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Morning Falcon Watch 10-4-15

October 4th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The early morning was partly sunny with a temperature of 47 (F) 8 (C)

I spotted a falcon on the west side railing of Seneca Towers when I first got out to Seth Green Dr. Just as I got my camera set it took off-I believe it was Billie judging by size.


I waited a bit to see if she came back but she didn’t, so off to downtown I went. For the third day in a row I found a falcon on Legacy Tower. It was on a southwest corner as I was sitting at the traffic light at South Ave. and Broad St. By the time I got to a spot to check it out it was gone. I checked all of downtown and as I was on my way across the Court St. bridge to re-check the east side I spotted Beauty on the west side of the Rundell Library around 7:45am-she was plucking feathers from a prey bird.


I believe it was either a mourning dove or pigeon that she was eating because of the size and color of the feathers. Beauty took a break for a few minutes then turned around, moved her prey and resumed eating at about 8:30am.


When Beauty had her fill she spread her wings and flew northwest with her leftovers in the direction of the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) at 8:45am.


I spotted Dot.ca (DC) on the west corner top I-beam of OCSR as I was on State St. but he took off before I could pull over and get my camera ready. He too, headed in the direction of FCT. I turned around but didn’t see anyone on FCT  so I proceeded to the Andrews St. bridge to survey the area. From there I spotted both Beauty and DC on the east side of FCT in the white section below the large disc. I drove over to Fitzhugh St. to share space with them.


The Beautyful one was actually on the north side of the tower across from DC who had food. Can’t say for sure if it was the leftovers from Beauty or his own catch.


Beauty was napping a little then she woke up and moved out of the shadows to get at least half of her body in the sun while DC continued to eat.


I left them a little after 9am to check the Medley Center for Big Frank as it was reported that Dick saw her over there. Unfortunately, by the time I got there she was gone and so was Dick. I went home and from East Ridge Rd. at St. Paul St. I found Seth in his spot on the top window ledge at the north end of Seneca Towers.


I checked the rest of the building for Billie but didn’t find her. I ended my watch at 10am smiling! :)

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Catch-up Falcon Watch Report - 9/29, 9/30, 10/2 & 10/3/15

October 3rd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Here I am again, catching up with my reports.  Haven’t had a lot of time to post them, but I really wanted to share some pictures of our falcons from this past week.  :)

Tuesday, 9/29/15 - A 6 Falcon Watch!

1 - Big Frank(ie) at Medley Ctr.

Big Frankie at MC -9-29-15

2 - Beauty & Genesee on the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT).

3 - Dot.ca on Kodak Office; south side arch ledge.

Beauty and Genesee on FCT -9-29-15Dot.ca on Kodak Office -9-29-15

4 - Billie and Seth on Seneca Towers (ST); top of north side window ledge.

Billie and Seth at ST -9-29-15

Wednesday, 9/30/15

1 - Beauty and Dot.ca on the south side of the Wilder Bldg green strip.

B&DC on Wilder -9-30-15Beauty on Wilder -9-30-15Dot.ca on Wilder -9-30-15

2 - Big Frank(ie) at Medley Ctr.

Big Frank(ie) and a Crow at Medley Ctr -9-30-15Big Frank(ie) at MC -9-30-15

Friday, 10/2/15

Beauty & Dot.ca Downtown.  Beauty on B&L & Dot.ca on Xerox.  At the end of my watch, Beauty took off and flew over Xerox, landing on the south side, five columns in from the SE corner.

Beauty on B&L & DC on Xerox -10-2-15Beauty on B&L-10-2-15DC on Xerox-10-2-15

Beauty on B&L -10-2-15Dot.ca on Xerox -10-2-15

While I was keeping and eye on Beauty and Dot.ca, I noticed that another falcon was nearby.  It was the Falcon 600!  lol

Falcon 600 -10-2-15Falcon 600 -10-2-15

Saturday - 10/3/15

After checking all the falcon spots around town, I joined Dana downtown on Aqueduct St (aka “the hole”).  Both Beauty and Dot.ca were on the south side of the Wilder Bldg on the green strip.  Dot.ca (left) & Beauty (right).  Both were very settled. Beauty was sleeping most of the time and Dot.ca was watching over her, preening.

Beauty and Dot.ca on Wilder -10-3-15Beauty and Dot.ca on Wilder -10-3-15Beauty and Dot.ca on Wilder -10-3-15

Dot.ca on Wilder -10-3-15Beauty on Wilder -10-3-15

Well, that’s it folks!  I’m caught up!  Enjoy the evening everyone!

Morning Falcon Watch 10-3-15

October 3rd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was mainly overcast with a few minutes of sunshine, a busy breeze and a chilly 43 (F)  6 (C) degrees

Billie and Seth were on the south end of Seneca Towers this morning-she was on the top window ledge and he was on the southwest corner of the building below the railing with his back to me. I started out on Seth Green Dr. but ended up out on St. Paul St. where I had a better angle on Seth.



Once there Seth took a short flight over the trees and back to the corner. I think he may have been checking to see that Billie was on the window since he couldn’t see her from where he was. A minute or so later Seth flew off again but this time he joined his mate and they bowed a bit to strengthen their pair bond.


They were definitely watching for a breakfast opportunity to present itself. It was nice that the sun came out to warm them up if only for a short time.

img_0034-seth-looking-upimg_0035-billie-and-sethimg_0038-sun-for-a-few-minutes<Click all 3 for full version

I left them around 7:45am to go downtown. It wasn’t until I drove over to the east side of the river that I spotted Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) on the west side of Legacy Tower. I started on Woodbury Blvd. then I went to the Court St. bridge for closer viewing.


Still, it was too far away for my liking so I took a chance and drove up to the roof of the South Ave. garage-hoping they would stay until I made my way around the 8 floors to the top. Luck was on my side as they Beauty and DC were still there


At 8:04am DC spotted something and took off-Beauty followed right after him.


I found the Beautyful one on the west corner top I-beam of OCSR. She was on the north side of it out of the wind  with her back to me when I arrived on State St. across from the Rochester Plaza Hotel.


Around 8:30am Beauty flew over to the Powers building and I went down to the northeast corner of the City Hall parking lot where I could see her out in front of the nest box. After I tweeted her location I looked up and she was gone. I didn’t know if she left or went in the nest box since it’s not possible to see the whole inside of the nest from the ground.


Donna reported that both Beauty and DC had been in the box bowing. Thanks for your help! I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to view this site especially when they go in the nest box. If they decide to nest here in the Spring it will be a challenge to see the eyasses from the ground.  Anyway, I went out to State St. and was going to leave when I spotted a falcon on the west corner of OCSR-it was Beauty again.


As I made my way out of downtown I checked for DC but didn’t find him. I checked the Medley Center and Seneca Towers to no avail and ended my watch at 9am. I saw our 2 pair of Rochester Peregrine Falcons this morning which put a smile on my face! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 10-2-15

October 2nd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was overcast and chilly this morning with a temperature of 47 (F) 8 (C)

I was very surprised when neither Billie nor Seth were present at Seneca Towers this morning-been a very long time since that has happened. Not to worry, I saw them when I got home from my watch!

I spotted Beauty on the top I-beam west corner of OCSR from the Andrews St. bridge when I arrived downtown at 7:20am. I went to Aqueduct St. in the hole to see the front of her from a closer location. The lighting and distance of today’s pics didn’t make for very good pics.


I stayed with the Beautyful one about a half hour then left to look for Dot.ca (DC). I found him from Woodbury Blvd. on the west side of  Xerox third column over from the northwest corner. He blended in well-it wasn’t until I checked thru my binoculars the second time that I found him. I went to Court St. across from the Court St. parking garage for a closer view.


About 5 minutes later DC stooped to the southwest quickly leaving my line of vision only to return unsuccessful and land on the south side of Xerox, 4 columns from the southeast corner where I found him yesterday morning. I moved to Chestnut St. to watch him as he was in hunt mode. He pooped and I thought he would take off but he wasn’t quite ready yet.


DC was there about 5 minutes then off again and around to the west corner column. I could only see part of a wing so I went back to Court St. where I could see all of Mr. Clean, er Whitey, I mean DC. lol


I left him to it checking on Beauty as I left downtown-she was still on the west corner of OCSR. I went to Medley Center to no avail and was greeted by Billie and Seth at Seneca Towers at 9am. They were on the top window ledge south end of the building as I pulled over on Seth Green Dr.


I decided to end my watch at 9:15am and as I pulled into my parking lot I noticed Seth had moved closer to his mate. I had to stop and photograph them as they are so cute together.


A  great ending to my watch putting a big smile across this watchers face! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 10-1-15

October 1st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a chilly start to the day with a temperature of 49 (F) 9 (C)  and mostly cloudy

I was waiting for the elevator to go down and start my falcon watch and as I looked to the east side balcony on my 16th floor I saw a falcon fly by from the north heading south. Nobody was on the north end but I found Billie on the south end of the building on the top window ledge when I checked from Seth Green Dr.


I watched her a few minutes then headed downtown. From Woodbury Blvd. on the east side of downtown I spotted Beauty on one of the northwest corners of Legacy Towers (LT) and Dot.ca (DC) on the 4th column from the southeast corner on the south side of Xerox around 7:45am. They both had their backs to me.


While I was tweeting my findings the Beautyful one flew over to the southwest corner of Xerox. I drove over to Chestnut St. in front of Martin Luther King Jr. Park to get a better angle.


At about 8:10am a third falcon flew in from the south past Beauty, she took off less than a minute later to the northwest, the same direction the other falcon had gone. I believe it was probably Genesee.


I left DC after a few minutes to look for Beauty and the other falcon-I found her on the west corner top I-beam of OCSR from the Broad St. Bridge. I went down to the hole to watch from a closer spot. She moved off the corner a couple steps and then DC joined her. He went to the south corner top I-beam at first, then like his mate, he too moved in off the corner. I believe they may have done that so a certain juvie couldn’t fly in and knock them off. lol


I left them around 8:45am and headed over to the Medley Center.


I found Big Frank (BF) on the pointed peak glass roof-I watched her from the east side of the mall until she flew west soon after I arrived around 9am.


I drove around to the south side and found her at the front of the roof above the carousel. BF was in hunt mode and it seemed like she was watching something thru the glass roof. There may have been a bird or birds inside the mall that caught her eye.


BF moved down a couple steps before flying off up to the vent cap on the carousel roof.


I got a glimpse of the black/black band on her left leg, that plus the fact that there was no band on her right leg confirmed that it was indeed BF. She flew off at 9:32am heading north and landed back on the pointed peak roof where I first found her.

img_0086-location-shot<Click itimg_0088-bfimg_0089-bfimg_0091-bye-bf

I ended my watch at that time with a smile! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 9-30-15

September 30th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A dark, rainy, miserable morning with a starting temperature of 58 (F) 14 (C)

I saw one falcon on my short watch. And I’m not sure who it was after reviewing my lousy pics and snippets (due to weather conditions). First of all, my tried and true Seneca Towers falcons were no where to be found as I started out at 7:15am-I had to wait for it to get light enough out to see anything.

Once downtown I did my usual check from the Andrews St. bridge and saw nobody. I thought for sure Beauty and/or Dot.ca would be up in the OCSR elevator shaft out of the weather but I didn’t see a falcon up there on either side. When I stopped on Woodbury Blvd. on the east side of the river I spotted a falcon on the east side of HSBC with its back to me.


I parked south of Martin Luther King Jr. Park and thought I was looking at Beauty as it had a dark front. After checking my pics on my computer I now believe it was a juvie as it looks too dark and in the snippets it didn’t really move like the Beautyful one. It was probably Genesee.


Due to the weather and distance the rest of my pics were really bad. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay as I had to take a friend to a doctor appointment. While I was waiting I did a quick check of the Medley Center but there were no PEFA’s there and when I got home to Seneca Towers at 10:10am I didn’t see Billie or Seth on the building. Kind of a dismal watch but I did see a falcon and as far as I’m concerned, a day without seeing a falcon is like a day without sunshine-so there was still reason to smile! :)

Click on the link below to watch a very short snippet video


Morning Falcon Watch/Genesee returns 9-29-15

September 29th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was dark with on and off rain showers and a humid 66 (F) 19 (C) degrees

Seth and Billie were on the top north window ledge of Seneca Towers to greet me this morning  as they do most mornings now.


I went downtown after a couple minutes and after one trip around I spotted a falcon on the Mercury money bag (MMB) as I was coming from checking the east side at 7:25am. I pulled over on the Broad St. bridge (BSB) to see who it was and ended up with two for one. It was Beauty on the MMB and Genesee was on Mercury’s head right next to her.


Genesee dropped down to the feather on Mercury’s hat a couple minutes later while the Beautyful one watched-she also was listening as he had a lot to say.


Less than a minute later Genesee dropped down off Mercury-at the time I thought he landed on the base because I was recording and didn’t know that D0t.ca (DC) had landed on the base. So Genesee flew off and came back in to buzz dad-DC got the jump on him and flew off with Genesee hot on his trail. (you can see the whole thing on one of my videos)


Both DC and Genesee flew east past the Chase tower as Beauty remained on the money bag watching. They came back flying west over the river at break neck speed-I couldn’t tell who was chasing who but I could hear Genesee squawking up a storm. When they disappeared past OCSR I looked up at Mercury to see that Beauty had left too. Around 8am I spotted 3 falcons flying above and around Xerox. I stopped on the BSB to watch and ended up on Chestnut St. after I lost them. Beauty was hovering above Xerox momentarily as DC and Genesee chased and talon tagged with each other. Then they all disappeared.


I left the east side and found DC on the east side arch of Kodak Office (KO). I parked near State and Brown St.-he was in hunt mode and flew off after some small birds only to return with nothing to show for his efforts coming to rest on the northeast corner of the playpen netting.


DC took off from there while I was tweeting his whereabouts and landed on the northeast corner of the launchpad with food-not sure if he caught something or had cached food but he plucked some feathers then ate some then stopped and stood there for a bit before walking over to the east side of the launchpad at around 8:20am, he just stood there as well. Perhaps he was looking for his son to give him the food.


DC eventually turned his back to me-I was going to leave at that time because I had a full day planned but I decided to check the Frontier Communications Tower with my binoculars. I spotted a falcon on the middle arm so naturally I had to go investigate. It turned out to be Genesee! I took a few pics and recorded a video and then I had to leave. It was 9am when I ended my watch that was spent mostly under rainy conditions, but it didn’t stop me from smiling as Genesee had come back yet again for another visit! :)

Click on the links below to see today’s videos (some of the commentary is incorrect on a couple videos as I don’t always know the correct story until I see my pics and videos on a big screen)







A wet morning Falcon Watch featuring a juvie 9-28-15

September 28th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a rainy, dark, damp 65 (F) 18 (C) degrees this morning

It just started raining lightly as I began my watch with Seth, all by his lonesome on the north end of Seneca Towers top window ledge


As I got closer to downtown the rain came down a bit harder, but still light. I spotted a falcon on the northeast corner of Kodak Office (KO) from the traffic light at State St. and the inner loop.


I ended up on State St. just past Platt St. At first I thought it was Beauty due to the darkness and it was wet too. The vertical brown feathers told me it was a juvie. It seemed small like a male, so it could have been Genesee visiting again. No way of telling for sure.


A school bus stopped by me to pick up a kid, blocking my view. When it pulled away I looked up to see that the juvie had gone so I had no idea what direction to look for it. The rain became more moderate and after an hour of searching I came to the conclusion that perhaps I wasn’t finding a PEFA because Beauty and Dot.ca were off escorting the juvie out of the area.

I left for the Medley Center to look for Big Frank (BF). I spotted her from the south side of the mall and as I pulled over she flew west out of view. I drove around to look for her and from the north side saw that she had gone back to the pointed peak where she had been. Her back was to me so I went back to my original spot on the south side


She was looking very dark because she was wet but I could see the black/black band on her left leg and no band on the right telling me it was definitely BF. She flew off to the southwest at 9:04am and didn’t return.


That’s all she wrote as I went home and found no falcons at Seneca Towers either thus ending my watch at about 9:30am. 2 adults and one juvie Peregrine Falcons works to get me smiling! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 9-27-15

September 27th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

There was barely a cloud in the sky as the sun shone brightly after a starting temperature of  56 (F) 13 (C)

Billie and Seth greeted me this morning from the top window ledge north end of Seneca Towers.


I left for downtown after a quick look at them leaving them to wake up. I found Beauty on the northeast cube of the Frontier Communications tower (FCT) from the Andrews St. bridge before going over to Fitzhugh St. to be closer.


She was watching her surroundings pretty intently and after a while something caught her attention below her that I couldn’t see.


The Beautyful one flew off around the north side of FCT and landed on a west side beam,then into the middle lower red section and then settling out on the south side top beam of middle red section.



She didn’t stay for long as she flew southeast at 7:38am. Not sure what all that was about for I didn’t see anything below her anywhere.


I went to the Court St. bridge on my way to check the east of the river since that was the direction Beauty had gone from FCT and before I could cross I spotted a falcon flying above Xerox so I pulled over to observe.


It was dark so I was sure it wasn’t Dot.ca but the distance and back lighting didn’t make for very good pictures of this falcon. It went very high at one point, then out over the river and back to Xerox to ride the therms just above the roof. It landed many times on various antennas on the roof just barely touching down then taken up by the wind currents. It ended up drifting to the south out of view.


I suspect it was Beauty but can’t say for sure-whoever it was gave me a nice show! I checked out the rest of the east side and could find nothing and ended up back at FCT where Beauty was on the northeast cube again. In the short time I spent with her, Beauty pooped and did some wing stretches.


I left her about 8:15am and did a quick check for DC but couldn’t find him so I headed over to the Medley Center. There was nobody there and I had to get a move on as I have to be somewhere later this morning. When I got home home to Seneca Towers neither Billie or Seth were around. I ended my watch at 9am after spending most of it with Beauty-she always makes me smile don’tcha know! :)

Check out my videos by clicking the links below-lots of flying snippets in the first video




Friday with Big Frank(ie) & Saturday with Beauty and Dot.ca on KO - 9/25 & 9/26/15

September 26th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

The days continue to be lovely with afternoon temps in the high 60’s.  Loving the continued warmer temperatures and sunshine.

9/25/15 (Friday) - A Falcon Watch with Big Frank(ie) (BF) at the Medley Ctr.

Dana tweeted that BF was at the mall, so that’s where I headed.  When I first arrived, she was on the white vent cap on top of the carousel bldg.

BF at MC -9-25-15BF at MC -9-25-15-9-25-15

BF at MC -9-25-15BF at MC -9-25-15

BF took off and flew to the north side of the mall.  I followed and saw her chasing the gulls.  She flew back to the south side of the mall and I found her on the peak of the carousel roof.

BF at MC -9-25-15BF at MC -9-25-15BF at MC -9-25-15

BF at MC -9-25-15BF at MC -9-25-15BF at MC -9-25-15

She continued hunting, landing on various spots on the mall.  Then Big Frank(ie) took off and flew higher and higher.  I saw her go into a long stoop to the southwest of the mall.

BF Heading SW - 9-25-15

I waited to see if she would return.  When she didn’t, I found a spot to check out St Ann’s which is southwest of the mall.  I saw a large bird on the north end of St Ann’s, but I couldn’t tell if it was a falcon or not.

BF at St Ann's -9-25-15

I headed over to St Ann’s to verify that it was a falcon.  Yep, Big Frank(ie) was on the northeast corner of the building.  She was watching the pigeons fly around her.  I stayed for awhile watching her, then had to leave her to her hunt.

BF at St Ann's -9-25-15BF at St Ann's -9-25-15

9/26/15 (Saturday) - Beauty and Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower  (Kodak Office)

Today I made my rounds, checking some of the buildings in the area where we see falcons.  I saw no falcons at Kodak Park West or the BS location.  It took me awhile to find any falcons downtown.  Finally I found Beauty on the north side of Kodak Office on the arch ledge.  She had her back to me, so I drove over to the north side to get a better look.  All of a sudden the sweet sound of ee-chups filled the air.  I never get tired of hearing that sound.  :)

I couldn’t see what had her attention, so I drove back around to the east side.  From there, I could see that Dot.ca had joined her on the Kodak Tower.  He was below her, on the east side of the 20th floor, near the northeast corner.  After awhile, I left them to check on Big Frank(ie) at the Medley Ctr.  She had been seen earlier by Dana and MAK with an unbanded male.  I hoped to see both of them, but had no luck finding them.

I’ll leave you with a few pics I took of Beauty and Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower.

B&DC on KO -9-26-15Beauty on KO -9-26-15

Dot.ca on KO -9-26-15Dot.ca on KO -9-26-15

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