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Morning Falcon Watch/Billie and Seth home again 11-25-15

November 25th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The sun was just coming up when I started my watch with barely a cloud in the sky and a temperature of 28 (F) -2 (C)

I first checked the north end of Seneca Towers from below in my parking lot and was very pleased to see Seth on his window ledge spot and Billie out on the northwest corner of the railing. I then checked from Seth Green Dr. and then over to my spot on East Ridge Rd.

img_0005-taken-from-seth-green-dr1img_0007-billie-and-seth2<Click until you get a normal sized pic

A few minutes later, Seth flew off at 7:20am down toward the river gorge and didn’t return. I waited a few minutes to see if Billie would follow and just as I was pulling away she took off as well.


I left for downtown and found Beauty under the northeast wing of Times Square (TSB) with her back to me. A minute or so later Dot.ca (DC) flew in and joined her.


Now I don’t know if DC brought food with him, took it from Beauty or found a food scrap at the back of the ledge when he walked back there but he managed to drop it off the side and seemed a bit perturbed over it.


Meanwhile, the Beautyful one stand perched moving only her head to watch his shenanigans. I must say DC surely entertains me when it comes to food time. He did some preening before walking past Beauty to the other side of the ledge.


DC was looking all around his surroundings as Beauty remained perched, still moving only her head.


I shared space with our downtown pair of love birds until around 8:30am then headed to a falcon-less Medley Centre Mall where I ended my watch just before the 9 o’clock hour. DC was responsible for  the smile on my face today as I headed home! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 11-24-15

November 24th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was snowing lightly with a temperature of  31 (F) -1 (C) and dark, overcast conditions during my watch

Once again there was no falcon activity at Seneca Towers or the Medley Centre. The last time I saw Big Frank was November 10th. Hopefully she’ll turn up soon.

When I arrived downtown I spotted Beauty eating  on the northeast corner of the Crossroads building from the Andrews St. Bridge. I drove over to Graves St. to watch her. On my way over I saw my first Christmas Tree in an upper window of the Cooper Union building on State St.


She finished eating soon after I arrived and just perched for a while until I decided to go look for Dot.ca (DC). I started by checking the OCSR elevator shaft but didn’t see him on either side.


When I returned the Beautyful one was gone. I took a trip around downtown and as a last resort checked the elevator shaft again. Bingo! They were both up there-I believe it was Beauty on the south side ledge with her back to me and DC on the north side ledge preening. I figure Beauty saw DC fly up in there and she followed while I was out looking for them.


That’s all I have for you today- a very quiet watch that ended at 9am after coming up empty at the Medley Centre and Seneca Towers. At least Beauty and DC are giving me reason to smile! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 11-23-15

November 23rd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a chilly 25 (F) -4 (C) degrees with mostly sunny skies, barely a breeze and about 3 inches of snow had fallen overnight. Below is a pic of the Genesee River gorge below my apartment this morning before I left


For the second day in a row I didn’t see Billie or Seth when I began my watch. I did see who I thought was Seth fly past my living room window last night just before the sun set heading toward the northwest corner of Seneca Towers and a falcon flew past just a few minutes ago as well. So they are around just not when I’m out looking for them in the morning.

It wasn’t until I was crossing the Court St. bridge downtown that I found Beauty and Dot.ca (DC)-both were on the top I-beam southeast side of OCSR so I drove over to the Radisson Hotel at Main St. for the best place to observe them. When I first arrived DC was doing some stretching and then, like Beauty he turned his back to the nice sun that was beating on them.


They both did a bit of preening and both pooped as I watched them from across the river.

img_0016-dc1img_0020-dc-poops<DC  Beauty>img_0017-hi-beautyfulbeauty-poops

That’s about all they did while I shared space with them-pretty uneventful and I was a bit chilled as my car heater isn’t working so I left them to it at about 8:05am.



That’s all she wrote folks, as I didn’t see any falcons at the Medley Centre or Seneca Towers when I got home. I was smiling when I ended my watch at 9:15am after having seen our resident downtown pair of Rochester Peregrine Falcons! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 11-22-15

November 22nd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

The temperature at the start was 38 (F) 3 (C) with a busy breeze, clouds and sunshine

I started my day without any falcons at Seneca Towers for the first time in a number of days. When I pulled over on the Andrews St. Bridge downtown I could see a falcon on the northeast corner of Crossroads and it was eating. I checked it out from Bragdon St. first where I was able to ID it as Beauty. I then drove over to the end of Graves St. by Aqueduct Park to watch her eat and wait for Dot.ca (DC) to show up


DC showed up on the top I-beam southeast side of OCSR around 7:30am-the sun was washing him out pretty much but there’s no mistaking that white front of his. He stayed there only 5 minutes then he was off to the Mercury money bag.



Now DC was in position to see the Beautyful one who was still eating over on Crossroads. He waited 8 minutes before he flew over to Crossroads to strategize his first move on her food.


DC waited about 5 minutes before walking over to Beauty and grabbing a small piece of food and eating it in no time.


DC waits a couple minutes then goes in for the second attempt but comes up empty this time.


When DC didn’t get any by wrestling with Beauty he flew out and came back but Beauty said I’m outta here and vacated the spot just before he landed on the corner.


DC found no food and then perched for a bit before leaving when I wasn’t looking around 8:10am.



I went up to the hole parking lot where I spotted Beauty on the base of Mercury eating so I guess she took her leftovers when she left DC on Crossroads. I went up to the Broad St. Bridge to observe her. By the time I got up there she had finished eating and was feaking and cleaning up. She took off at 8:15am flying close past the Radisson Hotel then to the north side of OCSR out of view.


I found Beauty on the northeast side top I-beam of OCSR. I never found DC again.


I left for the Medley Centre-on my way, I saw a falcon on the northwest corner of Seneca Towers as I crossed the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge. Once again no falcons were seen at the mall so I ended my watch at a little after 9am. I just love when DC tries to steal food from Beauty-it makes me smile every time! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 11-21-15

November 21st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was overcast with a temperature of 35 (F) 2 (C)

Today started just like the past 3 days with Seth on his north window ledge and Billie on the northwest corner of Seneca Towers.


Off to downtown where I spotted Beauty on the northeast side top I-beam of OCSR from the Andrews St. Bridge. I went over to Bragdon St. where I could still see the Beautyful one and check the south side of the elevator shaft in case Dot.ca (DC) was in his man cave.


DC wasn’t up there so I moved on to the other end of the Radisson Hotel by Main St. where I checked the north side of the elevator shaft but DC wasn’t there either. Beauty was mainly looking to the north in the time that I watched her so perhaps DC was somewhere she could see him but not me. At one point Beauty pooped and I thought she would take off but she settled back down.


I left Beauty for a bit to look for DC but I never was able to locate him. I wondered if he was over at the Brighton site but Larry reported not seeing any falcons there.  It’s been quite a few days since the unbanded female has been seen there so she may have moved on.

That site is a popular place where many falcons have been seen over the years including Beauty who was seen there when she first came to Rochester. And speaking of her, when I got back to my spot she was still on OCSR.


I left around 8:20am to check the Medley Centre mall in Irondequoit. As I crossed the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge I spotted a falcon on the west railing of Seneca Towers. When I arrived at the mall I saw nothing but gulls and pigeons and I ended my watch there at about 8:45am. Keep smiling everyone! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch/All is well 11-20-15

November 20th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was mostly cloudy with little pockets of sunshine and blue skies at times and a temperature of 42 (F) 5 (C)

I saw a falcon fly past my living room window heading north as I was getting ready to leave for my watch. When I checked from East Ridge Rd. Billie and Seth were in the same spots as yesterday morning with her on the northwest corner and him on the north window ledge.


Seth, who doesn’t move around too much while Billie is around to watch, actually did a couple stretches to show us the yellow tape on his right leg band and his gorgeous wings as Billie looked on.


I left them around 7:30am and headed downtown where I spotted Beauty on the base of Mercury from the Andrews St. Bridge. I drove over to the Broad  St. Bridge for closer viewing as she was keeping track of everything around her.


She locked in on some pigeons who were foolishly flying near her so she took off and gave chase. She was unsuccessful in catching one, but boy was it fun to watch as she and the pigeons darted back and forth over the river at break neck speed.


Beauty flew off to the northwest and so did I, finding her and Dot.ca (DC) on the north side of Widows Walk below the railing from Basin St. in the hole.


DC left while I tweeted out their whereabouts and the Beautyful one moved to the northeast corner with her back to me so I went over to Fitzhugh St. to observe.


I shared space with her for half hour or so then I went looking for DC who was napping and appeared to have food in his crop on the top I-beam southeast side of OCSR. I started out in the hole then went down to Graves St. by Aqueduct Park.


I left him to it and drove over to the Medley Centre where I found pigeons and gulls eating from a pile of bread someone left in the north side parking lot of the mall. Clearly, Big Frank has changed her routine since she hasn’t been seen at the mall in quite a few days.

I headed for home and found Billie and Seth in the same place at Seneca Towers as when I left them earlier, on the northwest corner and north window ledge thus ending my watch at 9:15am. It was a quiet watch showing our two pair of Rochester Peregrine Falcons in fine shape which gives all of us reason to smile! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 11-19-15

November 19th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Wow, it was  62 (F) 17 (c) overcast and quite breezy with light showers in the area

As I looked up from the back of the residents parking lot of Seneca Towers I saw Seth on his north window ledge and Billie on the northwest corner just like yesterday.


I left for East Ridge Rd. so I didn’t have to break my neck looking straight up at them. They were gazing across at each other. Of course, Seth pretty much watches every move his girl makes.


Billie did some wing stretching before taking off for a short flight and then she returned to the corner as Seth stayed put and watched.


I left the love birds around 7:45am and set out for downtown.


While stopped on the Court St. Bridge I spotted Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) flying around Xerox. They circled a couple times and then DC left the picture and I never saw him again.


Beauty however, stayed for about half hour riding the relatively warm therms as she hovered above Xerox and the surrounding area.


Beauty stooped toward Cornhill and came back with nothing to show for it and continued to fly around Xerox and Legacy Tower. She disappeared to the south so I left to look for DC with no luck.


No luck at the Medley Centre or Seneca Towers either. I ended my watch at 9am smiling after thoroughly enjoying a nice flight show from the Beautyful one! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 11-18-15

November 18th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

A balmy morning for November in Rochester with a temperature of 50 (F) 10 (C)  and breezy, overcast conditions

I started my day with Billie on the northwest corner below the railing and Seth in his usual spot on the north window ledge at Seneca Towers from below in my parking lot.


I drove out to East Ridge Rd. to observe them for a few minutes until I had to leave to have some blood drawn for testing. I don’t think Seth took his eyes off Billie once in the time I spent there.


I waited to see if Buffalo Billie would take off after pooping but she stayed, so I left to take care of business.


I was close to the Medley Centre so I checked there first before heading downtown-no falcons and no other birds there. Thought that was odd. I arrived on the Andrews St. Bridge around 8:30am and spotted Beauty and Dot.ca (DC) over on the northeast cube of the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT).


While I drove over to the City Hall parking lot DC left but soon after I got there he returned and landed next to the Beautyful one. Unfortunately, they both had their back to me but they showed their profile from time to time so I could see their faces.


Beauty had been preening and now DC started to as well. It was sweet watching them preen together so close to each other. Their bond gets stronger with each passing year-something I didn’t think was ever going to happen after the first couple years of struggles.


I left them to it and headed for home-on my way I checked Hawkeye but saw no falcons there as well as Seneca Towers when I got there. I ended a pretty uneventful watch at 9:20am but certainly enough reason to smile! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 11-17-15

November 17th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was 22 (F) 1 (C) degrees to start with bright sunshine and blue skies

Seth was on the north window ledge when I checked from below at the back of my parking lot  at Seneca Towers. I drove out to East Ridge Rd. to watch but he was gone when I got there. Look how just the slightest movement of the camera changes the light and color of Seth and the background.


I reported seeing Dot.ca (DC) on the south side of Xerox 6 columns over from the southeast corner as I was parked on Chestnut St.-after examining the pics on my computer I’ve found that it was actually Beauty.


She took off at 7:38am heading southeast and when she didn’t return I left and took a ride around downtown.


I ended up on Woodbury Blvd. 15 minutes later where I spotted DC on the west side 4 columns over from the southwest corner and Beauty back on the 6th column south side of Xerox. He was in the shade and she was in the sun.


They stayed like that for 20 minutes or so and then the Beautyful one flew southwest at 8:15am. When DC saw her he followed. Larry reported seeing a falcon at the Brighton site right about that time.


Beauty returned, circled Xerox a couple times then landed on the 6th column again before flying southeast and back again coming to rest on the 6th column once more. I drove over to Chestnut St. to watch at that time.


DC came back with Beauty and was flying with her around Legacy Tower then I lost sight of them so I drove to Elm St. where I watched Beauty fly around Xerox many times before leaving my field of vision. That was the last PEFA sighting for me today as I left and could find no falcons at the Medley Centre or Seneca Towers. I was smiling when I ended my watch at 9:30am as I always do after seeing our beloved Rochester Peregrine Falcons! :)

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Morning Falcon Watch 11-16-15

November 16th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

This morning the sun shone bright with some clouds and a temperature of 36 (F) 2 (C)

As I stepped out of Seneca Towers (ST) this morning for my watch 2 White-tailed Deer greeted me on the outside of the fence that goes around the parking lot. They were eating crab apples that had fallen to the ground as we have several of them lining the residents parking lot. Of course, when they saw me it spooked them and they ran down to the edge of the gorge and disappeared.


I didn’t find any falcons at ST or Hawkeye (HE) and so continued on to downtown. As I pulled over on the Andrews St. bridge I spotted Beauty on the base of Mercury eating so off I went to the Broad St. Bridge for the best view.


As I was taping a video of her I noticed something white over on the top I-beam of OCSR. It was Dot.ca (DC) and he was feaking  with food in his crop, so I surmised that he had just finished eating.


DC settled in after he was done cleaning himself up and the Beautyful one continued to fill her crop with today’s breakfast item.


At 7:41am Beauty looked back toward OCSR as DC was flying over to land on the heel of Mercury right above her.


He stayed there for about a minute and a half then stooped down into the river gorge in a flash. DC then came back up and came to rest on the money bag (MMB) and proceeded to watch over his kingdom and his mate.


I was surprised he didn’t join Beauty on the base for a little more food as his crop had more room but I guess he was content to watch over her.


Meanwhile, Beauty continued to finish up the last of her meal up on the green part of the base and then some cleaning up as she checked her pedicure and pooped.


When she was done, Beauty flew off to the northwest at 7:58am. I thought for sure DC would follow as he normally does but he decided to wait a bit before leaving.


At 8:04am DC flew off in the same direction as Beauty and it was time for me to move along as well.


That was the last PEFA sighting of my watch as there was nobody at the Medley Centre or Seneca Towers. Someone had left a pile of bread in the north parking lot of the mall and the pigeons and gulls were feasting on that. I ended my watch at 9am smiling as I always do when there are falcons on the Mercury statue-my favorite spot to see them! :)

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