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Morning Fledge Watch 7-2-15

July 2nd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a mild, mostly cloudy morning with no rain and a temperature of 60 (F) 16 (C)

My first sighting this morning from the Broad St. Bridge was big beautiful Cadence on the top ibeam west corner of OCSR-I drove over to State St. across from the Rochester Plaza Hotel to get closer. You could tell she was looking for her family and she eventually started walking on the ibeam. After getting halfway across she flew off over to the northwest corner of Crossroads.



I left Cadence to look for the rest of the family and as I sat at the traffic light at Church and State St. Beauty and Genesee flew to the south side platform railing of the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT). As I parked on Fitzhugh in front of the Sister Cities parking garage Dot.ca (DC) appeared on the top arm. Beauty was on the southwest corner and Genesee was a few feet to her right on the railing. Genesee had a lot to say to her as she tried to ignore him. I’m sure he wanted breakfast and was demanding she go get some!



Larry was on the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge at High Falls and reported that he could see DC but not Beauty and Genesee around 7am. A couple minutes later the Beautyful one and DC flew south in a hurry-Genesee remained and DC returned to land on the middle arm this time. Around 7:15am DC flew to the west out of my view, but Larry said he saw him go near Dutchtown and he didn’t stoop or show a defensive posture.


I left Genesee at this time and as I was driving north on Exchange Blvd. I saw at least 2 falcons fly to the northwest corner of Crossroads. I pulled over and took a pic of one and then I drove down to State St. where there was another on the north side. I don’t know if it was the same bird that moved while I was enroute or if it was a 2nd one. 5 minutes later I spotted Beauty flying from the south with food  toward FCT and the juvie flew off after her. When I got over to Fitzhugh St. I saw them jump down to the platform and then there were feathers flying from the south side.


I saw movement and then a juvie walked to the north side of the platform and flew up to the north side platform railing. I went down to the City Hall parking lot to watch and a few minutes later I saw Beauty fly up to the west side platform railing through an opening in the platform. She did some feaking and preening while Genesee flew off after DC who came streaking through from the north-they headed south. Beauty actually announced DC’s approach .


img_0071-beauty-and-genesee img_0073-beauty-speaks

Suddenly I heard a juvie whining so Cadence must have been on the platform eating the leftovers. DC came back to the middle arm and flew off again. A minute later Beauty flew after a kestrel, hitting it over Church St.-it started losing altitude as it flew toward me and then she went after it again and they went out of view over the Sister Cities garage.


I decided to leave and check for the Seneca Towers falcons-I keep hoping to see a juvie or more but no luck in that category yet. As I was crossing the Veterans Memorial Bridge I spotted a falcon on the top window ledge at the north end of the building but it flew off before I could get to a spot where I could pull over. I had a look around the entire building and waited a bit but it never returned so I ended my watch at 9:30am. Seeing all 4 downtown falcons was more than enough to make me smile on watch this morning! :)

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Wednesday Evening Fledge Watch - July 1, 2015

July 2nd, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

6:00 to 9:00 pm

Watchers: Kathy O, Larry O, Dan S and Carol P.

After a day of dark clouds and threats of rain during the afternoon, it was a beautiful evening.  There were still dark clouds moving through, but we were happy to see some bright sunshine too.

Kathy and I arrived downtown about the same time.  My first stop was Kodak Office, where I found Dot.ca on the southeast corner of the launch pad.  He left a few minutes later.

Dot.ca on Kodak Office -7-1-15

Next I checked out the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT) and found no falcons there.  From Broad St, I spotted Beauty on Mercury’s heel.

Beauty on Mercury's Heel -7-1-15

While I was tweeting Beauty’s position, Kathy O and Larry O were reporting that there were 3 falcons in the sky, flying over the river.

I hurried out to the Broad St Bridge to join them.  We were thrilled to watch the two juvies flying so well, soaring high above. Cadence settled on the east side of the Cross Rds Bldg and Beauty took off heading west.  We did not see where Genesee went.

Juvie Flying High 7-1-15Mercury and Dark Clouds -7-1-15Cadence on Cross Rds Bldg.-7-1-15

All was quiet and we had no falcons in view.  Larry said he was going to head to the gorge.  We were hoping that they might head that way soon.  Kathy and I were going to join him, but on our way we spotted Beauty on Widow’s Walk (WW).  While we were checking out Beauty, Kathy noticed that there was a juvie below her on the old City Hall (OCH) roof eating.  I got the scope out and was able to positively ID the juvie as Genesee.

Beauty on Widow's Walk -7-1-15Genesee on old City Hall -7-1-15

We are pretty sure it was pigeon on the menu.  Beauty flew down and landed next to Genesee.  He did not like that at all and showed his displeasure by mantling the food and screaming at her.

Genesee and Beauty on OCH -7-1-15

After a few moments, Genesee went back to eating his dinner.  Beauty moved in closer, and he again screamed at her and mantled the food.  She would back up and attempt to move in on him 3 times with the same results.  On her 4th try, she walked right up to him and around him to the other side.  Genesee took a nip at her and then continued his meal.  Finally he seemed to have his fill and he backed away from the food.  Beauty moved in once again, this time she was successful.  That’s when Genesee moved in on her. He nipped at her chest a couple times and then kicked her!  Beauty had enough of his shenanigans and flew over to the top of a nearby chimney.  There wasn’t much left.  She took a few bites of food and then cached the remainder on the same roof in a corner.  That’s when we noticed that Dot.ca arrived when we weren’t looking.  He was on the northeast corner of WW.

Genesee and Beauty on OCH -7-1-15Genesee and Beauty on OCH -7-1-15Genesee and Beauty on OCH -7-1-15

Genesee and Beauty on OCH -7-1-15Beauty, Genesee and Dot.ca -7-1-15Genesee and Beauty on OCH -7-1-15

Dot.ca on WW -7-1-15Genesee on Old City Hall -7-1-15Beauty on Old City Hall -7-1-15

Beauty on OCH Caching Food -7-1-15Beauty Takes Off from OCH -7-1-15

First Genesee took off heading east and then Beauty took off heading north.  Dot.ca remained on Widow’s Walk.  Soon after this, we received the following tweets from Larry O.  ”Falcon in the gorge.  Probable juvenile.” “Tagging the cliffs.”  ” Gorge Falcon landed underneath the sandy wash.”  Well, you know where Kathy and I were headed.  TO THE GORGE!  lol

We arrived at the pedestrian bridge, joining both Larry O and Dan S.  They pointed out where the juvie landed, beneath the pipe below the observation deck.  These are the only two pictures I got before the juvie took off, flew in front of the falls and headed south towards downtown.  I was just so happy to see a falcon on the gorge wall.  This is my favorite place to watch falcons!

Juvie on the Gorge Wall -7-1-15Juvie on the Gorge Wall -7-1-15

I wish I had time to ID this juvie before it left.  We ended our watch in familiar surroundings, watching the falcons fly over the downtown area.  Just before 9:00 pm, they settled down.  It was time for us to end our watch.  I’ll leave you with a few pictures I took while we were watching from the pedestrian bridge.  Good night!

High Falls Gorge -7-1-15Triphammers Wheel -7-1-15

Tree Island Under Water 7-1-15Sunset Over Genesee River 7-1-15

Morning Fledge Watch 7-1-15

July 1st, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Overcast and threatening rain- it only sprinkled briefly with a temperature of 63 (F) 17 (C)

I decided to stop on the Andrews St. Bridge (ASB) first today and I didn’t have any trouble spotting Cadence and Genesee on the railing below Mercury. I drove to the hole to share space with them from closer range. Cadence turned out to be the antagonizer on this occasion as she walked from the northwest corner over to the northeast corner next to her brother. After a little wing displaying and kissee face she flew southeast and he followed right behind. I drove up to the Broad St. bridge (BSB) and found Beauty on the south side of the Hyatt Hotel.



Genesee came flying in screaming as he harassed mom until she flew off. They went opposite directions but then hooked up again over Xerox. There was a lot of flying together with Genesee zooming behind her then breaking away with some near misses. They both stooped to the southeast and pulled up before going out of sight-man that was cool! They were winging it all over the east side and then they disappeared to the north behind the Hyatt.


Next I found Beauty on the middle arm of the Frontier Communications tower (FCT) and a juvie flew in screamimg, knocked her off the arm and took her place. The Beautyful one flew to her favorite perch on FCT, the northeast cube. The juvie flew to Widows Walk (WW) and came to rest on the north side railing then took off and headed northeast around 7am. I found Cadence on the north side of Crossroads then she flew off out of view to the south end of it. I went down to the hole to look for her and found Dot.ca (DC) on the southwest side top ibeam of OCSR-he was plucking feathers from prey. Not for long, as Cadence came flying in quite noisily and grabbed the food from him and took off with it to the east. DC flew west out of view.




I found DC on the top arm of FCT while Beauty was on OCSR top ibeam south corner. I noticed a juvie on the roof just before it flew away. I ended up on the ASB and could see a juvie on a Wilder building roof vent then I watched a falcon flying near Times Square then it went over to the top arm of FCT.


I noticed a falcon flying over Crossroads then the juvie on Wilder flew off and landed on the City Place roof vent where the other juvie was waiting for it. They did some flapping and moving around and then Genesee flew off and started buzzing Cadence who held her ground until Genesee rejoined her. They both took off when I wasn’t looking and next thing I knew they were flying near Kodak Office chasing and talon tagging all the way across past FCT and vanishing behind City Place. It’s so much fun to watch juvies play on the wing!




After taking a break I returned to City Hall as I could see an adult on the bottom arm of FCT-it kept looking down at the platform and I thought there might be a juvie down there eating. The adult left as I was looking at a juvie on the north side railing of the Powers building. I took a ride around and returned when I saw an adult on the middle arm of FCT looking down again and I could hear a juvie whining so now I was convinced one of the kids was on the platform.


I left at this point to go home and look for the Seneca Towers falcons. Nobody was on or near the building that I could see but when I drove down East Ridge Rd. to get gas I spotted a falcon flying near the Keeler Apartments, another high rise about a quarter mile from Seneca Towers to the east. I didn’t see where it went after I got a glimpse of it. I ended my watch at 10am smiling as I had been so entertained by our juvies Cadence and Genesee this morning! :)

Click on the links below to view today’s videos-the last one showing Beauty and Genesee flying together




Morning Fledge Watch 6-30-15

June 30th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Another dismal watch weather wise with rain on and off and a temperature of 62 (F) 17 (C) but before the rain came a beautiful sky from the east balcony at Seneca Towers and a double rainbow when I arrived on the Broad St. Bridge (BSB)-all this before the sun came up

img_0007-before-sunrise-from-east-balcony img_0008-double-rainbow img_0011-rainbow

As I was looking at the rainbows Beauty was peeking at me from the base of Mercury. 10 minutes later I spotted both juvies on Widows Walk (WW) from the hole.  Cadence was up on the north side railing and Genesee on the lower roof ledge northwest corner. I went across the street to the parking lot next to Times Square until he flew off, then I drove over to Broad and Fitzhugh St. until Cadence took wing as well.



I managed to catch up with Cadence on the northwest corner 2nd railing of the Powers building. From the Hochstein School of Music parking lot I could see her and also Beauty and Genesee on the small Frontier Communications tower. The Beautyful one was on a triangular deck at first then she moved over to an east side beam while Genesee was above on the top of the tower with his back to me. Beauty flew north and her son started whining and followed her a minute later.



After they left I turned my attention to Cadence just as Dot.ca (DC) delivered breakfast to Cadence on Powers. She grabbed it, ran around the corner with it and mantled it. DC walked down to the northeast corner then after he flew off Cadence started eating. After a while I left to check downtown for the rest of the family and found Beauty on the top arm of the jail tower. After checking her out from Court St. and Exchange Blvd. I drove to Plymouth Ave. and Church St. where I could see both Cadence and her mom.



Cadence walked to the north side railing and seemed settled so after Beauty left the jail tower I went searching again. I found Beauty on the top ibeam west corner of OCSR-she goes there to get some shelter from the rain as it was pouring at the time. Again I left to find Genesee and DC with no luck until I returned to check on Beauty and found her on the Mercury money bag (MMB) and Genesee down below the statue on the northwest corner of the railing. He kept looking up at mom and I could tell he was antsy-he flew off and attempted to knock his mother off the MMB twice! She managed to hang on both times but when he started approaching her again she flew off unscathed. I didn’t see where he flew to.




I decided I had enough of the rain so I headed for home after checking from the Andrews St. bridge to see if Cadence was still on the north side of Powers-she was there.When I got to Seneca Towers I spotted who I believe was Seth fly off an antenna at the south end of the roof heading south. He didn’t return so I ended my watch at about 9am.


Genesee gave me the biggest smile today when he was messing with Beauty on Mercury-he is a wisenheimer! :)

Click on the links below to see today’s videos-the last one shows Genesee trying to knock Beauty off Mercury





Monday Evening Fledge Watch - 6/29/15

June 29th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

6:45 to 8:30 pm

Oh, what a beautiful evening!  No rain, sunshine, no rain, warm, no rain.  hahaha!  For once I could walk around without getting wet.  It has been a very rainy June, here in Rochester, NY and we’ll add to it tomorrow with more rain and possible thunderstorms.

Watchers seen during my watch:  Lisa McK, Larry O and Joyce.

As I enter the downtown area, I usually pass the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT) first.  Today I hit the jackpot.  There was a falcon up on the top arm, looking west.  It was Dot.ca.  I parked in the City Hall parking lot and found Beauty and a juvie at the center of the tower.

Dot.ca on Top Arm of FCT -6-29-15Beauty and Genesee on FCT -6-29-15Beauty and Genesee on FCT 6-29-15

I couldn’t tell which juvie was with Beauty.  Just as I was getting ready to set-up the scope, Lisa McK joined me.  We took turns watching the juvie, hoping for a glimpse of the band on the right leg.  It didn’t take long.  Lisa saw a silver band and was able to positively ID the juvie as Genesee.

At 7:09 pm, a tweet came through from RfalconcamNow.  ”Falcon on NE corner of Cross Rds.” Thanks to whoever posted this message.  That explained where Cadence was.  All 4 seen.

Beauty took off heading south and Genesee followed.  It was a very vocal exit.  lol  Lisa reported that there was a falcon on the Widows Walk.  Dot.ca also took off, but we did not see where he went.

Lisa and I were packing up to move closer to the Times Square Bldg, when a very loud juvie arrived on the Frontier Communication Tower.  He (yes, it was Genesee) had arrived with a friend.  A Kestrel landed on the framework in front of him. We have been seeing quite a few Kestrels in the area and suspect that there was a nest somewhere nearby.

The two falcons settled and were quiet.

Genesee on FCT -6-29-15Kestrel on FCT 6-29-15

They remained there for quite awhile before taking off.  Lisa left, so I decided to go to the parking lot near the Times Square Bldg.  On my way down State St, I spotted a falcon on the NE end of the Cross Rds Bldg.  It was a juvie.  At first I thought it was Cadence, but after checking my pics, it was silver banded Genesee.

Genesee on Cross Rds -6-29-15

Genesee walked south down the wall and out of view.  I spotted Beauty on the southwest corner of the Wilder Bldg.  Now where was Cadence?

Beauty on Wilder -6-29-15Beauty on Wilder -6-29-15

I met up with Larry O in the TSB parking lot.  He reported seeing a falcon fly down Exchange, heading south.  We drove back over to the FCT, but found no falcons there.  Larry had to leave.  He checked the view from the Andrews St Bridge on his way home and reported, “1 falcon on northwest corner of Cross Rds.”

It was time to check the Cross Rds Bldg. again.  I saw the falcon on the northwest end of the building that Larry reported.  Based on size, I believe this was Cadence.

Cadence on Cross Rds -6-29-15

Joyce passed me and parked in front of me.  I saw her long lens poke out the window.  lol

It was getting late and time for me to end my watch.  Just after I tweeted that I was leaving, a small head peaked up from the southeast end.  Definitely a juvie.  It had to be Genesee!

Genesee on Cross Rds -6-29-15

I quickly tweeted that both Cadence and Genesee were on the north end of the Cross Rds Bldg and ended my watch after 8:30 pm.  I’ll leave you with a picture of the Cross Rds Bldg showing the positions of Genesee and Cadence.  Goodnight!

Genesee and Cadence on the Cross Rds Bldg -6-29-15

Morning Fledge Watch 6-29-15

June 29th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

Another misty rain and foggy morning with a temperature of 56 (F) 13(C)

To start my watch I had Beauty on the top ibeam south corner of OCSR and Genesee on the Crossroads building. He flew from the northeast corner to the southeast corner. He was whining the whole time and then he was gone. I spotted Cadence on the southeast corner of the Powers building around 6am . She slipped behind the railing as Genesee showed up on the railing and then he vanished again. From the corner of Main and Aqueduct St. I watched as Beauty left OCSR and Cadence came back into view. She then walked down to the southwest corner and went out of view.



15 minutes later Beauty was back on OCSR top ibeam southeast side and Genesee was on the southwest side. Cadence flew off Powers and Genesee followed her as they both flew over by Beauty. One of them tried to knock her off but she stayed put as they flew over Wilder and it looked like they landed up there. I drove around until I found a spot where I could see the top of Wilder-from the Andrews St. Bridge (ASB) I could see one juvie on the elevator shaft. I left and found Beauty on the east side railing of Widows Walk (WW). While On the Court St. bridge I got out and checked the river-it was once again raging from the rain we got yesterday and the flat rocks were under water again.



Half hour later the Wilder juvie was gone and Beauty was on the east side platform railing of the Frontier Communications tower (FCT). From my position at the northeast corner of the City Hall parking lot I could also see the Powers building. There was a juvie on the northeast corner of it and soon after I spotted it the Beautyful one took off heading southeast and flying right past Powers. I left there and found Dot.Ca (DC) on the top ibeam west corner of OCSR and a juvie on the east side of Widows walk (WW). It flew north before I could ID it.


Around 8:30am I spotted Cadence on the 2nd railing southeast corner of Powers-soon after Genesee flew in with food. He landed on the east side railing with it and promptly walked north out of view. I went to the ASB to find that Cadence was now on the east side watching Genesee eat. I had to leave and get some food myself as I had low blood sugar at that time.


When I returned the food was gone and Cadence was on the southeast corner 2nd railing and Genesee was a couple feet from her on the east side. I left for home but didn’t find any falcons at Seneca Towers today.


I ended my watch at 10:15am with a smile after seeing all 4 downtown Rochester Peregrine Falcons! :)

Click on the links below to see today’s videos




Sunday Afternoon Fledge Watch - 6/28/15

June 28th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

3:00 to 6:00 pm

Watchers: Kathy O, Pat and Carol P.

It was another overcast, dreary day.  This was more like a fall day than summer, with temps in the low 60’s.

When I first arrived, I met Kathy O and Pat in the hole (aka Aqueduct St).  They had two falcons on the Widow’s Walk (WW), but they weren’t sure who.  I moved closer and set-up my scope.  It was Beauty on the rail and Cadence below her.  Both were snoozing on and off.

View of Widow's Walk -6-28-15Beauty and Cadence on WW -6-28-15

We didn’t know where Genesee was until he popped up on the south side of WW.  A few moments after he showed himself, Beauty took off.

Genesee, Beauty and Cadence on WW -6-28-15Beauty Takes Off -6-28-15Cadence Wings -6-28-15

After Beauty left, Cadence moved to the south side with Genesee.

Cadence and Genesee on WW 6-28-15

Beauty returned to the WW and Genesee took off heading west.  We saw him land on the Washington Bldg.  Now that’s a new building to see a falcon on.

Genesee on Washington Bldg -6-28-15Genesee on Washington Bldg -6-28-15Genesee on Washington Bldg -6-28-15

Beauty took off heading north west. We could not see Genesee any longer. Cadence remained on WW.  Here are some different views from the west side of the Times Square Bldg. (TSB)

View of Widow's Walk and TSB -6-28-15View from the West -6-28-15Widow's Walk and TSB 6-28-15

I saw some really awesome flying by Genesee with both Beauty and Dot.ca.  He is really getting the hang of being a Peregrine.  I have no doubt that Cadence will get there soon.

Beauty went on a hunt and brought back dinner.  Whatever it was, the tail was VERY white. All 4 Peregrines were able to fill their crops.  All 4 were on the Widow’s Walk together.

Genesee Fly by Cadence -6-28-15Genesee Fly by Cadence and Beauty -6-28-15Genesee, Cadence and Beauty on WW -6-28-15

Genesee Gets Food From Beauty -6-28-15Dot.ca and Cadence -6-28-15Dot.ca on Powers Bldg -6-28-15

Dot.ca with Leftovers -6-28-15Cadence on WW with Dot.ca -6-28-15Dot.ca Take Off -6-28-15

After Cadence rushed Dot.ca and he took off, she spread her wings and took off!  She headed north.  When I caught up to her, she had landed on the south side of the Powers Bldg and her brother was just below her.

Cadence Take Off 6-28-15Cadence and Genesee on the Powers Bldg -6-28-15

I ended my watch at 6:00 pm when it started to drizzle and fog moved in.  It was so nice to see all four Rochester Falcons together as a family and I left all 4 with full crops.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Goodnight!

Fog Moving In -6-28-15

Fledge Watch 6-28-15

June 28th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was wet and damp as I left for downtown after raining all night and more forecast for today. The temperature was 56 (F) 13 (C)    Most of my watch was spent in a misty rain that changed in intensity and there was some fog as well

As I arrived on the Broad St. bridge (BSB) I could see Beauty on the top ibeam west corner of OCSR and Cadence up on the southwest corner of Crossroads (CRX). I couldn’t get closer and see both of them so I opted for watching Cadence from the parking lot next to Times Square (TSB).


I left for a bit to look for Genesee and Dot.ca (DC) with no luck and Beauty was gone from OCSR. I returned to find our big girl fledgling had gone down to the lower roof by the southwest corner railing. Soon after, her brother showed up full of energy to pick on sis. He chased her around in his usual hyper mode and I couldn’t see it but I believe he pulled at her tail feathers a couple times in the video I shot of them.


Genesee flew off to the northwest and then DC arrived with a piece of red meat which Cadence quickly snatched from him then ran away with it. Genesee came flying in to knock dad off and then he flew to the upper roof southwest corner to watch his sister eat the goods. He disappeared back onto the roof out of view and that was the last I saw of him.



I looked for Genesee but couldn’t find him, Beauty was back on the top ibeam west corner of OCSR as I returned to check on Cadence. She finished up her food then walked from the south side of CRX around the corner to the west side.


Once she settled for a few minutes I set out again searching for Genesee-this time I found DC below the Beautyful one on the second ibeam west corner of OCSR. He was a little wet and not looking so white. I decided to just stay put and watch Cadence as she walked back to the southwest corner then turned around and walked practically the whole length of CRX to near the northwest corner . She needs some boots made for walkin’! Cadence perched there with her back to me then walked in on the roof where I couldn’t see her.


At 9am I decided to make one more run around downtown-Beauty and DC were both gone from OCSR and as I checked from Washington St. on the west side I was far enough away to see Cadence still on the Crossroads roof.


I left for Seneca Towers hoping to catch a glimpse of our other Rochester falcons as I have been so busy on fledge watch I really haven’t checked for them. One of them zipped by my window yesterday afternoon while I was writing my report but was going too fast to even guess who it was. I got lucky as I approached and saw who I believe was Billie on the east side railing. I pulled over on St. Paul St. as she spread her wings. I started taping a video and she flew off to the east not too far into it.


I ended a successful watch at 9:30am after seeing all 4 downtown Rochester Peregrine Falcons and a bonus falcon when I got home making for a big smile! :)

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Saturday Morning/Afternoon Rainy Fledge Watch - 6/27/15

June 27th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Watchers during my Watch today: MAK, Dan, Dana, Kathy O, Lisa McK and Carol P.

Be sure to click on any pictures you would like to see in a larger version.

I am so far behind going through my pictures and writing reports!  Now we have a rainy day.  Lots of rain that started this afternoon and will continue through tomorrow, with temps in the 60’s.

When I first arrived downtown, I found Beauty on Mercury’s heel.

Beauty on Mercury's Heel -6-27-151

I caught up with MAK, Kathy O and Dana on the south side of the library across from the Dinosaur BBQ.  Cadence was on the Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BC/BS) building.  Beauty was giving flight lessons to Genesee high above us.  Beauty would show him how to stoop and then he would stoop on her.  lol  It was a joy to watch this young falcon getting the confidence to fly high with his mom.

Beauty landed on the BC/BS building and Genesee followed, almost landing on her.

Cadence, Beauty and Genesee on BC/BS Bldg -6-27-15 <— Click to see full version.

Cadence had food and Genesee joined her to get his share.  Beauty moved further down.

Cadence, Beauty and Genesee on BC/BS Bldg -6-27-15<— Click to see the full version.

Cadence and Genesee on BC/BS Bldg 6-27-15Beauty on BC/BS Bldg Attempting to Expel a Pellet 6-27-15

We were across the river from the Times Square Bldg.  This was our view.

Our View Across the River Towards the Times Sq Bldg -6-27-15

Beauty grabbed what was left of the food and flew off with it heading north west.  I’m sure she cached it.  We thought that both Cadence and Genesee were still on the BC/BS Bldg, but I think he took off after mom left with the food.  We could only see Cadence, stretching and spreading her wings.

Cadence on BC/BS Stretching -6-27-15Cadence on BC/BS Stretching -6-27-15

Cadence took off heading back towards the Times Square Bldg.  As she approached the building, Genesee flew up to her and for the first time, we saw her talon tagging with her brother.  Woohoo!  That was a sight to see.  :-)

Cadence and Genesee Talon Tagging in front of the TSB -6-27-15

She is definitely getting stronger and gaining a lot of confidence.  Both landed on the Times Square Bldg, Cadence on the column above the nest box and Genesee on the ledge below her.

Cadence and Genesee on the TSB -6-27-15

Kathy O and I moved to the hole.  By the time we got there, Genesee had moved to the north side of the Widows Walk.  Lisa McK joined us.  By this time it was raining harder.  Dan drove through and told us he had been watching from the pedestrian bridge at High Falls.  He said he had seen all 4 falcons flying over the city.  It was great seeing him!

Everyone left and I stayed until 2:00 pm.  When I left, Cadence and Genesee hadn’t moved and there was an adult on the OCSR top IBeam at the west corner.  We are in for another day of rain.  Goodnight everyone!

Cadence Above the Nest Box 6-27-15Cadence Above the TSB Nest Box -6-27-15

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures showing the Blue Cross/Blue Shield building and the location of the falcons.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Bldg -6-27-15Blue Cross/Blue Shield Bldg Falcon Location -6-27-15

Fledge Watch 6-27-15

June 27th, 2015

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a dark, overcast morning with rain on the way and a temperature of 61(F) 16(C)

I turned onto the Broad St. bridge (BSB) and there was no Dan sitting in his chair. I proceeded down to Falcon Watcher Central by the stairs that go down to the hole and found Cadence on the Wilder roof and it looked like someone else was up there with her. Dan pulled up to me and said he overslept and that he was going to the pedestrian bridge (Pont de Rennes)  at High Falls. I went down to the hole to hang out with Cadence who came out to the corner-I must have been seeingg things when I thought there were 2 falcons up there. She kept spreading her wings like she was going to take off while I taped a video of her and right after I stopped she did indeed fly off going down Aqueduct St. then turning left at Main St.


I headed to the Andrews St. bridge (ASB) for a look around to see where the rest of the family was and the only one I found was Cadence on the upper north side roof. After scanning the vicinity with my binoculars I headed to the east side where I also had no luck finding any falcons. I checked around the Times Square area and ended up back on ASB to watch Cadence. It was 7am and I still had not seen any other falcons, which I thought was strange. Larry tweeted that he was over by City Hall checking the Frontier Communications Tower (FCT) and a falcon had just flown in -he said it looked like Dot.ca (DC) when I caught up with him at Church and State St. It flew northeast and then Larry said he could hear a juvie whining-that would have been Genesee and he was probably on the platform out of view. Meanwhile, Cadence was walking the roof edge on Crossroads.


Larry had gone up to the BSB and I went back over to ASB. He tweeted that a falcon flew to Mercury, one was under the northeast wing of Times Square and a couple hunting over the Freddy/Sue bridge (490). When I joined him Cadence suddenly appeared, flying right above us and headed southeast over the Rundell Library out of sight. Larry left and I went to check that area and when I turned the corner onto South Ave. I couldn’t help but notice Beauty and the kids on the northwest corner of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield building (BCBS) at the corner of South Ave. and Court St. Dana was taking pictures across the street from where I pulled over.


Beauty flew down to the southwest corner  and that’s when I left to pick up Bella for a walk-I decided to bring her back for a falcon watch. DC came flying in and landed on a front railing briefly then he took to the sky. Kathy joined Dana and I by the south side of the Rundell Library. Cadence remained on the building as Genesee and the Beautyful one had a game of tag where she would land on a corner of the Legacy Tower (formerly Bausch&Lomb) he would knock her off and take over the spot then she went to the opposite corner and he repeated the procedure then she went back to the original corner and this time after he knocked her off he flew off right behind her. they put on a show all around the east side and at one point he stooped on her!


Beauty and Genesee came back to join Cadence with mom landing below the kids on the railing. I don’t know where the food came from but both juvies had a bite to eat as Beauty flew up to supervise. Carol had come around this time.


The whole time there were a couple robins squawking about these falcons being in their personal space-they were perched on a street light pole below.


I called it a watch after what seemed like a short 5 hours leaving everyone at about 10:15am. After a slow start it turned out to be a very fun watch that made me smile! :)

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