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A visitor at the BS Location – Pigott’s Old Territory – August 18, 2014

August 21st, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P. / Photos by Joyce

Monday Afternoon – August 18, 2014

Kathy O reported that she had a falcon at the BS location.  I joined her there and we both watched a falcon flying over the building.  We caught up with falcon on the south side of the building on the corner just above the vent.  It was time to get out the scope.

Joyce had been downtown with a falcon on the jail tower.  She first thought it was Beauty, but later verified that it was Dot.ca.

This falcon was definitely a female based on size.  She had a very dark helmet, flat head and salmon colored chest.  She looked a lot like Beauty, but with subtle differences. One being the two thin white stripes that radiated from her nostrils up over her forehead.  She was gorgeous, but aren’t they all!

Bobby, a young man who told us he and his class used to watch the falcons on the Kodak Birdcam, stopped by.  He was thrilled to see the falcon close up through the scope.  We could see that she was banded with a black over green band and a silver band, but we couldn’t read the numbers on the green/black band.  Joyce took lots of pics, but was also unable to see the numbers.

Joyce sent the pictures to MAK for her opinion.  We all believe that this falcon was not Beauty.  That she was a visitor, possibly passing through on her migration.

You can bet that the Rochester Falcon Watchers will be out there to try to ID this falcon, if she returns.

Stay tuned!

Click pics to enlarge…

4973 5205 5297

5354 5393 5645

5650 5674 5742

5744 5746 5749

Fledge watch 8-20-14

August 20th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a very dark,humid, overcast morning with a starting temperature of 62 (F) 17 (C)

Click on my pics to see the full version

My first falcon was Dot.Ca (DC) after checking downtown I made my way over to the east side and pulled over on Woodbury St. as I always do to check Xerox,HSBC and Bausch & Lomb. I managed to spot DC on the southeast corner in on the roof a bit and I could see that he was eating as he kept popping up so I could see him.


DC was silhouetted by the sun which was behind him so I drove over to Chestnut St. by Martin Luther King Jr. Park. It was there that I saw his bright white chest and the heart on his face that told me it was him.

img_0007-dc-on-xerox img_0008-dc-peeking

It was soon after that he finished eating and flew out, touched one of the columns like he was going to land then changed his mind and flew around to the west side where I lost sight of him behind the building. That was the last I saw of him today. About 5 minutes later I spotted Beauty on the RGS antenna from the parking lot of the Inn on Broadway. I quick drove over to East Ave. for a closer look.

img_0010-beauty-on-rgs-antenna img_0012-beauty

I spent the next 2 hours with the Beautyful one as she preened, stretched and rested. Most of the time resting! I kept hoping to see a juvie come flying in to knock her off but that didn’t happen. I do believe the kids are gone for good now-I haven’t seen one since Sunday. I thought Beauty would fly off a couple different times but then she settled back down and when she pooped and still didn’t go I decided I would.

img_0022-beauty1 img_0023-beauty img_0028-beauty img_0029-beauty-molting-tail img_0030-beauty-poops

I checked the Brighton Site (BS) since a banded female had been seen there 2 nights ago by Kathy. Joyce and Carol joined her using a scope and long lens camera, but they couldn’t get a positive ID. They thought perhaps it was Beauty as it was dark like her but it had white stripes above the cere which Beauty does not have. After checking all over downtown more than once I concluded my watch on the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge at High Falls. I found a Belted Kingfisher, 3 Cormorants and about a dozen Canada Geese on the north side-no falcons.

img_0031-belted-kingfisher img_0034-belted-kingfisher-and-3-cormorants img_0036-belted-kingfisher

I ended my watch at 10:30am and headed home to Seneca Towers where I spotted a falcon on the south end of the building perched on a ledge above the top set of windows. It was dark like Beauty and at first it was sleeping so I didn’t see its legs or profile.

img_0038-st-bird img_0039-st img_0040-south-end-of-st

Finally after 10 minutes it woke up and turned its head-I knew immediately that this was not Beauty. The malar stripe was way too high to be Beauty. I got pics of both sides of her face and a front view awake and asleep.

img_0042-st-bird img_0043-st-bird-sleeping img_0046-st-bird-right-profile img_0047-st-bird-left-profile

Next I needed her to show me some bling-she cooperated by scratching her head with the left leg. She had a black over green leg band and I could see at least one 7 and possibly two. You might recall we had a female juvie by the name of Billie born to Gleig and Diamante (son of Mariah&Kaver) in May 2013 at Central Terminal in Buffalo hanging out along the Lake Ontario shoreline last year. She wore a black over green leg band #77 over AX. It’s a very good possibility that this is her.

img_0051-st-bird-looks-like-two-7s-on-black img_0053-st-bird-looks-like-one-7-at-least img_0054-st-bird-another-one-that-looks-like-a-7-on-black img_0058-another-7

There were a couple bees bothering her as I taped a video before quitting for the day. She seemed very relaxed and the fact that there was a lot of white wash (poop) on the building below her told me that she’s been perched there before or another falcon of course. Maybe Veteran has perched there as well-I do hope whoever she is she is bonding with him. He lost his mate Luzerne and I’ve so hoped that he would hook up with another one quickly.

img_0064-st-bird img_0065-st-bird-asleep-again img_0072-st-bird img_0075-st-bird

Yep, you guessed it-this made me smile! :)

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Fledge watch 8-19-14

August 19th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Another lovely morning for a watch with a starting temperature of 52 (F) 11 (C) and gorgeous sky from the sun rising

img_0004-sunrise Remember to click on my pics to see the full version

I began my watch with Dot.Ca (DC) on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR-I went down to Graves St. by Aqueduct Park for a close view of him.

img_0007-dc-looking-into-the-sun img_0008-whitey

I stayed with DC about 10 minutes then set out to look for Beauty and the kids. I found the Beautyful one but no juvies again today. I spotted her on the RGS antenna from the Inn at Broadway parking lot. I took a couple pics then I drove to East Ave. for a closer look but she was gone.

img_0011-beauty-on-rgs-antenna img_0012-looking-dark-today img_0013-beauty-and-blessings<Click it

I found a pretty bench on East Ave. and DC on the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) top arm-with his white chest shining in the sun it was hard not to see him.

img_0014-a-bench-on-east-ave img_0018-im-not-looking-at-you-mak img_0021-dc img_0022-hello-buddy

A couple minutes later DC flew down to the 2nd arm of FCT and started watching some little birds below him. He also did some primping and preening.

img_0028-watching-little-birdies img_0029-foofed-up-and-bug-eyed img_0030-falcon-power

Around 7am DC started whining as he announced to me that Beauty had arrived. I looked up to see her on the same top arm he had been on. She too, did some whining of her own.

img_0033-beauty-eh img_0034-whining-for-her-man img_0037-bdc<Click it

Beauty stayed only 10 minutes or so then started to whine and flew off to the southwest in a big hurry. DC remained to do some stretching and scratching.

img_0043-nice-bling img_0045-spread-em-dc img_0048-i-cant-hear-you-mak img_0053-leg-stretch

DebbieH came by around 7:45am on her way to work and while we were chatting DC flew off to the southeast. I drove around for the next hour and a half and wasn’t able to find another falcon. I ended my watch around 9:30am at the High Falls. Our downtown pair of Peregrine Falcons continue to make me smile as they are spending time together renewing  their bond to each other! :)

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Fledge watch 8-18-14

August 18th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a fine morning for a falcon watch with mostly sunny skies and a starting temperature of 58 (F) 13 (C)

Please click on my pics to see the full version

I checked the east side last this morning finding Beauty on the south side of HSBC-I parked on Chestnut St. and sat on a bench in Martin Luther King Jr. Park (formerly Manhattan Square Park) to watch her. The first 10 minutes I spent looking at her back and while she preened. Then she walked down the ledge to pick at a small bit of food.

img_0007-beauty1 img_0013-walking img_0014-picking-at-scraps img_0019-beauty-on-southside-hsbc

After the Beautyful one was done with her scraps she went up to the bottom of the roof railing before flying over to the southeast corner.

img_0020-beauty-up-to-railing img_0023-beauty-takes-off img_0024-beauty img_0026-beauty-is-golden1 img_0034-beauty

I shared space with her for the better part of an hour as she preened,pooped(twice), stretched ,scratched and roused.   There was a pretty bed of flowers in the park that caught my eye.

img_0035-poop img_0036-flower-bed-at-martin-luther-king-jr-park img_0037-streeeetch img_0038-another-stretch

img_0039-scratch img_0040-rouse img_0041-another-poop

Just before the 8 o’clock hour Beauty flew west out of view behind buildings. I caught up with her on the Kodak Office tower (KO)-she was on the southeast corner of the launchpad and she was vocalizing. Soon after I heard the distinct sound of Dot.Ca (DC ) chirping and then they were both in the air. He landed on the southeast corner of the 20th floor and she on the south side just a few feet from him.

img_0043-beauty-looking-at-dc img_0044-dc-watching-beauty-fly img_0048-beauty-lands-a-few-feet-from-dc-on-20th-floor-of-ko

A few minutes later Beauty flew off to land on the northeast corner of the 20th floor opposite from DC. There was a lot of whining and chirping happening as they stayed this way for the next half hour. Beauty got some napping in and DC preened and kept an eye on the territory.

img_0055-bdc-on-20th-floor-of-ko img_0059-dc img_0057-beauty img_0065-dc img_0063-sleeping-beauty

Around 8:45am DC flew toward the High Falls going fast and getting lower and lower as he went out of sight quickly. He never returned and Beauty stayed where she was catching a few winks. No juvie sightings today-tomorrow’s another day.

img_0066-dc img_0068-dc1 img_0084-hello-down-there img_0087-beauty img_0088-beautyful

I ended my watch at 9am smiling as I spent most of  3  hours looking at Rochester Peregrine Falcons! :)

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Fledge watch 8-17-14

August 17th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was misting and the sky over downtown was very dark as I made my way down St. Paul St. to start my morning watch. A starting temperature of 63 (F) 17 (C) to start-the sun was in and out during my 4.5 hour watch

Please click on my pics if you want to see the full version

I started todays watch with Dot.Ca (DC) who was on the top ibeam south corner of OCSR.  I parked at the Radisson Hotel by Main St. to watch him.


DC flew off to the south and returned to the same spot on OCSR and a short time later he flew east out of view.


I left to look on the east side for him and spotted a juvie on the northeast corner of Xerox-KathyO let me know that she was north of Xerox and could see it too, I was on Court St. by HSBC. As we were communicating with each other the juvie left and neither one of us saw what direction it went.

img_0015-juvie-on-xerox img_0019-juvie2

We decided to meet on the Broad St. Bridge and ride around in her car to look for PEFAs. After no luck from the ground we went up on the South Ave. Garage roof-from there Kathy spotted a falcon on the Time Warner cell tower across the river. We took a ride over and parked in the Time Warner parking lot and sat on a picnic table while we observed what we thought at first was a juvie. I was concentrating on the legs to get a pic of the right band-I got one, but it puzzled us because it was silver but had yellow feet. Tesh is silver with blue feet, so we thought maybe it was Nettie and that her tape had fallen off. Well when this falcon showed her front I could see that it was in fact, the Beautyful one.

img_0021-beauty-seen-from-south-ave-garage img_0022-beauty

Kathy then noticed another falcon on a beam behind Beauty and he started chirping-it was DC begging for food that she had.  Beauty started plucking feathers and DC started to whine-no peace for her even when the kids aren’t around! lol

img_0024-dc-aka-whitey img_0029-beauty2 img_0030-beauty img_0031-feed-me-honey img_0032-beauty

DC flew over to join Beauty on her beam and she stopped eating immediately. He made a couple crouched advances toward her, as if he was trying to intimidate her into giving up her prize-I guess I don’t have to tell ya he failed and after a minute or two he returned to the  beam he came from.

img_0036-stand-off-for-food <Click> img_0037-dc-thinks-he-can-intimidate-beauty Click>img_0040-back-to-his-own-beam

img_0045-bdc img_0046-beautyful img_0047-bdc

Beauty started eating again only to stop again a few minutes later. Kathy and I left to get my car from the BSB as I was about ready to end my watch. We were going to meet at the pedestrian bridge at High Falls(I usually stop there on my way home)-I was half way there when Kathy tweeted seeing a falcon on the southwest corner of Xerox. I doubled back and as I pulled over on Woodbury St. Kathy tweeted seeing another falcon on the southwest corner of Bausch & Lomb (B&L). I confirmed Beauty on B&L and DC on Xerox.

img_0049-dc-on-xerox img_0051-beauty-on-bl

DC  took Beautys place and she went to another corner below him and started eating again.

img_0055-bdc<Click it  img_0056-dc img_0058-beauty

I ended my watch smiling at 10:30am after sharing space with the resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons! :)

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Fledge watch 8-16-14

August 16th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

For the most part it was mostly cloudy but the sun did make an appearance briefly-the starting temperature was 52 (F) 11 (C)

Click on my pics to see the full version

As I pulled on to the Broad St. Bridge (BSB) I spotted Beauty on the Times Square building (TSB) under the northeast wing. She had her back to me so I parked over in front of the Blue Cross Arena (BCA) on Exchange Blvd. She tried to bring up a pellet and was watching everything around her-she flew off 10 minutes later heading southeast.

img_0007-beauty img_0010-beauty img_0012-beauty-is-off img_0013-last-i-saw-of-beauty

The Women of Faith convention was at the BCA making for a busy time near the BSB so I decided to go up on the South Ave. garage roof where I would have a birds eye view of downtown. Right away I spotted Tesh eating and pulling feathers from prey on the railing below the Mercury statue.

img_0022-silver-band-on-right-leg img_0026-tesh-gets-a-piece-of-red-meat

Carol had been on the pedestrian bridge at High Falls and was now on the BSB watching Tesh as well. I noticed 4 guys on the Wilder roof and Carol saw Dot.Ca (DC) fly in and land on the top ibeam south corner of OCSR. As I was taping down in the river I spotted a Black-crowned Night Heron.

img_0027-workers-on-wilder-roof img_0029-dc img_0036-carolp img_0032-black-crowned-night-heron1 img_0033-black-crowned-night-heron

Tesh continued picking at her prize oblivious to everything going on around her. When she had her fill she flew off and up to the base of Mercury with the leftovers then she headed north over the river.

img_0034-i-see-you img_0035-tesh img_0041-tesh-on-base-of-mercury

Carol left to return to the gorge and I came down from the garage and went to the hole to hang out with DC for a few minutes.

img_0048-isnt-he-cute img_0051-dc1 img_0052-dc-stretches-out img_0054-the-over-the-shoulder-look1

While I was there the guys on the Wilder roof were shoveling stones into a hose that took them down to a lower roof. I thought maybe DC was keeping an eye on them.

img_0055-stones-go-down-hose-from-roof img_0056-shovel-them-in

Carol tweeted that Tesh was in the Falcon sucking tree (FST) so I headed over to the High Falls. When I got there Carol was on the observation deck with a heavy mist coming down from the falls-I opted for keeping my camera dry so I didn’t join her.

img_0060-pedestrian-bridge-at-high-falls img_0062-carol-on-the-observation-deck-at-high-falls img_0063-tesh-in-fst img_0065-find-the-falcon img_0067-big-girl-tesh

Suddenly Tesh flew off crossing the river and turning around when she reached the west side of the gorge and returned to the FST. A couple minutes later Carol tweeted that a Red-tail Hawk was on the the west side gorge wall so we believe that’s why Tesh went over there.


In between catching some shut eye Tesh was keeping track of that hawk. Dana joined me and Carol came over from the observation deck.


Dan came by a little bit after that just in time to see Tesh fly out the tree toward us on the bridge and at the last second veer up and over the railing not too far away from us. This big juvie girl then circled back and we could see that there was another hawk she was escorting over to the Genesee Brewery where it landed.  Tesh turned around and flew directly over us very close-so cool, and continued up river disappearing behind OCSR.

img_0076-tesh-chases-a-rth img_0080-rth

Dana then spotted another Red-tail over on a building near BB station-this one was a youngster.


I was ready to head out with a smile after the send off Tesh had given me, thus ending my watch at 10am. :)

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Fledge watch 8-15-14

August 15th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The morning was mostly dark and overcast with a temperature of 54 (F) 12 (C) but the sun did peek thru the clouds for a brief time

I drove around a bit before finding a falcon-as I checked from the Strong Museum of Play parking lot, I spotted a juvie who I identified as Nor’Easter on the southwest corner of HSBC railing. I drove to Chestnut St. to observe him at a closer distance.

img_0003-noreaster-on-hsbc img_0005-nore

He flew off less than 5 minutes later heading north-I followed and then I spotted him chasing a crow near Court St. so I doubled back and found him on Bausch & Lomb. He took off from there almost immediately after I saw him then I found him on the east side of HSBC eating a small tidbit of something.


Nor’Easter kept me busy following him this morning-he flew around to the south side of Xerox a couple minutes later and then I spotted Dot.Ca (DC) by accident on the 4th column east side of Xerox and Nor’Easter was right around the corner on the south side roof whining.

img_0014-dc-on-xerox img_0025-hi-cutie

DC flew north and when he reached the Chase building he threw on the heat and went into a stoop to the north side of the building out of sight. 20 minutes later Nor’E flew around to the southwest corner long enough to touch down then off to the west side of Xerox.

img_0030-nore img_0033-nor-e

He went from there to the southeast corner of Xerox and back to the southwest corner finding little bits of food as he went. Nor’E was playing with me.


I lost sight of him, and got a tweet from Pat that Beauty was eating under the northeast wing of the Times Square building (TSB) so I left for the Broad St. Bridge (BSB) to see the Beautyful one. She had feathers stuck all over her face.

img_0044-hi-beauty img_0046-feather-face

Beauty flew off leaving her food behind crossing the river and seemed to be scouting above Xerox. After a few circles she flew to the deck near the nest box-DC was also there and he left quickly flying up to the northeast wing and began eating her leftovers. img_0055-beauty-and-dc img_0060-beauty img_0062-dc img_0066-beauty img_0067-dc

I started taping DC eating and suddenly he flew off disappearing to the southwest. Beauty seemed planted so I went for coffee-when I came out I spotted Beauty flying near the Wilder building. I found her on the top ibeam south corner of OCSR next. Within a couple minutes I heard the whining of a juvie-Nor’Easter flew past his mom and ended up under the southwest wing of TSB.

img_0072-beauty img_0074-nore img_0078-cutie-with-blue-feet img_0079-watching-something

He spotted something down below and flew off really fast going toward the river-I could barely turn quick enough to keep up with him before he vanished. FYI-his red tape is still hanging.

img_0083-nore-is-off img_0084-nore-red-tape-still-hanging img_0085-nore-on-a-mission

I went up to the middle of the BSB and located Nor’E on the northeast corner of the railing below Mercury. He was in hunt mode as he stooped straight down the east side of the Thomson Reuters building after a small bird. He missed it just before reaching the river, swooped back up and started chasing anything that was flying over the river between the BSB and Main St. bridge. It was fantastic to see him whipping back and forth above the water as I was able to get a couple flight shots. He is really fast!

img_0089-nore-on-the-hunt img_0090-he-sees-something-down-in-river img_0091-nore-stoops-toward-river img_0092-nore-flies-past-aqueduct-park img_0096-nore-below-main-st-bridge

Nor’E gave it his best shot and then flew north behind OCSR. I looked up and noticed Beauty was gone but DC was on the 2nd ibeam near the south corner.


I left DC to look for Nor’Easter but never found him again-I didn’t find any of his siblings either. On the Andrews St. Bridge as my last stop I spotted Beauty on the Frontier Communications Tower.


I drove over to Church St. to find her sleeping on a beam in between the platform and southeast cube. I took a couple pics of her then ended my watch at 10am.

img_0103-b-napping-on-fct img_0105-zzzzzzzz

I soo left smiling after an action packed morning spent with a juvie Peregrine Falcon named Nor’Easter! :)

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Fledge watch 8-14-14

August 14th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was about 10 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday as I stepped out  with a temperature of 55 (F) 13 (C) and a bit of a breeze. The sunrise was peeking thru the clouds


Please click on my pics to see full version

Today I started my watch without having to search first as I pulled over on the Broad St. Bridge (BSB) I could see the white on Dot.Ca (DC) perched on the 2nd ibeam of OCSR near the south corner. I drove down to the hole for a closer look.

img_0005-dc img_0010-red-foot-means-hes-had-food-in-it img_0020-hey-yo

25 minutes later DC flew southwest. After checking the east side of the city I returned to find DC on the south corner top ibeam this time. He only stayed long enough for me to see him fly off again after I heard a juvie in the area.

img_0024-there-he-goes-daddy-long-legs img_0025-all-stretched-out img_0026-landing-gear-up img_0028-back-then-off-again

I went back up to the BSB where I could see 2 falcons on the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT)-1 on the top arm and 1 on the 2nd arm. I got all excited thinking one might be the juvie I had heard. I hadn’t seen a juvie in 4 long days!


I quick drove over to City Hall and was able to ID the falcon on the 2nd arm as Mr. Nor’Easter-a juvie finally!!!!! He was staring straight up at dad on the top arm and he had lots to say to him.

img_0036-noreaster img_0039-nore-looking-at-dad-above

After a few minutes they both flew southeast-Nor’E returned landing on the top arm DC had just vacated only briefly before he was off to the southeast again.

img_0046-nore-to-top-fct-arm img_0047-noreaster img_0048-nore-sideways img_0049-nore-off-to-meet-tesh

5 minutes later it got real noisy as Nor’Easter came flying in with Tesh and DC. Dad went to the top arm again and our 2 blue footed kids chased each other. Tesh landed on the east side platform railing and Nor’E flew over to knock her off and then they flew west. They didn’t stay long but I was happy to have seen them just the same.

img_0050-2-blue-footed-juvies img_0053-the-2-blue-foots img_0055-nore-knocks-tesh-off-rail img_0056-and-shes-off-after-her-brother

I hung out with DC hoping the juvies would return but they didn’t-he flew off  around 8:10am when I wasn’t looking.

img_0068-dc img_0070-dc

I went over to the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) to have a look and 5 minutes later I spotted a falcon on the Kodak Office Cupola. I thought it must be DC as he likes perching on it. My cameras small LCD screen couldn’t help me ID either as it was showing its back and part of its side.


I then drove to State St. for a closer view and after seeing my pics on the computer screen I can confirm that it was a juvie on the cupola-most likely Nor’Easter.

img_0073-juvie-on-ko img_0077-juvie img_0078-juvie img_0079-juvie

He flew off to the north out of sight and that was the end of it. I went back to the ASB but all I saw were 2-4 workers on the church roof next to the FCT. A crane was bringing supplies up to them and I figured this would keep our falcons away from the tower. I drove around some more but never saw another falcon. I ended my watch at 9:30am with a big old smile on my face for having seen half of our Rochester Peregrine Falcons! :)

P.S. I saw Veteran fly past my window while writing this report-he was flapping fast as he flew from the south heading north over the Veterans Bridge from which he got his name

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Evening Fledge Watch - Two Juvies Tearing Up the Sky Above Downtown Rochester, A Male & A Female! - 8/13/14

August 13th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

I got a late start on my watch today.  There were dark clouds heading towards downtown Rochester with some thunder and lightning too.  So I stayed home until it passed.  When I arrived downtown at 6:00 pm, the roads around Kodak Office were filled with Red Wing fans on their way to tonight’s game.  I made my rounds, but didn’t find a falcon until close to 6:30 pm.  Finally a falcon and it was Beauty preening on the Widows Walk which is next to the Times Square Bldg where the nest box is located.

Beauty Preening on Widows Walk 8-13-14Beauty Preening on Widows Walk 8-13-14Beauty Preening on Widows Walk 8-13-14*





I kept hearing a juvie’s cry from overhead, and Beauty kept looking straight up, but I could not see the juvie.  Larry O arrived just before Beauty stooped off of the Widows Walk and over the Civic Center Parking Garage (6:50 pm)

After driving around a bit, I found Beauty on the 3rd arm down on the jail communication tower.  She was hunched over, checking out the birds flying below her, definitely in hunt mode.  Larry reported that there was a falcon on the southeast corner of the Kodak Tower.  I could see that bird and Beauty from where I was parked.  Beauty took off heading south over Cornhill, so I drove over to Kodak to get a closer look at the falcon there.  It was facing the building, but I am pretty sure that it was Dot.ca.

Beauty on the Jail Comm Tower 8-13-14Dot.ca on the Kodak Tower SE Launchpad 8-13-14*





While I was at Kodak, Larry tweeted at 7:05 pm that there was a falcon flying over the B&L building attempting to land on the spire, which is a very long point on top of the building.  Dot.ca took off at 7:10 pm and headed south towards downtown.  So did I.

I arrived on the Broad St Bridge, just in time to see two juvies flying over the river towards the Andrews St apartments.  I called to Larry who was at the east end of the bridge with his dog Harold and pointed to the two falcons.  We watched the two juvies, a male and female (definite size difference) talon tag and chase each other, mostly above the Xerox Tower and B&L.  They were tearing up the sky or as my friend Brian H says, they were sky dancing.  :)

I had time to download one of my videos to YouTube from this evening, showing the two juvies flying high.  Just click on the following link.  Enjoy!




Be sure to click on the pictures to see the full version.

Two Juvie Peregrine Falcons Flying Together 8-13-147-two-juvies-flying-together-8-13-14Two Juvie Peregrine Falcons Flying Together 8-13-14*





Two Juvie Peregrine Falcons Flying Together 8-13-14Two Juvie Peregrine Falcons Flying Together 8-13-14*





While the juvies were flying above Xerox, Dot.ca came in carrying food from the east.  He flew over us and landed on the top IBeam of the OCSR.  (7:28 pm) The juvies never stopped flying while Dot.ca prepped the pray.

Dot.ca with Prey on OCSR 8-13-14*





The young falcons are like most young children, tireless.  Every now and then one would land, but was soon back to flying.  The female kept up with her brother, who was more agile.  It was a joy to see this again before they left for good.

At 7:34 pm, Dot.ca took off with the prey and headed towards Xerox, where one of the juvies flew up to him and went talons up to grab the offered meal.  It was a successful food exchange.  We believe that the male got the food and that he landed on top of Xerox with it.  The female flew with Dot.ca for awhile before they both went behind the OCSR heading west.  I went looking for them, but did not find them.

Larry had to leave, so I drove around one last time and found a falcon eating on the west side of B&L.  It was too dark for me to be able to tell if it was an adult or juvie.  After finishing the meal, this falcon took off and flew around and over the Xerox Tower before stooping down towards the river heading west towards Cornhill.

Falcon on B&L After Eating 8-13-14*





I ended my watch at 8:20 pm.  It was so good to see these juvies.  It has been awhile since we saw one of the females.  Wish we could have ID’d them.  I truly hope they are here tomorrow, so other watchers will be able to see them.  I’ll leave you with some pictures from my evening watch.  Lots of dark clouds, wind and a bit of rain.  Goodnight everyone!







Fledge watch-I don’t think so 8-13-14

August 13th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A nice morning, weather wise, with a starting temperature of 66 (F) 19 (C) and sunshine

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Well, it happened-I got skunked on my over 3 hour watch this morning. Not one falcon could I find but I saw other nature including a Great Blue Heron to start off the north side of the Broad St. bridge.

img_0001-gbh img_0004-gbh

Next up-my favorite of the watch, a mama duck and 6 ducklings swimming below the Court St. Bridge.

img_0007-duckling img_0008-mama-and-2-babies img_0009-4-ducklings

We’re fortunate here in Rochester to have many bridges with many different views of wildlife and water. Who doesn’t like to look at a waterfall no matter what size!?

img_0013-ducks-and-little-falls img_0014-i-love-falls-of-any-size img_0015-hard-flowing-lock img_0016-i-love-the-power-of-water img_0017-lots-of-debris-coming-down-river

When there’s no falcons to watch you look for anything to entertain you and pigeons with their bobbing heads and chasing ways fit the bill.


On my 2nd or third (definitely my last) visit to the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge at High Falls I spotted a Red-tail Hawk with its back to me on a spire while exiting the parking lot at the Genesee Brewery.

img_0019-rth img_0023-rth img_0020-hello

Suddenly a crow came along and started swooping on the hawk who was minding his own business-kinda like when falcons go after crows just because they can.

img_0027-crow-after-dive-bombing-hawk img_0028-another-miss

The hawk didn’t seem too bothered and the crow lost interest and moved on flying out over the river out of view. The red-tail started preening while holding on with just one foot on a very small perch. Amazing!  Oh, and it also pooped for me! lol

img_0031-hanging-on-with-one-foot img_0033-hawk-poop img_0035-rth

That’s all she wrote folks! I ended my nature watch around 9:30am smiling, for even though I saw no falcons there was still Mother Nature providing me with her beauty. :)

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