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Morning watch 12-18-14

December 18th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was another dark, overcast morning in Rochester with light snow falling at times and a temperature 0f 32 (F) 0 (C)

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This morning I was late in finding our beloved falcons again as they have been scarce first thing when I arrive downtown, so I start with pics of a place on Elm St. behind the Hotel Cadillac and the Liberty Pole.

img_0001-elm-st-behind-hotel-cadilac img_0004-liberty-pole

It wasn’t until after 8am that I spotted both Beauty and Dot.ca from the Broad St. Bridge, as they were perched on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR.  I drove down to the hole to watch but they had their backs to me from there.


This just wouldn’t do, so I went over to my spot by the Radisson Hotel by Main St. for a better angle of them. They were both preening and looking around. It looked to me like Beauty had some food in her crop.

img_0007-bdc<Click it

img_0009-beauty2<Beauty   DC>img_0010-dc

Beauty and DC didn’t seem like they were much in the hunting mood seeing how they had there backs to the world and all. I was grateful to have found them before I had to leave early to be somewhere.

img_0015-beauty2 img_0016-dc4 img_0022-beauty img_0030-dc-you-lookin-at-me

They both did some stretching and DC flew off heading toward the elevator shaft. I thought for sure he was going up in it, then he veered off back to the top ibeam and landed much closer to the Beautyful one than he was previously.

img_0023-streeetch img_0037-streetch

img_0038-dc-takes-off img_0040-beautyful-and-dashing<Click it

This is how I left our 2 love birds right around 9am,which of course, put a big ole smile on my face! :)

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Morning watch 12-17-14

December 17th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Dark and dank this morning with a fine misty rain at times but a warm 43 (F) 6 (C) degrees

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It took me some time to find a falcon again this morning but not as long as yesterday. While on the east side I found these 2 treasures all lit up on South Ave. Note the top middle window in the first pic-it’s the major award from the movie “A Christmas Story”-the infamous Leg Lamp!

img_0002-south-ave-decorations img_0003-purple-lights-for-all-you-purple-lovers

I spotted Dot.ca (DC) on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR from the intersection of Broad St. and South Ave. around 8:15am. I quickly went down to Graves St. by Main St. and Aqueduct Park for an up close and personal look at him. It looked to me like he had some food in his crop.


I started taping DC when he flew off heading northeast. I left to look for him and as I pulled over on the Court St. bridge around 8:30am I spotted Beauty nearly in the same spot DC had just vacated. Again I whipped over to Graves St.


There’s only room for 2 cars to park on this small one way street and when I got there a truck was parked in the front spot so I couldn’t see the south corner of OCSR because the building there was blocking my view. While I was taping the Beautyful one she watched something fly by below her-at the time, I thought perhaps it was DC. The guy came and left in his truck and when I pulled forward I could see that DC had indeed joined our little gathering.

img_0017-bdc1<Click it

img_0021-dc<DC         Beauty>img_0023-beauty

I stayed a few minutes then went over to the Radisson Hotel by Main St. for a different angle. I got distracted by a phone call and missed both of them as they left the building.

img_0028-bdc<Click it

I made one more sweep of downtown before leaving for home-I didn’t find them, nor did I find any falcons at Seneca Towers when I arrived home to end my watch at 9:30am. I didn’t get to share space with our downtown pair for very long this morning  but I was still smiling for having seen them at all! :)

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Morning watch 12-16-14

December 16th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was mostly cloudy with a few bits of blue sky early then it became totally overcast with a temperature of 35 (F) 2 (C)

Click on the few pics I have today to see the full version

My watch started out on a high note as I found 99 right off the bat on the northwest corner railing at Seneca Towers from my spot on Seth Green Dr. 99 started out with his back to us, but while I was taping, he turned around for us to see the front of him.

img_0007-99 img_0008-99

99 stayed up there looking around for a nice meal to appear for 10 minutes and then he slipped off the back (north) end of the building out of sight and didn’t return.

img_0010-99 img_0011-location-shot

I left for downtown around 7:45am and things went down hill. I searched high and low for Beauty and Dot.ca (DC)-even checking new places until around 9am. In my travels I stopped on Fitzhugh St. by City Hall to snap a couple pics of the banners that the city has put up around downtown.

img_0013-city-hall-banner img_0014-city-hall-banner img_0015-city-hall-banner

I decided out of lack of knowing where else to look I would take a drive over to the Brighton Site where Pigott and DC used hang out. Maybe DC and Beauty went there-when Beauty first came to Rochester she was seen at this site so it was worth a shot. No such luck, however I found a lot of whitewash (poop) on the east side on both sides of a corner where Pigott liked to roost at night on window ledges. Perhaps it’s from something other than a falcon but I’m guessing a falcon. I also found feathers from a prey bird scattered all over the snow last week after the storm which means somebody is eating on that east side as well. Stay tuned!

So I left to try my luck downtown again,my last resort (about my 3rd check of the morning) was the OCSR elevator shaft. I couldn’t park in my usual spot just before the driveway starts at the Radisson Hotel by Main St. because a cab driver was there so I had to park under their carport. Even though I know one of the security guys there, I try not to get in the way of their shuttle vans and customer parking. Anyway, I looked up at the north ledge first-nothing, but when I looked at the south side I spotted a falcon tucked way in deep on the ledge.


I was able to ID it as DC when he turned his head to show the heart shape of his auricular patch-plus, what I could see of the front of this PEFA was too white to be the Beautyful one. So at nearly 10am I found my first and only downtown bird! I left DC to hang out in his man cave and left for home after a quick check for Beauty. When I arrived at Seneca Towers there were no falcons around. It was a bit frustrating this morning but the fact that the boys showed their faces made me smile all the same! :)

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Morning watch 12-15-14

December 15th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Another gloomy, overcast morning with a little fog early and a temperature of 35 (F) 2 (C) ending with a fine misty rain

Click on my pics to see the full version

It wasn’t until about 7:45am that I found a falcon this morning as I made my way over to the east side. Both Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) were on the south side of Xerox-she was on her favorite column, the 5th and he was next to her on the 4th from the southeast corner.


I parked on Chestnut St. by Martin Luther King Jr. Park to share space with our beloved downtown pair where I could face them. They were in hunt mode, watching their surroundings from the tallest building in Rochester.


At about 8:15am DC took off to the south followed immediately by Beauty who went into stoop formation and quickly left my field of vision. When they didn’t return I went looking and in my travels spotted the nice decorations at The Inn on Broadway.


I ended up on Basin St. in the hole next to the Wilder building where I found Beauty on the east side railing of Widows Walk (WW) and a holiday banner with Times Square in the background.

img_0025-holiday-banner img_0029-beauty-on-widows-walk

The Beautyful one started out doing some preening then the head bobbing started. I thought she was fixing to hunt on a prey bird but when she flew off to the north side of Times Square I found out what she had been watching.

img_0031-beauty-ready-for-take-off img_0032-here-i-come-dc

DC snuck in at some point with food and had it on one of the columns on the lower back half of Times Square without me noticing. He flew off with a little of his food and finished it on the north side railing of WW, while Beauty took his spot on the column and ate a small portion DC left behind.

img_0044-beauty1 img_0047-dc

They both made quick work of the small portions they had then Beauty flew over to the lower roof of WW below DC  who had a full crop, for a short time. As I was tweeting out my findings they both took off unbeknownst to me until I looked back over there right around the 9 o’clock hour.

img_0049-full-crop-for-dc img_0050-beauty img_0051-beauty img_0052-bdc

I left Basin St. for Bank Place on the other side of the hole where it meets Aqueduct St. because Beauty had flown to the Mercury money bag (MMB) and that was a better spot to view her. She did a lot of preening while I watched her there.

img_0053-im-up-here-mak img_0055-beauty-waves-hello img_0058-beauty img_0061-falcon-power

I was thinking since DC had eaten that he might have gone to his man cave up in the OCSR elevator shaft to rest and digest his meal, so I left Beauty to look for him. From the Radisson Hotel driveway I found DC on the south side ledge (his favorite side of the shaft).


I left downtown for home about 9:20am and as I pulled over on St. Paul St. to check Seneca Towers before I got to Seth Green Drive, I spotted Billie on the south end of the building perched on a pipe near the southeast corner. I continued on to park in the Northridge Church parking lot where I noticed 99 up on the northwest corner railing. Just as I got my camera up Buffalo Billie came flying in and landed on a pipe near 99.


Apparently, she had caught a small prey bird on her way over for she started plucking feathers as I was taping a video. They both had their back to me so I left for my spot on Seth Green Dr. at the other end of Seneca Towers. 99 was gone when I got there but Billie was looking big and beautiful as she ate her breakfast.

img_0073-billie-location-shot img_0074-buffalo-billie img_0076-billie img_0084-billie

Billie stopped eating for a minute or so as she was looking at something, then this big girl flew off to the south with the prey in her talons at 9:47am.

img_0088-billie-with-her-small-package img_0091-buffalo-billie

I waited to see if she would come back and when she didn’t I ended my watch at 10am. For the 2nd day in a row I got to see all 4 Rochester Peregrine Falcons which as you know makes me smile! :)

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Sunday Late Morning/Early Afternoon Falcon Watch - 12/14/14

December 14th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

My watch time is very limited right now, so I was happy to find the time to get out today.  It was overcast and lightly raining the whole time I was out and the temp was hovering between 36 and 37 degrees (F).  At least it wasn’t the freezing cold we usually get this time of year.


Since I was only able to get out once this week, I wanted to check all the falcon locations, starting with the west end of Kodak Park.  I did find a falcon there, but it wasn’t a Peregrine.  The smallest of the falcons in this area, a Kestrel, was hunting from the tall silver still.  Both Unity and Archer used to hunt from these same stills.

Kestrel at KP on Still 12-14-14*





I saw no falcons at the BS location, where Pigott used to hang out.  All was very quiet there.

Downtown, I found Dot.ca on the south side of the OCSR on the top IBeam.

Dot.ca on OCSR Top IBeam South Side 12-14-14*





I left DC to look for Beauty and when I returned Dot.ca was gone.  I went on the hunt again, looking for a falcon.  Just as I arrived at the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT), a falcon came in fast, landing on the southeast box below the platform.  It was Beauty.  She began to preen, periodically shaking the water from her feathers.

Beauty on FCT SE Box 12-14-14Beauty Takes Off From FCT 12-14-14*





Beauty stretched out her wings and took off.  She flew over me heading south.  I expected to see her continue towards the Times Square Bldg, but she turned around.  She flew directly over me and then landed on the north end of the City Place Bldg, which is directly south of the Frontier Comm Twr.

Beauty Flies Overhead 12-14-14Beauty Flies Overhead 12-14-14*





Beauty ducked out of view for a long time.  This is where we’ve seen her take baths on warm summer days.  Finally, she popped up onto the edge of the building.

Beauty on City Place 12-14-14Beauty Took Off From City Place 12-14-14*





After a few minutes, she took off and headed back towards the FCT, again landing on the southeast box.

Beauty Flies Back to FCT 12-14-14Beauty Back on the SE Box of FCT 12-14-14*





I left Beauty to go look for Dot.ca.  From the Broad St Bridge, I could see DC on the southeast corner of the Times Square Bldg. below the nest box level.

Dot.ca on TSB 12-14-14Dot.ca on TSB 12-14-14*





Dot.ca took off while I was driving down to Aqueduct St, so I didn’t see which direction he headed.  Beauty was still on the Frontier Communication Tower when I ended my downtown watch.  I was not able to find Dot.ca.  Both had full crops, so both had eaten well today.

A quick stop at Seneca Towers and Russell Station on my way home.  No falcons found at either location.

It was a nice to see both Beauty and Dot.ca during my watch.

I’ll leave you with some pictures I took during my travels.  Enjoy!

Christmas Wreath 12-14-14Three Gulls in a Row 12-14-14City Snow Flake 12-14-14*





Festive Sister Cities Bridge 12-14-14Unusual Holiday Display 12-14-14Powers Bldg 12-14-14*





Take Off 12-14-14City Hall Wreath 12-14-14Small City Christmas Tree 12-14-14

Morning watch 12-14-14

December 14th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was raining lightly and overcast throughout my watch today with a temperature of 36 (F) 2 (C)

Click on my pics to see the full version

After a quick look around Kodak Office I went to Bragdon Place  next to the Radisson Hotel to check the south side ledge of the OCSR elevator shaft. To my delight Dot.ca (DC) was up there.


Soon after arriving DC spread his wings and flew out crossing over the river before flying back to land on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR.

img_0008-dc-stretches-out-his-wings-to-take-off img_0009-and-here-he-comes img_0010-spread-out

I couldn’t see him from my location because he had landed close to the elevator shaft so I drove around to the other side of the Radisson Hotel by Main St. to find not only DC but Beauty as well. She was at the other end of the ibeam near the south corner.



At 7:46am DC flew over to the Times Square building (TSB) and came to rest on the northeast wing ring. Beauty stayed put so I drove over to the parking lot next to the TSB to watch DC as he likes to hunt from way up there. When I pulled in a couple sparrows and starlings were flitting around but DC didn’t seem to notice them.

img_0032-dc img_0034-dc-on-wing-ring

DC watched the area and almost took off 3 times before finally spreading his wings and flying off in a hurry to the northeast at 8:03am.

img_0038-ready-for-take-off img_0039-one-foot-off img_0040-we-have-liftoff img_0041-on-his-way

I drove to where I could see OCSR to find that Beauty was gone from the top ibeam.  So I set out to find them-making my way back to where I started at Times Square. While stopped at the traffic light at Exchange and Broad St.,  I took a pic of the tree and wreath in the Times Square lobby.


I turned the corner onto Broad St. and noticed Beauty up on the Mercury money bag (MMB) around 8:15am, so I pulled over by the Blue Cross Arena to share space with her.


She was checking out below, above and behind her down toward the river. The Beautyful one flew off a minute later heading northeast-the same direction that DC had gone.

img_0046-things-are-looking-up img_0048-beauty-spots-something img_0049-the-beautyful-one

I went in search of our beloved downtown pair but was unable to locate them so I left for home. When I arrived at Seneca Towers, 99 was on the south end of the building on an antenna so i went to the south end of my parking lot to observe him.

img_0066-99 img_0069-99-rousing

At 9:03am 99 flew north out of view momentarily, then returned to land on a pipe apparatus near the southeast corner of the building.

img_0071-99 img_0073-99-flies-off img_0076-99 img_0078-99

99 flew off at 9:16am to the south and a split second later Billie was right behind him. They flew around the building a couple times then came down to the south end where Buffalo Billie landed on a different pipe apparatus at the south end of the building.

img_0086-99-off-again<99 img_0088-99-and-billie img_0089-billie<Billie

99 landed on the southwest corner for a second then flew off around the building and came back to land on the same spot I first found him-on the short side of south end antenna.

img_0091-99-taking-off-from-corner img_0094-billie-and-99

I proceeded to tweet out what I had seen and when I looked back up they were both gone. I waited a minute or two before ending my watch at 9:30am. What a fun watch this morning as I saw all 4 Rochester Peregrine Falcons making me smile from ear to ear! :)

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Morning watch 12-13-14

December 13th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was snowing when I left Seneca Towers for my watch with a temperature of 33 (F) 0 (C) and overcast skies. It had stopped snowing by the end and was replaced with a misty rain

Click on my pics to see the full version

Just as I was about to turn onto Andrews St. from St. Paul St. I spotted this pretty wreath on the Tapas Lounge (FYI-very good food there).


I checked Kodak Office (KO) after this but there was nobody on it. I then went to the east side and found nothing until I stopped at the Radisson Hotel by Main St. and found a falcon up in the OCSR elevator shaft on the south side ledge. I could see it with my binoculars but the snow made it impossible for my camera to focus on it.

img_0004-on-main-st img_0005-dc

Turns out it was Dot.ca (DC) because I left there to check KO again and found Beauty there on the south side arch just before 8am.

img_0007-beauty img_0008-beauty

The snow was starting to let up at this point. The Beautyful one flew off to the west disappearing into the murky overcast sky at 8:02am.


I waited a couple minutes to see if she came back then I left to check the elevator shaft from the Radisson Hotel once more. DC was gone and  spotted Beauty, who was now on the top ibeam southeast side of OCSR with her back to me.


I decided to go down to the hole parking lot for a front view of Beauty.

img_0016-beauty2 img_0017-hey-there-cutie img_0027-beauty

Beauty was busy looking around the area. I couldn’t stay long as I have a party to get to as soon as I finish this report. I didn’t find any falcons at Seneca Towers again today, however, I did see one flying over the river yesterday afternoon from my living room window. I ended my watch at 8:45am smiling for having seen Beauty and DC on a quiet morning in downtown Rochester! :)

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Morning watch 12-12-14

December 12th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

An overcast morning with a temperature of 26 (F) -3 (C)

Click on the pics to see the full version

It was a slow go this morning driving around downtown as businesses were shoveling and plowing there way thru the foot of snow we received the last couple days. The roads were in good shape as I made my way around looking for our beloved falcons. The tree in front of the South Ave. garage looked pretty with snow on it.

img_0003-south-ave-parking-garage<Click it

It wasn’t until 45 minutes into my watch that I found Beauty on Kodak Office.  As I approached from State St. I could see her beautyful salmon colored chest on the south side arch.

img_0004-beautyful img_0010-beauty

I stayed with her for a while then I left to look for Dot.ca (DC). I found him when I returned to State St. as he had joined Beauty on Kodak office-he was on the southeast corner of the launchpad with his back to me.

img_0011-dc img_0013-bdc img_0014-dc img_0016-bdc

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder-sometimes poop can look like modern art as DC shows us thru my camera.


I don’t think Beauty felt the same way as she looked up at DC after that.


I decided before I left them to do their thing I’d go to the north side of the Kodak Office tower for a front look of DC. He appeared to have a full crop, so at least we know he ate today.

img_0026-looks-like-a-full-crop-for-dc img_0030-dc img_0031-dc1

And that’s my watch for today-short and sweet, ending with a smile at 9am for finding both downtown resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons safe and sound after our first big snow of the season! :)

*After my watch I had to walk Isabella, fellow falcon watcher and friend Jeanne’s dog. We went to the Brighton site where I found prey feathers in the fresh snow telling me that there may have been a falcon on the building eating recently. Afterwards we took a ride thru part of Highland Park to enjoy the snow covered evergreens, so there’s a bonus video as we made our way down the road.

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Morning watch 12-10-14

December 10th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

As I left Seneca Towers this morning it was snowing lightly with a temperature of 31 (F) -1 (C) and the roads were wet. When I ended my watch the temperature was down to 28 and the roads were getting slick. We are under a winter storm warning until 6pm tomorrow night with snow totals of 8-14 inches forecast

I arrived downtown around 7:30am-I took a ride around checking all the usual spots for Beauty and Dot.ca. I spotted one of them on the top ibeam south corner of OCSR from Bank Place and Aqueduct St. about 7:45am. I went over to Graves St. at Main St. by Aqueduct Park in order to get close enough for a pic that would actually show a falcon. There was no way to identify who it was with all the snow.


I went over to the Radisson Hotel by Main St. to check the elevator shaft but the snow was coming down too hard to see anything up in there. I made the rounds again stopping by Martin Luther King Jr. Park where crews were clearing snow from the ice skating rink.

img_0006-martin-luther-king-jr-park-ice-skating-rink<Click it

When I got back to check on the OCSR falcon it was gone. After another futile effort to see up in the elevator shaft I opted to call it a watch. I believe Beauty and DC were probably up there out of the bad weather. I left downtown at 8:45am to run an errand before going home and to my delight I was greeted by Billie and 99. They were on the south end of Seneca Towers on the top window ledge facing each other.

img_0009-billie-and-99<Click it

I pulled in my parking lot to watch them at close range, shooting a short video of them then surrendering to the weather as the snow was getting my camera too wet. I won’t be doing a falcon watch tomorrow morning because I’m having a medical procedure done, but I’ll be back at it on Friday morning. I saw 3 out of 4 of our Rochester Falcons today which made me smile, although I would have liked to have seen all of them safe and sound! :)

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Morning watch 12-9-14

December 9th, 2014

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The sky was mostly sunny and the temperature was 10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning at 32 (F) 0 (C)

Click on my pics to see the full version

As I made my u-turn on Seth Green Drive to face Seneca Towers I spotted a falcon on the west side railing. Just as I stopped the car, a smaller falcon flew past it telling me that Billie was the bird on the railing and 99 was the one flying.  She flew off right after him as they headed southeast and didn’t return. While on the east side I stopped to take a pic of the tree in the Bausch&Lomb atrium in searching for falcons. I found Beauty on the northeast corner of the Kodak Office playpen as I pulled over on State St.

img_0001-bauschlomb-tree img_0006-beauty

I went down to Mill St. for a more open view of her and that’s when I spotted the whiteness of Dot.ca (DC) on the northeast crown of the 20th floor. DC flew south at 7:47am toward downtown just as I got my camera up, and the Beautyful one followed right after him. I barely got her in the frame before she disappeared.

img_0007-dc-flying-off-ko-crown img_0008-beauty-flying-from-playpen

Less than 10 minutes later I noticed Beauty flying above Xerox from the Court St. bridge. She went into a stoop as I pulled over toward Cornhill out of sight behind me. I got out to look for her and while I waited for her to re-surface I checked the river as they had 2 locks open and the water was flowing fast thru them. Then I spotted Beauty on the jail communications tower north side top arm.

img_0011-ice-on-the-logs img_0013-beauty-north-side-jail-tower

Beauty stooped straight down and came back up to land on the same arm again on the jail tower. I tweeted my findings and while I did that Beauty left. Now she was on the top arm south side of the tower-she then flew off to the southeast out of view.


I drove over to Woodbury Blvd. on a hunch that she might have gone to Xerox-I found Beauty on the south side 6th column over from the southeast corner.


At 8:18am Beauty stooped toward Cornhill once more. From the Court St. bridge I spotted her on the 2nd arm south side of the jail tower. I then drove to Troup St. on the south side of route 490 across from the jail to get a closer look at Beauty.

img_0021-beauty-takes-off-from-xerox img_0025-beauty img_0028-beautyful img_0033-beauty

At 8:31am Beauty spread her big gorgeous wings and flew south without any urgency, leaving my field of vision.


I wouldn’t see her again until 9:10am when I found her on the top ibeam north corner of OCSR from State St. across from the Rochester Plaza Hotel.


I left Beauty to look around downtown one more time for DC but I didn’t find him. When I got home to Seneca Towers there were no falcons present. Even tho I saw DC,Billie and 99 only briefly, I still had to end my watch with a smile at 9:40am as I did see all 4 resident Rochester Peregrine Falcons today! :)

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