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All 4 Resident PEFA’s seen today 2-8-17

February 8th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a bit breezy with a few snowflakes in the air and a temperature of 26 (F) -3 (C)

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So I thought it was time I did an actual falcon watch and write a report instead of just checking on our beloved falcons on my way to and from walking Bella. I began my watch at Seneca Towers where I was happy to see both Billie and Seth on the north end of the building. She was on the northwest corner below the railing with her back to me and he was on his favorite spot on the north window ledge.

img_0001-bs<Click it

I didn’t spend too long with them as I had to give a friend a ride to the Federal building downtown. Once there, I spotted both Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) on the top I-beam southeast side of OCSR. They were facing each other at first with about 9 windows between them.

img_0007-bdc<Clickimg_0010-b img_0012-dc

DC flew off after a few minutes heading south over the river and returned about a half minute later to land near the south corner of OCSR where he was closer to the Beautyful one about 3 windows from her.

img_0015-b<Beauty  DC> img_0028-dc img_0035-bdc<Click

They both flew off soon after heading west and disappearing behind OCSR from where I was parked at the Rochester Riverside Hotel (formerly the Radisson Hotel). I drove over to Bragdon Place where I could see that DC had gone to the top I-beam northeast side of OCSR and Beauty to the north end of the Crossroads building.

img_0036-dc img_0050-b img_0053-bdc

I left at this point to walk Bella and check the Brighton site and DSS building but found no falcons at either location. Upon returning to downtown I found Beauty and DC were right where I left them and while I was tweeting, Beauty snuck off and flew around to the top I-beam southeast side of OCSR with DC remaining on the north side. He stretched, pooped and settled in, showing me his back and then I had to leave to pick up my friend from her hearing at the Federal building.

img_0062-b<Beautypoop<DC (click it)

When I got home Seth was on the northwest corner of Seneca Towers to greet me. As always, I ended my watch with a smile after sharing space with our resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons! :)

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Winter Falcon Watch Report - 2/4/18

February 4th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Time for another Sunday morning falcon watch.  It was cloudy and dreary, with a wet snow falling.  Before I arrived downtown, falcon watchers Larry O and MAK had reported falcon sightings.  Larry had seen Beauty on the top Ibeam of the north side of OCSR and MAK had reported seeing both Billie and Seth at ST on the north side window ledge.

I found Beauty on the same spot Larry had reported seeing her, on the north side of OCSR.  I drove all over downtown looking for Dot.ca, but couldn’t find him.  I returned to keep watch on Beauty.

1-beauty-on-ocsr-2-3-183-beauty-on-ocsr-2-3-182-beauty-on-ocsr-2-3-18<— Beauty on OCSR.

While I was watching Beauty, she started to vocalize.  She was announcing the arrival of Dot.ca.  I looked up just in time to see him fly up into the OCSR elevator shaft.

4-dc-ocsr-elev-shaft-2-3-18<— Dot.ca in the OCSR elevator shaft.

5-bdc-on-ocsr-2-3-18<— Beauty and Dot.ca on OCSR.

I was happy to see both of them doing well.  It was time to move on.

My next stop was Seneca Towers (ST).  From Maplewood Park, I could see both Billie and Seth were still on the north end window ledge where MAK had reported seeing them.

6-billie-and-seth-on-st-2-3-18<— Billie and Seth at ST.

It was time to end my falcon watch.  On my way home, I did check the Charlotte area, where I found no falcons.  But, I found Abbotts still closed for the season.  Soon, there will be a long line waiting for yummy ice cream!  :)


More cold temps and snow expected here in Rochester.  Hope everyone is keeping warm!

First of Year 2018 Rochester Falcon Watch Report - 1/28/18

January 28th, 2018

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

I finally have time to write up a falcon watch report!  :)

It was a beautiful morning to head out to do a falcon head count.  Sunshine.  Lots and lots of sunshine!

I first stopped at Maplewood Park to find both Billie and Seth at home on the north end window ledge.

1-billie-and-seth-at-st-1-27-17 <— Billie and Seth at Seneca Towers

When I went to send out a text, I saw that MAK had already reported them being there and that she was watching Beauty and Dot.ca downtown on the Ellwanger Bldg.  Larry O had been out earlier this morning with Zeke and had reported that he had one on the Cross Rds bldg.

Instead of heading downtown, I headed over to check Skyview on the Ridge, which used to be called the Medley Ctr Mall.


A new business is now located in the old Macy’s store.  Eventually more businesses will move in.  I was not able to find any falcons there.

Irondequoit Bay was next.  There was an adult Bald Eagle eating out on the ice.  S/he was soon joined by a juvie Bald Eagle.

7-be-on-ibay-ice-with-fish-1-27-178-juvie-adult-be-on-ibay-ice-1-27-17<— Bald Eagles on the Irondequoit Bay ice.

There were also all kinds of ducks and gulls hanging out at the Newport Marina.

On my way downtown, Shaky tweeted that both Beauty and Dot.ca were up at the Powers nest box, and that’s exactly where I found them.

9-beauty-and-dc-at-powers-nb-1-27-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca on Powers Nest Box.

At the BS location, I found lots of very loud Canada Geese on the building.

10-geese-at-bs-1-27-1711-geese-at-bs-1-27-17<— Geese at the Brighton Site.

When I circled around to the front of the building, I could hear very loud ee-chupping echoing off of the building.  I looked and looked, but had no luck finding the very loud falcon.

I stopped on the west side of the building, when I spotted a falcon flying over and around the building, then out of sight again.  After circling the building again, I found a hawk in a tree.  But, again had no luck finding the falcon.

12-hawk-in-tree-at-bs-1-27-17<— Hawk in tree at BS.

MAK and Bella drove by and waved.  She had checked out the DSS location and had not found a falcon there.

It was time for me to head out.  On my way home, I passed through downtown, I found Dot.ca on the north end of the Cross Rds bldg.

13-dc-on-cross-rds-1-27-17<— DC on Cross Rds Bldg.

It had been a fun watch.  Hopefully soon we will see Beauty and Dot.ca visiting the Times Square Bldg.  Last year, the first egg was laid on March 23rd!

Here are some pictures from my travels over the past couple months.  Enjoy!

1-bdc-on-fct-12-3-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca on FCT 12/3/17

2-billie-or-seth-on-kp-res-lab-antenna-12-3-17Billie, I think, on KP Research Lab antenna. 12/3/17

5-snowy-owl-12-2-17<— Got to watch a Snowy Owl being banded at Beattie Beach. 12/2/17

1-beauty-on-mercury-12-8-17<— Beauty on Mercury. 12/8/17

1-christmas-lights-12-15-17<— Christmas Lights. 12/15/17

1-gho-in-pine-tree-on-edgemere-12-29-17<— GHO in pine tree on Edgemere Dr. 12/29/17

1-se-owl-in-avon-1-14-17<— Short-eared Owl in Avon. 1/14/18

1-coopers-hawk-on-ww-1-20-18<— Coopers Hawk on Widows Walk. 1/20/18

4-beauty-and-dc-on-xerox-tower-1-20-18<— Beauty and Dot.ca on Xerox Tower. 1/20/18

5-two-bald-eagles-in-trees-on-ibay-1-20-18<— Two Bald Eagles in a tree on Irondequoit Bay. 1/20/18

Success with Donna and Kara 12-9&10-17

December 10th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The weather yesterday (Saturday) was great for December in Rochester-sunny with a temperature around 40 (F) 4 (C). Today, (Sunday) it was overcast,windy and a chilly 32 (F) 0 (C)

Click on the pics to see the full version

Donna and her daughter, Kara came in late Friday night from New Jersey for a short weekend visit. They wanted to see a Snowy Owl so we went looking on Saturday morning checking from points east of Webster along the Lake Ontario shoreline to Braddocks Bay. No luck finding one but I took them to Durand Eastman park to check out what remains of the castle where the infamous “White Lady” lived since they are very interested in ghosts and the like.

img_0002-up-they-go img_0003-posers img_0011-hi

Later in the afternoon we found Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) on the base of Mercury sharing a meal. We went down to the hole (Aqueduct St.) for an up close and personal visit with them.

img_0027-beauty<Beauty> img_0029-beautyful-one


First thing this morning as we were about to get in the car Donna spotted Billie and Seth flying to the east. When we checked from the Northridge Church at St. Paul Street and East Ridge Road they were back after a successful hunt. Billie was on the north end of the Seneca Towers roof with food and Seth right right below her on his favorite spot, the north window ledge.

img_0001-billie-and-seth img_0004-001-billie-eating img_0006-001-seth

Next, we headed down to Summerville for one more look for a Snowy Owl before they headed back to New Jersey. Bingo-we found one way out at the end of the pier. It was either a female or juvie Snowy. Mission accomplished although it was quite a distance away we were thrilled to see it!


It was a fun weekend worthy of creating many smiles on our faces! :)

Click the links below to see a couple short snippet videos



Sunday Rochester Falcon Watch - 11/26/17

November 26th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

First, I want to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  :)

Second, although there haven’t been many recent falcon watch reports, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been keeping an eye on our local falcons.  There are quite a few watchers that have been out, tweeting what they are seeing.  You can read these tweets on the Rfalconcam Forum page.

Thirdly?  Enough!  On with my Sunday Falcon Watch Report!  lol  :)

It was a very cold, overcast day with temps in the 30’s.  Brrrr!  I started my watch at the DSS and BS (Brighton Site) locations where watchers have been seeing two Winter visitors.  I found the DSS falcon, who we believe is a male, on a top window.

1-dss-falcon-11-26-172-dss-falcon-11-26-17<— DSS Falcon

My next stop was the Brighton Site (BS), where I had no luck finding our visiting female.

Downtown, as I was pulling into the hole (aka Aqueduct St), I saw one falcon on the south side of OCSR, top IBeam.  It was Beauty.  As I was parking my car, Dot.ca flew in and landed to the right of Beauty, also on the top IBeam.

3-view-of-ocsr-from-the-hole-11-26-17<— View of OCSR from the hole (aka Aqueduct St).

4-bdc-on-ocsr-11-26-17<— Beauty and Dot.ca on OCSR.

A few minutes later, Beauty flew over and landed on the Wilder green strip.

5-beauty-on-wilder-green-strip-11-26-176-beauty-on-wilder-green-strip-11-26-17<— Beauty on Wilder green strip.

All was quiet and peaceful, so I moved on to check the ST (Seneca Towers) falcons.  Sorry to say, I did not see either Billie or Seth from Maplewood Park.  I usually see one of them at home.

From there I made my way to Charlotte, where Falcon Watcher Pat saw a juvie Peregrine Falcon yesterday on the Coast Guard Tower.  She was not able to see if this falcon was banded.  We’ve also been seeing Snowy Owls in this area.  Today I saw no falcon or Snowy there.  I did meet Dory from Waterport who now knows a whole lot about the Rochester Falcons.  lol

Here is a picture of my first Snowy Owl of the season, seen last week.

1-snowy-on-summerville-pier-11-18-17<— Snowy on the Summerville Pier.

At the end of today’s watch, on my way home, I found a Merlin hunting pigeons in front of Wegmans.  It was thrilling to watch this smaller falcon speed after a pigeon, just missing.  What a great way to end my Sunday Falcon Watch!

7-merlin-at-wegmans-11-26-178-merlin-at-wegmans-11-26-17<— Merlin at Wegmans.

Morning Falcon Watch/After the Storm 10-30-17

October 30th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The rain finally stopped and the wind took over this morning with a temperature of 48 (F) 9 (C)

We had a bit of a scare yesterday when Jeanne informed the local watchers that she had seen a report on the Monroe County Fire Wire of an injured falcon near West Broad and Fitzhugh streets about an hour before the sun was to go down. Also, neither Beauty or Dot.ca (DC) had been seen on camera at the Powers nest box which is us usually a daily occurrence. I was tied up and couldn’t go check but Lisa and Carol went downtown to see if they could find anything. Lisa thought that she had seen a falcon in the OCSR elevator shaft but they were unsuccessful in finding an injured bird as darkness fell, so I knew I had to get out first thing this morning.

It was too dark to check Seneca Towers (ST) when I left but I had seen both of them together yesterday on the south side window ledge in the pouring rain. I checked the OCSR elevator shaft first as that’s where they usually go for inclement weather. Nobody on either side and after checking all the usual spots I went over to the east side where I found Beauty on the southeast corner of the 5 Star Bank. This is a favorite morning spot for her to hunt from and I was very happy to see her up there in the semi-darkness.


I left to look for DC with no luck and when I returned the Beautyful one was gone. I was starting to get a little anxious for not having found DC at this point. My next trip around downtown bagged Beauty on the top I-beam southeast side of OCSR.


Again, I left her and checked around for DC to no avail. Thankfully, and with a great big sigh of relief I returned to find that DC had joined his mate and was just a few feet away from her.

img_0009-bdc<Click it

Beauty had a bit of food in her crop and DC was clearly in hunt mode as he was looking all around the area.

img_0010-b img_0011-dc

A few minutes later DC stooped down toward the river and Beauty followed behind him a few seconds later. They re-surfaced in front of the Radisson Hotel and flew northeast out of my view.

dc-takes-off<Click it

I searched for them but never located them again. I had to be somewhere so I left to check ST on my way through. Unfortunately, after 3 drive by’s during the course of the day I was unsuccessful in seeing Billie or Seth.  It really is a team effort in keeping track of our Rochester Peregrine Falcons and we all were quite relieved this morning to find out that our downtown pair were safe and sound!!! Smiles all around! :)

Click on the link below to see today’s short snippet video


Saturday Morning Falcon Watch - 10/28/17

October 28th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

We lost a good friend today.  For all you’ve done for us and the falcons, I thank you with all my heart.  RIP Mike Allen.  Miss you dear friend.  You are soaring with the eagles you loved so much.  :(

My report will be short and sweet.  I usually go out for a Sunday morning falcon watch, but due to the fact that a storm was heading our way, I decided to get out this morning.

At the BS location I found the unbanded female on the east side tree ledge.  She eventually flew to a window, also on the east side.  Here are some pictures from my visit with her.



Downtown, I found Beauty on the Widows Walk (WW).

6-beauty-on-ww-10-28-177-beauty-on-ww-10-28-17<— Beauty on WW.

Beauty took off on a hunt, heading NE past the Hiatt.

While I was searching for Beauty, I found Dot.ca up inside the OCSR elevator shaft.

8-dc-in-ocsr-elev-shaft-10-28-17<— Dot.ca inside OCSR elevator shaft.

From the Andrews St Bridge, I could see a falcon on the base of the Mercury statue.  I parked on Broad St where I had a nice view of Beauty prepping her dinner.


12-beauty-on-base-of-mercury-10-28-1713-beauty-on-base-of-mercury-10-28-17<— Beauty with food on base of Mercury.

11-waiting-for-next-year-10-28-17<— The Times Square Nest Box.

I left Beauty to her meal.  I was happy to see her have a successful hunt before the bad weather moved into Rochester.

On my way home, I checked Seneca Towers (ST), KP East and Charlotte.  I had no luck finding any falcons at these locations.

In Charlotte, I took a picture of this duck(?) trying to cross the road.  Any idea on what type it might be?


Sunday Morning Falcon Watch - Gorgeous Fall Day! - 10/22/17

October 22nd, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

What an absolutely beautiful late October day here in Rochester, NY!  After reading Larry O’s tweets this morning, I just had to get out to get in a game of tag with our falcons.  Larry had reported seeing both Beauty and Dot.ca on the Powers Bldg, Frontier Communication Tower and Widow’s Walk.

But first, I wanted to see if I could find our visiting, unbanded female at the Brighton Site (BS).  It didn’t take me long to find her in a bit of shade on the south side of the east extension, two windows down.  A favorite spot for her.

1-bs-visiting-unbanded-female-10-22-17<— Unbanded Female visitor at BS location.

I remained there for about a 1/2 hour, hoping that she would turn around.  But, she was very settled, preening and pulling out small fluff feathers.  After she finished preening, it was nap time.  Time for me to leave her.

My next stop was downtown Rochester.  But, instead of a game of falcon tag, it was more like a game of falcon hide-n-seek!  When I went out looking for the falcons last Sunday, I was unable to find any of them.  This time I was determined to find Beauty and Dot.ca!

After checking all the usual spots and having no luck finding them, I headed over to the east side.  I looked at the west, south and east sides of the Xerox Tower and the surrounding buildings.  Nothing!  Finally, from Elm St, I found our elusive duo!  Both Beauty and Dot.ca were together on the north side (near the NW corner) of the Xerox Tower.  They were on the metal framework of the lights that lit the building at night.  That was a first for me seeing both of them up there.



6-bdc-on-xerox-10-22-178-bdc-on-xerox-10-22-17 <— Beauty and Dot.ca on the Xerox Tower, north side.

Now that it’s the off season, I love seeing these two together like this.

I watched them for about an hour before heading out.  They were quite comfortable up there, preening and just enjoying the warmth and sunshine.  All was quiet and peaceful.  Just how I like it!  :)

On my way home, I did check on the ST pair, but had no luck seeing them from Maplewood Park.  MAK just tweeted that Seth was home and I did see one of them last Sunday morning on the north end window ledge.

A quick check at KP west and Charlotte.  No falcons seen at either location.  It was time to end my very enjoyable Sunday morning Falcon Watch.

Oh, before I go, I took a picture of the Broad St Bridge from the east end.  Looks like they’re getting closer to completing the construction.  I noticed that there are bike path lines on both sides, instead of areas to park.  Not sure if this is how it will remain.  I sure do hope that we will be allowed to park on the bridge after it’s complete.

9-broad-st-bridge-10-22-17 <— Broad St Bridge from east end.

I’ll leave you with a couple pics of fall.  Enjoy!

10-fall-leaves-10-22-1711-orourke-bridge-10-22-17 <— 2nd pic is of the O’Rourke Bridge.

Morning Watch/5 PEFA’s seen 9-29-17

September 29th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was partly cloudy and a bit dark until the sun rose above the clouds. The temperature was a chilly 49 (F) 9 (C) at the start.

Click on pics to see the full version

I began my watch Before the sun came up so the pics of Billie are a bit grainy as I found her on the south window ledge of Seneca Towers from my parking lot.

img_0003-billie img_0008-billie

After checking the rest of the building unsuccessfully for Seth I left for downtown. From Chestnut St. in front of the Martin Luther King Jr. Park I found Beauty on the south side of Xerox 6 columns over from the southeast corner. She appeared to be napping at first and when she woke up she did some scratching.

img_0015-beauty img_0022-b img_0023-b

A few minutes later the Beautyful one pooped and flew off heading southwest only to double back and fly northeast behind the 5 Star Bank.

img_0025-pooparazzi img_0029-b-is-off

I had a feeling she went to the RGE antenna and after getting thru the morning rush hour traffic I found her there from Elm St. The back light was bad so I moved to Lawn St. next to the Columbus building.

img_0037-b img_0040-b img_0050-beautyful

Beauty flew off while I was watching a guy parallel park in front of me so I flew off too! As I was making my way across the Broad St. bridge I spotted Dot.ca (DC) on the top I-beam south side of OCSR but he didn’t stick around until I could get parked somewhere so I continued on to City Hall to check the Frontier Communications tower. Nothing on the tower but as I checked the Powers building from the back of the parking lot I caught a glimpse of DC going into the nest box. I then headed over to the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) where I could see him better.


DC left the nest box after a few minutes and flew up to a camera in front of the box. On my tiny LCD camera screen it looked like he had food in his crop and I tweeted as such, but actually it was quite empty.

img_0060-dc img_0070-dc

I left him just before 9am to go check the Brighton location before I walked Bella. Once there I found our young, visiting, female Peregrine Falcon on the east face of the south extension 3 windows down in the corner where it meets the east extension. She was a bit sleepy at first sight but woke up after a minute or so. She had her back to me but was showing me the side of her face.

img_0077-sleepy1 img_0074-bs-girl img_0080-bs-bird

I didn’t visit with her for too long-just a few minutes. After walking Bella I returned to downtown and found DC on the same Powers camera as I left him with his back to me this time. Beauty was over on the top I-beam of OCSR near the north corner with a feather (fascinator) stuck to her beak so I assume she had eaten recently.

img_0083-b img_0088-dc

I left them to it as they could see each other and when I got home to Seneca Towers I found Seth on the north window ledge. He was mainly looking back over his shoulder towards the river-most likely on the hunt.

img_0091-seth img_0095-seth

I ended my watch a little before 11am with a smile after seeing all 4 resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons and a bonus PEFA at the Brighton site! :)

Click on the link below to see today’s snippet video


Morning Falcon Watch/Meet our BS visitor 9-15-17

September 15th, 2017

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a sunny morning with blue skies and a starting temperature of 59 (F) 15 (C)

Click on the pics to see the full version

I began my watch at 6:45am in the Northridge Church parking lot at the intersection of St. Paul Street and East Ridge Road.  I could see Seth on the top window ledge at the north end of Seneca Towers. He was very alert and seemingly in hunt mode. A woman was walking her dog and stopped to ask what I was looking at and while I spoke to her, Seth left. I waited a couple minutes for his return to no avail so I headed for downtown.

img_0008-seth-s img_0010-seth-s

While stopped at the traffic light on State St. near the inner loop I spotted Dot.ca (DC) flying to the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) so I turned right and parked in the City Hall lot. DC was on a cross beam on the north side and then I noticed movement on the east side of FCT where Beauty was perched with her back to me.

img_0014-dc img_0021-beauty img_0023-bdc img_0024-location

The Beautyful one was whining on and off and while she was preening DC flew off and returned to land on the northeast cube. They both look to be in good condition as they near the end of their molt. I observed Beauty as she pulled out one small, white down feather.

img_0028-b-preening img_0030-b img_0035-dc

img_0051-dc-taking-off img_0053-dc img_0057-dc

DC let out a whine of his own before stooping off to the northwest only to return and land on the large drum with nothing to show for his efforts.

img_0060-dc-on-drum img_0061-and-hes-off

He wasn’t there for long when he flew back to the tower landing under the southeast cube. During that time Beauty moved in to a another beam next to where she had been.

img_0062-dc-below-cube img_0064-b img_0065-bdc

I left them preening on the FCT and headed over to the Court St. bridge to check on the scene there. Last time I was on watch I said I would video tape the area behind the Dinosaur Grill where the walkway is being built and surrounding area so make sure to check it out at the end of my report. The Genesee River is very low exposing all the flats where gulls and ducks are enjoying the calm waters. Looking north I spotted a couple cormorants and a Great Blue Heron through the opening below the Broad St. bridge.

img_0073-gulls img_0076-quacker img_0077-mirror-image img_0079-cormorants-and-gbh<Click

Now for the highlight of my watch. I walk watcher, Jeanne’s dog, Bella 3 times a week and since she lives right around the corner, I check the Brighton Site (BS) each time for falcons but I don’t usually have my camera or binoculars. Well today I did have my equipment and when watcher, Larry tweeted that he saw a falcon at BS I went over there post haste. I’ve seen a falcon there the last couple times I checked so I was anxious to get a good look this morning. I’ve determined that this is an adult female based on size and she has no leg bands. She was on the top window of the east extension in the corner where it meets the south extension.


She had her back to me at first and then she acted like she wanted to hop across to the east face window across from her. She spread her wings then turned around and walked along the window ledge. She has a salmon colored upper chest and white above her cere-she appears to be in good condition.


A blue jay and a couple starlings grabbed her attention for minute before she flew across to the opposite window-she went to the shaded side of it and once again showed me her back.

img_0100-bs img_0102-hello img_0104-good-looking-feathers img_0105-see-ya

I left at that point to walk Bella and afterwards I checked Hawkeye, Seneca Towers and the Medley Center mall in Irondequoit with no luck finding any falcons. I ended my watch at 9:45am smiling after a successful watch in which I saw 4 Peregrine Falcons! :)

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