.ca to take off from OCSR.  It was a long, cold wait.  But finally, he took off and headed our way.  Beauty was ready for him and so was I!  Here’s the link to the video I was able to get.


Afterwards Dot.ca headed west towards the Times Square Bldg.

I had to leave for a short while to help out a friend and fellow watcher Brian H.  He said to say hello to everyone!  When I returned, Beauty was up at the Times Square Bldg nest box and Dot.ca had returned to the west corner on the top IBeam of OCSR.

3-beauty-at-the-tsb-nest-box-3-19-174-beauty-at-the-tsb-nest-box-3-19-17<— Beauty at the Times Square Bldg Nest Box.

5-dc-on-ocsr-3-19-17<— Dot.ca on OCSR.

This is where I left them as I ended my downtown, Rochester Falcon Watch.  I wanted to check on Billie and Seth at Seneca Towers (ST).  From the parking lot at Maplewood Park, I was able to see two falcons on the building.  I assumed that it had to be Billie and Seth and I was very happy to see them after all the bad weather we’ve had.

6-bs-at-st-3-19-171<— Billie and Seth at Seneca Towers (ST).

It was nice to get out for a falcon watch today.  Especially with the sun shining!  Spring will be here very soon!

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures I took of Beauty and Dot.ca last Sunday.  Enjoy!

2-beauty-on-wilder-3-12-17<— Beauty on Wilder Bldg.

1-bdc-3-12-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca mating on the Wilder Bldg.

Monday afternoon Falcon Watch 2-27-17

February 27th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was quite breezy and sunny with a temperature of 51 (F) 11 (C)

When I left Seneca Towers (ST) there were no falcons on the building. When I arrived downtown I found Beauty on the deck and Dot.ca (DC) on the top I-beam of OCSR near the south corner. I parked at the Radisson Hotel by Main St. where I could see both of them.

img_0005-beauty img_0010-dc

They both had their backs to me and after a few minutes I left to walk Bella (watcher Jeanne’s dog) and to check the Brighton location(BS) and DSS. We found the unbanded female on the south face of the east extension 2 windows down in the corner at BS. She was napping on and off. We left there and found no falcons at DSS.

img_0022-bs-female img_0024-bs-female img_0025-bs-girl

I returned to downtown after dropping Bella off at home and found the Beautyful one and DC  still in the same spots as when I left them earlier. I went home to ST and spotted Billie and Seth on the northwest corner quite close to each other.


The sun was right behind them so all I could get were silhouetted pics, therefore I decided to cross the river and see if I could get better pics from Bridgeview Dr. While I was crossing the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge Seth flew off, so when I found a spot to check from only Buffalo Billie remained. I could see that she had food in her crop.

img_0035-buffalo-billie img_0036-billie img_0037-billie-with-food-in-her-crop

I ended my watch soon after at 4pm with a smile after seeing 5 Peregrine Falcons on my watch! :)

Click on the link below to see today’s snippet video


Falcon Watch with KathyO 2-23-17

February 23rd, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The weather was delightfully warm and windy a February day in Rochester that was a mild 63 (F) 17 (C) degrees

KathyO picked me up for a falcon watch late this afternoon. Billie and Seth were nowhere to be found at Seneca Towers when we left for downtown. We first checked the north end of downtown from the Andrews St. bridge. We saw nothing from there so we headed for the hole (Aqueduct St.). We spotted Beauty immediately on the top I-beam of OCSR near the south corner.


I then turned my head and spotted Dot.ca (DC) on the deck of the Times Square building nest box. He was on the southeast corner  and kept looking toward the nest box and then over at the Beautyful one-switching back and forth. It was pretty comical really-he always cracks me up.


About a half hour of that until Beauty decided to tease her little man when she flew over to the TSB above him and then went east toward the river out of view. 5 minutes later DC flew over to OCSR and landed where Beauty had been on the top I-beam and she ended up on the deck where he had just been. Falcon games are a lot of fun to watch!

img_0014-dc<DC    Beauty>img_0016-beauty

20 minutes of watching each other then Beauty went in the nest box while DC flew to the west in a hurry past Widows Walk out of view for a minute or so before returning to Times Square to join Beauty at the nest box. They were together for about 10 minutes when DC flew to the Mercury money bag as his mate remained at the nest box.

img_0025-dc1 img_0041-dc img_0042-dc

DC was fidgeting a lot as he fought the 15-20 MPH winds up there. Half hour after he arrived on Mercury he flew back to the nest box and some conversations with Beauty until she went up to cam 1 (pan cam). DC ended up back on OCSR and that’s where Kathy and I left downtown. When I got home to Seneca Towers there was a falcon (I believe Seth) on the top window ledge north end of the building. As always, our downtown Rochester pair of Peregrine Falcons put a smile on this watchers’ face! :)

Monday afternoon Falcon Watch 2-13-17

February 13th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was quite blustery and overcast with a temperature of 28 (F) -2 (C)

I spent more time looking for falcons today than actually watching them. There was no sign of Billie or Seth when I left or when I returned home to Seneca Towers. I found Beauty from the hole on the top I-beam southeast side of OCSR on my way through downtown to go walk Bella. She flew off when I was tweeting so I moved on.


After walking my canine buddy, Bella I went in search of the 2 falcons that have been seen in Brighton. No luck finding them at the Brighton Site (BS), DSS or the apartment building on Plymouth Ave. at Genesee St. It’s called Brooks Crossing on google maps but the stone wall out front of it says Brooks Landing. I returned to downtown hoping to find Dot.ca (DC) this time and I wasn’t disappointed. I spotted both he and the Beautyful one on OCSR, top I-Beam southeast side.


I watched them first from the hole, then over on Graves St. next to Aqueduct Park and finally from the Radisson Hotel by Main St.

img_0015-beauty<Beauty img_0017-dc<DC

They both flew off to the west out of view and a few seconds later Beauty returned to circle above the river and Radisson Hotel a few times before settling on the same I-beam of OCSR she had just vacated. Soon after, DC joined his Beautyful mate landing just 3 windows across from her.

beauty-2 img_0015-beauty1 img_0020-b<Beauty

img_0024-dc img_0025-dc img_0027-dc

DC was napping on and off when I left them.

img_0028-bdc<Click it to see the full version

When I got home and didn’t find Billie or Seth I took a ride down to Seneca Park to check out the water birds to kill some time, hoping they would be there when I returned but no such luck.

img_0037-cygnet-mute-swan-and-ducks img_0044-swan-eating swan

I ended my watch around 3:30pm after sharing space with our downtown pair of Peregrine Falcons, Beauty and DC who always put a smile on my face! :)

Click on the links below to check out today’s videos




Saturday Falcon Watch - 2/4/17

February 4th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was a very cold day with temps in the 20’s (F).  Some sun, some light snow.  A good day to go out for a falcon watch, as long as you stayed in your car.  Brrrr!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to get out.  I badly needed fresh air and to see a falcon or two or three or……  :)

I decided to check on the falcons that have been seen at the Brighton Site (BS) and a nearby building.  There was a falcon on one of the windows of this building.  Based on size, I believe it is a male.  Most of the time I was there, he had his back to me.  Finally he stood up, showing me his legs and letting me know he had no bands.  That was very kind of him.  lol

Here are a couple pictures of this handsome tiercel.


My next stop was the BS location, where I found the unbanded female we have been seeing there.  She too had her back to me and she was napping.


Are these two just visiting for the winter?  Do they have mates and territories of their own that they’ll return to?  We’ll keep watching!

It was time to head downtown to look for Beauty and Dot.ca.  I found them both side-by-side on the north side of OCSR on the top Ibeam.


They were both settled in and all was peaceful and quiet downtown.

On my way home, I stopped at Maplewood Park to check out Seneca Towers.  Sadly, Billie and Seth were not home.  It was time for me to end my watch.

I was very happy to have seen 4 falcons today!  :)

A short but successful Falcon Watch 1-30-17

January 30th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was partly sunny with lake effect snow squalls and a temperature of 20 (F) -7 (C)

My watch officially started around noon when I spotted Seth out over the river sky dancing while I was eating my lunch. Ah, my favorite thing about living at Seneca Towers (ST)! So after lunch I left and found both Billie and Seth on the south side top window ledge. They were facing each other at opposite ends.

Be sure to click on the pics to see the full version

img_0003-billie-and-seth img_0009-buffalo-billieimg_0010-seth

Buffalo Billie had a very full crop which I believe is the reason she wasn’t interested when Seth flew off and came back seemingly wanting to mate. When she didn’t lift her tail for him he landed on the ledge a couple feet away from her.

seth-taking-off seth see-ya-sethSeth takes off

img_0011-lovebirds img_0013-billie img_0017-seth

seth-returns seth-coming-in downSeth returns

I left them after a few more minutes and headed for downtown. I arrived in the hole just in time to see the Beautyful one fly off the 2nd I-beam southeast side of OCSR and go over to the base of Mercury where Dot.ca (DC) was eating. He grabbed his prize and flew over to OCSR as she landed on the base.

img_0025-beauty-ready-for-takeoff img_0026-dc-leaves-with-the-goods

About a minute later Beauty flew over to OCSR and flew past DC a couple times to check out what he was eating before landing on the top I-beam near the south corner. Meanwhile, DC was eating near the elevator shaft on that same I-beam.

img_0029-beauty img_0030-beauty-poops img_0032-bdc img_0034-dc<DC img_0036-hi-beautyful<Beauty

DC stashed a small piece of his meal in the corner and as he turned around Beauty flew in, ran right behind him to grab the food as he flew off to the second I-beam below her. He kept looking over his shoulder at his mate as she finished off the snack he left behind.

img_0040-beauty img_0053-i-got-his-stash-mak img_0058-there-goes-the-last-of-it<Beauty

img_0042-she-has-my-stash-mak img_0043-dc img_0081-dc<DC

I had to leave them to go walk Bella (fellow watcher, Jeanne’s dog) and check the Brighton Site (BS).


When Bella and I arrived at BS the female winter visitor was there on the south extension, 3 windows down in the corner where it meets the east extension. She stood there perched but turned sideways instead of showing me her back as she usually does.

img_0084-bs-falcon img_0086-bsf img_0090-bsf

I had to get Bella home and run a couple errands so I ended my watch there at 2:30pm. There was plenty to smile about today as the sun was out much of the time and I saw our 4 resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons plus our winter visitor! :)

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Saturday Falcon Watch Pictures - 1/21/17

January 25th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Just wanted to catch up and share some pictures I took of Beauty and Dot.ca this past Saturday.  They were both out and about, hunting and sharing a meal.  Here are some pictures I took during my watch.  Enjoy!

1-beauty-on-ww-1-21-172-beauty-on-ww-1-21-173-beauty-on-ww-1-21-17<— Beauty hunting off Widows Walk.


7-dc-b-on-mercury-1-21-178-dc-b-on-mercury-1-21-17<— Beauty & Dot.ca sharing a meal on base of Mercury.


11-dc-on-wilder-1-21-1712-dc-on-wilder-1-21-17<— Dot.ca on Wilder Bldg Fire Escape.

Earlier on Saturday, I also saw both Billie and Seth on the west side railing at Seneca Tower.  I was driving by and did not get any pictures.  But, I did see all 4 Rochester resident falcons that day, which made it a very good day!

Afternoon Falcon Watch 1-23-17

January 23rd, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a balmy 44 (F) 7 (C) degrees with a slight breeze and overcast skies

I started my watch at Seneca Towers (ST) with Seth. He was on the south end of the building on the top window ledge and he had a very full crop.

Make sure to click the pics to see the full version

img_0004-seth img_0012-seth img_0006-serious-seth

I didn’t find Billie and so I moved on to downtown where I stopped on the Andrews St. bridge. From there, I could see Beauty on the top I-beam of OCSR west corner and Dot.ca (DC) further down closer to the north corner.


A couple minutes later the Beautyful one flew off to the southwest and DC followed right behind her.

img_0020-dc img_0026-b img_0028-beauty-taking-off

They disappeared behind the Crossroads building and when I caught up I spotted DC on the Mercury money bag (MMB)  from the hole. From there I could clearly see that he had food in his crop.

img_0032-dc img_0035-dc img_0033-dc

I left for the Brighton site (BS) after unsuccessfully finding where Beauty had gone. There were no falcons at BS when I checked. After walking Bella I returned to downtown and found Beauty back on the top I-beam west corner of OCSR. I watched her from the hole first and then drove around the corner to Graves St. where I could share space with her from a closer place albeit a bad angle.

img_0041-beautyful img_0043-b img_0049-b

I left her to it so I could look for DC before going home. From Bragdon Place at the north end of the Radisson Hotel I found him in the OCSR elevator shaft on the south side ledge.


And that’s all she wrote as nobody was home at Seneca Towers. I ended my watch with a smile after seeing 3 of our 4 resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons! :)

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